A good evening

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A good eveningIt’s been two weeks since we met and fell hopelessly in love. Since that very day, we haven’t spent a waking hour not thinking about one another.I invited you over for a nice home cooked dinner this hot july evening.When you knocked on my door, my heart skipped a beat with excitement. I quickly lit the candles before I rushed to the door. My God, you were a wonderful sight, long lushious hair, a cheeky smile on your face and a flowery summer dress that reached just below your knees.I don’t know exactly how long we sat at the dinner table, it’s amazing how time feels so elastic when we’re together. A good indicator of the time spent was the candles, which were almost burned out.We eventually went downstairs to continue our date with a bad movie. I had my usual spot in the couch with you curled up nicely by my side, resting your head on my chest while you had your hands wrapped around me. I changed between stroking your hair and touching you lightly on your shoulder and side.Suddenly I felt a little hand slowly making it’s way from my knees and up the lenght of my jeans. My heart raced as my eyes met yours. You were biting your lower lip as you slowly began to put your hand on my crotch.I could see that you got all excited and you smiled even more at me. I couldn’t quite understand why, but then I realized, without even noticing, that an erection had risen in your palm in that short time.You stood up and gave me your hand, wich I took gladly. You lead me by my hand, looking back at me every few seconds with that cheeky and playful smile that I fell in love with. When we reached the bedroom, I couldn’t bursa escort help myself anymore.I spun you around and with one arm around your waist and the other one behind your head. Our eyes locked and before we knew it we were deep in each others throats. Kissing like our lives depended on it. I then pushed you up against the wall, face towards the wall. I started by pulling all your wavy hair to one side, exposing your fragile pristine neck.I began to kiss you with soft little kisses, up and down your neck. Whilst doing this my hands were busy caressing your body. I took my big palms on your hips, rubbing them up and down your side.I dropped down to my knees. I told you to stick your butt out whilst still hugging the wall. I grabbed your ankles. My hands worked their way up from your ankels to your knees and then onto your tighs, lifting your dress up at the same time. I took the dress and lifted it up out of the way, unvieling your amazing buttocks. The fact that you wore cute little cotton panties made me even more crazy with lust. Before I knew it, I had burried my face in your behind while holding my hands on your hip. I took a deep breath and inhaled all your female scents, a shiver went down my spine as my eyes widened.I rushed to my feet. Pulled the dress up and over your head. As the dress flew off you, your breasts bouced firmly. It was either cold in the room, or your were enjoying yourself by the looks of things. I lifted you up and threw you ontop of my bedcovers.Quickly getting rid of my clothes . At this point my cock was throbbing and the tip was all sticky with precum.I jumped escort bursa into bed with you. I leaned over you, kissing you with passion. I used my tounge to lick all the way down from your lips, over your chin, down your throat and finally onto your chest. My left hand was fondeling with your left breast while I continued to use my tounge on your right. Licking all over it before reaching the areola and the nipple. Biting it slightly and rolling it between my teeth. After giving the nipple a good suckle I continued my jurney downsairs, with my tounge. My tounge finally reached your panties. I could feel your clit as I slid my tounge down one side of it. I kissed and I tried to suckle abit ontop of your panties. I could defenitly taste you. You pulled your panties to the side, exposing natures masterpiece. Beautifully trimmed with a landing-strip. The panties had to go. After tearing them off you, I put them close to my nose. As I took a good breath, I could also feel that the crotch of them were soaking wet. You, laying there with your legs spread wide open, looked like a pleasant meal. I dove straight in and started to lick every bit of your pussy. Up and down each pussylip. All the way down from the opening and all the way up to your clit. You tasted so delicious. I took my arms under your legs and curled my hands up and down to your pussy.While spreading your lips with my hands, I used my tounge to flick across your clit. To stop you from squirming around I had to tighten my grip even more.This pussy tasted so good that It would be greedy of me to keep it all for myself. With my tounge, I did bursa escort bayan a long lick from the bottom to the top of the pussy. Then I kissed you and you seemed to like it too.I was up on my knees again, asking if you were ready for my cock. Which you replied by nodding with your head to the side and a tight grip on the sheets.I put spit in my hand and I rubbed it all over my cock while you watched.I placed my cockhead on your clit, rubbing it around before I rubbed it up and down the lenght of your pussy a couple of times. I didn’t enter your pussy quite, but I did place my cock at the entrance to your lovehole. I leaned towards your face, giving you a kiss on the lips before I carried on kissing your neck. Slowly my cock started to enter you. My ears were really close to your mouth. And every centimeter my dick went in, I could hear a pleasurable moan. You were so warm and moist, my cock felt like it would explode any minute. I started to thrust gently. Increasing the tempo slowly. The sound it made was thrillingly wet and slippery. Our bodies grinded together, creating heat and sweat. Our bodies moved as one as we made love. Your body suddenly jerked, but I carried on. Shifting your head from side to side you made faces and screamed. As you came your pussy tighten it’s grip on my cock even more, making me edge ever so close to climax. You had a rosy red glow on your cheeks, making your even more attractive, if possible. Leaning one last time towards your face, I whispered in your ear ‘I’m coming soon baby’. Pounding away I prepared to pull out and cum all over your body. With lust in your voice you screamed ‘CUM inside me, please’ As you said that my cock burst inside you. My legs twitched abit before I fell over your body.We were both laying there in post-orgasmic glow, just smiling, not saying a word.Looking forward to the next time ;3

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