A Genny Story… Going to The Deja Vu

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This is an adventure I had at an all nude strip club in Lansing Michigan. I am Genny In that spring that I had first met Melly, I had just over two years onthe fire department. I had been all through my training and probation,and was running on the engine at headquarters and really loving the job.There was just one problem. Usually after about six months on the department afirefighter will be sent out to replace vacationing firefighters or guysthat have called in sick. It is a hated assignment because you are alwayspacking up and moving to another station. Then, after they get about ayear on the job if an position in an outlying station opens up the rookiewill be sent out there for permanent assignment. I had a little more thantwo years on and I was still at H.Q. and still subbing out to otherstations. There had been a couple of male firefighters that were slightlyjunior to me that had already gotten permanent duty stations and I wasstarting to get a little pissed off.I went in to my Captain more than once and asked what the problem was.Each time he assured me it was only temporary and that a station wouldopen up for me soon. By mid-summer I was still there and feeling a littleput upon. I had to go talk with the union rep and after he chatted withthe Captain I was promised the next slot that opened up.In late August I got my station. I was assigned to Engine 4, Station 4.It was a five person station. The Lieutenant was Pete. The two medicswere Randy and Don, and the other firefighter was Jerry. I had subbed atthis station a number of times. I liked all the guys and they seemed gladto have me in the house. As usual I worked my ass off to make sure no oneever had a reason to say I wasn’t as good as any of the men.By late fall I felt like I belonged there. The guys cut me no slack and Ifelt that I had earned their respect. Pete was a good boss and moreimportantly he ran a good fire so we felt safe following his orders intight situations.It was the second week of December and I had been working out in thelittle room we call our gym. It is on the other side of the apparatusroom (room with the fire trucks) from the living quarters so when I was doneexercising I was walking around one of the trucks when I head Don andPete talking. I heard Don say, “I’ts good for me but what are we going todo about Genny?”I came around the truck before Pete had a chance to answer and in mytypical shy mode said “Who is going to do what about Genny?”Both güvenilir bahis of them just stood there like they were caught doing somethingnaughty. I looked at Pete with the same question on my face. He kind ofstammered for a minute and then he started explaining that it had been atradition at the station that they all get together just before theholidays and go out on the town. They had been doing it since Pete wasfirst assigned there and they were just talking about this year’s plans.I of course said “Count me in.”They both went silent again and then Pete said “Well we have always goneto some bars that we’re not sure you would like.”Right away the hairs on my neck stood up and I took an attitude it wouldbe hard to back down from. “Hey, I’m part of this station. I don’t wantyou to change your plans for me. Anywhere you want to go is fine with me.I’m a big girl.”Don kind of smiled and said, “You sure? Because we could cut back alittle and just go to dinner or something.”Again I stepped right in it. “No. Really, Where ever you guys always gois fine with me. I don’t want you to change anything for me.”Pete didn’t look like he was sure this was a good idea but he said, “Ok.We’ll keep our original plan. We are going this Friday night. We willstart at the Deja Vu, and go from there.”I tried not to show it on my face but I really didn’t know they weretalking about strip clubs. I was thinking sports bars, and especially notthat one, it advertises as an all nude club. It sits just off theMichigan State campus, and because it serves no liquor students as youngas 18 can come in. I remember when I was a coed, the guys I knew werealways talking about the wild times they had at the Deja Vu. For allot ofthem it was probably the first time they seen a naked woman. I tried to look cool,like nothing they could come up with could shake me, so I looked right atPete and said, “Fridays good. What time?”Melly and I had moved in together in November, so I had to tell her whatwas up. At first she just looked at me like I was nuts and asked why Ifelt I had to do this. I tried to explain and I guess she did eventuallyunderstand. For the next three days she constantly teased me about it.She said “Just don’t come home with any bugs on ya from that place. Becareful what they put in your drink or they might try to get you up onthe stage.” I had to take it with a smile.On Friday I had set it up to meet Jerry in the parking lot so I didn’thave to güvenilir bahis siteleri walk in alone. Jerry is a gentle giant of a guy. He is theclosest to my age so we get along the best from the group. There were twodoors going into the building. The one on the right lead into an adultvideo store and the one on the left led to the club. The doors are allcovered over so no one can see in. Once you are in it is a small roomwith a big guy in a tux taking money and letting people in. He looked atme and asked, “You a dancer?” I took a step closer to Jerry and said,”No, I’m with him.”The doorman said “12 bucks for him. Ladies free.”Jerry paid and we made our way threw black curtains into the club. Itseemed even darker in there. I stayed within reach of Jerry until I couldfocus on the room. There were lots of small tables spread out. Less thata third were full and there were girls walking around all over the place.The ones who’s tits were not exposed were the waitresses. The rest Iguessed were the dancers. Jerry said “There they are.” and pointedtowards the stage. Don, Randy and Pete were sitting on tall stools rightup against the stage. We made our way to them and I took the seat next toDon so that I would have Jerry on the other side of me. Randy looked atme and said, “Thought you might of chickened out.”I just smiled back and said, “If you thought that then you don’t know mevery well.” but in my head I was thinking “God, I wish I had a goodexcuse not to be here.”The waitress came around and I ordered a four dollar coke. Randy leanedover to me and said, “If you want anything it that we brought our own.Pete has a bottle of rum and I have a bottle of vodka.” I looked down andthere were the tell tail brown paper bags sitting on the floor undertheir chairs. I said “Thanks but coke will do for now.”Just about that time the music came up and an announcer said the nextdancer was ready to come out. A curtain parted and out came a bouncyblonde. She was about five, ten or so, long legs and a chest that shookjust like the silicone that filled it. She had a pretty face and waswearing a red white & blue thong bikini. The over stretched top had starsand stripes sharing the small piece of material. The music was heavymetal with a deep base. Instead of a spot light like I had figured therewere strobe lights going off all over the place so it made it harder toreally see any good details. Miss America strutted herself around thestage iddaa siteleri for about half the song. Then she rubbed herself against a pole fora little before taking off her top. She was exposing two cantaloupes thatwere absolutely defying gravity. Her hands were pulling at her nipplesand soon had them standing proud. She then got down on all fours andcrawled around for a bit. She was either wiggling her pretty bottom inyour direction or she was facing you showing off her tits. She spentallot of time down at Pete’s end of the stage. At one point she wassitting right on the edge of the stage and pulled Pete’s bald head inbetween her tits. Then I seen him take out a dollar bill and slip it inthe waist band of her thong. She probably picked up 8 – 10 dollars fromthe guys at the stage area. When the second song began she went to theback of the stage and dropped her money and then her thong on the floorout of reach of the patrons. Now, except for her killer heels, she wascompletely naked. I looked down the row at the guys I was with and theywere all staring intently at a spot about 8 inches below her bellybutton. I looked to my other side at Jerry and he was looking at me. Hehad a big dumb grin on his face and said “Well? What da ya think?” Ilaughed and said “I’ve seen those before.” We both laughed and turnedback to the stage. The blonde was in the middle of the stage on her back.Her legs were straight up in the air but crossed at the heels. You couldsee her tight cheeks and her boobs still pointing up to heaven. Then shedid a little break dance kind of a thing and the legs opened into splitsas she spun around on her back. Everything that girl owned was rightthere about four feet away from the edge of the stage. She swung aroundon her hands and knees and pointed her sweet butt right at us. She puther face real close to the floor so her ass was sticking up and then sheparted her legs to give everyone a look at her anus. It was only a quickflash and with the strobes going off it was far from clear. She had a bigsmile on her face as she swung around to give the same view to the peopleon the other side of the stage. Her timing was perfect because as soon asshe did that little move and was back up on her feet the music stopped.The lights came up just a little and she scampered to pick up all thedollars on stage and grab up her tiny costume before slipping back behindthe curtain.The guys were all laughing and having a grand time. Don brought out hisbottle and poured a good size shot in his glass. From the far end Petecalled to me “Well Gen how did you like that?”I just gave back a blank look and said “Like what?”The guys all laughed, and the announcer introduced the next dancer.

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