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At the age of thirty, Bull worked a special kind of job in Las Vegas with great pay. Being a six-feet tall muscular black man who had the build of a professional linebacker while having the face of actor Henry Simmons, he worked for a co-ed escort company. Bull’s job was to be a male escort to women that needed one, but the company he worked for was one of the best in the business. Working as a male escort, Bull pleased women who wrote great reviews about him, and this led to him having a nice big paycheck. Bull worked along side a lot of female escorts with high sex drives so sex on the job was fairly normal. Bull had spent a long Friday morning pleasing two female clients, so on a Friday afternoon, he was heading back to the headquarters of his company which went by the name of Toptiers. The man wondered if there was more to life because, while his job paid a great deal, it seemed to be an empty existence. After arriving at the company, Bull was on his way to the locker room. The locker room was “co-ed” meaning that both the male and female escorts changed there, it led to a lot of amazing sex. Bull arrived in the locker room and stripped down naked, sometimes he loved to sit on the benches nude and stroke his long thick cock. By doing this, Bull usually attracted a nearby female escort that was more than ready to give him some action. To Bull’s surprise, five different women dressed in their two-piece and covered with sweat walked into the locker room. The group consisted of: an Asian woman, two black women, a blonde, and a redhead. Bull knew one of the black woman, she was named Leggy and a good friend of his. Leggy was a darker skinned black woman that looked exactly like singer Kelly Rowland. The rest of the women, Bull was unfamiliar with.The other black woman in the group looked more mixed race and resembled Alicia keys. Bull saw an Asian woman that looked a lot like actress Lucy Liu and she caught his eyes. The blonde in the group was tall and curvy, she resembled pornstar Jenna Jameson and Bull had a chance to get a good glimpse of her. Bull lastly saw the redhead of the group who was tall, had pale skin, freckles, and the same exact face as pornstar Roxetta. All of the women in the group were covered in sweat and in their two piece, but Leggy had an announcement for Bull.”We’re doing samples today so can we use you?” asked Leggy.”Sure,” said Bull, whose dick was already hard from seeing the beautiful women. “Samples” meant that Bull had to put a blindfold over his eyes and perform oral sex on each of the women for about thirty seconds. After he was done getting a “sample” of all, Bull had to pick the best one and let the women know about his choice. The woman who was picked to be the best sample would get a five-hundred dollar bonus and the man who picked her to be the best sample usually had sex with her.”Alright, put it on and ready up Bull,” said Leggy, handing Bull the blindfold.Bull put the blindfold on and laid on the bench, usually each of the women would sit on his face so it made it easier for him to eat their ass and pussy. The first woman sat on Bull’s face and Bull barely smelled much of anything, he ate the woman but she tasted very plain to him. Time passed by fast and Bull had the second woman sit near his face. Bull already knew it, she was Leggy and Leggy smiled as Bull ate her because the two had slept with each other plenty of times before.”He knows its me ya’ll,” said Leggy, smiling as the other strippers laughed.After a few minutes, the third woman sat on Bull’s face, but she smelled down there. The odor was musky and Bull could hardly eat her for much longer, he wanted it to stop. Bull almost wanted to spit but didn’t due to how much it might hurt the woman’s feelings. ankara travesti After the third woman, time came for the fourth one.The fourth woman squatted down over Bull’s face and sat on it. At first, Bull felt some pubic hair near his face which somewhat bothered him. Bull then felt the woman’s soft skin and an almost perfect smell of freshly baked bread came from her pussy. The man licked the woman’s pussy and ass, his dick growing more erect by the moment as the strippers watched. Bull violently shook his head and continued to eat the woman out as she moaned and took deep breaths. Leggy looked and it was well past thirty seconds, she had to let Bull know too.”It’s well past the time, alright Bull we got one more,” said Leggy.”Muah!” said Bull, kissing the woman as she continued to moan. The woman attempted to get up only to be grabbed by Bull who kept on eating her out, making her moan and almost yell.”Bull, come on, hay!” said Leggy, grabbing the woman’s hand as Bull continued to eat her. “Fuck!” said the woman who was being eaten by Bull.”Bull you got one more, come on,” said Leggy, grabbing the woman’s hand as a few other strippers tried to get her off of Bull.”Man damn, fine then bring on the fifth one but shit!”said the blindfolded Bull, frustrated.”Fine Bull, don’t get a damn attitude,” said Leggy.Finally, the fifth woman sat down over Bull’s face and while she was better than the first through third, she was nothing compared to the fourth. Bull ate her out and tried to find some pleasure in it but could not. The thirty seconds had not even expired before Bull pushed the fifth woman off of him and took off his blindfold.”Damn Bull, what’s wrong with you?” asked Leggy.”Well I am done, who the hell is four?” asked Bull.”Now Bull, calm down and we’ll let you know,” said Leggy, as the other strippers looked in shock.”Dammit Leggy, I am not playing with you, who is four!?” asked Bull, getting into Leggy’s face.”Her name is Rose and that is her,” said Leggy, pointing to the redhead. The redhead had the same exact face as the redhead pornstar Roxetta, a nicely toned athletic body, naturally well shaped breasts, and nice smooth skin which was shining from the sweat. Without wasting any time, Bull quickly walked up to Rose and had her against the locker.”Rose, I am Bull and your pussy is amazing,” said Bull, putting his hand over the redhead’s pussy while pushing his body against hers.”Hay Bull, I am Rose and you know how to eat a woman,” said Rose in a very southern accent, looking at Bull and smiling. Bull looked into the redhead’s beautiful blue eyes and went in for the kiss. “Damn Bull, breaking that hard for a white woman, guess we aren’t good enough for you,” said Leggy. Bull stopped kissing the redhead and looked back at Leggy with a ferocious look in his eyes.”Fuck off Leggy! Damn!” said Bull, shouting at the woman as she backed off along with all of the other strippers. Rose looked at Bull with somewhat of a fear in her eyes but it made the tingles in-between her legs get even stronger.”Fine,” said Leggy.”This right here is my baby and I am going to eat her and fuck her, all of you can get lost, don’t make me get mad,” said Bull.”Okay ya’ll lets go,” said Leggy, getting away from the scene along with all of the others while Bull had Rose pinned against the lockers.”Sorry Rose, I have to be strong sometimes,” said Bull, kissing Rose on the cheeks.”Okay,” said Rose, smiling and moaning as Bull kissed her.The redhead felt Bull’s large cock rub against her thighs as he kissed her around the neck and cheeks. Bull did not know what had hit him, it was like some kind of a smell coming from the redhead that woke up the life inside of him. Rose felt Bull’s muscular arms tightly coil around travesti ankara her body as he continued to kiss her but now Bull was sucking on Rose’s nice soft pink nipples. Rose moaned as Bull continued to suck on each of her soft nipples, a taste of hazelnut entering his mouth as he sucked on each other. For some reason, Bull’s heart started to beat fast as his blood boiled. Adrenaline was running through Bull’s body as he started to grind against the redhead, still sucking on her soft nipples while tightly holding her in place with his powerful arms. After he was done sucking on her nipples, Bull took deep and powerful breaths that one would usually take as they were having sex. Much to Rose’s surprise, Bull quickly squatted down to his knees and started to eat her out.”Fuck,” said Rose, putting her pale hands over Bull’s head as Bull once again started to eat her out.The smell of freshly baked bread was there again and Bull continued to lick the redhead’s beautiful pussy but he didn’t just stop there, he also kissed it and sniffed it. Bull started to violently shake his head as the redhead closed her eyes and took deep breaths herself. The redhead’s legs started to shake as Bull ate her out and finally, he made her moan out loud from the pleasure. Even the best tastes can get boring after a while so Bull stopped eating the redhead out and instead put her over his shoulder.”What in the hell are you doing?” said Rose, in her heavy country accent.”Fucking the living life out of your pasty ass,” said Bull, sitting down on a bench.Bull sat down on the bench with Rose over his shoulder and now started to spank her on the ass a few times, kissing her buttocks while he did it. The slaps could be heard throughout the locker room as a few of the strippers looked on and watched, eventually looking away. “Never seen him this excited,” said one of the strippers.”Rose just arrived here from another strip club; he is all over her, ” replied one of the strippers.Bull finally sat the nude redhead down on his lap and looked into her eyes. The redhead looked back and smiled, having a seductive look on her face. Bull kissed the redhead on the neck and cheeks a few more times, both of the lovers being covered in sweat.”I don’t know if I can take all this at once,” said Rose.”Don’t, just let me rub my body against that pretty little flower,” said Bull, as the redhead looked into his eyes and started to grind her pussy against his muscular thighs.”Oh Bull,” said the redhead, closing her eyes and moaning as the muscular thighs of Bull rubbed against her pussy. The redhead’s breaths continued to get deeper as she looked into Bull’s eyes, his arms grabbing her waist.”Rose, I am not fucking around anymore, ride this dick,” said Bull, smacking the redhead’s buttocks.The redhead lifted her body and attempted to put some of Bull’s dick inside of her, moaning as it penetrated her pussy. Rose was not used to handling black men as Bull was her very first black man ever. Originally from Atlanta, Rose came from a racist family where interracial dating was frowned upon. The whole encounter with Bull happened so fast, she was afraid to deny him given how Bull threw a big temper earlier.”Bull Bull Bull!” said Rose, taking in deep breaths as she cringed in pain from the dick entering her pussy.”Take it in Rose,” said Bull, moaning as his dick went inside of her pussy.”I can’t!” said Rose.”You can!” shouted Bull, shoving all of his dick inside of her pussy.”Bull!” said Rose, screaming in pain.”Rose,” said Bull, calmly as he started to pound her.Never in her life had Rose felt a dick go so deep inside of her, she usually dealt with older and overweight men. Thanks to Bull licking her pussy for so long, Rose could easily ankara travestiler take in the dick and was now facing Bull as she rode him cowgirl style. Bull laid back on the bench and the redhead put her hands on his muscular abs, riding him and taking deep breaths while she did it. Rose started to bounce up and down’s Bull’s cock as her breasts flopped around, Bull laying back and taking deep pleasurable breaths as she did. What Bull did next was something the redhead was just not used to and made her realize that Bull was a man with some serious experience. The redhead tried to stop riding Bull by using her legs to get off of him but Bull noticed this and grabbed her waist. Laying on the bench, Bull sat up and gently wrestled Rose down to the ground. Rose was in a missionary position as the sweaty Bull’s body was in-between her legs. The redhead threw her legs up in the air as Bull pounded her slowly with long deep thrusts inside of her pussy. Every time Bull’s dick penetrated inside of her, the redhead let out a loud yell. A couple more strippers had entered the locker room to get a glimpse of what was going on.”Damn, I have never seen Bull so into it with a girl,” said a stripper.”Bull always goes hard on some of them white girls,” replied another one.”Ya girl, let’s get dressed and let them two enjoy themselves,” said the stripper.The strippers soon left as Bull continued to slowly pound Rose, who didn’t even have the energy left in her to make much of a moan. Bull got up and stood over a downed Rose, swinging his dick around and looking down at her. Rose lay, her vision almost blinded as the pounding had taken its toll on her. Finally, Bull put his powerful hand on Rose’s throat and picked her up. The redhead could not breathe as Bull’s hand was on her throat as Bull pushed her back against the lockers.”Now get on those knees and open your mouth,” said Bull, slapping the redhead’s buttocks again.The redhead obeyed and got on her knees, opening her mouth as Bull put his dick inside of it. Bull started to thrust his dick in and out of the redhead’s mouth, giving her the first experience she ever had with a deep throat. The man aggressively pounded his dick inside of the redhead’s throat, making it hit her tonsils and momentarily stopping her from breathing. After a minute, Bull finally gave up and let a huge load of a cum shoot inside of the redhead’s mouth. A few seconds later, Bull took the dick out of her mouth as the redhead started to cough. The redhead coughed up cum all over the floor and was now taking deep breaths. Bull started to beat his chest and later let out a loud moan, it felt great for him.Bull started to get dressed and put on his clothes as the redhead sat on the bench, taking deep breaths. The man was not planning on going home alone, he had to take the redhead with him. Rose had woken up a sense of excitement and wonder that Bull never had before, he had to get her to come home with him. After getting dressed, Bull looked at the nude redhead who was still taking deep breaths.”Come on, get dressed,” said Bull.”Why?” asked the redhead.”Well Rose, I want you to come home with me,” said Bull, walking over to the bench where the redhead was laying down and sitting right next to her.”But I am tired,” said Rose.”You can’t sleep here, I am going to help you get dressed and then take you home with me right now,” said Bull, rubbing the redhead’s pussy as she smiled and pushed his hand away.”I just met you today,” said Rose, smiling.”Ya but you already know how much I love you and that pretty pussy of yours, lets go,” said Bull, gently smacking the redhead on her hairy pussy.”Charming, those panties are too wet for me to wear” said Rose, smiling.”You can come home with me and we will let them dry there, now where are your clothes so I can get you home with me?” asked Bull.”They’re in locker 11,” said Rose, smiling.Bull picked up the redhead’s panties and sniffed them on his way to her locker, the smell of freshly baked bread was still there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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