A Hot Tub Surprise with Nikki

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I’m Paul and I’m 41 years old. I’m divorced and I live alone. I’m an attorney – not rich – but I live a comfortable life.

When I met Jenny, I was 27 and she was 25 years old. Her daughter, Nikki, was 5 years old and the cutest thing that I had ever met. She had curly brown hair and dark brown eyes that totally captivated me. She was a very well mannered child and she deserved all the affection I could provide her. I wanted to be her daddy. I wanted to be the guy who kept her safe and protected her from the world. Her biological father had abandoned her – and Nikki – two years previously and then promptly disappeared to avoid paying child support.

In retrospect, I should have realized that Jenny was simply a needy woman who saw me as a source of financial support and stability for her and Nikki. I had a track record of rescuing “needy” women and had not yet learned from my mistakes. I know now that Jenny’s need for my support was not an adequate substitute for love. She liked me and she needed me but she didn’t love me. When the need for support was no longer present, she would no longer want me. And that is what came to pass.

The ten years of our marriage were not totally wasted and we had many good times together. Jenny, Nikki, and I became a family (although I never adopted Nikki.) We took family vacations, we went to the zoo and the beach, we did chores together, and we worked as a family. Things between Jenny and I were very good for many years, too. I think she tried to love me and she tried to do all of the things that a good wife is supposed to do. We didn’t have any children of our own but not for a lack of effort by us.

Jenny and I had a very satisfying physical relationship. Jenny was attractive, I thought, but not stunningly beautiful. I’m sure that many guys would not consider her attractive but I found her to be quite cute. She was a petite girl, about 5’2″ and 110 pounds. She had a pixie-like face with light brown hair and sparkling eyes. Her breasts were small, only a 34A cup, and the total affect was that she looked like she was 16 years old.

I’m not complaining, as I happen to prefer small breasts, and I thought hers were adorable. Her nipples were not big but they stood up like pencil erasers when she was aroused. Her areolae were only about the size of nickels and were the same pinkish-brown color as her nipples. She loved to have them licked and sucked and she could orgasm just from having her nipples sucked.

Jenny was rather uninhibited when it came to sex. The first few years of our relationship, things were relatively calm. I used vibrators on her clit and sometimes on her nipples. She loved to give and receive oral sex and she didn’t stop when I got close to cumming. I think she actually enjoyed the taste of my cum; I hope so, because she swallowed quite a bit over the years. She also shaved all of her pubic hair and the hair around her ass so that I would go wild when I was eating her out . . . and I did.

Eventually, she said that she wanted to try some different things just to put some “spice” in our relationship. At first, she wanted me to tie her up and blindfold her and pretend that I was raping her. I had difficulty even in pretending that I was doing something violent to her but I tried to act the part for her pleasure. Then, she said she wanted to try anal sex. I had never experienced that pleasure but, with the assistance of some KY, I quickly discovered what I had been missing.

Next, she said she wanted to try a threesome. I told her that I wasn’t interested in being in bed naked with another guy and she laughed, explaining that it would be with another girl. She said she had never been with another woman and she didn’t want to cheat on me but she wanted to know what it was like. It sounded like every guy’s dream come true, so I agreed. She told me that she had a girl in mind but had not yet approached her to determine if she was interested.

The other girl — Catherine – was a co-worker who was in her early 20’s. She was a cute petite blonde who also looked younger than she actually was. She seemed to be shy and demure but Jenny thought there was a chance; she thought the girl would follow the “Marian the Librarian” stereotype, being shy and inhibited until she got a little bit of alcohol flowing through the veins. She invited Catherine to go out for drinks and dancing with us on a Friday night.

Once we were in the clubs, Jenny pulled the typical old guys’ trick that she thought would work: she got the girl drunk. After Catherine was a bit wasted, Jenny started talking about sex.

“Paul, you’re really a great lover and we do it all the time, but I’m so horny right now I could fuck the neighbor’s dog,” Jenny said with exasperation. Looking at Catherine, she continued, “I guess I should have been a guy, ’cause I’m just horny all the damn time.”

We all laughed and then Jenny asked, “Catherine, do you have a boyfriend now?”

“No. Billy and I broke up about four months ago and I really haven’t dated since then.”

“Well, karaman seks hikayeleri your ‘battery-operated boyfriend’ can give you an orgasm but it’s not the same thing. I don’t know how you can go that long without having sex!” Jenny was obviously baiting Catherine, and it was working. “Aren’t you horny now?”

Catherine looked a little bit embarrassed, particularly because I was sitting at the table listening to this conversation, but the alcohol had definitely lowered her inhibitions. “It’s okay to talk about it, sweetie, you’re among friends,” Jenny reassured her. “Paul and I are very open about our sex life.”

“Well, yeah, I guess I get, uh . . . horny . . ., but I don’t have a boyfriend, not even a ‘battery-operated boyfriend,'” Catherine laughed. “And . . . I don’t wanna go home with some random guy I just met in a bar, ya know? He might have AIDS or be an ax murderer or some sorta stalker psycho . . ..”

“Well, if you wanna get laid in a safe way, I have an idea,” replied Jenny. “Catherine . . . Paul has been after me to have a threesome for a few months. We’ve never done that before, but . . . ya know, I can tell that Paul has the hots for you and, I don’t know why, but I kinda promised him we might do that as a birthday gift.” I hadn’t been ‘after her’ to have a threesome and it wasn’t really my birthday, but facts usually aren’t too important in a seduction. “And, ya know, holy cow, I don’t wanna do that with just anybody, ya know? I’d really have to trust somebody to share my husband with ’em. I don’t want anybody getting’ AIDS — especially me or Paul – and, well, I know that you’re nice and not a slut, and . . . I think I could trust you to not start havin’ an affair with Paul, and, I know it’s a lot to ask, but . . . if you’d do that, it would sorta get me off the hook in a way that would take care of you, too. And, besides, Paul’s great in bed! He’s not too big but he definitely knows how to use it.”

“Wow! Did you just ask me to fuck your husband?”

“Yeah, but I’d be there the whole time, so it’s not like he’d be sneakin’ around havin’ an affair. And, after he’s done you, I’ll get him to do me, too, and you can watch. It sounds so absolutely wicked and . . . so damn taboo, it’d be great! Just have another drink and think about it,” Jenny said, apparently ending the discussion at that time.

Another drink turned into two apiece for the girls, and then another two drinks apiece after Jenny talked Catherine into going to a titty bar and watching the dancers do their thing. I stayed sober because I had been elected designated driver, and I also didn’t want the booze to interfere with any performance later in the evening. Catherine had driven her car to our place and we had all ridden together to the club, so, when we left the strip club, we all got in my car and went home.

When we got there, we went inside for a ‘night cap.’ Catherine was obviously under the influence so Jenny took the opportunity to make her move. She suggested that she and Catherine try to outdo the dancers we had been watching an hour earlier. Nikki was spending the night at a friend’s house so I agreed. We went to the living room and I took a seat on the sofa. Catherine was still kinda shy at first but she took her lead from Jenny. Neither of them was a dancer but, pretty soon, both girls were in just their panties and bras. Jenny then had both girls face away from me and show me their cute little behinds as they removed their bras. Jenny moved so she was facing Catherine and put her arms around Catherine’s waist, leaning forward and whispering something in Catherine’s ear.

Soon, Jenny was kissing Catherine’s neck and her hands were on Catherine’s ass, pulling their two bodies together. Jenny bent down so that her kisses trailed from Catherine’s neck to her boobs, which I still had not seen. Obviously, Jenny was licking Catherine’s nipples because I heard Catherine start moaning.

The music Jenny had started came to an end and all I heard was the sounds of Jenny licking on Catherine’s boobs. “Now, I want you to lick my boobs,” Jenny said as she raised her head up from Catherine’s chest. Without hesitation, Catherine lowered her face to Jenny’s boobs and began licking on her nipples.

“You got me so hot!” Jenny exclaimed. “I can’t wait to see Paul fuck you. Let’s show him your pretty titties.” With that statement, Jenny stood, placed her hands on Catherine’s shoulders, and turned her to face me. It was my first view of Catherine’s boobs and they were very cute, very suckable, about the size of tennis balls. Her areolae were about the size of quarters but, otherwise, they looked about the same size as Jenny’s.

“Catherine, you’re beautiful,” I said. “I think I could lick your boobs all night long.”

“You want that, don’t you, Catherine? Paul, her nipples are so hard!” Jenny said. She stood behind Catherine, reached around her with both hands, and began massaging those delicious looking tits. “Catherine needs it bad, Paul. I’ll bet her panties are soaked.”

“Only one way to find out,” I responded.

With that statement as her cue, Jenny reached down with her right hand and slid her fingers under the elastic of Catherine’s panties. She wasted no time with teasing or foreplay. I could tell that her fingers went directly to Catherine’s clit, because Catherine began moving her body in rhythm, humping her pelvis, and whimpering louder and louder until she was moaning.

“Oh . . . gawd . . . I’m so horny but . . . I thought you said . . . I’m not a . . . a . . . oh, I’m so close, uh . . . OOO!” With that last utterance, Catherine went rigid and her breathing became shallow and rapid. Her orgasm lasted for about ten seconds and then her body relaxed and she slumped into a chair.

When she looked up, she said, “I’ve never done anything like that before. I hope you don’t think that I’m a . . . lesbian!”

“Well, I certainly hope you’re not a lesbian,” I said, trying to inject some humor into the situation.

“Neither have I,” said Jenny. “I mean, I’ve never done anything like that, either, but . . . wow . . . that was pretty intense. I wouldn’t mind trying some of that.”

“Well, I think we need to give Paul some attention. We don’t want him to feel left out, do we?” asked Catherine.

I walked over to Catherine’s chair and knelt in front of her. I leaned forward until my lips connected with her left nipple. As soon as I started licking, she started moaning as if another orgasm wouldn’t require much more arousal. I trailed my kisses down her belly until I passed her belly button and came to the top of her panties. I placed my fingers under the elastic on both sides and began to pull downward. She lifted her hips to allow me to remove her last article of clothing and soon her panties slid past her ankles and fell to the floor.

I again leaned forward but, this time, my tongue went directly to Catherine’s clit. She tasted sweet and I could have been happy licking on her pussy for quite a while except for one thing; I felt an urgent need to fuck her slit good and hard.

I turned towards Jenny. “Do you wanna watch me fuck her?” I asked. While I was licking Catherine’s pussy, Jenny had been sitting on the sofa with her hand in her panties, rubbing her clit and playing with her nipples, trying to work herself up to an orgasm while watching me attack Catherine’s nubile young body.

“Fuck, yeah!” was her immediate reply. “She needs it bad!”

I told Catherine to undress me and she promptly stood and began removing my clothes. When all else had been removed, she got on her knees to pull down my boxers. Of course, my dick was causing an obvious tent in my britches.

“Paul, you know, I’m kinda self-conscious about having little boobs but you make me feel like I’m so real hot chick, and . . . well, I heard Jenny say that you’re not real big and . . . if you have any concerns about your size, uh . . . it’s exactly the size I want in me . . . in my . . . pussy . . . now, please.”

“Catherine, you are absolutely beautiful, stunningly beautiful, and you take my breath away. Your naked body is every man’s dream come true.” I kissed her on the lips. I wasn’t in love with Catherine but I thought that was a very nice thing to say, especially when she confided her self-consciousness about her boobs. I felt some genuine affection for her and I just needed to express it.

I also felt some genuine horniness which I needed to express. I told Catherine to get on the floor on her hands and knees so I could fuck her doggy style. She was a good girl and did exactly what I told her to do. I could see her pussy between her legs but I could also see her butt cheeks.

“You have a cute little ass,” I said as I approached her.

“You’re not gonna fuck me in the ass, are you? I’ve never done that,” she said. I wasn’t sure whether that was an invitation, a caution, or an off-limits declaration, but I didn’t care. I immediately wanted to fuck her in the ass, but I didn’t respond to her question.

“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill,” she said right before I slid my dick into her pussy. Now, I’ll admit that my dick is on the same magnitude as Jenny’s boobs: not large but certainly plenty big enough to do the job. I had measured myself at 5½” erect which is actually quite normal for everything except porn flicks.

As soon as my dick touched her cunt lips, she began moaning softly. Every time I slid my shaft forward and penetrated her pussy just a bit more, her mouth released a moan, still soft but louder than the previous. After about the fifth or sixth thrust, I motioned for Jenny to come join us. I whispered to her that she should get under Catherine in a 69 position and her face beamed with excitement.

I couldn’t see Catherine’s face when Jenny began sliding underneath her but I could certainly tell when Jenny’s tongue found Catherine’s clit.

“Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd . . .” was all she could manage to say.

“If it feels that good, you should return the favor,” I suggested.

Catherine’s head lowered slowly, with some hesitation, and then her tongue slowly began to trace Jenny’s cunt lips.

“Don’t tease me; lick my clit!” Jenny demanded.

Catherine didn’t want to disappoint Jenny so she began sucking on Jenny’s love bud.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it,” Jenny exclaimed and she began licking Catherine’s clit even more vigorously. As the girls got into it, I pulled my dick out of Catherine’s pussy.

“Don’t stop,” Catherine requested.

“I’ll be right back,” I said. I stood, went to our bedroom, and retrieved a tube of KY. When I returned to the living room, they were still going at it, with the moans becoming louder and more urgent.

I knelt behind Catherine and put some KY on my dick. I put my hands on her cheeks and pulled them apart. She had a small rosebud and it was pinkish-red, not brown. If she was concerned about what I was doing, she didn’t give me a clue. Instead of just thrusting my dick in her virgin ass, I decided to give her a warm up with my tongue. I began licking in her ass crack, passing over her puckered orifice. With each pass, I paused to press on her back door with my tongue. She was tight but I thought I could feel her beginning to relax her sphincter.

“I’ve never had anything back there,” she said, “but . . . ooh yeah.”

That was all the encouragement I needed as a brought my index finger up to the south valley and placed the tip of my finger at her entrance. I continued licking while I began to press on the door to her most inviolate chamber.

As the first knuckle of my finger pushed in to her virgin ass, her response was immediate. “Oh . . . yeah . . . fuck me . . . fuck me back there.”

No further instructions were necessary. I positioned my dick at her back hole and pushed forward. Some initial resistance quickly subsided and I felt my dick sliding into her ass. It was the tightest thing my dick had ever felt and I’m not sure why I didn’t cum immediately, especially because her moaning went into overdrive.

“Lick my clit . . . fuck my ass . . . make me cum, oh, I need to cum so bad!” she pleaded. “Oh yeah, oh yeah . . . fuck me, fuck me . . ..” Catherine’s body was stiffening as if she was in the throes of an overwhelming orgasm. Her ass clamped down on my dick so tight I could barely move it. That was all it took for me and I was over the edge.

“I’m gonna cum, of, I’m almost there,” I said. My cum started welling up in my balls, the pressure was gathering, taking me to the precipice and, then . . . I began shooting streams of my cum into Catherine’s tight ass. “Oh, fuck yeah!”

Catherine stopped licking on Jenny’s clit when her own orgasm took over her body, but Jenny continued licking until Catherine could take no more stimulation and pulled away from Jenny’s tongue. Catherine laid down on the floor with her belly down and her cute little ass exposed for all to see.

After giving Catherine a minute to return to earth, Jenny complained, “Hey, did everybody forget about me?”

“Catherine,” I said, “Jenny really seemed to enjoy havin’ her pussy eaten by a girl. Why don’t you finish what you started and I’ll watch?”

Jenny didn’t wait for Catherine to move but, instead, slid across the floor until her cunt was directly in front of Catherine’s mouth. Catherine wasn’t the kind of girl who wanted to disappoint anyone so she raised up and brought her mouth to Jenny’s pussy. She hadn’t started licking for more than a few seconds when Jenny started rocking and humping and squeezing her knees together.

“Oh, fuckety, fuckety, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” was all Jenny could manage as her body was taken to a level she had never before experienced.

Catherine stopped her ministrations and rolled over on her back. We all stayed motionless for a few minutes, not talking but just breathing and trying to regain our composure. In a few minutes, I suggested that Catherine spend the night and all three of us got into the king size bed in our master bedroom.

When we woke the next morning, Catherine was gone. She called into work sick that Monday. She came to work on Tuesday, avoided Jenny all day, and then called work the next morning claiming a family emergency. She never returned to work and we never saw her again.

Jenny and I never had another threesome and we never did anything else that wild. Something between us changed that night, and it wasn’t a good change.

* * *

This was the substance of my reverie as I sat naked in the hot tub. By now, it was history — ancient history. It had all happened seven years ago. Over the next two years, Jenny and I continued to have uninhibited sex but it was always just the two of us, in our own bed, with no one watching, no cameras capturing our lovemaking, nothing wilder than an occasional double penetration of Jenny by me and a vibrator. We never had another ‘wild’ romp. Initially, I thought that maybe she had gotten over the need to ‘sew her wild oats’ but, eventually, I realized that we had begun to drift apart. Jenny just didn’t seem to be interested in our relationship. After two years, I discovered that Jenny was having a relationship with another woman.

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