A letter from my Mistress…

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A letter from my Mistress…I have you alone, finally, in my hotel room. I have taken you to dinner, making you wear your pretty pink thong under your jeans. I have made you walk to and from the restroom and the waiters stand numerous times so you have to feel them, reminding yourself and showing me what a pathetic whore you are. I watched you squirm in your seat as it was riding up your ass, occasionally rubbing MY balls with my toes under the table. I told you at dinner, that once we got back to the room, you were mine and could feel MY cock get hard, causing you to squirm even more… and now, we are here, in the room. I order you to strip for me… to wiggle your girly hips as you slide your jeans off, to bend over and show me your ass like a prissy little sissy-girl. I tell you tnd take off your shirt and once it hits the floor, I command you to bend over and spread your ass cheeks for me… showing me your thong…. to show me how proud you are to be such a slut. I put your collar on you as you are spreading your ass. I then have you undress me down to my thong, garter belt and bra. I sit down in a chair and have you brush my hair and then rub me down with scented lotion… by relaxing me, you have.. in turn, made yourself fethiye escort smell so pretty too… I make you smell your hands, telling you that you like being pretty for me. While seated in my chair, I have you undo my thigh-highs, remove my thong and then hook my thigh-highs back. I make you smell my pussy, not letting you touch it. I tell you to touch your “breasts” for me… make your nipples hard and tease your “titties” while you think of me fucking you from behind… this makes MY cock twitch. I watch. I become wet watching you get hard and aroused, only thinking of being plowed from behind, bent on all fours, you stupid, stupid whore! MY cock is probably throbbing just from you reading this, pathetic little bitch… MY bitch! Next, I have you get out my strap on cock. I make you stroke it as you bring it over to me. I make you put it on me… knowing full well that it is soon to be in you. As you are pulling my strap-on up my legs, I make you watch me as I insert my end up inside me. I make you tighten my straps. I make you kneel in front of me. I slap you across the face with my cock… again and again… I make you suck my cock, pulling it out and slapping you again… I grab you by your hair and force you escort fethiye to deep throat me, you almost gag… but then get used to it… you enjoy sucking my cock, playing the pretty bitch… such a pretty bitch needs to be prettier though. After sucking my cock, I make you get my make-up bag. I put eyeshadow on you… trace your lips in lipstick… paint your cheeks in pink blush…. now my slut is even prettier… I make you resume sucking my cock, while I sit in my chair. I tell you to stand and walk to the mirror. I show you what a tramp you are. I make you look at your pathetic self, standing in the mirror, wearing a thong, a collar with your name on it and make you say what a pretty girl you are as you feel the lipstick on your lips. I tell you to get on your knees in front of the mirror, then I lie down on the floor in front of you and make you watch yourself suck my cock… over and over again, going down on my cock, looking into your own eyes, making you come to terms with your inner slut. Once I am satisfied with your humiliation, I stand and walk behind you. I get down on my knees and MY cock throbs, knowing what is next. I finger your ass with well lubed fingers, getting it ready for its fucking. Once I am fethiye escort bayan satisfied with its ability to take my cock, I plow into your asshole and feel it inside of me too. I look at you in the mirror and see your discomfort and thrill all rolled into one. You cannot maintain eye contact with me because you are too busy watching yourself get fucked from behind, looking like a pretty little girl, wearing make-up and a pretty pink thong. I grab your hips tightly and begin my own pleasure seeking. I fuck you over and over, feeling my own orgasm building… becoming more aroused knowing that you are watching yourself, knowing how stupid you look… but finding erotic pleasure in all of this. You turn away once in a while, but it only takes a second for you to want to see how pretty you are again. You are addicted. You are addicted to me. I am in your head and now, I am in your ass. I am ready to orgasm and with a hard thrust, I get off and fill you… I reach around and grab MY cock with my lubed hand and begin stroking and in NO time at all you blow your load… after catching your cum, I reach even further forward and make you lick it from my fingers. There, you stupid whore, is that enough? Did you get off? Did you cum to my thoughts of fucking you like the pretty little sissy-girl you are? Once you’ve cum, reading my words… make sure you taste your cum… just I made you do in my thoughts. Lick it up and swallow it, Whore. Taste your deviance.

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