A Girls foot fetish, her sisters boyfriend

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A Girls foot fetish, her sisters boyfriendMy older sister and her boyfriend lay on the settee and I sat at their feet, knees curled up under me, I was covering my lower extremities with a blanket, and for a very good reason, his bared feet were nestled under my skirt and I was not wearing panties, having taken them off, once I realized I had the opportunity of being touched like this.Last night I listened to them having intercourse, my sisters moaning driving me crazy with my own sexual desire, I stood naked pressed against the wall with a glass, listening and imagining he was having me, fucking me instead of her.Early in the morning I heard him go to the toilet, so I timed my movement so I could confront him naked, I wanted to see him look at me, make him desirous of me, compare me to my sister, the fact I was a lot younger made no difference, so as he emerged from the toilet I walked from my room and stood naked before him, karabük escort too late, no turning back, and as he stared in disbelief, I smiled and said, ‘Sorry’, apologizing for my nakedness, making no effort to obscure my breasts or vagina, not even closing the bathroom door, as I sat on the pan and tried to pee, I left it ajar, hoping he would come in, and pleasure me.The next morning at breakfast he looked at me differently, I think he sensed his opportunity with me, having seen me in my morning glory, I flashed a knowing smile directly at him, our dirty little secret, and his return excited me, as he sort of indicated, he had also enjoyed our early morning encounter.The darkened room obscured our movements, my hand sought his foot, and as I touched it, I let me fingers linger, waiting for his acknowledgement, and when he twitched his toes, we pressed our digits together, and I shifted and opened the way for karabük escort bayan his foot to slide in against the warm flesh of my buttocks and beyond.His foot silently caressed the flesh, clearly showing I was naked there, he sought my intimate opening, it was on offer, and he wanted to go inside.I withdrew my hand, leaving his bared foot nested between my cheeks, his toes touching my wet vagina and anus simultaneously, each time he wiggles them, I parted and opened to his assault, on my crotch, I closed my eyes and feign sleep, I lay my head in my arm and felt him probe deeper, my vagina squeezing hard on his big toe, restricting his movements, telling him I was so tight he needed to insert his other part, for maximum pleasure, I let him fuck me there, the next time in the morning, he would follow me into the bathroom, then I would experience the same as my sister, well that was what I hoped.It was very escort karabük wet between my legs as he eased out of me, freely wiggling around my vaginal area, I subconsciously pulled my hips forward and he slid up towards my anus, his big toe nestling in the crinkles of the tightening flesh, I pushed back down on its tip and surprisingly it went in, I had wet it sufficiently with my secretions, it felt comfortable as he went in further, it surprised me, but I took him comfortably, showing him I could offer an arrangement of holes, all he needed to do was do it.’Time for bed Mariel’, mother called out from her chair, noticing I was sleeping, I looked up at her, while simultaneously squeezing his big toe, firmly embedded in my asshole, ‘Ok’, I replied pushing down on him as hard as I could in a last gasp effort to show him I could go deeper if required, I smiled and eased off, got up and said goodnight, leaving the blanket to cover his feet, I looked at sister, sexually active at sixteen, and smiled thinking I have had him too, and as I kissed each one goodnight, I put my tongue in his mouth to show the years between us meant nothing, just put it in me and let me prove it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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