A Gentle Seduction Ch. 02

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This story tends to stand alone but would be much more enjoyable if you read the first part; “A gentle-seduction to service”

I think anyone interested in reading this story realizes that I would have to add a second chapter to tie it all up for Mike (Mikey). Enjoy!

Cast: Old Buddy Kirk—His Son John, Mikey the servant trainee, Jared the club “trainer”—Slave boy Jean



It should be fun. My old high school buddy had really hit the jackpot; he was loaded now. I was surprised when I received his invitation and a few days of hunting with an old friend sounded great. He had a cabin in the mountains smack in the middle of a few hundred acres he owned. The weather was superb as I slowly traversed the hardscrabble single lane road up to his place. I thought back to when we were kids, Kirk had always been bigger and had been kind of my protector. I was always smaller without his preppy good looks.

We were opposites and I had always wondered what attracted us to each other. When it came time for college we had lost touch. Boy it would be nice to see him again. Little did I know that he thought of me more as a cockslave than a friend? This is another chapter relating my journey down the Rabbit hole of total submission.


More Story:

It’s true that “education never stops” but I thought that I knew it all. I now thought of Kurt as my owner. I was happy although not completely understanding of my own need to submit and serve him. I guess I just pushed it into the back of my mind instead of analyzing it.

Master Kurt was working on the laptop at his desk while I slowly slurped on his cock. He reached down and grabbed my head to tilt it up. “That’s nice Mikey but I’ve got a bit of news for you. I’ve got to go to Europe on business for a couple of months and cannot take you with me. You’re pretty good as a cocksucker but any cocksucker can be improved so I’ve kind of consigned you to the training Master in my club. He’ll work with you to enhance your skills while I’m away. I’m not a skilled trainer and just taught you what I liked; you’ll benefit from a formal introduction to servicing your betters. Who knows maybe you’ll end up as a slave for in the club. In any event it’s what I want and you’ll do it, there’s no choice.”

It was a lot to deal with; I was very content with my old college buddy Kurt as my Master, now my little world was being turned upside down. I was resentful of being forced into this change but frankly my days of submission to Mark had made me accepting of almost anything he wanted. He must know what’s best for me, right?

For the first time in a very long time I wasn’t naked as I packed my meager goods for the drive to my “trainer.” To say I was apprehensive would be a gigantic understatement; my mind reeled with the anxiety of serving a new Master, scared indeed.

It actually felt strange to be clothed and in a car again. The trip to my new trainer was only about 30 minutes and I had to admit the setting we entered was impressive. The trainer lived in a large stone house on gated grounds in a very upscale part of town replete with rolling hills and huge private grounds. It was simply the finest house I had ever been in. the door was opened by pretty, young man dressed only in tight shorts. He was in his twenties and ushered us into the owners study.

“Jared is on a business call, can I get you some refreshment’s Gentlemen?”

We both requested coffee and waited silently. I was slightly overwhelmed by this brief return to normality; I was clothed and being treated as a regular man, not a cockslave. It actually felt very odd. I took the time to appraise my surroundings.

The room we waited in was extremely masculine with walnut paneling, maroon drapes and the thickest, plushest rug I had ever seen. The chairs were done in very soft black leather that seemed to envelope you with warmth and comfort. The entire room was dominated by a huge wooden desk in front of the window.

My thoughts were interrupted bahis firmaları by the appearance of the man who I now realized would be my trainer. He was about 45 or 50 years old carrying a reddish, Irish complexion and was a little pudgy. The most accurate single word to describe him would be average.

“Ah, Kurt so glad to see you; I see you brought the boy, good.”

They drank coffee and made small talk without introducing me at all; I could have been a potted plant for all the attention I received.

“This has been a pleasant visit Jared but I’ve got to leave you so let’s get on with it.” Mark said.

“Of course buddy, I forget that you’re not yet a man of complete leisure like me. Let’s take a look at what I’ve got to work with, strip down for me boy.” It was another of those very strange incidents as I removed my clothes in front of two men. As I was lowering my jockey shorts the man called Jared laughed and remarked on how it was almost a rule that a cocksucker would have a small penis, I grimaced as my new trainer stood up with Mark to look me over.

I was told to lock my hands behind my head and open my mouth as Jared ran his fingers into my mouth and caressed my tongue. He grabbed my cock and balls and lightly squeezed until I let out a little yelp, he just smiled at me.

“Spread your legs and bend over boy, use your hands to spread your cheeks” Jared said. I’m certain I was blushing as I bent over and spread my ass globes. I had to wince as he silently plunged his index finger into my ass.

“He’s kind of tight isn’t he, have you fucked him yet Kurt?”

“Yeah I did but I wasn’t using anything like that club you carry in your crotch though” Mark said. Master Jared pulled out his finger and motioned me to straighten up. Without ceremony he just stuck his sticky, dirty fingers in my mouth. I knew what to do and licked and sucked them clean. He stared into my eyes as he used my cleansing mouth.

“Well Kurt, by the time you get back he’ll be a great “Body-slave” for you. It actually works out pretty good for me; my boy has to work at the club for a couple of weeks so having him to train relieves me of borrowing a slave. It’ll be just the two of us here.”

“I’ve got to go Jared; Mikey listen to Master Jared and learn, you need this to be my “boy.” I nodded my head and replied Yes Master as he left. I was alone.

“Sit on the floor Mikey; I’m going to talk to you about your training and what you have to learn. Before we start let me call my boy before he leaves.” Master Jared pressed a button and in a few minutes the boy who had let me in arrived. Master just motioned and the boy sunk to his knees and opened Jared’s pants. In a moment the boy had fished out the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was easily 7 or 8 inches long and thick enough to make me wonder if this slim boy could get it in his mouth. The head looked like a big, purple egg with an eye. “Go ahead Jean; suck me off while I talk to our new guest. While we’re talking Mikey I want you to watch how eagerly Jean sucks me off, watch as he takes my prick right into his throat. When we’re done training you’ll be able to take a horse cock all the way down to the root.”

It actually was amazing to watch how very proficient this Jean boy was, he would take it deep and use lip action to stimulate the cock as he withdrew. Watching those lips work made me hard. When Master’s cock was buried into Jean’s gullet he told the boy to hold it there; it was even more amazing as he held it there even after he began choking and gasping with tears streaking down his cheeks. I swear he was turning blue before Master let him up to breathe. “Do you see how totally dedicated he is Mikey; you know it’s quite pleasurable having a boy’s throat spasm and contract around his cockhead, very nice indeed. Make me cum now Jean.”

The boy went into a frenetic sucking action up and down with those active lips until Master loudly sighed as he filled the boy’s mouth. Jean didn’t swallow but instead opened his cummy mouth to show his Master and me. He swallowed only when told to and was dismissed to go to the “club” only after he undressed his Master and helped him on with a fluffy, white robe.

Jared spoke in a low, soft voice; “We’re alone now boy, time to get acquainted. I’ve discovered that a little discussion of where we’re going kind of speeds the process along with a virgin cocksucker. Oh I know you think you’re experienced and know who you are but trust me you’ve got a lot to learn; treating you as completely new to submission will teach you things you didn’t know existed. The basic setup here is that you’ve been punked by your old college friend Mark who has now consigned you to me for training as a body slave, a personal cocksucker; that my dear Mikey is where you stand today. My treating you as a newbie will teach you the simple truth that you are a submissive cocksucker that way in the back of his mind wants nothing better than pleasing men. I’ll bring those thoughts out for you to kaçak iddaa ponder.”

“Let me try a little psychobabble here as I try to define what your thoughts are. I’ll bet that you’re only really happy when your face is in a guy’s crotch. I mean the tingly, erotic kind of happiness only possible when you realize who and what you are. I have ways to free you to be what you were born to be, an uninhibited “slave to cock. Let’s begin by stating the obvious; in this world of sexy women and alpha males there is a category of submissive girly-boys who want only to submit and service the alpha males. By now you’ve somewhat accepted that this is who you are but I’ll make the reality of this your reason for living.”

“Normally your Masters would agree that boys like you have tongues only to lick a man’s ass but for this interview you’re allowed to talk” Jared said.

I was very flattered that Jared, my trainer actually wanted to talk to me, was interested in my thoughts. We made small talk about my education, the weather and my musical interests for quite a while. Jean had furnished a couple of manhattans and as our conversation went on so did my relaxation. It was the first time in a month that I was allowed to be just “normal.” By the second Manhattan I was mellow enough to forget that I was naked. Jared brought me up short with an end to our little talk.

Jared couldn’t have been nicer. He was very kind and very gentle with me. He was very clear in telling me that this little sexual encounter we were to have was for my benefit and that I didn’t have to go through anything that made me at all uncomfortable, at least during my training. After what I had already been through with Kirk I knew that there could be little that would shock me now.

“I know you think you’re an expert cocksucker with nothing to learn; it’s not so easy and I’ll teach you the right way to please a cock. I like to start from scratch just like your mouth was virgin. It might seem a little hokey to you at first but it’ll make you a better cocksucker, that’s what you want even if you can’t admit it yet,” Jared said.

He led me over to a spot in front of the fireplace and asked to me to kneel down on the soft carpet. I felt genuinely horny for the first time all day; his soft, friendly voice was seductive. He stood before me and I was eye level at his crotch. I was finding it difficult to breathe with the anticipation of it all heightened by the booze.

“Get your face in there and sniff around. That man smell is what you crave. Look around at my balls, how big and full of cum they are. See the little hairs on them, why don’t you run your tongue over them now, just a little. Do you see those big veins running up my cock, they’ll be delivering my cum to your mouth very soon.”

“I usually never let a cocksucker use his hands but for this little orientation we’re having go ahead and fondle my cock and balls; do you feel the weight of a man’s balls, how soft the skin is?”

Jared then positioned himself with his ass hanging off the chair while talking to me. “Ok Mikey now spread my legs and look at my asshole, see the little crinkled up opening that you’ll soon be licking? Take your finger and very gently rub it across my hole, just think how your tongue will feel as it licks up and down the ass crack.”

“OK, Mikey,” he continued. “Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to get you used to sucking a cock. You need to just take some time to get used to how it feels in your mouth. It’s important to remember that there’s no time limit with this kind of thing. Just relax and enjoy it, like a nice glass of good wine at a meal or something.”

I grinned at that one. I remember just weeks before telling another friend that I wanted to try being a vegetarian. “You mean no meat at all” my friend said. Here I was looking at a magnificent piece of man-meat.

“Then, after this” said Jared, breaking me out of my daydream, “we’re going to work toward some deep-throating. Don’t expect that you’ll get it right off the bat; it’s not as easy as it looks. We’ll need a few sessions to tame the gag reflex and I’ve a few training aids if we need to go that route. I’m also going to ejaculate my cum into your mouth and I want you to get used to the taste of jism before swallowing too. You’ve had some cum before but I want you to begin thinking of it as the ultimate sacrament and the ritual of swallowing as confirmation that you’re a cocksucker that has pleased his man. Does that sound OK to you?”

Wow, he was actually asking me if I was all right with this; I was flattered.

Jared’s matter-of-factness did a number on me. I had tasted semen before and at that exact moment I knew I wanted it. I had been forced, coerced into it before, now I really wanted it. I found myself wishing he would stop talking and get on with it. I could see his hard-on pointing northward. I was horny like I’d never been horny before. There is something very erotic about conversations about sex, as I look back on it, this kaçak bahis was foreplay.

I must have said something, though I can’t remember what. He reached down and touched my cheek and, looking me in the eyes, said warmly, “Don’t worry. It’s going to be all right. You’re going to have a lot of fun, not just with me, but with Kirk too.”

I wanted to get to sucking, but again more instruction from my patient well-hung teacher. “This is important, for the duration of the blowjob; you have to realize that this penis is yours. It belongs to you, to worship and pleasure. You’re the boss of it. If you take pleasure in it, if you treat it like the best lollipop you’ve ever had in your life, believe me, I’ll be in heaven. That’s the key. OK, why don’t you first just feel it? Take it and rub it lightly across your cheeks, lips and face.”

I did what I was told, then took the head of the penis into my mouth.

“Excellent,” said my trainer. “Remember time is no issue. We have all the time in the world. Don’t be shy about anything. Look at this cock you’ve examined so closely. Now you want to learn everything what makes it happy. It’s your new toy, see what it can do.”

I didn’t really know what he was talking about, but I was enjoying that cock head in my mouth. I thought it was surprisingly warm and silky smooth. I idly wondered if maybe he used some sort of a lotion.

“You’re doing great,” Jared said. “It feels really great. Now, another thing, and this separates the good blowjobs from the bad. A blowjob involves the mouth only, never the hand. That’s what separates a male cocksucker from a girl. Too many women get involved in the pumping thing with their hands and that’s no good. That just sends the message you want this to get over with, be done with it. After you get started, it’s a good rule to follow, never use your hands. You can put your hands on his legs or his ass cheeks or fondle his balls but don’t jerk him off or play with yourself. Concentrate only on his pleasure; a really good cocksucker is focused enough to only be able to cum when there is a cock in his mouth. Serving a cock is what you were born to do.”

I followed his instructions and used my hands to get a good feel of those muscular legs. His cock felt so good in my mouth like it had always belonged there. Jared had a nice deep voice and whenever he spoke I felt a subtle rumble that vibrated in his prick. It was really amazing and an incredible turn-on. I fought the urge to stick my hand on my own cock.

This subtle mouth action went on for a while until Jared finally spoke again.

“OK, now go as deep on my prick as your gag reflex will allow but no further.”

I swallowed his cock deeper and felt it moving to the back of my throat; it was almost to the point where I was gagging.

“Now, just hold it there for a while. Let your throat relax as it gets used to a cock plugging its opening.”

I held it for several seconds then tried to go just a bit further, before coming up for air. I was wild with lust and really wanted him to grab my head and mouth fuck me right there but I knew he wouldn’t.

“OK. Let’s take a little break; relax and drink some water before we go on. The next step will bring you to the throat-fuck stage.” I appreciated the break that Jared had given me but I remained very anxious about throating his big cock.

My trainer continued talking as I sipped the water; his soft, soothing voice kept me on edge, nervous and excited.

“Attitude is another important element. I’ve found through the years of training boys that they have to really WANT to suck a cock to do it right. It’s kind of a religious experience for a born cocksucker and you gotta have the right attitude. Saliva, saliva, saliva is all important. You’ll be drooling all over my crotch; it’ll be dripping wet with your spit. All guy’s like a wet sucking hole and a hot mouth is perfect.”

“Yet another thing a lot of boys don’t understand is that a man’s genitals are made up of a lot of different parts. It isn’t just a stiff pole. There’s the cumslit / piss slit, the crown, the edge of the crown, the prenium, the cum-vein, the shaft itself, his pubic hair, two balls and every single one of these areas are sensitive to oral attention. A mix of lips, tongue and throat with the right combination of deep swallowing along with the cocksucker’s attention to the cumslit produce great pleasure. Showering your Master’s rigid prick r and especially his balls with big lip smacking wet sloppy kisses lets your owner know just how much you adore and lust after his manly pride. You must always seek to please him; every guy needs to have his cock worshipped the right way. This is almost certain to result in his shooting a sticky load into your mouth cunt. Your Master’s cum is the highest compliment a cocksucker can aspire to; it’s your reward.”

“Now get your lips around it again.” I did as he said. “That’s the way; just slide your lips up and down along it.”

This was like a step by step guide to cocksucking; Jared was patient yet very insistent. I did as he said; pleased he was taking it easy on me. My own cock began to stiffen as the taste of his precum filled my mouth. “Good, good boy.” He praised again.

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