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Subject: A HOT HOLIDAY IN AUSTRALIA – PART 18 A HOT HOLIDAY IN AUSTRALIA – PART 18 Friday Port Lincoln I woke up at 7.30pm after a good night’s sleep. I had decided to try this motel’s breakfast and it arrived at 8. It was quite good, especially the coffee which was hot, plentiful and very tasty. I still avoided the motel toast. I checked my phone for messages and found one from Gary’s friends, Reuben and Ted, here in Port Lincoln. They were keen to meet me and asked if I would like to get together with them after dinner tonight. They gave me their address and suggested 9pm. I decided I should have a look at the tourist attractions of the town and checked online for ideas. Some of the things to do seemed to be for tourists a bit more adventurous than me. I couldn’t imagine doing Shark Cage Diving! Swimming with sea lions sounded fun but it was winter and I didn’t fancy swimming today. I liked the look of the Parnkalla walking trail that took in the sights along the coast and the city’s foreshore, so I opted to do that. Picking up the trail at the town jetty, I found it to be a pleasant way to spend a sunny morning. Boston Bay was very pretty and there were a lot of interesting places to see. Near the jetty were the statues of a racehorse, Makybe Diva, and The Tuna Poler, both created by a local sculptor. Makybe Diva won the Melbourne Cup horse race three times in a row and was owned by a local fisherman. The Tuna Poler pays tribute to Port Lincoln’ tuna pioneers, an industry which defines Port Lincoln and has contributed to their reputation as the ‘seafood capital of Australia’. I continued walking along the foreshore past the towering grain silos and wharves. I went as far as Shelly Beach and Snapper Rock, which were both very scenic locations. With the sun shining and still conditions, it was a perfect day to visit there. It was nearly lunchtime when I finished and turned back towards the centre of town. I decided on yet another pasty with tomato sauce and cold drink which I purchased at a rather busy bakery. I sat on a bench under one of pine trees on the foreshore while I ate. Of course, my food attracted a number of hungry seagulls but the pasty was so nice, I didn’t give them any. They sounded outraged at my selfishness. Afterwards I found a bookshop and had a browse, finding a book I had meant to buy for a while. My phone alerted me to an incoming message, so I got my phone out of my shoulder bag and had a look. I was surprised to see five messages waiting for me on the gay dating app. I decided to go back to my motel and investigate the messages in private. My room had already been kocaeli escort serviced, so I was pleased that I wouldn’t be disturbed. Disappointingly, all the messages were from guys without any photos or much detail in their profile. However, knowing that guys felt the need to be more discreet in a country town than in the city, I send a ‘Hi’ to all of them. I didn’t get a response from two of them but those messages had been sent a couple of hours ago. The first guy to reply to me turned out to be a bottom guy looking to be fucked, so that was the end of that one. The next one sent me a photo and wanted to know if I was into ripe armpits and smelly underwear. I politely declined. A bit disheartened, I moved on to the one remaining reply. He had sent me a photo which looked very promising. He was a solid bear in his mid-40s with longish ginger hair and bushy beard. He looked a bit overweight but if anything it added to his big hairy bear image. He said he was versatile but on closer questioning admitted he was mostly top but could bottom if he really had to. He was delighted to hear that I’d require only his top skills. I invited him to my motel room and he agreed to be here by 3pm. That gave me a bit of time to have a shower before he was due. I then read a bit while lying on my bed, keeping a watch on the time and making sure I didn’t doze off. At ten past three, I heard a car drive into the motel’s courtyard, which was nearly empty. I looked out of the window through a gap in the curtains and saw it stop in one of the visitors’ car parks. A big guy with a beard got out and headed my way. He looked good. I stepped away from the curtains and waited for him to knock. ‘I’m Peter’, he said, smiling warmly, when I opened the door. We shook hands and I invited him inside. He was a big man a bit over 6 feet tall and he had a big frame, too, with massive shoulders and upper arms and a bit of a beer belly. His red beard was bushy but shorter than in his photo and his hair was now cut short as well. He looked better and less scruffy than I had expected. Quite a bit of chest hair was peeping over the top of his T shirt and his forearms were quite hairy, too. This was looking good! I was going to offer him a chair but he reached out for me and, wrapping his arms around me, started kissing me. His beard felt good and he was a very deep kisser right from the start, which was fine with me. ‘Mmmm…hot man!’ he said. ‘Let’s get into it’. He stepped back and, sitting on the chair, started taking his boots off. I was just in shorts and T shirt and no shoes, so I waited for him to start undressing first. After kocaeli escort bayan doing the boots, he stood up and took off his T shirt and dropped it on the table. He was covered in thick red hair. ‘Hope you like the hairy man’, he said. ‘I’ve got enough for five men’. He removed his trousers and then I took my T shirt and shorts off. He looked me over and smiled and then pulled his underpants down and off. His cock flopped out and he started stroking it. It was uncut and half erect. It looked thick and the head peeping out of the foreskin was purple. He started stroking it. I took my underpants off and he made admiring noises. He came over to me and grabbed my cock and fondled it. I reached for his, too. It felt hot already and I could feel it stiffening in my hand. I crouched down and, easing the foreskin back, put his cock into my mouth and sucked on the head. I ran my fingers over his furry chest and abdomen. The hair was thick but very soft to touch. There was a huge amount of hair around his cock which had grown now to about seven and a half inches. The thickness of it was proving to be quite a mouthful. I tried deep-throating it but the angle wasn’t the best for doing that but I got it a fair way down my throat. He grasped both sides of my head and started fucking my mouth gently but steadily. His eyes were closed and he was making little grunting noises. I could taste pre-cum. ‘Let me suck you’, he said, moving towards the bed. He got me to lie on my back near the end of the bed. He knelt down on the floor and put his mouth over my cock and started licking the head of it. His gentle touch was exquisite and I closed my eyes and gave in to the feeling of pleasure. While sucking me, he ran his hands over my body, playing with my balls and eventually my nipples. He was doing everything just right. He moved down to sucking and licking my balls and then lifted my legs and his tongue found my asshole. With a combination of tongue and teeth, he worked on it for a few minutes, sending highly pleasurable sensations through my body. He lifted my legs back even further and forced his tongue in as deep as he could, all the while breathing heavily. ‘I’ll just have to fuck that now it’s so wet’, he said. I indicated the lube on the bedside table. He got up and used it on his cock and put some on my hole. Pushing my legs back, he eased his cock into me and pushed gently until it was right in up to his balls. ‘Seeing that disappear up you is so hot’, he said, looking down. Holding my legs up by the ankles, he starting fucking me steadily in and out. He looked good yahya kaptan escort above me, especially with that very hairy body and beard and those intense blue eyes. I reached up and ran my hands through his fur. It felt very exciting. After a few minutes of steady fucking, he pulled his cock out of my hole with a pop. ‘Let’s go doggie style’, he said. I turned around and, keeping my ass raised, put my head down. He slid his cock up deep inside me and started fucking again. It felt different but just as good. He reached underneath and massaged my cock and balls while he fucked me. He kept up the same steady speed which started to send pleasant shivers through me. His cock felt hotter and hotter the longer he fucked. I could hear him breathing heavily and wondered if he was getting close. He started fucking a bit faster and the head of his cock seemed to be swelling. The end wasn’t far off. He kept this up for a minute or so and suddenly pulled his cock out of me. I could hear him breathing very heavily. I looked over my shoulder. He was jerking off furiously. Suddenly, I felt his cum splattering on my hole and over my cheeks up to the small of my back. It felt like a big load. ‘Fuck!’ he said, gasping. I stayed where I was, feeling some cum sliding over the curve of my ass. Then I felt the head of his cock pushing the cum on my cheeks back towards my asshole. Having gathered some of his cum, he pushed his cock back into my hole and held it full length up inside me. I could feel it throbbing. He stayed like that while he caught his breath and then pulled his softening cock out of me. He wiped the remaining cum off my ass with a nearby hand towel. I turned around to see him standing there still breathing hard. A long thread of cum was dripping from his cock. I leaned forward and licked it off and then swallowed his cock and sucked the last drops out of it. He groaned as I ran my tongue over the sensitive head. ‘That was amazing’, he said, finally. ‘Sorry I couldn’t blow inside you. I got puffed out. I’m not very fit at the moment’. ‘It was exciting feeling you cum on my ass’, I said. ‘You sure dropped a big load’. He asked to have a shower and headed to the bathroom. When he returned, he dressed quickly and said he had to go. I would have liked to chat a bit more to him, but he seemed in a hurry. He gave me a quick kiss goodbye and left. I showered, put my shorts and T shirt back on and, after straightening up the bedclothes, I lay down and read my book for an hour or so. To be continued…. Comments welcome at ail. You might also enjoy my previous stories ‘A Hot Holiday In Pakistan'(scroll down to September 04 2020) and ‘A Hot Holiday in Europe’ (scroll down to February 19 2021) in the ‘Encounters’ section of Nifty. Readers, enjoy the stories here but remember that Nifty needs your donations to keep providing them — fty/donate.html

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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