A Maid Man

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“A Maid Man”

Chapter One

Let me start by saying I am not really a criminal. I did some favours for some criminals though and the law doesn’t really see any difference. I got caught and I got time. I had been a mechanic by trade before prison and that got me work at the prison garage. I kept my nose clean and my head down.

I guess I did a pretty clean stretch. It had earned me early release and a work placement. I was going to be a junior mechanic at something called a Manor house, sorry The Manor house. I had no idea what to expect but it was room and board and decent pay. Sounded like a sweetheart deal to me.

My big release day came and after some dull admin I was out in the wild again. Without any fanfare I found myself standing outside the prison gates with a plastic bag between my feet. They had told me that a car would be there from my new job to pick me up. As I stood there awkwardly, a beautiful luxury car pulled up neatly at my feet.

The driver side window opened and a woman’s voice floated over to me.

“Stanley I presume, hop in we have a long ride ahead of us.”

I was pretty used to doing what I was told and that voice held authority so I grabbed my stuff and headed over. I went for the passenger’s side door but she stopped me with a gesture.

“Today you get to ride,” she said “Hop in the back and make yourself comfortable.”

I did as I was told and got into that luxurious leather interior. Now I am not a small guy. I stand 6’4 and weigh in at 250 pounds. There were two activities in prison, working and working out. I was in the best shape of my life and I still felt small in the back of that fancy car.

It was all laid out like I was somebody. Food, coffee and juice and even a couple of newspapers to read. I wasn’t sure I trusted the situation but I was no fool. I tucked in and got comfortable. The car ride was steady and lulling. The engine hummed and the soft leather felt cool and soothing. There was soft music playing and after my breakfast I think I dozed off.

Suddenly I felt wide awake as we took a sharp turn and found ourselves driving through a tunnel of grand old trees. At the end of the driveway an imposing mansion loomed up into view. It had turrets and wings and about a hundred windows. The front doors looked big enough to drive a tank through.

‘Manor House?’ I thought to myself. ‘Fucking rich people. What had I gotten myself into?’

We continued driving around to the back of the property and pulled up to a set of dilapidated old stables.

“This is you Stanley,” said my mystery driver.

I was frozen there for a few minutes in the back seat trying to get my bearings. I found myself straining to see her face in the rear view mirror but she had a drivers cap pulled down low covering most of her face in shadow. Only her mouth was clearly visible and that was full and sensual. As if she knew what I was thinking she flashed me a smile in the mirror and without turning around said.

“Our head mechanic Bert is waiting there to show you your duties and the property. Don’t worry Stanley you’ll be getting to know me soon enough. I’m Miss Sophie.”

Her voice was lovely and deep and I found myself reassured. I got out of the car disney gallery star wars the book of boba fett izle with my meager bag. To my amazement an elevator popped out of the ground and the Bentley drove into and vanished. It was like something out of a movie. I just stood there frozen with my mouth agape.

“It’s all a little much at first,” said the friendly voice of an older man who had appeared beside me.

“You can say that again,” I answered dryly.

As it turned out the old stables were just a facade. It actually held a fully modern and beautifully equipped garage. The older man, Bert, was my boss but we would work together on servicing the small fleet of vehicles that helped the estate run. Nothing here was quite what it seemed. It was a pattern I would see repeated.

We had two apartments right there as well. The other staff lived and worked with the family in the Manor house. I would share most of my meals with them there. Bert ended the tour at a large security door off to the back. With his hand print as well as a keypad code, Bert opened the heavy door.

“Follow the stairs down, young man and Miss Sophie will see to you. I want to tell you I am happy you’ve come to join us here. Seems to me you’re going to fit right in.”

With that he gestured for me to go through the door. The underground show room I walked into was stunning. There were a dozen or so high end vehicles and sports cars. Each one featured on their own turn style platforms and lit up like the pieces of art that they were. It was millions of dollars on display and I was properly awed.

As I wandered through the cars I could see my driver up ahead, her back to me, wiping down the Bentley that we had driven here in. She was still wearing the hat and coat but her long legs were clad in just black stocking and garters and heels. As I approached she bent deeply over the hood of the car wiping it down. Her legs were spread slightly and her coat rode up showing off her perky ass. I could feel myself getting hard.

“We meet again,” she said, straightening up to face me.

She was taller than I expected. She must have stood around six feet in her heels. Tall and slender like a wand. Reaching up she took off her cap and shook out her short and thick auburn hair. Her eyes were dark and dancing, set deep in her finely featured face. Her full mouth was smiling and welcoming.

“What do you think so far?” she asked me archly. She began to unbutton her long coat with slow and deliberate movements.

What I thought was she looked so delicious I could eat her like ice cream but what I said was.

“Miss Sophie I think I am going to like it here.”

She shrugged off the coat and let it fall to the floor. Underneath she wore nothing but silky panties over the garter belt with her stockings and heels. She was a masterpiece and I had never seen a woman quit like her. With a long, delicate neck and shoulders that were set on a body lithe like an athlete. Her skin was clear and smooth and so pale she was almost translucent. Her breasts sat small and high on her chest with small pink nipples. I wanted very badly to disney intertwined izle touch her.

“Come here Stanley.” She commanded.

I was on her like a flash. She gasped as my mouth found hers and my hands found her naked breasts. I kissed her hard and rough as my hands roamed her toned and graceful body. She wrapped her arms around me eagerly. Grabbing a handful of my hair and pulled my head back roughly while she traced my jawline with her tongue and teeth.

She cried out as I pinched her nipples none too gently but growled her approval. I kissed her again trying to hold on to some control but my cock was rock hard straining against my trousers. She tangled both her hands in my hair and pulled my mouth away from hers. We pulled apart trembling with our desire.

“I want you to fuck me Stanley. I want you to fuck me hard and fast.” She instructed as she slipped her panties down her long legs and off.

Growling my consent I found her mouth again. My hand found her hot wet pussy. I started by slowing down my kisses and placing my palm on her dripping wet mound. She froze in my arms as my fingers found her swollen clit. When she started shuddering, I worked my fingers into her.

Kissing and nibbling her lovely nipples, she arched her back straining against my hand as I found her G-spot. Her nails dug painfully into my neck as I worked her to a gushing orgasm. She came crying out in my arms.

I held her for a moment or two but I could hardly contain myself and roughly flipped her over the hood of the car. I kicked her legs apart and took my trousers down releasing my large hard cock. In one fluid motion I penetrated her deeply. Burying myself into her wet pussy balls deep with both cried out our pleasure.

As I thrust into her hard and deep again and again she met me with each stroke. She came again crying out my name and I met her there coming deep inside of her. She stood and softly kissed me as I gently played her sensitive clit into another small shuddering orgasm.

“Oh very well done Stanley, just superb,” she whispered into my ear.

It was an amazing beginning to my new life.

Chapter Two

A few months passed and I was doing great. The work was steady and fulfilling. The Lord and Lady of the house were generous and kind. The staff of domestics were welcoming and very friendly. I had no complaints.

Miss Sophie was the beloved daughter of the family I later found out. She enjoyed greeting the new staff personally and intimately. Though we never met like that again there was never any shortage of company for me. In fact it seemed to me a particularly permissive and horny household all together. All the maids wanted a taste and who was I to say no.

Speaking of the maids, they all wore these sexy little uniforms. Black and white with a short puffy skirt and cinched in waist. The tops came off the shoulder and whenever they bent over you could see their fantastic breasts and frilly panties peeking out. My god they were hot. I walked around that place semi hard constantly.

The food was amazing and after diner one or more of the maids would often keep me company. This one night was to be special though. dünyayala benim aramda izle After a particularly fine meal one night I found myself alone in the staff dining room with four sweet little maids.

Smiling I leaned back in my chair and they flowed towards me. So many mouths on me and so much soft flesh in my hands that at first I was overwhelmed. They swarmed over me, their small hands stripping me quickly and efficiently.

Nude I stood there stunned while they giggled. I laughed back and grabbed the closest one pulling her to me. I kissed her roughly and felt her friends gather around us. I moved to the next one kissing her deeply while they caressed my body.

I felt two different mouths on my hard cock and I moaned deeply. Then one took my full shaft in deeply while another mouthed my balls. I had one hand fingering one sweet little maid and the other hand pinched and tweaked another one’s full breast. The two maids then pulled away from me and started kissing each other. Their tongues played with each other and they pulled off each other’s sexy uniforms.

They stood before me in these crisp frilly white panties and I caught my breath at how fucking hot this scene was. I wanted to taste all of them and pulled the other two up from the amazing head I was getting. They came willingly and switched places with the two now naked maids. I got on my knees before them and put my mouth on one and my hand on the other.

While I worked on making these lovely ladies come, I felt a mouth on my anus. I moved back giving her tongue more access. I worked my two maids in front of me with tongue and fingers while the maid behind me worked her tongue into my taut asshole. The forth maid was stroking my cock and before I could help it I came hard and fast in her skilled hands. I pulled her down in front of me and plunged my still throbbing cock deep inside her.

The two maids I had been servicing pulled away and started their own sixty nine in front of us. Moaning and writhing under me I felt my little maid come gushing over my cock. I pulled out and sucked her clit hard and rough and she came grinding into my face.

The maid who had been pleasuring my ass deserved some attention and I grabbed her and brought her to the front. Sitting her on my lap she willingly straddled me rubbing her wet pussy on my raging hard on. Starting slow but quickly building up her pace she brought herself to orgasm.

She then lifted herself and placed my cock inside her. She rode me like no one ever has before. The maid I had already pleasured was back and I was happy to oblige both of them. She straddled my face and while one fucked me. I wasn’t even sure who was who anymore.

She rode me slow and steady working herself to a peak. My tongue was deep in her friend’s pussy and my nose was working her clit. I knew I was going to come again soon. I wanted to last so everyone came but it was so fucking arousing. The moaning and grinding and kissing and fucking. I came and so did the two maids on me.

We kept going for a while, just everyone kissing and licking everyone. Fingers played in every hole and bodies pressed against each other. It got to the point that I didn’t know who was touching me and who I was touching. They each tasted like sweet tangy honey. They all felt soft and warm and wet in all the right places.

When I got up to leave they pulled back down into the pile. I got hard all over again and this time they lined up for me doggy style and I fucked them down the line. Each one came again for me. Then they finished me off with all four of them sucking my cock and balls. It was an unbelievable experience.

This place just kept getting better and better.

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