A Hard and Sexy Pepper-Watch

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Glass Butt

Editor’s Note: per site guidelines, story contains no bestiality.


This story features three men having Gay Sex!
DO NOT READ further if those things offend you, or you find the categories disliking!

“Hey, somebody home, or?

I bought beer and pizza enough for both me and Pepper.”

Had just come home to Thomas. Best friend and we’d known each other since high school, so over 20 years now.

He was separated a couple of years back, about the same to me, and we were out every now and then trying to find new girlfriends. Sometimes we went out together, but it wasn’t always that it worked with dog-watching, and I wasn’t as hot at picking up outside as he was…so I could be dog-company.

Pepper was a Rottweiler. And dog number two.

Dog number one, had been a female, and her name was Salt.

Thomas’ daughter had named that dog. And when Salt died, name number two came pretty natural.

So now it was boys’ night out and at home. Me and Pepper at the TV, with pizza and beer…and Thomas and Magnus out on the town picking up chicks. Magnus was an old friend, who had been around for a long time too.

Thomas had extra rooms and I slept over sometimes, even without being a doggy-sitter.

But now we were watching movies and eating pizza, me on the couch, and the leg warmer down on the floor. One who also liked pizza, and made me aware that slices should be delivered there too, which I was counting on, so I’d bought a baby pizza to service the eating machine on the floor.

When the move and pizza was close to the end, the dog lay there happy on the floor licking himself rather eagerly. When don’t they? And the movie had had some semi-sexy scenes in it, scenes I had seen over again while massaging and stroking myself.

I am bisexual so the beer, sex-scenes…and dog-licking…kind of turned me on. So I stripped naked in the sofa, and started jerking of a bit at the paused sex-scene. But I quickly wanted more, and went to the bathroom.

My friend has traveled here and there, and collects strange statues and other unnecessary stuff, and in the bathroom he had a couple of needless things…that actually could be quite handy now.

Two smaller statues in there, naked statues with visible penises, sticks and spears, and it were the sticks I was most interested in. The penises would have been best, but they were too small unfortunately. So the walking sticks in their Anadolu Yakası Escort hands would do fine, and they could move in other positions…I had already tried that before. Even so I started with mounting myself straight on one of the small penises and jerked of……to small as expected, so I put the stick in position. Did it smell like asshole on the top? I sucked on it to get some lubrication and the feeling of me giving a blowjob at the same time.

I positioned my waiting asshole and pushed to get that stick in there…I was so fucking horny right now…pushed more and starting riding it as I jerked of like crazy.

“What the hell!?! Fuuuck Kevin…are you in the bathroom jerking and fucking my statues?!

He was quiet for a while, saw his thoughts grinding around. Then he looked a little to the side. But the f-k, there was Magnus…also! They’d both seen this.

“You’re humping and jerking off. Mmm, not far from what you did six months ago. That special thing we haven’t talked about since. But now is rushing back…”

What Thomas was referring to was an evening when all three of us were in a difficult period, had much to drink and suddenly started talking a lot of stuff while we were sitting on the couch. First about girls, then about trans. and men, and escalated…so in the end, we sat on the couch and jerked off all three. Jerked off and talked rough cocks in and out all holes. And I got so…I just had to do something. So I blurred out…can’t one of you fuck me like a lunatic in the ass while I suck the other one?

Thomas replied instantly, “If I wanted to fuck, then get chicks here, or trannies. But I guess I could blow them if I was so fucking horny.” And I’d sucked them off pretty much at the same time. Hard sucking, and jerking off, and swallowing both of their loads when they came. Then we got dressed, went home…and never mention or commenting on it. Until now…

“Amusingly enough, it fits very well tonight of all the days it could have happened. We’ve had a worthless night, and we even joked in the elevator…what if you could still get a bj, something that made the end of the evening a little better.”

“And here we come home to this…a paused sex-scene on the TV and you going at it in the bathroom. This could help our night to a happy ending, it sure could…and the blow-job-evening really comes back in a flash.”

“Yes, Kevin, İstanbul Escort I’ve been thinking about that night. And I know you and Mange have, too. And we had to do something about it…somehow…and now the problem’s solved. Really is.

I’m getting a little horny and hard here, watching Kevin’s hard on and riding and I could see myself getting sucked. But the guests first, and Kevin needs to get fucked hard in the ass. He wanted it then. And though he is already doing it or did do it…before he climbed off…now is the time to fill him up properly. In both ends”

I’d listened to everything, and reacted when Tom said, hard-fucked in the ass. And I was going to open my mouth, but changed my mind quickly…because I really wanted to get in the ass tonight.

All the cocks that wanted to get in there were very welcome. I wanted to be filled to the brim with manly semen.

So before Thomas started pushing me in direction…I crawled out into the hall. It was more room there, and here I was ready on all four. Both Mag and Tom were horny now…they had both been squeezing their cocks while Thomas was talking before. And the shorts had gone off fast.

“No delay now…okay, you want to be up front Magnus, I’ll take the back then. Put your cock in Kevin’s mouth. Face-fuck him nice and hard up front, and I’ll do the same back here.”

No more was needed and here I stood again with Magnus’ dick in front of me. Now on all four, last time I was on my knees. Magnus had a bigger dick than me and Thomas…so good he was up here.

I took one hand around the balls, the other on the shaft…started massaging and stroking to Mag’s moans. After a few more rubs, I licked along the shaft, sucked the top and swallowed him almost whole. His is so big I can’t bring in the whole cock, even though I wanted to.

But he moaned and pushed back and forth… so clearly worked well with my loud sucking.

Thomas showed his cock straight in me, all the way ’til his hips touched my ass. And he really started to fuck me hard. He is not as big as the yummy snack I was licking on, but still it was good that I fucked my own ass on the statue before. Otherwise it would have hurt like hell when he pushed all the way and rather angrily started to fuck me a bit too hard.

So in as long strokes as I sucked and got mouth-fucked by Magnus…equally long strokes pumped Thomas me in the ass. He pulled Ümraniye Escort out all the way…and pressed in fully. Several times he did that, then he switched to fucking, and Magnus, too. It felt so good to get really fucked, both in the ass and the mouth at the same time. Sooo good with the dual pounding.

Magnus really joined in and started to fuck my mouth with more intensity, and heavy breathing.

Both moaned and pretty much came at the same time, I was doubly filled. I almost came myself with pleasure while they were filling me up in my ass and mouth. Swallowing the sperm, keeping it from overflowing my mouth and feeling the pumping way up my ass…oooooh, it was heaven.

I’d had a pain in my hands and knees standing on all fours…so I turned around and lay on my back. Didn’t want to drop his cock, wanted more, so I pulled it with me…and I got it back in my mouth. It had just slackened a little bit, and I wanted to get more fucked. And come myself.

When I turned, Thomas had seen my hard on and started jerking me off. Then he said it was Kevin’s turn to come, and waved to Magnus to come down and fill me even more with his impressive sausage. So he placed himself between my legs, readied himself a bit, and pushed his dick in slower than Thomas, but at the same time was clearly coarser…

I was really filled to the max in my ass…it burned but felt really good too…

Thomas lay over me and pushed his semi-hard ass-smelling cock in my mouth, the same time he swallowed me whole, and started sucking really hard.

When Magnus saw this he started fucking like hell. Pumping me so hard.

We were 69-ing like crazy and I was getting fucked sooo good. Wow, that feeling and that view…was impossible not to come.

I pushed myself against Thomas’ face and shot a record load his mouth. While I was squirting my batch, I got my own mouth filled again.

And deep-fucking Magnus moaned and pushed himself all the way in, shooting me up with a huge cum-load…huge. Felt so good that I squirted an extra time in Thomas’ mouth. We pumped, sprayed and moaned all three.

Before we started to calm down, I had time to suck a little more on Thomas’ cock, and he wanted to taste Magnus’ big cock.

So Magnus pulled it out of my ass and shoved it all right into Thomas’ mouth. Started to slack now, but got a little stiff again from his massaging the cock deep in his throat, and when he yelled a few words about licking Kevin’s ass juices off his cock, and breath in the ass-smell into his nose, all while swallowing the last drops of the batch coming out from that huge cock of his…that almost got us working right away again, almost did.

Mmmm, now we had really taken a step further from the evening six months ago.

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