A Helping Hand

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A Helping HandMy Neighbor & I : Interracial Anal QuickieMy Neighbor & I : Interracial Anal QuickieLauryn was my next door neighbor. We didn’t really say much to each other, other than the usual “Hi” whenever we saw each other outside. All this happened a few weeks ago.It was a normal Friday afternoon and I just got home after running errands. I walked up to my door and I was just about to get my keys out when Lauryn stepped out of her house.”Hi there!” She said.”Hey!” I replied, my attention now toward her.”Listen, I hope I’m not being a bother, but would you mind doing me a favor?””Uhh… yeah sure, what is it?””My kitchen sink just started leaking and I’m not really good at repairing things, would you mind?” “Sure, shouldn’t be too hard, let me just grab my tools, and I’ll come over.””Aww, thank you!” She smiled at me then reentered her house.Lauryn was a 48 year old brunette, although she looked a bit younger. I always found her attractive, but I didn’t see her as the type of woman who was interested in young black men. After I gathered my stuff, I headed to her house, rang the doorbell and she answered a few moments later.”Hey! Thanks again for helping me out with this.” She said, looking up at me.She was wearing a short blue sundress, her huge boobs were tightly pressed together, almost protruding out of the dress.”It’s no problem, really.” I said, trying not to stare.”Come on in then!” She said, pulling me inside by the arm and guiding me to the kitchen.I dropped my toolbox on the kitchen floor and examined the sink for a few minutes, once I figured out the problem, I asked her to pass me the wrench that was in my toolbox.”Sure.” she said, beaming. She bent over and searched through the toolbox, her ass up in the air. I stared at her, almost seeing under her sundress.”I don’t see it.” she said, still looking in the toolbox.At this point my cock was already rock hard, the bulge in my shorts was clearly visible. I walked towards her.”You türbanlı çorum escort sure?” I asked as I stood behind her, my crotch nearly touching her ass. “I could’ve sworn I put it in there.””Yeah well…” she said, still rummaging through the toolbox. “I’m not seeing it.”I looked down at her thick wide ass, my cock was throbbing through my shorts. I slowly pressed my crotch on her. She didn’t seem to notice, and if she did, she clearly didn’t mind. Her ass felt so soft against my cock, I couldn’t help but press a little harder. My cock throbbing like crazy against her ass. She suddenly stopped what she was doing, still bent over.”Umm, what are you doing?” she said, looking back.”Oh, sorry, I-“She stood up straight, turned around and stared at the bulge in my shorts. A smirk appeared on her face.”It’s a little hot in here don’t ya think?” she said, now looking into my eyes.She took a step closer then removed her little sundress.I stood there in surprise.. Couldn’t believe what was happening. She was clearly wearing a bra that was way too small for her. Her huge boobs were bulging out, as if they were ready to burst out of her bra at any minute. I looked down, she had on a white see-through thong. I caught a glimpse of her hairy pussy before she turned back around and bent over again, pressing her bare ass against the bulge in my pants, slowly moving it up and down on my crotch.My cock was now aching to get out of my pants; it shot out as soon as I pulled down my shorts and boxers. Pre-cum was already flowing out of the tip of my cock, I slowly took off her thong and rubbed it up and down her asscrack. “Mmmmh…” she moaned, looking back at me and smiling. “I’ve been fantasizing about this for a while, you know.”I didn’t say anything. I was enjoying every second of what was happening. I grabbed her ass with both my hands and slid my cock between her fat ass cheeks, she squeezed them hard, clamping türbanlı çorum escort bayan her ass cheeks around my cock, I almost came right then there, it was so soft, nice and warm, she wiggled and squeezed, staring back at me with a smile on her face.”Stick it in me would you?” she said as she spread her ass wide open, exposing her tight little asshole. She arched her back as I slowly pushed my thick black cock through that tight little hole of hers, the Pre-cum making things a lot easier as I slid inside. “Mmmh..” she moaned out. “ohhh… my god.” I continued sliding in slowly, my fat cock now halfway inside her asshole. Her breathing got a lot heavier now and her moaning grew louder. I stopped for a moment, enjoying her asshole quenching on my cock, repeatedly contracting around it.”Please… ohh please, don’t stop!” she cried out.I grabbed her waist tightly, then shoved the rest of my cock straight inside her. She let out a loud cry as I did so. My cock was now completely swallowed by her anus. I started fucking her, going nice and steady at first. I undid her bra and her huge breasts burst out, she held one and sucked on it while I grabbed the other, squeezing it as my cock repeatedly penetrated her asshole. She moaned and groaned with her nipple in her mouth, roughly pushing her ass back against me with every stroke of my long cock.”How does my dick feel inside you?” I asked while fucking her.”It-Mmmh-It feels-“”What? I can’t hear you, should I stop?!””Ohh, no, no! please, god, no!” I started thrusting faster, fondling with her breasts, squeezing her ripe nipples.”Tell me how my cock feels in your tight little hole!” I asked again, pounding her.”Mmmmh… yes! oh yes! it feels amazing! Your cock-“”Oh does it?””YES! don’t stop! please, don’t stop!”I fucked her harder and harder, watching my black dick as it slid in and out of her asshole.”FUCK! OH FUCK! FUCK!!” She cried out with türbanlı escort çorum each stroke. “You’re stretching out my shithole!””Don’t act like you don’t like it!” I told her, now grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them apart as I fucked her.I felt like I was about to cum and I immediately pulled out. My cock throbbed like crazy. She kept pressing her ass against it, trying to get it back in.”Put-Put it back in!” she demanded, now looking back at me with a sad expression on her face.”Not until you suck this juice off my cock.” I told her.She got on her knees and wrapped her warm, wet mouth around my dick. It felt like heaven having Lauryn sucking, slurping and licking my cock. I never expected being in this position when I first entered her house. I felt the tip of my dick hitting her tonsils as she continued sucking it, moaning as she did so.”I want it back in my asshole now please.” she said, looking up at me with her beautiful brown eyes while jacking off my cock. She then got on all fours and stuck her butt out for me, looking desperate for a cock up her ass.I got on my knees, my cock was wet and slippery from Lauryn’s mouth. I shoved it inside her ass again, this time with a lot more ease as my dick squished its way in and out of Lauryn’s anus.”YES! FUCK YES!” Said Lauryn. “Ram my asshole, harder! HARDER!”And I did as she said, fucking her hard and fast, both of us sweating.”Shit, I think I’m gonna cum!” I said. “Cum inside me!” Lauryn yelled, “That hot load! I want that cum deep in ass!””Oh do you now?” I said, smirking, still thrusting in and out of Lauryn’s butthole.”I want it!” She cried out.I fucked her tight asshole for a few more minutes and had what felt like the longest orgasm ever when I came inside, I felt the load of hot cum leave my cock as it shot inside Lauryn’s asshole, my dick throbbed inside while Lauryn’s anus repeatedly squeezed it. I pulled out and cum came oozing out of Lauryn’s ass onto the kitchen floor. Both of us were out of breath as we got up.”Well… guess I better get started on that sink then.” I said, pulling on my shorts.”You know, you don’t need to do it right now.” She said, looking at the sink, then at me. “You could come over later on tonight if you want…” “Hmm… I think I might just do that.” I said looking back at her, beaming.THE END?

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