A Good Lesson Never Ends

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Swallowing hard she takes the last step into the darkened room, her pulse racing. Her dark green eyes flick about the room adjusting to allow her to see better in this stark cold room, only lit by the candles along the far wall. The room itself would still appear dark and sinister even if flooded with light. Her wet pink tongue darts out sweeping over dry lips, one hand reaching up to tuck a long auburn curl behind her ear. Closing the door behind her, she takes a deep breath knowing she has just a few short minutes to do as she was told. Images of earlier that day flash quickly through her mind…

She had just come home from work not in the best of moods, already two hours late, sopping wet since her umbrella had snapped in half a few minutes before she reached the front door. The umbrella breaking was probably the best thing to have happened to her all day. From the moment she had stepped foot into the office that morning her boss had been nagging at her about projections that were needed this afternoon instead of next week. First thing she did was get on the phone with the printers and somehow talked them into getting the job done in a matter of hours instead of days. Having no time to check over the reports she had them sent straight to her boss’s office. Fifteen minutes later he had come storming into her office, throwing all twenty copies of the thirty-page report on to her desk, screaming how the pages were out of order and how could she have sent such crappy work to him. She sighed, listening to his ranting and raving, apologizing profusely when he’d stop and gasp for air. Finally he left, leaving her to reorganize the reports. She started tearing them apart and putting them back together in the correct order. So intent on her work by the time she even glances at the clock it’s two hours past the time she usually leaves.

Her eyes snap open bringing her back to the present. Quickly she moves to the ‘table’ at first glance it appears to be a normal gynecological table, but upon closer inspection she can see the straps that adorn the sides of the table. Her eyes roam over it seeing the outline of the stirrups…the way the back of the table is slightly inclined. She gulps sliding up on the table, placing her feet in the stirrups. A soft blush rises over her cheeks knowing the picture she makes her creamy naked flesh illuminated by the flickering candles, freshly shaven cunt splayed wide open, and her ass even with the edge of the table…nipples hardening in the coolness of the room.

Her ears pick up the sound of His footsteps against the stairs each one louder than the one before…the sound hammering in her ears. She squeezes her eyes shut one tear trickling down over her cheek, surprised herself to feel it there.

‘Thwap!’ the noise echoes in her ears, her hips rising up off the table as He slaps her bare cunt hard. Her eyes fly open focusing on Him.

‘That’s better my little slut.’ He says looking down at her, His steely gray eyes locked with hers, ‘you had your eyes wide open coming into this mess you’ll have them wide open throughout your punishment.’

‘Yes, Master’, she whispers softly. Her mind wanders to earlier that evening…her late arrival, Him coming home in a shorter amount of time than she’s accustomed to. She had by then toweled her hair dry put on dry clothes and smiled as He walked through the door telling Him her day at work had been fine when He asked… walking with Him to the kitchen laughing and chatting. All of a sudden something inside her snapped when He asked where dinner was, she ripped open the refrigerator threw some food on the table and told Him there’s your fucking dinner. Calmly He had turned to her, her eyes widening as she sees the rage building deep within Him. Immediately she regretted her hasty actions. She casts her eyes down to the floor, shuffling her feet as she stands before Him only two words were spoke to her…’one hour’. ‘Yes Master’, she had replied quickly knowing there was no other answer to give Him, fully realizing what He meant. One hour was all she had to prepare for her punishment.

He moves about the small room, His mind totally focused on the task at hand. He comes back to her. her mind barely able to grasp that the glint she sees is from one of the spreader bars. Purposefully He straps each of her calves, the hooks the center of it to an eyehook dangling from the ceiling. Reaching above He pulls sharply on the rope forcing her lower body into the air, ripping a short scream from her lips as her shoulders press painfully into the table. She hears Him moving around, the sound of a few of their special toys tapping against the wall on which they hang. Shivering she wonders which He is choosing, her attention drifting for just a bit as she wonders if it’s the crop, the flogger, viper, the tawse or…

Suddenly her body jerks, tears welling up in her eyes, gasping for breath. Her mind playing the words wooden paddle over and over again…like a tiny song in her mind. Sucking in a deeper erzurum escort breath the pain washes over her, ass beginning to throb from the one swat.

He walks to the head of the table, grabs a handful of her hair puling on it leaning in close hissing into her ear..’lil slut of Mine that’s just the beginning you’ll receive 25 more with the paddle that’s for lying to me obviously your day wasn’t fine and as for thinking you could take that fiery temper out on Me you’ll spend twelve of the most agonizing hours in constant need of sexual release, that should help you remember what behavior is acceptable and what is NOT.’

He moves back to the opposite end of the table swiftly and forcefully He rains down five swats onto her upturned ass. Twisting and turning she tries to escape the blows coming down on her ass feeling like its been set on fire. He pauses, softly rubbing her ass feeling how warm the flesh is…eyes sweeping over her seeing how pink it is even in the dim lighting.


The sound of the paddle hitting her flesh echoing in her ears. Tears flowing freely down her cheeks as another five swats are delivered. Gasping for breath as the pain shoots through her…tensing as she sees Him raise His hand again…

The paddle falls again and again ten times in total ripping screams from her the sound reverberating off the walls, before she can even recover His hand brings the paddle down upon her ass five last times. He steps back watching as she writhes her cries lower in tone now fill His ears. Waiting til she’s silent and still, He moves to the front of the table, one hand reaching out cupping her cheek thumb swiping away the last of her tears. His other hand pushing the hair back from her face.

‘There there lil one’, He murmurs, ‘all done with the paddle.’ He continues stroking her hair, softly talking to her, letting her calm down. Slowly her breath returns to normal. She turns her deep green tear-filled eyes to Him. He cups her face in His hands. Leaning in He kisses her on the forehead. ‘There lil one your punishment is half over.’

Trailing one finger over her cheek, He goes back to the end of the table. His finger never leaving her it continues down over her chin down the column of her throat… running down between her breasts. Lower it goes following the slight rise of her stomach, He pauses looking up at her wanting/needing to see her face as His finger moves across her navel over the mound of her bare cunt..pausing at the moist entrance…before plunging His thick finger into her tight wet hole. Watching as the pleasure washes over her face. Keeping his finger deeply inside, He moves it slightly, delighting in her soft moans of pleasure.

He chuckles softly removing His finger, ‘enjoyed that did you lil one?’ She tilts her head to the side not wanting Him to see the answer in her eyes, wondering herself how she can feel such pleasure so quickly after the pain. Placing both hands on her inner thighs He grasps them tightly inhaling the growing scent of her arousal.

She looks at him watching as He takes small brief moments of pleasure of her body. Slowly His hands drift from her thighs. He moves swiftly to the small chest against the wall opening the drawers taking a few items from each. He goes back to her placing most of the items on the table, flipping the cap of aloe lotion open He pours a small amount in His hands then rubs it into her reddened ass. A soft gasp escapes her lips as the fire in her buttocks begins to ebb.

The corner of His mouth tilts upward as He looks at her, ‘wouldn’t want anything to distract you from the second part of your punishment,’ laughing lightly as her widen in realization of why she was granted this small reprieve. He reaches over to the table grabbing the butt plug, His other hand still rubbing over her buttock sliding down the crack of her ass pushing the finger past the tight muscle using the lotion to lube her snug hole. Swiftly He replaces His finger with the tip of the plug pushing the tip in…watching the hole dilate…He pushes harder slamming the full 4 inches into her ass. She groans loudly feeling how the plug stretches and fills her. He smiles up at her watching as the snug ring closes around the base of the plug ensuring its snugness deep within her bowels. He presses His hand against the base…wiggling it back and forth a grin on His face watching her wriggle. Next He reaches for a chastity belt. The one with the remote controlled vibrator built in, He plunges the vibe in and out of her wet cunt a few times before plunging it deep inside and quickly threading the straps through buckling it around her waist tight. He presses the button on the remote smiling satisfied with the way she bucks and moans. Slowly He begins to lower her legs lessening the tension in her thighs; grabbing the last item from the table… a pair of nipple clamps… a chain attaching from each clamp to a wide leather collar. He slides the collar around bodrum escort her neck holding her head with one hand while buckling the collar snugly with the other…fingers lightly tracing down one of the chains, His gray eyes trained upon hers as He pinches her left nipple and quickly snaps the clamp on it. She arches, groaning deep inside her throat. His hands move quickly to the other one trapping it as well in the steely jaws of the clamp.

He releases her legs from the spreader bar, helping her from the table leading her over to where He keeps an old saddle now mounted to the floor. He lowers her down on it cuffing her hands to the saddle horn and her ankles to the small post in back of it. He turns the remote on low… watching as it brings her to life the slow moans rising in her throat, noticing how she begins rocking back and forth on the saddle…He smiles knowing the plug is being pushed deeper inside her the two toys rubbing together. His smile spreads wider across His face as He turns the remote up…turning it to high.

She whimpers rubbing against the saddle, the vibrating in her cunt driving her mad as it rubs against the plug lodged deeply in her ass…the motion of her rocking causing her to groan loudly as the two toys bump against each other. She grips the saddle horn tightly as she grinding down harder against the saddle. Trying to rub her swollen clit against it through the belt. He stands there watching her… listening as her moans grow in intensity, suddenly flipping the vibe off not wanting to send her over the edge. His cock having grown hard while watching her. He steps behind her releasing her ankles from the post…and slips down in the saddle behind her wrapping her legs about Him awkwardly. Reaching beneath her He undoes the flap pulling it down and back…the vibe slipping from her juicy cunt. Without warning He thrusts His cock inside fucking her hard and fast…cumming within minutes His seed mixing with her juices. Quickly He pushes the flap back in place filling her cunt once again with the vibrator.

She collapses weakly against the saddle her hands still cuffed to the horn, He reaches down unlocking the cuffs and gathers her in His arms taking her upstairs to their room laying her out on the bed. Using the fur lined cuffs He binds her wrists to the spokes of the bed careful to leave some slack to keep her position somewhat comfortable during the long hours of the night. She looks up at Him her nipples throbbing painfully in the clamps… ‘please Master…i’m soo sorry please forgive me.’

He cups her chin in His hand, eyes soft and kind as He speaks, ‘yes my pet I know you are sorry…but you are always sorry… you have to learn to think before you act, did you think Me so harsh as to not understand if you’ve had a rough day at work?’

Her eyes lower, not able to stand the kindness she sees there… ‘i know You’re not, Master.’ She bites her lower lip knowing her Master would’ve understood had she given Him the chance to.

Her eyes fly up to His gasping for breath, the vibe coming back to life within her. Seeing the devilish grin on His face having flicked the remote up to medium. She thrashes on the bed grunting feeling the tightness growing inside her…wanting/needing to cum.

‘Please, Master… please may i cum…i can’t take this… pleeeeassssse’ she begs Him to end the torture, He just smiles and reaches for the clamps knowing the vibrating within her cunt will somewhat ease the pain when the clamps are released. Swiftly He releases the clamps, watching as her body arches as the blood flows back to her nipples. She writhes on the bed tugging against the bonds her mind slowly becoming clouded with the pain and pleasure her body is being tormented with.

‘There lil one… you know I could not let you sleep with those on… ‘ He turns the remote back to low, keeping the vibe moving just enough to tickle her insides. ‘Now it’s time to try and get some sleep’, He leans over and kisses her on the forehead. Turning over on His side, snapping the lamp off.

She lays there in the dark her breath erratic, trying to force herself to sleep knowing the hours would pass more quickly. Each time her eyes close she feels the vibe deep inside her making her quest for sleep just beyond reach. She rolls back and forth trying to find a comfortable position her nipples still rock hard, clit throbbing against the belt…her cunt contracting around the vibe. Whimpering a bit loud, not being able to find a position comfortable enough to allow her to sleep. Suddenly, He turns propping His head up on one hand…’what’s the matter, lil one?’ She looks up at Him, ‘Masterr pleeasse i cannot sleep like this…’ He arches one brow peering back at her…’so if you cannot sleep than I cannot either…is this what you are telling Me?’

She squirms under His gaze, ‘no Master, and i’m truly sorry i woke you was trying to get comfortable.’ He chuckles…’aaawww poor lil pet can’t get comfy’, He reaches for the remote eskişehir escort laying on the nightstand and turns up a notch higher; watching as she lays there bound and helpless on the bed her hips writhing as the vibe moves faster in her cunt. His hand moves to the front of the belt opening the flap there, one finger reaching in to rub her hard clit, smiling as her face contorts with pleasure stopping just before she reaches orgasm. He closes the flap patting His hand over it…’now try and get some rest, pet.’ The corners of His mouth tilting up in a smirk as He turns back over and closes His eyes.

She lays there in the dark taking long deep breaths trying to bring her body under some sort of control, the vibe wracking havoc with her intentions. Careful to keep still she focuses on a spot above her not wanting to wake her Master again.

She wakes her breathing erratic, body covered in a fine sheen of sweat, mind spinning trying to figure out just how long she had been sleeping…noticing that slumber had done little to lessen her arousal. All she can feel is the vibe still moving deep inside her, the smell of her arousal filling her nostrils as she breathes. She squints at the clock across the room… figuring it’s about an hour or so before dawn… exactly two hours til her torment ends. She wriggles on the bed wanting so desperately to ease the ache deep inside her, yanking on the bonds holding her hands wanting/needing to touch herself…make herself cum.

Her breath catches in her throat as she hears her Master shifting on the bed…she peeks over almost groaning out loud noticing He’s awake. She bites her lower lip, eyes lowered as she stammers out…’g-g-good morning, Master.’ He growls low in His throat having already noticed how early in the day it is, ‘pet… i’d hardly call this…’ He waves His hands around towards the darkness outside the window, ‘morning.’ He reaches over to her carefully turning her to her side, facing away from Him, then undoes the belt carefully lowering the back half of it, roughly pulling the plug from her ass while keeping the vibe lodged deep within her cunt. ‘Seeing as how you woke me again, maybe you can be of service to Me… ‘She looks back at Him over her shoulder wondering if she should ask if her punishment is over. ‘No my pet I see that wondering look in your eyes you may not cum…I said of service to Me not to yourself. Reaching over to the nightstand He picks up the tube of lubrication they keep there, coating His hard cock with it before roughly shoving it into her ass. She cries out as her ass is stretched forcefully…feeling as though she’ll be torn in two. Her cries turning to soft continuous whimpers as He roughly plunges in and out of her ass. He leans in placing His lips right against her ear whispering..’don’t worry pet i didn’t forget about you…’, as His words drift off He turns the vibe up to high, groaning as He feels it buzzing against His cock through the thin membrane separating her ass and cunt.

She cries out tossing her head back and forth the words tumbling from her mouth…’please Master please i cannot take any more…i’m sorry i never should have lied to you…please please end this torment.’ He grinds His cock deep into her ass… ‘what else, slut… if you beg well enough I just might allow you to cum.’

‘Oh God…oh God, Master please… i truly am sorry for lying to you…and for losing my temper i know how much You hate that… i’ll do better…i swear Master… please let me cum.’

‘But pet if I let you cum now how will I know for sure that you have learned your lesson?’ He growls out all the while fucking her ass deep and hard. He pauses a moment tossing His head back and breathing deeply keeping His cock buried deep inside His slave, grinding His hips against her ass. ‘Master pleassssse i’ll do anything…anything You wish just please end this torment i cannot take anymore’ she moans desperately feeling herself being pushed closer and closer to the edge not sure how much longer she can hold out.

He thinks this over a few minutes before making His decision. ‘Very well pet you may cum… but remember what you have offered in return for if you put up the slightest resistance this will have seemed like paradise compared to what I will have in store for you.’

She screams gratefully the waves of her orgasm ripping through her, her cunt and ass spasming wildly around His cock and the toy buzzing deep inside her, juices flowing like a river down over her thighs onto the sheets as she howls in pleasure. He lets go releasing His cum deep into her ass joining her in the sexual pleasures that only one can offer to the other.

Slowly He pulls out of her wiping His cock on her ass, He releases her from all her bindings including the belt, smiling as He sees her juices coating it, He tosses the restraints aside and moves from the bed. He holds His hand out to her, she slides her hand into His following Him at the insistent tugging of her hand. Her eyes widen as they enter into the bathroom all of a sudden it dawns on her what He wants. She swallows hard not sure if she can go through with it or not, even though they had talked about it. Timidly she looks up at Him, wringing her hands together knowing that it’ll wait no longer.

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