A Lesson for Tim

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It was my turn to do some work on the allotment on Sunday. I shared a plot of land with my mate Fred and the arrangement was he did it on Saturday’s.

I got out early – there was the Autumn dig to do so I made for the shed to pick up a spade and change into my working trousers and boots.

I was put the key into the lock and I heard a noise, a sound like I had disturbed someone – but how?, there could be nobody in the shed on a Sunday – unless someone homeless had taken refuge for the night.

Opening the door who else was inside by Fred, But not just Fred – Oh! no because, perched astride his lap in a very compromising position was this 18 year old Tim who I knew and have been secretly having it away with him, who had been helping Fred on the allotment.

But at the moment he was helping Fred with something else and I was so taken back to think Tim was doing it with another too.

I just could not help just standing there frozen in my stride. It looked as though I had caught them at a vital time seeing the flush on Tim’s face, that flush I knew well from when I had fucked him – and the heavy sound of Fred’s panting as his stiff cock made its final plunge up Tim’s ass.

But he did not reach his climax until he’d pulled it out of Tim and seeing Fred finish himself off like that was quite a scene, embarrassing for him no doubt but he was obviously at a point of no return and was committed to the climax.

Fred, when he had gathered himself, gingerly apologised saying 1xbet yeni giriş he thought I wouldn’t have come until the afternoon. Tim looked a bit awkward too, and so he should have done, I thought he was exclusively mine.

“So you thought you’d get a couple of shagging hours in away from the wife Huh, Fred?”

At least I was unmarried and truly into my own sex, Fred, well he was bi and not my thing, for me it was either one way of the other, and recently I had been well served by young Tim who, although twenty years my junior, I could still give a good one to.

Although I had my doubts then if after all I was satisfying Tim.

Tim whispered he was sorry and would make it up to me.

“You bet your life you will,” I yelled furiously feeling that my ego had been considerably bruised.

Fred looked surprised; “You mean you have been there too, I mean with Tim?”

“Right first time!” I snarled.

“Well no harm done then,” he grinned, he has plenty to give, we can sort of share eh?”

I punched him on the nose and he was soon off with his tail between his legs.

I turned to Tim who was still struggling to get his jeans back on.

“Don’t bother!” I yelled ripping them down , boxer shorts and all. I had a lesson to teach him.

I slammed the door shut, took him across my knee no messing, me sat on a stool to administer the punishment. I’d always fancied spanking Tim’s tight ass and now was the perfect excuse.

He took it like a good’un 1xbet giriş accepting he had been off beat to let old Fred fuck him.

“This is for me and me only” I yelled. I heard his yell as I gave him five more hard slaps with my open palm on each side and he promised me he would never do that again, and anyway he much preferred me because Fred stunk like hell.

“Did you suck his cock?” I asked, wanting to know.

“He wanted that but he stunk like blue murder so I settled for just the fuck – he had me cornered, Pete and I had no option.”

“You mean he raped you?”

He stuttered; “Well not really I guess I was willing, but I was thinking only of you when he was doing it honestly!”

I gave him another hard five for that – he said it stung like hell and promised he would never ever do it with Fred again.

“Well let’s say if you do, it will be my belt next time and that will really give you grief.”

“Okay, Pete” he said rubbing his crimson ass.

Come to think of it, seeing Tim do that – the sight of it really turned me on, I prompted him to bend over astride the potting shelf, it was just the right height and position to reveal a superb presentation of lovely round and tight crimson ass, his cock and balls hanging at the ready for my feel of him.

I bent down on my knees to get the perfect sucking position and, feeling his ripe hanging balls and stretching back his already erect cock he stretched open his ass cheeks beautifully for me, he’d been 1xbet güvenilirmi well trained you see, and there it was, fresh fucked asshole and still stretched open for my pleasure, perhaps Fred’s recent fuck of it had its blessings in as much that this was a first for me to taste and rim it as I took delight in massaging his cock and balls and then those gorgeous tight ass cheeks, still burning after my spanking, I rubbed in baby cream to ease the pain he said he still felt when I squeezed his bulging ass. I certainly didn’t need the cream to lubricate his passage, that was well opened and feeling my throb between my legs I sprung it out as I stood and thrust it deep up inside that gorgeous ripe hole just made for fucking – my fucking!

Tim certainly kept his word when he said he’d make it up to me, the way he moved his ass in perfect rhythm made for a very deep and stimulating deep penetrating ass fuck – and when I paused like I always did he gave me a wonderful time, moving his gorgeous spanked ass from side to side, me feeling my hard cock bend and throb as his rectal muscles worked overtime.

He murmured the words I loved to hear when we fucked, how good my fuck was and how he enjoyed the feel of my hard stiff prick wedged up his asshole.

I felt the surge begin to happen , that unmistakeable feeling that I was about to come, and I let him have it so very hard and deep and thrusting his ass being shoved and pushed in all directions as I finished it of.

His shout telling men he was there too,

Afterwards we spent quality time sucking and tasting each other nice and slow, enjoying the intimacy only such a relationship can give.

I felt happy and satisfied then that in future Tim was my fuck and no one else’s

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