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Subject: A HOT HOLIDAY IN PAKISTAN – PART 20 A HOT HOLIDAY IN PAKISTAN – PART 20 Monday afternoon [After a busy morning being fucked by Arif’s assistant at his shop and then a group fuck by a group of horny gardeners, Arif and I headed off for some lunch, but not before an unexpected and welcome diversion.] 30 Walking back through the market, I asked Arif if he would like to come back to the hotel and have lunch with me. I really wanted to show my appreciation for everything he’d done for me for the week and this was really my last opportunity. Also, it would give me the chance to have a shower before the final fun at the shop with Vimal and maybe his friend, Shafi. Since the morning I’d been fucked a few times and had had no chance to have a shower afterwards. Arif looked very touched and agreed to come. As we headed over to find an auto rickshaw, a voice called out, causing Arif to turn around. Hurrying towards us was the young bird seller who had fucked me on the first day. We shook hands and he said he was so excited to see me again. He asked us to come back to his shop with him. I suddenly had a flashback to his hairy chest and back and his thick eight inches. It looked like Arif and I would be having a late lunch! Arriving at his shop, he spoke briefly with his assistant and took us into the back room and shut the door. Immediately he started kissing me passionately. He really was a superb kisser and he made me hard instantly. Then he quickly undressed and it was great to see his hairy body and big cock again. It was even thicker than I remembered. I squatted down and put it in my mouth and sucked ankara escort bayan him for quite a while. I could hear him groaning. Then he stopped me sucking him and lifted me upright again and led me over to the bed. Arif handed me the lube and I lay down on my back. He pushed my legs back and slid his cock in. It took two thrusts to get it all in and I marvelled at the thickness and the heat of it. While he fucked me, I enjoyed running my hands over his hairy chest and back and just looking at him. He turned me over eventually and fucked me doggie style, getting up quite a bit of speed. It felt great! Then he wanted me to turn over and he fucked me on my back again. I felt that he really was trying to make it last but eventually he started pounding really hard and sounded almost like he was sobbing. He shot a big load into me and it was really good to see the pleasure on his face as he did so. He leaned over and, keeping his cock deep inside me, kissed me tenderly for quite a while. Eventually he pulled his now softening cock out of me and stood up, smiling broadly. Arif told him it was my last day. He looked sad and said he wanted to give me a bird in a cage. Arif told him that I couldn’t take it back home on the plane. He looked so disappointed, so I hugged him tightly and got Arif to say that just meeting him was the best present of all. He beamed and gave me a last strong bear hug. I must say that I was very happy to have been able to see him again. He was a really nice guy and with that beautiful hairy body and big cock, he was someone to remember! I used his bathroom before we left eryaman escort and got another long kiss goodbye when I came out. Then we said goodbye and walked over to the auto rickshaws congregated at the entrance to the market. It occurred to me that I still didn’t know the bird seller’s name! Arif found us an auto rickshaw and we headed for the hotel. When we got there, I asked Arif to come up to my room and we took turns showering. He took a long time under the shower and I wondered if the facilities were better there than at his home. While he was in the shower, I rang the Manager’s office, hoping Zain was there. He answered immediately. I explained that I wanted to invite Arif for lunch and it was important that he see that I was paying for this. It was to be my way of thanking him. Zain said that he understood and would ensure I was presented with a bill at the table at the end of the meal. I also asked if there was anything on the menu that Pakistanis particularly liked but would rarely order because of the cost. It was my plan to order that and encourage Arif to do the same. His answer wasn’t surprising – abalone or lobster. If he didn’t like seafood, Zain said I couldn’t go wrong with a steak. It must be the same the world over! We went down to lunch and I said to Arif that this was my treat and thank you to him. He must order anything he wanted. I said I couldn’t decide between beef or the lobster. My strategy worked and Arif ordered the Beef Steak ‘Casino De Paris’, looking like he was doing something scandalously extravagant. I calculated that it cost only $11.95! etlik escort I had their beef shanks in a Pakistani dish called Nehari. It was spicy and delicious. We had an excellent lunch and I was pleased to see him enjoy his steak. After the heavy meal, I felt like I just wanted to sleep, but, after a strong coffee I felt I could handle whatever the afternoon threw at me. We went back up to my room. I really wanted have unhurried sex with him in comfortable surroundings, rather than in the back of his shop on a table or on a beanbag. He responded to my overtures and we were soon naked together on my bed. It was a different experience with him this time. He took his time, kissing me and exploring every inch of my body. We had a great sixty nine session and, with him on his back, I sucked him to the point of cumming but didn’t let it happen. It was really satisfying to hear him moaning with total pleasure. Putting me on my back, he fucked me gently and with great feeling, kissing me constantly. Then I let him build up to his orgasm and clung to him as he shuddered and filled my ass with his cum. I would have liked to cum with him but, as I was expected to do it again with Vimal and, no doubt, Zain later in the evening, I regretfully said to him that, due to age, I couldn’t cum right then. We lay together long enough to lightly doze for over an hour. It was a very enjoyable experience. At 4.30 I woke with a start. Arif was sound asleep and snoring lightly beside me. I woke him gently and we showered again and got ready to go back to his shop. Before we left the room, we kissed for a long time and he genuinely looked like he regretted that our time together was soon coming to end. To be continued…. Comments welcome at ail. Readers, enjoy the stories here but remember that Nifty needs your donations to keep providing them — fty/donate.html

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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