A Lustful Liaison Ch. 08

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Public Sex

If you’ve been keeping up with my little saga, you will know that my two fuck buddies, Jasmine and Alia had departed for their three month excursion to Mauritius. Before going they had introduced me to their friend, Mya. That was a day I’m never likely to forget. A three girl hand job, followed by a three way blowjob and then sex with all three girls. I don’t think I stopped smiling for a week!

We began our liaison slowly, and after careful consideration, Mya said that she would go to the doc’s and get fitted up with a patch. We weren’t in a relationship, and I had had stressed with her as I had done with Jasmine and Alia, our arrangement was at her pace. I need not have worried, because Mya is a firecracker and is a proper little bunny in bed. It suited me of course, as there’s nothing to match blowing your load in a nice pussy.

Having Mya as my new friend with benefits was very different to servicing the two girls. There was an extra degree of intimacy; partly because Mya was very intense and naturally affectionate. Jasmine and Alia, while full on lovers when we were together, always seemed slightly detached. They loved all the sex and were both passionate in every way, but it always felt like a crazy adventure and I never felt any sort of deep emotional connection with them. That’s not to say that they weren’t engaging and delightful. We kissed a lot when we had sex and after the initial nervousness they gave themselves completely to me.

With Mya, despite the age gap and everything, it felt like she was a girlfriend. We didn’t date or go out together in public. The only times I had done so with the other girls was when we bumped into each other by accident and on the last occasion when it was sort of special. Never the less, Mya was warm and personable and liked to talk a lot. I had had a taste of what she was like when we had the foursome. I wonder now, what Jasmine and Alia would have been like alone. We decided early on, that we would only ever meet as a threesome. Obviously that wasn’t an option with Mya now the two girls had disappeared to Mauritius.

Mya was on fire. I’ve known some sexy women in my time, but Mya is properly horny and loves sex. She came to my house twice in the week after we had been introduced and then she had gone to France for two weeks with her folks. This chapter is about a particular adventure that we had in early May of 2017. I had almost assumed that my threesome days had gone with Jasmine and Alia. They were due to go to university in the September, so there was every chance they would be too busy. However, something happened in the May that took me completely by surprise.

I kept in touch with Mya mainly by Facebook messenger, as it was a lot quicker than texting.

One evening she contacted me and came up with suggestion, out of the blue.


‘Hi Mya, what’s happening?’

‘I wondered if I can be really cheeky?’

‘Ha! Be as cheeky as you like.’

‘I really want to go to Holland and see all the tulips.’

‘Okay, nothing wrong with that. How can I help?’

‘Well, I can’t afford to go on my own and my Mum and Dad aren’t interested in going…’

‘I see, and they wouldn’t pay?’

‘It’s not that but they’ve just paid for an expensive holiday in France. I don’t like to ask.’

‘Yeah, sorry. Wasn’t thinking.’

‘If it’s a problem…’

‘No, no babe! Of course not. If you want to go, I’ll pay for you, you know that.’

‘Thank you, James.’

‘Only happy to help.’

‘Will you come too?’

I hoped she was going to say this, of course.

‘When were you thinking?’

‘Next weekend. I need to do some shifts at the shop from Wednesday. So was thinking Friday to Tuesday.’

‘I need to check with work. I’m off Friday anyway, but I can wangle the Monday and Tuesday, I’m sure.’

‘That’s good.’

‘I’m just Googling Holland. Shall we get the ferry? They have a special offer on.’

‘The ferry, yeah. Why not.’

‘Okay, what will you tell your folks?’

‘In what way?’

‘I mean, who you’ve gone away with.’

‘Oh yeah. I’ll just say a friend from college. There’s no problem with that.’

‘Okay cool.’

So, after finishing my online conversation with Mya, I was straight onto the booking portal for Stena Line. It was a lot cheaper than I had expected and I booked us an inside cabin with meals for not much more than a flight. I’m not big on flying and I thought sailing to Holland was quite appealing. The thought of sharing a cabin with the delectable Mya was too good to miss.

If you’re coming to this story without having read the last chapter, Mya is nineteen and has Lebanese parents. She has very light olive skin and very long, thick black hair that has a naturally wavy texture. She has beautiful hazel eyes, a cute nose and very kissable lips. If she and Alia are anything to go by, the Lebanon produces very hot women.

So, around a week later, in the late afternoon, Mya drove over and left her car on my drive so we could make the 140 miles drive to Harwich in my BMW.

“Wow Mya, you look gorgeous!”

“Thank yalova escort you. I thought you would like this.”

She had dressed in tan shorts over black tights and a black blouse with semi see-through smoky grey sleeves. She smelled lovely and her hair was all shiny and luxuriant. I hadn’t masturbated for three days, which is a long time for me and I relished the thought of fucking her when we got to our cabin. I battled against my erection and I could have easily had her there and then, but once we hit the road, I took control of myself. Some music and normal conversation kept me at bay. However, I knew that once alone in our cabin there was no way I would be able to keep my hands to myself. Mya was just too fucking sexy!

After an uneventful, if surprisingly tedious journey to the ludicrously named Harwich International — it has ships that go only to Holland, we had our passports checked, parked and went up on deck. It was a surprisingly luxurious ferry, certainly a lot nicer than I had expected. I suggested we get a drink and maybe take a shower before dinner.

We sat at the bar and ordered a draught lager each and I surveyed the surroundings. There were a lot of passengers and the steward said they were nearly full. There was a good cross section of passengers including a lot of very hot student girls, and their invariably tall, male cohorts.

“How do you know they’re Dutch?” asked Mya.

“Well they sound Dutch, but tell me any English girls who look like that?”

“In what way?”


“I’m English.”

“Yes, but you’re not the standard Anglo Saxon British girl are you?”

“So you think ethnically English girls aren’t as hot as Dutch ones?”

“From this small sample, I’m bloody certain!”


I’m not sure if Mya thought my observations were ridiculous, but I swear they were all gorgeous to the last girl. So many British girls are overweight and those that aren’t tend to try too hard and go out looking overly dressed up. The Dutch girls almost without exception had gym bodies, were exceptionally pretty and had a kind of understated but vivacious look about them. It might seem like I’m giving British girls a hard time, and of course there are many very attractive girls in my country, but the quality on that ship was remarkable.

Mya and I didn’t do any of the touchy feely stuff in public and the steward didn’t give us any funny looks. However, when his back was turned, I did give Mya a sneaky stroke of her nylons, and she gave me a knowing smile and drained her glass. Mya isn’t so much bubbly as quite serious and down to earth, you might even say serious and I think it adds to her sexiness. She definitely has ‘come to bed’ eyes. However, when she smiles her natural beauty shines.

We thanked the bar tender and we headed for the stairs to our cabin, which we had spent only the briefest moment earlier, as we both needed a beer after the journey. That and that any longer, I would have ripped her clothes off. The shower was a large step in cubicle, not quite as spacious as my own, but just right for sharing. I undressed Mya, kissing each part of her body as I removed each item of clothing. She was lovely and warm and her pussy was sticky to the touch. She reciprocated by helping me to undress and wanked my raging hard-on when I had slipped out of my trunks.

We entered the shower together, and I adjusted the controls to a fine spray and we stood under the hot water. Lathering up her amazing breasts and those big brown nipples was delightful, her tits so wonderful to fondle when they were all soaped up. I pulled her towards me and we kissed deeply as I rubbed the tip of my cock along her moist pussy lips. We lathered each other with the soap, my hand going between her butt cheeks and between her legs as she gave me a soapy wank.

I stood behind her and scooped up her tits, caressing her nipples between my fingers as my cock ploughed the furrow of her labia. Having had no stimulation for nearly four days I was feeling rampant and I couldn’t wait to put my pulsating dick into her beautiful hot pussy.

I showered off the soap for us and I bent Mya over. She gripped the edge of the plastic moulding that held the soap tray and I gripped her hips as I entered her. The heat of her pussy matched the steam from the shower and I grunted my feelings of pleasure as I thrust in and out of her tight little snatch.

“Oh Mya!” I said over and over as she just did a series of whimpers. I fucked her hard, making her body lunge forward from the force of our fucking. I gritted my teeth as my orgasm built up. It was really good, hot and spontaneous sex and Mya was reaching her orgasm, as her ass cheeks quivered with my hard, fast thrusts.

We both began to tremble as she went into a spasm, her pussy vibrating around my cock and her body shaking. She squealed and moaned as my balls slapped against her cunt. I held off long enough to give her what was clearly a mind blowing orgasm. She was properly gone and was unloading a string of expletives, as I hit the wall, my cock exploding with a rush of cum. I had built zonguldak escort up several days’ worth of spunk and Mya had the lot, as I ejaculated load after load into her pussy.

“Whoa! Oh baby that was good!”

“James, yeah! So good.”

My cock was still throbbing inside her after I had come and we remained coupled as it were as my cock pumped out the remains of my ejaculate.

She stood up and turned and we kissed, as I put my fingers between her legs and fondled her pussy gently, so I could feel my cum dribble through my fingers.

“You’re a sexy man, James.”

“You reckon.”

“You get me properly turned on.”

“Good, it’s a pleasure.”

“Ha ha yeah!”

I left her to rinse herself and pulled my clean clothes for dinner as my hard-on dwindled slowly. Sometimes an intense quickie can be amazing and that had to be one of the best!

I put on a clean shirt and trousers and Mya wore a gorgeous red dress and we went down to dinner. The restaurant prices looked a bit pricey, but the menu was promising.

Mya looked amazing. Her bum looked so good in that dress. She was going to turn heads, with her combination of beauty and sophistication.

“So, this will be your first time voting,” I said, over the starter.

“Who said I’m voting?”


“Ha ha, of course I am. Labour probably. They will scrap the tuition fees.”

“Yeah, I can see that would appeal.”

“What were they when you went to uni?”

“Fees? It was free.”

“That’s so unfair.”


“How about you?”

“Green party. Always.”

“Isn’t that a wasted vote?”

I thought about this, as the waiter brought our mains.

“Under our voting system, yes. But it is what it is, and it’s not going to change.”

“It’s rubbish.”

“I know. But you just have to go with your conscience. I could vote tactically, but I don’t.”

“It doesn’t matter who gets in, so my Dad says.”

“Really, how so?”

It was an oft quoted phrase but I wanted to know how Mya interpreted it.

“Because we’re not stinking rich, but we aren’t poor.”

“So you’re not in the squeezed middle?”

“I guess we are. Dad is an anaesthetist.”

“What about your Mum?”

“Customer services at Boots.”

We chatted through the meal until dessert was served. As we were tucking into our cheesecake, Mya began to glance over my shoulder.



“Don’t look round, but there’s a girl on a stool by the bar who can’t take her eyes off me.”

“Really! Can’t fault her.”

“Ha, stop it.”

“What’s she like?”

“My age, mousy haired. She’s quite hot. She keeps making eye contact.”

“She must fancy you.”


“Give her a smile and go over and talk to her, when you’ve finished your pud.”

“You think I should?”

“Why not! Are you into girls, Mya?”

“You know I am.”

“You’ve never said.”

“I thought you knew.”

“How would I?”

“Well. I like girls and boys.”

Mya giggled as she spoke and looked up, obviously giving the girl, whom I had still not seen, a lovely smile. She dabbed her lips with her serviette and got up.

“I’ll go over and talk to her, shall I?”

“Yeah, go on. I’ll join you when I’ve paid the bill.”

I was itching to see what this girl was like, but took my time, so that Mya could test the water. I wasn’t counting my chickens, but the anticipation of possibly hooking up with a hottie on the ferry was exciting.

I approached the bar where the girls were sitting, which was at the edge of the restaurant. The mousy haired one looked at me as she was chatting to Mya. She was seriously fit. I would say she was maybe 20 or 21, with shoulder length not quite blonde hair. She was wearing tight faded jeans and a crimson blouse. She clearly had lovely tits, which swayed a little as she moved on her stool. She was very pretty in a sexy, serious way with blue-green eyes and she had the tiniest hint if freckling around her nose.

“James, this is Laura. She’s from Skeedam.”

“It’s Schiedam,” corrected Laura.

“What brings you to England?” I asked.

“I was buying a cello.”

“A cello? And you can’t get them in Holland?”

“Of course, but this is an antique and I had to have it.”

“Are you a collector then?” asked Mya, all eyes for her new acquaintance.

“Yes, but I play too. I’m in an orchestra.”

I ordered a Scotch from the bar as the two girls resumed their former conversation, while not entirely disregarding my presence.

“So, I was just asking Mya how you and she got together.”

“And did she tell you?”

“Some kind of sugar daddy? I can’t say I blame you.”

“It makes life a little easier for both of us,” I said.

“It’s a little unusual,” remarked Laura, “but if it works, why knock it?”

“My thoughts exactly.”

Laura looked at Mya and licked her bottom lip.

“I love the middle eastern look, you’re so sexy.”

“Thank you,” said Mya. Most people think I’m Greek.”

“Nooo. zonguldak escort I’m going to say Syrian.”

“My parents are from Lebanon.”

“Oh, well you’re very beautiful, Mya.”

“As I am always telling her,” I interjected.

Laura seemed very self-confident, softly spoken with a quite gentle Dutch accent. She had a charming, almost velvety way of talking.

“What’s the purpose of your trip?” she asked. “Pleasure rather than business, I assume?”

“Most certainly pleasure,” I replied, a remark that caused Mya to look at me a little bashfully; Something that makes her both endearing and hot.

“I want to see the tulips. Now is the right time, isn’t it?” said Mya.

“Exactly the right time. Are you going to Keukenhof?”

“I’m not sure?” said Mya, looking to me for help.

“There’s some leaflets on the reception. I’m no horticulturalist. Aren’t tulips everywhere?”

“Not exactly,” said Laura.

“I can point you in the right direction. I would write some helping notes, but I don’t have a pen. How silly.”

“I have a pen and notebook, but it’s in our cabin.”

“Okay. Maybe if you would like to fetch it, or…”

“Well…” I interrupted. I have a bottle of Cuban spiced rum. Maybe you would like to join us?”

“Oh. Thank you, I might just do that. I wouldn’t be in the way?”

“If you were in the way, it would be fine with me,” Mya said.

“Well, if you put it in that way.”

“I’m worried that I’ll be in the way,” I said.

The two girls giggled at my remark and looked at each other with barely disguised lust.

Laura got up from her stool and for the first time I was able to see that she had a rather amazing ass. Her jeans were half lost into her butt crack and she had lovely plump cheeks that were begging to be slapped. I resisted the temptation and simply noted that Laura looked like a sexual playground.

We headed up the two flights of stairs to our cabin deck, and I trailed at the back, of course watching the two gorgeous ladies in front of me, Mya’s ass wiggling mesmerizingly in her red dress. I kid you not, the second I opened the door and put on the light, Laura was all over Mya like a rash. Their hands were all over each other and they were breathing deeply as they kissed.

“Well you don’t mess about.”

I fondled Mya’s bum through her dress as she made out with Laura, and my cock was getting harder by the second.

The two girls began to undress each other and I started to get my first views of Laura’s wonderful, tight body. Her lingerie was lacy and pink. Her panties were the butt hugging Brazilian kind, which only accentuated her beautiful ass. Mya slipped out of her dress, as Laura began to undo her bra. Her tits were full, pear-shaped and with the most suckable, juicy nipples I’ve seen. I watched with amazement as Mya sucked them. I gave up any pretence at modesty and took off my trousers and boxers, so at least Laura would see what was on offer, should she chose to.

As Mya wriggled out of her panties and took off her bra, Laura glanced towards me and stroked my cock, clasping her fingers around my shaft.

“You may fuck me, while I lick your girlfriend.”

“Okay, I suppose you want me to get a you know what?”

“Of course!”

I had a three pack in my toiletry bag that were always there and I slit the foil as Mya lay on her back and Laura knelt on the bed and proceeded to give her the benefit of her tongue. I knelt by Mya’s head and slipped my cock in her mouth as I prepared to put on the sheath. My cock was soon throbbing hard and wet from Mya’s saliva. I fiddled with the condom and aimed my cock towards Laura’s welcoming pussy lips as Mya’s moans were getting more insistent.

Fuck! Laura was tight. She was wet all right, but she had a really snug cunt. I can only hope to convey how those beautiful butt cheeks quivered as I began to pound her pussy. She had those lovely dimples at the base of her back and I groaned loudly and lustfully as I drove my shaft into her as she continued to give Mya what was clearly some expert cunnilingus.

After a while Laura changed her position and straddled Mya and lowered her body so they could kiss. I kind of went with her, nearly slipping out, but got back in again and was soon ball deep and fucking Laura hard, until my balls were smashing against her swollen pussy lips and my balls were hard and tense. She was just so fucking tight and hot! I reached round with both hands and fondled her swaying boobs, and pinched those delicious nipples as the cabin became full of all three of our moans and groans. I pulled out, at Laura’s behest, as she wanted to get into a sixty-nine with Mya. It was a bit of a mixed blessing, as I was getting really close and yet I think blowing your load into a rubber is a kind of waste.

I knelt on the bed and stroked myself gently as I watched the girls get into a sideways sixty-nine and proceed to eat each other out, noisily. This was a first for me and it was erotic beyond belief. Yes, I’ve seen girls do it on porn, but to be right there, and smell their hot, musky pussies, and hear the sloppy licking, pussy kissing sounds and their girlie moans was just amazing. I could easily have wanked myself to completion, just from watching them licking each other to orgasm, but I controlled my hand movements, just enough to keep me on edge.

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