A Guy Gets Educated! Ch. 02

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Earlier, I told you about my experience when I returned from the visit to the ski resort in the Alps. You will remember that I told you that one of my dad’s buddies had arranged to take his son, Mario, and me to the resort with him. It had been great in the mountains and the skiing and bobsledding had been incredible. Mario, and I had used every opportunity to score with the girls at the resort. Both of us were inexperienced but it seemed, at the time, that our chance of losing our virginity was good.

And then I had the accident.

I was trying a ski jump when I landed awkwardly and tore the ligaments of my ankle quite badly. This meant a trip to the hospital, where I received treatment, and my ankle was put in a splint. Of course, any more chances to ski were forgotten. I had a date with Jane, the wild English rose, but instead I had to go to the hospital where my ankle bound up and I was issued with a pair of crutches. Mario decided to try his chances with Jane, and he had scored. He had shown me Jane’s stained panties, which he kept to prove that he had had her.

Early on Sunday morning we left to go home. It was quite a long drive for me, as I was in a lot of pain. When we got home, I was taken inside but Mario and his dad decided to drive back to the resort. I was left to fend for myself. Ingrid, our au pair, had to help me up to my room. My folks, and Madame le Tutor, had gone out for the day. She had been very gentle, and mothered me more than was really necessary. She had helped me upstairs and then assisted me in getting undressed and into my pyjamas. Ingrid was older than I was, but she was very sexy. She had invaded my dreams many a night. Of course, having a beautiful girl undress me was unexpected but great and I had suddenly had a raging erection.

She had smiled as she pulled down my shorts and left me exposed with my pulsating member at attention. Her hand had brushed my prick as she pulled on my pyjama shorts. She had told me to finish my changing and had left the room. I thought she was a tease, and started to masturbate. I didn’t hear her come back into my room. She had gone to check that the maid was downstairs, and that the twins were asleep. It was late afternoon. Suddenly, I found myself being seduced. She had stripped naked and started to play with herself. My mouth had gone dry as I watched.

As she caressed herself, the sweet, savoury aroma of her womanhood had assailed my nostrils. Her fingers had stroked and plunged, causing her clit to swell and protrude. Her fingers had become slick with her juices. Then she had commanded me to suck and lick her nipples and breasts. I had hastened to comply. Then she had lain down next to me, spread her legs and invited me to kiss and lick her pussy. She had taken my head between her hands and pushed my face into her saturated cunt. The aroma was delicious. I had kissed and licked. Her taste was sweet and succulent. As I tongue-fucked her, my cock grew harder and harder. She was ready, and so was I.

She pushed me backwards onto the bed. Then she positioned herself over my engorged cock and slowly settled over it. She hovered, my prick head just touching her slick pussy lips. Then, slowly she had begun to lower herself onto my rod. I watched my thick dick slowly sink into the depths of her velvet-lined pussy. The sensation was incredible. We fucked.

Suddenly, she had lost control and started to heave her cunt up and down over the length of my cock. Her movements had turned to a frenzy and her head had jerked as she climaxed. I thought I would come but somehow she had controlled me. Orgasm had followed orgasm as she continued to be impaled on my thick rigid dick. Suddenly, I had come and the thickness of my juice had burst forth and hit the back of her clenching cunt. I continued to throb as my cum spurted into her willing depths.

My ecstasy was short-lived. Just as I had begun to soften, Madame Du Pont had walked into the room. Although night had come, she had come home earlier than expected and the housekeeper had told her of my accident. She had glared at Ingrid.

Ingrid had started to explain but Madame Du Pont has brushed aside her excuses. She had dismissed her and turned to me. Ingrid had hurriedly collected her clothes, slipped on her panties, and left the room. I had rolled over, trying to hide my nakedness. I had clutched for my pyjama pants in a vain attempt to cover myself.

Do you remember that I told you that she had fetched a cloth and had washed Ingrid’s juices off me? Well, I lied!

Madam le Tutor had fetched the washcloth and thrown it at me.

“Clean yourself off,” she had said, haughtily, “and wash your face too. You stink of that woman’s cum.”

I cleaned my face and wiped my cock swiftly. She looked at me as though I was dirt. I had cleaned myself up, and pulled on my pyjama shorts. I was very embarrassed at being caught, but at least I had broken my duck. I was no longer a virgin.

“What are you smiling about?” Madame le Tutor, said, “I suppose you are quite keçiören escort pleased with yourself. I can understand a young man enjoying a sexual encounter, but are you dumb. Don’t you know that you should wear a condom? There are sexually transmitted diseases around, and if the girl is clean, she could still get pregnant. If you want to screw around, protect yourself, and the girl.”

“It just happened, Madame,” I said, shamefacedly. “I didn’t know something like this was going to happen. I haven’t got any condoms,” I added.

“Well, if you are going to become sexually active, you had better get some.”

“That’s going to be tough, until I can get around,” I said, my humour returning. Madame le Tutor didn’t seem as mad as she seemed a little earlier.

“Oh! Do you think I’m going to turn a blind eye to Ingrid’s activities? I’ll be watching her.”

“Oh! Madame! Do you want to deprive a young man?”

“Don’t be cheeky. I’m going to have words with that young lady. And, I’m going to have to come and teach you some things, before you get yourself into trouble. But I haven’t got time now.” With that, she turned and left the room.

I lay back and smiled. I remembered every aspect of my recent encounter with Ingrid. I wondered if I would get the opportunity to experience a repeat performance without Madame le Tutor’s knowledge, or whether she would turn a blind eye. I wonder what she does for sex, I thought.

Some time later, Cook came up to my room with my evening meal.

“Madame le Tutor says that you must take these pills after you have eaten. The Pharmacist has just delivered them for you. Mario’s father left the script at the Pharmacy. You must take two with water, after you have eaten.” She dimpled prettily as she smiled. “Ring the bell, once you have eaten, and I will collect the tray.”

“Mmm! Okay. Thank you,” I murmured.

I had never considered Cook. She was quite succulent, too. Although she was older than Ingrid, she was younger than Madame du Pont. Maybe, if Madame kept me away from Ingrid, I might be able to get a leg over the cook. I ate, desultorily, pushing my food around on the plate. That was something to consider. Maybe I could get regular sex from the two servants. Both of them were buxom and quite sexy. At least I could learn something from them. My thoughts turned to Jane. She was succulent, too. But maybe not as juicy as Ingrid was. I remembered the taste of her juices as my tongue had plundered her crack. My cock twitched at the thought.

I reached for the pills I had been instructed to take. After popping them in my mouth, I lifted the glass of water and drank, greedily. Suddenly I was thirsty. I rang the bell. A few moments later, Cook arrived.

“Could I have some more water, please?” I asked.

“Certainly, Monsieur,” she replied. She reached out and took the glass from off the tray. My eyes strayed to her breasts, which moved saucily underneath her peasant blouse.

“What is your name?” I asked. I supposed that if I was going to try to seduce her, I couldn’t keep calling her ‘Cook.’

“My name is Monique,” she answered, as she walked toward my water cooler, “though why you would want to know, I cannot understand.”

I just smiled.

Monique returned with the glass. I sat up and took the glass from her outstretched hand. She moved the tray, so that would not slip. I gulped, thirstily, draining the glass.

“Could I have some more, please?” I asked, then paused a moment before saying her name. I tried to get a gravely, seductive tone into the pronunciation of the word.

Monique blushed slightly as she removed the glass from my hand. Our fingers touched and I got an immediate charge. I knew that we would become lovers. Nothing was said. It was just a instinctive knowing, deep in my gut. She walked away and I watched the feminine switch of her hips as she walked. The water bottle gurgled, noisily, and then stopped. Monique came back toward me with another glass of water. I took the glass from her hand and sipped from the glass.

“Sit forward,” she instructed, “I will fluff the pillows.”

I moved forwards and she reached behind me. As she lifted the pillow, I felt her breast brush my shoulder. I suddenly wondered whether she was wearing a bra and what she would do if I reached out and touched the fullness of her boobs. Monique fluffed the first pillow, dropped it in my lap, and reached behind me for the second one. Again, I felt the press of he breast against my shoulder. That must be intentional, I thought. If she does it again, I’m going to cop a feel.

After fluffing the second pillow, Monique gathered the one lying in my lap and moved to place them behind me. My thoughts were racing. Did she intentionally push her breasts against me? Should I take a chance and try for a feel? What should I do? My questions were answered. As she placed the pillows behind my back, I felt the deliberate thrust of her breasts against me. She moved and they rubbed across my shoulder, kızılay escort firmly and with intention.

I turned as she started to move away. My arm snaked around her shoulders and I pulled her close. My lips sought her soft, pouting mouth. My other hand slipped under her full rounded breast and I felt its warmth through her white blouse. My lips settled on hers.

Monique pulled sharply back, out of my embrace. Her eyes widened with surprise.

“Monsieur! You shouldn’t. If Madame saw this, I would be in trouble.”

“Did you mind?”

“Non! No! You kiss very nicely. But Madame is on the warpath today. Perhaps some other time, yes?”

Anytime, Monique. You just tell me when.”

Monique bent forward and brushed her lips against mine, in a soft sweet kiss. She straightened, lifted the bedclothes that covered my rigid cock, and grinned.

“He’s ready for action, isn’t he?”

She brushed it lightly, with her hand, then picked up the tray from the end of the bed, gave me a naughty smile and waltzed out of the room.

I lay back and thought about my afternoon. Why was it that a few days after I had turned eighteen, suddenly the servants were willing to make love to me? And, who was I to complain. I had tried hard enough to get laid before but just hadn’t been successful.

I started to doze. The pills were having an effect. Soon I was in a deep sleep. It seemed like minutes, but it must have been a couple of hours later, my folks returned home. My mother came rushing upstairs and raced into my room.

“How are you, Honey?” she asked, as I awakened.

“Mmmm. Okay, I guess. The ankle doesn’t hurt too much in the soft brace, but I don’t think it will be too easy to walk just yet.”

“Your Dad’s telephoning the doctor. I think he’ll ask the doctor to come around and have a look at it.”

“It isn’t broken. I’ve just torn the ligaments, or something.”

“Even so, I’d like to let him check it. Perhaps we can get you one of those Aircast boots. We’ll ask the doctor.”

“Stop fussing, Ma!”

A while later our doctor arrived. He pushed, prodded, and felt my ankle. He confirmed that there were damaged ligaments and informed my mother that I should stay in bed and rest up for a couple of days. After that, I could use an Aircast boot, which he would order in the mean time. If I needed to get out of bed for any other reason, I should use the crutches that had been supplied to me.

“Keep him in bed,” he advised my mother.

“It’s happened at an inconvenient time,” said my mother, “We heard tonight that we have to go to Berlin for the week. We leave early tomorrow morning.”

“I don’t think you need to worry about the injury. Bed rest will be fine. Let your servants take care of him, whilst you are away.”

“It’ll be okay Ma,” I said.

“I’ll have to put Madame du Pont in charge,” mused my mother, “She will run the house properly, and will make sure this rascal doesn’t try to overdo things.”

She led the doctor out of the room, saying, “Thank you for coming at this inconvenient hour. I needed to hear what I had to arrange, before I left in the morning.”

“It was my pleasure, Madame. Please give your husband my best wishes,” he replied. “I can let myself out,” he continued.

The house quietened. The murmur of my folks talking downstairs was a soothing balm, and I began to drift back towards slumber. As I dozed, I heard footsteps on the stairs. A few moments later, Madame du Pont walked into my room.

“I’ve been out to get you something,” she stated. She stretched out her hand and I reached to receive the packet she held.

“What is it?” I asked.

“They’re condoms. If you find a willing woman in your bedroom, please use one. Now put them away, but be able to find them in the dark. I wouldn’t be surprised if you start getting nocturnal visits from now on.”

“What? Do you think someone is going to come into my bedroom at night?” I was surprised at her turnabout. I thought that she was angry about what she had seen, earlier in the day.

She smiled.

“I think there is a very good chance that you will have some exciting times ahead. Just remember where you have put your condoms. Be able to reach one easily. If you have to get up to find something, the moment may be lost.”

“Aren’t you mad at what went on between Ingrid and me? I didn’t expect you to condone my actions.”

“Oh! I think that it was time that you began to be sexually active. But, you have to learn to be a gentle, responsive lover.”

“So! You didn’t mind the fact that Ingrid and I made love?”

“No! Sex is wonderful. All you need is a good lover and you can have wonderful times,” she said. “Just remember, for good sex, you need a good lover. You won’t be that for some time. Just be ready to learn, if and when the opportunity arises.”

She turned and walked out the room. What was going on, I wondered? Before, I couldn’t seem to crack it anywhere. Now, it seemed as though kocatepe escort there were suddenly an abundance of opportunities on my doorstep. It didn’t make sense. I thought about what Madame du Pont had said. Was I going to get a visitor during the night? It didn’t seem logical. But if it happened, who was to complain? I dozed and then fell asleep.

In the early hours of the morning, I stirred. It seemed as though there had been an unusual creak in the room. I lifted my head off the pillow and looked towards the door. An almost ethereal vision moved into the room. I didn’t believe in ghosts, and I reached for the switch of the bedside lamp. A hand grabbed my wrist and I heard the murmured word, “Don’t.”

I looked and saw the form of a woman standing beside my bed. As I gazed, I could just make out her form as she removed her nightgown. She reached upward and slipped the straps off her shoulders, letting the soft material slither to the floor. Then she moved toward the bed.

“Move over,” she said softly, “and get rid of your clothes.”

It was the voice of Madame du Pont. I couldn’t believe it. Why her? Whoever it was, I wasn’t going to give up a chance of a fuck. I pulled my sleeping shorts down off my good leg and then struggled to get it over the soft, elasticised ankle brace that I was wearing. My cock immediately engorged, swelling into a rigid hardness. I was going to get to fuck Madame du Pont.

She settled beside me in the bed. Her hand reached down and took hold of my rod that was jerking spasmodically with anticipation.

“Slow down,” she said. “We are going to make love, but first I want to touch you and feel you touch me. I’ve been hot ever since I saw your cock sliding in and out of Ingrid’s pussy this afternoon. I wanted to get straight onto you and feel its hardness inside of me.”

She moved over towards me, and her lips settled on mine in a gossamer kiss. Her hand still held my pulsating member and she squeezed gently. I felt the stiffness reduce. She was causing me to soften and slow. What was going on?

“There’s no hurry,” she said. “I’ll have it deep inside me soon. But I want to enjoy you first. This is only the first lesson. I’m glad your folks will be away for a few days. We are going to have a feast of lovemaking over the next week or so.”

“But why?” I asked, the words slipping out, unbidden.

“All will be explained in the morning,” she said. “But, for now, I’ve got to satisfy this burning desire to have your cock fill my pussy. I’ve been abstinent for quite a while, and seeing your juice-slicked, raging cock stretching Ingrid’s cunt wide this afternoon made me realise that it is time to enjoy the same. Don’t worry. We are going to fuck. I want your hardness to stretch and fill me, too.”

She reached for my head and guided my lips to her peaked nipples. Her breasts were smaller that the heavy fullness of Ingrid’s breasts, but they were firm, with an adorable up-tilt. Even though she was in her mid-thirties, her breasts were still firm, smooth and sexy. Her nipples had a darker aureole than Ingrid’s breasts, but they were just as delightful to suck and lick.

My hand reached down to the apex of her legs. My fingers encountered the full bush that nestled in the junction. Madame du Pont moved, spreading her legs slightly, and I took the opportunity to invade the warmth of her crack. My fingers delved and felt that she was already wet. Her juices were prolific and her pussy hair was slick from the juices that were preparing the way for my cock.

I felt hardness of her nub, even though I was still unsure of the secrets of her womanhood. Moving softly, I felt her respond to my ministrations. It was as though I had known, forever, exactly how to please her. She opened wider, her legs splaying with the heat of her arousal. The entrance to her cave was revealed to my questing fingers. I thrust, and felt my stiffened fingers open her passage and delve into the hot, liquid warmness. She arched and opened wider, letting me fuck her with slow, deep strokes.

“Where are the condoms?” she gasped. “I’ve got to have you.”

I reached under my pillow and removed one from the packet. There must have been at least thirty in the paper bag. Madame du Pont grabbed it from me. She twisted the foil and pulled out the thin, rubber sheath. Then she sat up in the bed, throwing the bedclothes down toward the foot of the bed. My raging rod stood erect, waiting for its call to action. Madame du Pont moved and I felt her lips worship the tip of my swollen cock. She licked, and I saw the head swell and stiffen as her spittle flowed over its rigidity. Her mouth opened, and I watched as her lips slid over my cock, plunging deeper and deeper into her warm mouth. The feeling was indescribable. She moved her head up and down and it felt as though I was going to explode. My fingers sought her pussy, delving quickly into her warm cavern.

Madame du Pont stopped sucking, moved away and deftly rolled the condom down over my hard, swollen rod. My fingers continued to dance inside of her, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide. Her slit lay open to my gaze and without thinking, my head plunged downward, my stiffened tongue dancing over her swollen and engorged clit. Her nectar tasted heavenly.

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