A Halloween party :)

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A Halloween party :)I was at a Halloween party, wearing my baby blue Japanese school girl outfit. I had thigh high socks, and my hair was in pig tails. The Halloween party was at a huge mansion, everyone was dressed as sexy versions of everything. I went with a few of my girls and when we got there we took a couple of shots. Afterwards we proceeded to the dance floor and grinded on each other. After some time, we went and grabbed a few more rounds of shots and came back to the dance floor to see that some guys were in our place. So we squeezed next to them and danced. Eventually my back was turned to this group of guys and I felt someone behind, grinding with me. I was a tipsy, so I went along with it. He moved this hands to my waist and I moved mine to his face. I then wiggled my ass against his dick. Though it was already hard, I could feel it getting harder, and myself more wet.I finally turned around to see who I had been grinding with, and it was this tall, handsome, muscular guy dressed as a police officer. bahis firmaları I ran my hands through his hair and his hands moved to my ass, squeezing it. I pulled his head down, and we started to make out. People we still dancing and grinding around us, but I started to rub his dick from the outside of his pants. He moved one hand from my ass and started to rub my wet pussy. I was getting so wet, I began to drip.I pulled him off the dance floor and we went downstairs to the pool tables. I told him to teach me how to play pool. So he came up behind me and bent me over into the table. My skirt was so short that by bending me over like that, anyone could see I was wearing my hot pink thong. He smiled and pushed his dick against my ass, as he used his hands to guide mine to take the shot. After I took the shot, I stood up straight and turned around. He grabbed me by my legs and put me onto the table next to us. He said “I don’t think I can wait any longer little girl.” I smiled and said “well then fuck me officer. kaçak iddaa I’ve been bad, making you wait so long.” He smirked and looked at the people around us, “I don’t mind if you have to search me here” I said with a smile. He put his hand under my skirt and shoved 3 fingers into my wet pussy, I squealed a bit and he took his other hand and put it on top of my mouth. “Don’t be naughty” he said. I unzipped his pants and put my hand down to start rubbing his thick dick, it started to grow bigger and bigger. “Officer, fuck me now.” I demanded. He took his fingers out of my wet pussy and shoved them into my mouth. I tasted myself, and sucked all of his fingers. He then picked me up from the table and put me onto a nearby couch. By now we had attracted attention, but I didn’t care, and neither did he. As I laid on the couch he thrusted his huge, thick dick inside of my dripping wet pussy. It felt amazing, sliding in and out. He started going faster and faster, and came inside of me. I flipped us over and kaçak bahis began to ride him on top. “My turn officer.” I said riding his dick. He started to slap my ass and pull my hair. I loved the feeling of his dick hitting the back of my pussy over and over again. When I came I got up and left. I wanted more. I went back to the dance floor, filled with sexy models and football players, hoping to find another dick. I saw a lonely sexy doctor and started to grind against him. I slowly felt his dick getting harder and then whispered in his ear. “Doctor, I need you to help me fill a  hole. Can you do it right now?” I smirked. He pulled out his dick and shoved his dick into my wet pussy on the dance floor. There was so many people grinding, it’s not like anyone would notice. As the doctor fucked me, another guy dressed like a fireman came up in front of me. He grinned as he started rubbing his dick and I smiled. The doctor was thrusting so fast, and eventually had cum inside of me. As he moved aside the fireman stoves his long dick inside of me. Pulling my hair from behind, my ass against body.As the night went on more and more guys came to fuck me from behind on the dance floor. Cum was dripping down my legs and onto the ground.

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