A Latex Crossdresser’s Dream Pt. 06

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A few weeks had passed since my amazing birthday weekend and to be honest I was hungry for a repeat and knew my wife’s birthday was coming up. So I needed to hatch a plan as cunning and as horny as my wife’s to make sure I could fully repay her horny act of love towards me. Now we were both at ease with all sorts of sexy debauchery with respect from others I knew I had to invite some of the previous attendees and also knew I had to make it extra special.

I remembered the live showing of our latex orgy online, and the comments from a “Rubbered up” viewer who expressed his wish to join us at the next event. I also remember the girl’s reaction when they saw his massive cock encased in shiny black rubber, they were all aghast and dreaming of being filled with this man’s monster.

I pulled up the account and viewed the video, which immediately got me horny and I knew I had to masturbate and come as I was watching it. I slipped on a pair of well lubed sheath briefs and began to wank as I read the comments. I noticed that the man in question only lived 30 or so miles away so would be an ideal candidate for inviting to my surprise party. Reading his profile it was obvious that both he and his wife enjoyed the fetish lifestyle with visits to various clubs, including the Temptations club that I had been to before on my birthday.

I started looking through his profile pictures and they were all amazing, plenty of tight shiny rubber and the photos of his wife made my cock even harder. She was a stunning red head with a great figure and was in her early forties. She was very buxom and her tits pressed hard against the various latex outfits she wore which made my balls twitch as I neared an orgasm.

One photo in particular was the one that made me fill my sheath with cum. It was a photo of his wife taking all of his massive cock in her ass whilst getting her pussy fucked by a machine dildo of the same size. My god she must have been well stretched. According to his profile his cock was 14 inches and although he admitted he couldn’t maintain an erection for long he stated that he could get it fully hard with the use of medication and a vacuum pump.

I sent him a private message wondering if he just played with his wife or if he was open to party invites.

I told him that the girls at my party in the video were very impressed and giggled to each other like schoolgirls when discussing the size of his cock.

He must have been online because a chat box opened up and he responded immediately to my question.

“Hi John, thanks for the friend request and I have added you to my friend list. Both my wife and I have watched your video many times and said to each other that we wished we were there. I have masturbated frequently watching your clips and my wife has also orgasmed while watched on the big screen.”

I had to reply straight away as this was too good an opportunity to miss and would lay the foundations to reciprocate my wife’s party. His name was on his profile, I didn’t know whether it was his real name or not but I used this rather than address him as Rubberedup.

“Hi Alex and thanks for the add, also thanks for the compliments regarding the video. I have to say both you and your wife look amazing in latex and I especially like the ass fucking and machine pussy fucking pic.”

“You’re welcome John and before you ask, if that what you intended? We would love to join one of your party’s. I’ve sent a video link to your email address, check it out.”

I immediately opened my inbox and clicked on the link. Wow a full HD video of Alex pushing his monster cock in and out of all his wife’s holes in succession. Even though looking down my sheath was full of cum and a flaccid cock, the video immediately starting to arouse me again. Before I knew it my cock was like a flag pole and already well lubed with all my spunk inside the sheath.

“Amazing Alex you look like the couple I’ve been dreaming about to make my wife’s fantasy come true. And probably mine if I get to see your beautiful latex wife in action?”

I went on to outline the plan I had for my wife’s birthday party and what this would involve and who would be present etc. He showed an extreme interest in Su as he said he had never been with a

she-male before and would be open to suggestions.

I explained that anything and everything would be possible and mentioned that I was still wanking to his video he had sent.

A cam chat box request appeared in the chat box asking me to go live on cam. Before I pressed accept I slipped on a rubber hood hoping for some anonymity with people I had never met. When the cam box loaded I was greeted by a stunningly attractive woman whose face was covered in transparent latex, heavy make-up and ruby red lips concealed a wicked sexy smile to die for

“Hi John, I’m Greta, Alex’s partner. He said I may be able to help you out a little. “With an outrageously sexy smile. She stood up and the web cam panned back to allow İstanbul Escort Bayan a full view of what she was wearing.

She was wearing a tight black latex peephole bra which just about managed to contain her large tits, the pert nipples viewable as they were erect and poking through the holes in the bra. A pair of tight black open crotch panties and matching suspender belt which was holding very very shiny transparent latex stockings up on her thighs. She had on long transparent clinical type latex gloves and on top of it all a loose fitting transparent latex baby doll nightie.

Wow my cock was stood up to full attention. As she took a step backwards she began to speak.

“Just relax and enjoy John I’m sure you will fill up your sheath again soon.”

Alex was just visible out of cam shot and he was reaching between her legs from behind and began to ease 3 red latex fingers into her pussy. The sight of the red rubber digits disappearing between the black latex panties into her wet shaven pussy made me very horny.

“Just imagine this is your cock John, which I’m sure it soon will be. Imagine my tight rubber pussy taking your nice hard rubber cock in my shiny latex cunt John.”

“Eerm Hi Greta,” I stuttered like a schoolboy, with my cock in my hand which was plainly visible on her screen. “It’s extremely nice to meet you, I love your outfit and your videos and photos.” I said in my most polite yet quivering voice.

She went on to describe what she and her partner Alex enjoyed and what they looked forward to at any gatherings.

“As you can imagine John, Alex is the centre of attention for the girls and I’ve lost count of how many mouths, cunts and asses that I’ve watched him fuck. All of which I enjoyed as much as he enjoyed watching me get penetrated by more than one cock at a time. I just hope this first meeting gives you an idea of what we like and also our limits, of which there are very few,” she laughed indicating there wasn’t much they wouldn’t do.

“To be honest I think I’m in shock .” I said as I tried to gather my thoughts to make an intelligent response. Alas my mind was focused on her latex body and my hard cock.” Look what you’ve done to me and I haven’t even met you yet,” as I stood in front of the webcam and proudly displayed my hard cock encased in its latex sheath.

“I know it doesn’t compare to what you normally get in size but I can assure you it keeps going,” I added in mock jest at the comparison between the 14 inches of Alex and my 8 or so inches.

“That suits me fine John, now keep wanking your cock so I can see you explode into that lovely rubber sheath.”

Not one to argue I carried on wanking my cock and watching Alex pump his fingers and by now his red latex fist into Greta’s stretched wet hole. The webcam thing was really turning me on and I sensed my balls twitching as they were about to deliver the second load of the day.

“MMMM yes John come for me on cam and I promise next time will be for real, I will take your load into my mouth John while your wife watches as she takes my Alex’s cock deep in her cunt,” she said in a very horny voice. My god she was a horny expert at this and I immediately felt my hard cock pump thick wads of spunk into my sheath.

“Oh yes John save that for me I love to eat cum, hope you enjoyed the mini show John but I have to go to work now so I’ll leave Alex to make the arrangements.”

“Unable to think of any words that could possibly be considered a reasonable reply I simply said

“Thanks Greta I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to meeting you.”

This sounded like a response to an interview but I honestly couldn’t think of anything else

I turned off the cam and continued chatting with Alex and told him he would be definitely coming to my planned event to celebrate the upcoming birthday of my wife and to make her sexual dreams come true.

I took myself of for a shower and couldn’t help admire myself in the bathroom mirror and wondering what my wife would think of what had just happened. I had orgasmed twice before work and imagined fucking the latex Greta while doing so. Was this unfaithful or just accepting that we were now a couple of perverts enjoying our fetish lifestyle. Would I tell her? Of course I would but hopefully only when she had the cock of Alex deep in her own pussy and I was watching. The thoughts of what the girls would do with the monster cock of Alex wouldn’t leave my mind and I had only two weeks to organize the event. I needed to chat with Karen as she would understand the need for secrecy and would also want the biggest kinky surprise to be a success.

I dropped Karen a text.

“Hi Karen, can you come round after work, I need some help planning a surprise party for my lovely rubber wife and she can’t know about it. She’s on late shift at the hospital so won’t be home till after 10 and I will be home at 3.”

Well I had bitten the bullet and put the wheels in motion so now İstanbul Escort all I could do was wait for a response. I knew it wouldn’t be long because Karen’s phone never leaves her side. I also knew that she had been into the fetish lifestyle for a lot longer than me so she would know about my wife’s fantasies more than I would. Although I think I know her well there is always some stuff that a girl only shares with her best girlfriend, and I knew that they were definitely friends, as well as kinky lovers so didn’t know what to expect. And to be honest I didn’t think there was anything that we hadn’t already done recently.

It didn’t take more than 20 minutes for Karen to respond and to be honest the message couldn’t have been clearer.

“Hi Kinky, I’ll be round at 3 and can’t fucking wait. PS I may need some protein before we have a chat wink wink.”

Fucking hell she was dying to suck my cock and I hadn’t even left for work yet. This already got my cock twitching yet again and I hadn’t even got ready to leave the house. What a horny start to the day, and what a horny afternoon I would have according to Karen’s response.

Fuck it I thought in for a penny in for a pound and I immediately cancelled my appointments for the day thinking If Karen wants protein then that’s what she will get. Although I was having pangs of guilt about engaging in sexual debauchery with my wife’s friend while she was at work, I also couldn’t help thinking that this was ok considering how much cock and pussy she had been fucking, sucking, and licking over the past couple of months without my knowledge or presence. All of a sudden my guilt fell away as I received a text from my wife. OH no I thought, Karen’s let it slip already about the surprise, was my first thought as I opened the text. But she hadn’t, she had merely told my wife she was coming round to borrow some of her clothes so my wife wouldn’t get suspicious of the plans we would make.

“Hi Babe Karen’s coming round 3 ish to borrow some stuff from my wardrobe, she knows where everything is so just let her get on with it.PS You know what she’s like so will probably want some of your come, that’s fine but save some for me wink wink.PPS my pussy just got wet thinking about your hard cock in her mouth xx.”

Does it get any better, your wife texts you and gives you permission to get your cock sucked by her best friend while she’s at work, not only that but she’s actually horny about it.

I immediately set up a what’s app group about the event and invited suggestions from Denise, Ky, Aron, Jane and Su. Deliberately not disclosing the possible surprise appearance of Alex and Greta to the group to make sure I had an ace up my sleeve.

I spent the next 2 hours delving into my wife’s internet history just as she had done with me, little did she know I had a few internet and computer skills that she didn’t know about regarding search histories and cookies etc, and even though she thought she had cleared her Google history it was still available to those in the know.

Searching through her history it was obvious she had a penchant for the same as me, latex and rubber featuring heavily in her searches. She was also very interested in transvestites which I’m sure delighted her when I had my party dressed as a latex maid. She had viewed various videos which involved she males and also had a bit of a thing for the medical or doctor and nurse scenarios as she had looked at rubber clinic videos. Great! I thought all I need is a she male hospital with a latex fetish lol.

Further delving and I discovered that she enjoyed watching scenes where a woman dressed in rubber was restrained on a gyno bed as rubber clad men wanked and shot their loads over the woman’s rubber clad body whilst being pegged by a very buxom latex nurse. Four of them in all were masturbating and pointing their thick wads of come at her mouth, tits, and torso. By the end she was drenched in come and the woman pegging her licked her latex clean.

MM I thought that’s food for thought and immediately texted Su to inform her of my discovery to ask if she had any friends similar to herself that would maybe want to enjoy a party. The word of the event must be spreading like wildfire because Su was replying before I put my phone down, she explained that Karen had been in touch and they were all looking forward to it and that yes she had a very good friend who was involved in the fetish scene. She added that her friend was also heavily involved in making porn and was interested to know if it would be possible to do some filming if she were to attend.

I asked Su if she had a pic of her friend and she sent one back straight away.

Fuck me I thought Su was stunning, I was looking at a blonde person who was dressed entirely in a clear latex nurses uniform and her cock was bigger than Su’s. Another twitch from my boxer shorts as I imagined Su and her friend enjoying my cock whilst I enjoyed theirs. Wow what a scenario.

I replied Escort İstanbul to Su,

“wow your friend looks very sexy, I hope there’s a chance of being spit roasted by you 2 at the next event, wink wink?”

I got the reply my cock wanted straight away with just a very sexy pic! Of my wife taking both she make cocks at what was obviously the temptations club room. Both Su and Greta all dressed in shiny rubber nurses uniforms with my wife in just a tight latex bra, a pair of crotchless latex tights and a clear hood.

A message was attached from the naughty Su,

“We would be happy to repeat this with both you and your wife you naughty latex slut.”

“Can’t wait” was my very excited reply, as I sent her a picture of my hard cock straining in latex sheath pants.

“MMMMM see you soon lover boy.” Was exactly the reply I wanted.

My plan was coming together and I had a slight tremble at the anticipation and excitement I felt.

I sent another message to Karen telling her what I had planned so far and to remember to keep it a secret. She replied saying she had already invited Jane and Aron but Ky was unavailable as he was at a porn shoot in Spain. Lucky fucking Ky I thought imagining what he was getting up to in Spain. But also a bit disappointed that the lovely Jane would probably not be joining us, or at least I thought until I read on and it seemed apparent that Jane would be attending with Rob and his monster. Little did he know that he wouldn’t be the biggest cock at the party lol and that the surprise visit of Alex would also certainly excite my wife? More than a metre of cock on offer at the same time if she so wished.

Karen also explained that Denise and her new partner would come along and a friend of theirs called Shane. She explained that this would tick the bukkake part of the scenario where 4 latex clad men come all over a latex clad slut.

Wow it seems as though Karen had done this sort of organizing before, but I still hadn’t told her about my surprise of Alex and Greta?

The date was set and it would be 10 days away on the Saturday night, I picked this because I knew my nearest neighbor about 50 yards away would be away on holiday so people could use his drive to park if needed. He also let us use his garden house to let our relatives sleep over, this would give us extra accommodation for our lovely latex guests.

My phone beeped again and it was my wife,

“Has Karen been yet (smiley wicked face), I hope she hasn’t worn you out?”

This was so exciting, my wife was at work wanting to know what I had done with Karen as it was obviously turning her on while she was at work. I replied straight away,

“Not yet babe, I take it your horny as you want to know the details (smiley face).

“You’d better send me pics you naughty rubber husband, I’ve already been to the bathroom and fingered my wet pussy with the medical gloves. She added a photo of her with three latex covered fingers deep in her wet cunt, this got my cock twitching and I knew I could do whatever I wanted and she was more than ok with this.

“Karen just text to say she is on her way and sent me a pic of her pussy lips trying to escape a pair of open crotch rubber panties,” I added the pic Karen had sent me.

“Oh babe that’s amazing, I’ll be in the bathroom at 4 please please face time me?”

I was now nearly fully hard and Knew I would need to go and get ready if it was to be a full on latex experience. I sent a pic of my hard cock and told her she would get a video call at 4 so to make sure she was alone.

I took a shower and made sure I was well shaved where it mattered. It was very difficult not to shoot my load in the shower in anticipation of my wife’s friend’s visit, and what she would want to get up to.

I went to the newly appointed “latex wardrobe,” which was now full of all my old latex stuff I wore when I used to masturbate to porn when my wife was out of the house, but along with all the old stuff was all the new stuff, the wardrobe was now full of everything anyone could need for a very naughty latex experience. Unsure what to wear I decided on the grey semitransparent latex stockings, basque, and sheath panties and some short jet black glossy rubber gloves. A tight and very glossy red latex hood completed the look and I would only put this on when the front door was closed.

I took a selfie and sent it to my wife. Her response was immediate and very hot,

“Oh yes babe make sure you fuck my friend good and hard and fill her mouth with your spunk, and make sure I see this at 4 o’clock on video link. I’m going crazy and my pussy is dripping.”

“Thank you babe, thank you for everything you have brought to our new crazy sex life.” I sent back to make sure my wife felt very appreciated and wanted. Even though I was about to engage in various sexual acts with her friend, and let her watch? From 20 miles away.

I put on my working suit over the latex to make it look like I was ready to leave for the office and just as I had slipped on my shoes I heard a car enter the driveway. I looked out of the window through the now closed blinds, anticipating my afternoon I had already been round the house and closed all the blinds.

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