A Full Nest Ch. 07

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Author’s Note: Thanks for sticking with me through my first story despite the mistakes I made. I aim to fix them in my next one ‘Blood of the Covenant’. Don’t know when it will be finished but I am nearing the end of it. Hope to share it in the near future and that all of you will give it a read. Or as our dear Belle Parker would say, “Read it, perv.”


“Hey look, Hell finally froze over.” Belle said with a wide grin when she opened the door and saw me and Toon holding hands. We just had our second date so we figured it would be time to let our families know. My family won the coin toss on finding out first.

“I’m so happy for you two!” Aunt April came over with a wide grin and hugged us.

“Thanks.” Toon’s voice was muffled. “Is Beth here?”

“Yes.” Aunt April pointed upstairs. “Working but I think she won’t mind you bothering her with this announcement.” She walked off and came back with her bag in hand. “I’m off to get groceries. You’re staying for dinner, Toon.”

“Uh. Sure. Okay.” Toon chuckled.

With Belle in tow, Toon and I barged into the twins’ room. “You busy, Beth?”

“Yea…” She turned and saw my arm around Toon’s shoulder. “NOPE! NOT BUSY AT ALL!” She, like Aunt April, hugged both of us at the same time. Then pushed me away to hug just Toon. “It finally happened!” She pulled away but still held Toon’s hands. “Since when?”

“Yea. When?” Belle asked.

“Uh two weeks.” Toon said. “We wanted to go on a date or two before telling people.”

“Is that what you meant when you said you were hanging out with her?” Belle smacked my arm.


“Well thanks for finally telling us.” Bethany hugged me. Toon caught my eye over Bethany’s shoulder and nodded.

“We’ve actually got something else to tell you two.” I looked at both of them. “Sit down.”

“I’m going to be an Aunt!” Bethany clasped her hands together.

“No. No no no. We haven’t even slept together yet.” Toon shook her head. “Just sit down.”

The two obeyed and looked up at us expectantly. Toon shoved me forward. My sisters so I got to explain. “Well I’ll do it the same way Toon did it.” I looked them both in the eyes. “Toon knows about us.”

Their eyes widened. Bethany stammered. “W-what? What are you talking about?”

“Family with benefits.” Toon spoke up.

“Oh God how?” Belle asked.

“I saw you and Rye together at the pool party.” Toon said.

“Jesus Belle couldn’t you keep your hands off him for one day?” Bethany turned on Belle.

“He needed to vent some stress before telling Toon how he felt!” Belle exclaimed. “What better way than sex?”

“This could have been really bad.” Bethany huffed. “Are you really okay with it, Toon?”

“I shouldn’t be but I am.” Toon sat at the desk. “Rye did a decent job of explaining it. If it really helped him that much I can’t put a stop to it.”

“You’re gonna let us keep doing it?” Belle’s face lit up.

Toon nodded. “No other girls though. Just us three.”

“You’re a lucky son of a bitch, Rye.” Belle tossed a pillow at me.

I looked at the three of them and smiled. “Yea. I am.”


After dinner, Aunt April invited Bethany and Belle to go and catch a late movie. Before they left, she pulled me aside. “Be slow with her, Rye.”

“I don’t think this is her first time.”

“That may be the case, but I doubt she’s been sleeping around as much as you have been. It’ll be uncomfortable for her since she’s not used to it.”


“Exactly.” She squeezed my shoulder. “You boys can get a little too excited. Cool it and you won’t hurt her.”

“I understand.”

“Good.” She stepped away before coming back to hug me. “Things are finally going your way, Rye. I really am so happy for you.”

I hugged her back. “Thanks, Auntie.”

She squeezed then pulled away with a laugh. “How many Aunts leave their own home so their nephew can get laid?”

“No one else is as special as you.” I smiled.

“Exactly.” She said. “Have fun.”

“We will.” I waved then hurried upstairs. Toon was waiting for me on my bed, bouncing up down nervously. “Hi.”

“Hi.” A small smile appeared. “We’re alone?”


“Come here, Bread Boy.” She extended her arms and sighed happily as we hugged on the bed.

“If you call me that while we’re having sex you’re never allowed to use that nickname ever again.”

“Yes sir, Captain Bread Boy.” She saluted.

“You’re nervous as fuck aren’t you?”

“Am I that obvious?”



“It’s okay.” I ran my fingers through her short hair. Black and extremely full. And so soft. “We’ll take it slow. And we can stop at any time.”

“Okay.” She got off me and sat up. With her eyes closed she quickly took her shirt off and tossed it. Her skirt followed soon after, leaving her in a dark blue lace thong. She quickly covered her chest and turned to me with her eyes still shut. “I hope you’re into dudes because you’re about to sleep with a girl that kahramanmaraş seks hikayeleri looks like one.”

“Fuck off no you don’t.” I pulled her arms so I could look at her chest. Her breasts would barely fit in the palm of my hand. Small, dark brown nipples were already hard and poking out. “Wow.”

“Shut up. You don’t mean that.” She tried to cover up again but I kept her arms away.

“Yes. I do.” I looked her in the eye. “I love them. And not just because they’re yours.” I kissed the side of her nose while squeezing one of her breasts. “But the fact that they’re yours do make them special.”

“Okay…” She relaxed her arms and kissed me on the lips. “Your turn, Rye.”

“Not gonna take your thong off?”

“Belle told me you like it when she and Beth leave their underwear on.”

“When the hell did she do that?”

“While you were showering. Before dinner.”

“Damn devil.” I scowled. “But she is right.”

“What are you waiting for then? Strip.”

“Yes ma’am!” I saluted. I took my shirt off and her barely held back gasp made me smile wide. “I touched your boobs. Wanna touch mine?”

“Definitely.” She laughed and ran her hands on my chest. “Wow. I’ve seen you shirtless plenty of times. But wow.” Her hand ran down and made it to the bullet wound near my belly. A second later she knelt and kissed the scar. She moved back to running her hands on my chest without another word.

“Should I keep going?” I managed to say. Her kissing my scar had made me happy to the point of speechlessness.

“Yes…” She kissed my chest one more time before sitting back.

Getting naked in front of the twins hadn’t been nearly as nerve wracking. But this was Toon. The girl I had been in love with for years. My best friend. Fuck it. Just go. I was soon kneeling on the bed near Toon with my dick exposed. She was biting her lip so that was very encouraging. And then she began laughing. I blushed and my ears began burning. I covered up immediately. Kill me. Just grab a gun and shoot me in the head. Fucking hell.

“No…no…” She managed through her laugh, pulling my hand away from my dick. “I’m not laughing at your dick.”

“Yes you are.” I said stiffly.

“No…let me…” It took a few seconds but she managed to stop laughing. “Let me explain.”

“Go ahead.” I said. “Then please just kill me afterwards.”

“I saw it. And immediately I thought it was super sexy and got really excited to have it inside me soon. And then I thought…” She snorted and took my cock in one small hand, giving it a squeeze. “What an ABSOLUTE UNIT!”

I stared blankly at her. “Really? You’re dropping fucking memes right now?”

“I’m so sorry.” She fell back with laughter again. “I can’t help it. I’m nervous.”

“My dick isn’t a joke?”

“Of course not!” She giggled. “It’s an absolute unit.”

I didn’t want to. But I laughed. Her awkward nervousness was extremely cute and her giggle was too infectious. “You’re one of a kind, Toon.”

“I…know…” She sat back up. “Okay. Sorry. I’m done. Really.”

“It’s fine.” I moved so she’d have room to lie down. “You can stop me whenever.”

“Okay.” She nodded. “Rye?”


“I love you.”

A shiver up my spine. With three small words she had me completely. “I love you.”

“Thank you.”

“Dork.” I shook my head. My focus was entirely on her body now. God she was perfect. Her pale skin looked smooth and tight. There was no better way to describe it. I could run my hands all over it and I wouldn’t find a single thing wrong with it. The dark blue thong, with a wet spot in the crotch, called to me since it contrasted so strongly with the rest of her. Not yet though. I leaned over her and kissed her neck. Then I made my way down with my lips barely brushing against her. She sighed appreciatively and moaned when I took a nipple into my mouth.


I took her other nipple into my mouth for a second before I kept going down. Her ribs stuck out so I kissed them as well. I then kissed down in a straight line to her belly button before continuing down, stopping right after kissing the front of her thong. I looked up at her. “Mouth or fingers?”

“I don’t know.” Toon bit her lip. “I can’t even think right now. Too lightheaded.”

I kissed her inner thigh. “Mouth it is then.” I pushed her thong to the side. Her scent washed over me, her excitement very clear to me now. I kissed her clit then ran my tongue up along her lips. She moaned and squeeze her thighs closer together.

“Mouth. Yes. For sure.”

I smirked and kept going. She seemed to respond more if I pushed my tongue into her and used my finger to gently rub at her clitoral hood so I kept doing that. Her taste and smell were amazing, a mixture of the soap she had used and her own natural scent. My cock was straining for attention but it wasn’t going to get any until I got her off. Her moans and her squirming were a different kind of satisfaction for me that motivated me to keep going. Toon began grinding against my mouth and her breathing was getting more rapid and shallow. Almost there. Keep going. Come on. Come on…

“Oh!” A shock of pleasure rocked through her as she began cumming. Her back arched and shoved her pussy fully against my mouth. I kept licking at her hungrily to get all of her juices. Until she pushed my face away, I was content with keeping my tongue on her. “Enough…”

I nuzzled her inner thigh and kissed it before coming back up to lie on top of her. “How’d I do?”

Her answer was kissing me deeply, her tongue wrestling with mine until we had to pull apart to breathe. “That’s how good.” She murmured. “Put it in, Rye. Or did you want me to suck you off first?”

“First option.” I reached down and adjusted until the head of my cock was pushing up against the entrance. “Ready?”

“Go slow, please.” Her eyes were squeezed shut.

“Look at me Toon.” She listened immediately. I crossed my eyes and stuck my tongue out, making her laugh in surprise. “Relax, Toon. It’s just me. Rye. Don’t need to be scared.” I looked at her normally. “I won’t hurt you.”

“I know. I just haven’t had anything in there except a dildo. In a long while.”

“How long?”

“…Prom.” She looked away.

“Damn. That long?”

“Yea.” She looked back at me with a smirk on her face. “At least it didn’t take me until college to lose my virginity.”

“Belle told you didn’t she?”


“I’m gonna kill her.”

“I think it’s sweet that you didn’t throw yours away like I did.” Her eyes were downcast. “I thought if I did that I’d be able to move on from you. All it did was make me feel really guilty. Like I cheated on you or something.”

“We weren’t even together back then.”

“I know. It’s complicated.”

“It’s fine.” I kissed her cheek. “I don’t care. You’re mine now.”

“And you’re mine.” She looked me in the eye with a possessiveness I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t understand how she could be like that and yet be okay with me sleeping with Bethany and Belle. But I wasn’t about to start questioning it. At least not now. She kissed me. “Do it, Rye.”

I pushed into her as slowly as I could. It was unbelievably tight but it wasn’t hard to push in. A dazed expression came upon her face as I filled her up. I bit her lower lip and then stuck my tongue into her mouth, her moans going right into mine. I began pulling out a little faster than I had pushed in. Then back in. I built up to a steady rhythm as carefully as I could until I was actually making love to her. Each thrust elicited a small moan that was muffled by us kissing. I lost complete track of how long we were like that. All of my senses were focused entirely on how she felt. Her shoulders pressing into me as I grinded on top of her. Her nails scratching my back with each thrust. Each moan cut short by another one. Whenever she came, her pussy squeezed around my cock that pulled the breath out of me.

“You’ll cum inside me too, right?” Her look was desperate.


“Please. Please Rye.” Her breathing grew ragged. She was going to cum again.

That did it. I moaned her name and starting cumming inside her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me tightly as her own orgasm took over. Our bodies writhed against each other for a few long, amazing seconds before we finished. I stayed on top of her and kissed her neck. “I love you.”

“I love you.” She didn’t unwrap her legs. “I’m officially yours now. No one has ever cum inside me.”

While it wasn’t surprising to hear, it still made me happy. I got off her to lie on my back and she snuggled up to me immediately, resting her head on my chest. “Good. I’m awful at sharing.”

“So am I.” Her fingers lazily ran through my chest hair.

“I might regret asking this but…” I sighed. I just had to know. “I still don’t get how you’re okay with what I do with Beth and Belle. I can see how possessive you are.”

She was quiet for a moment before she adjusted herself to look at me. “If I told you there was something I did that made me feel better, would you stop me from doing it?”

“No. But I don’t think I’d be okay with you fucking someone else. Even if you had the same reasons as me.” I said. “I mean it, Toon. I’ll end things with them.”

“Well I guess that means I’m a better person than you.” She poked my cheek. “You’re not ending things with them.”

“I…Okay.” I gave up. Perhaps Toon was a better person than me. Also not a surprise.

“Good.” She went back to lying with her head on my chest. “I should go clean up.”

“You should.” I didn’t want her to leave, even for a second. “Hurry back.”

“I will.” She kissed me then got up. My eyes were on her ass until she left the room. Definitely better than the twins’ though I’d never admit it to them.

I sighed happily and stared up at the ceiling. The shadows in the corners reminded me of a certain song. “I’ve found other friends, darkness. Much better ones.”

Chapter 20

“Since the summer is almost over and we didn’t even take a trip, who’s up for a weekend at the beach house?” April sat down on her recliner. “Richard said he’d drop the keys off if we wanted them.”

“I’m in.” Belle and Bethany said simultaneously. Belle continued talking on behalf of both of them. “We can leave Friday right after we get home from work.”

“I’m in too.” Ryan raised his hand. “Can I invite Toon?”

“Yes, but she’ll have to sleep in her own room.” April said playfully.

“We’re not coming then.” Ryan grinned. “It’ll be nice having this big house to ourselves again.”

“Nope. Not a chance.” She shook her head. “Invite her.”

“We’d come back Sunday right? Late?”


“Guess she’s taking even more days off.” Ryan was very happy about the fact that Toon had severely decreased the amount of hours she worked after she and Ryan started dating. With the fall semester about to start, many of their waiters were starting to return to town so Toon wasn’t as vital.

“The weather should be amazing.” Bethany looked excited.

“We haven’t been to that house in ages.” Belle said.

“I don’t care if you kids fool around during the trip.” April said. “But be more aware of your surroundings. I don’t want you getting caught like Rye.”

“Belle was there too!’

“That’s not the point.”

“Ugh. Fine. We’ll be careful.”

“Great. I’ll call Richard and let him know.”


Toon showed up a few hours early that Friday, pulling me up to my room immediately. She made me sit down and I looked up at her expectantly. “What do you want?”

“I want you to tell me which swimsuit I should bring.”

“All of them.”

“We’re only getting a day on the beach though.”

“Day and a half. We’re leaving Sunday afternoon not morning”

“Ohhh! I’ll bring both then.”

“Wait. No. I lied. We’re leaving in the morning.” I said. “Go ahead and model for me. So we know what you look best in.”

She raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Say please.”

“Never mind. Don’t care anymore.”

“No gimme attention.” Toon pouted, hitting me with her duffel bag.

“Say please.”

“You’re such a dick.” She huffed. “Please gimme attention.”

“Please model both of the bikinis.”

“Sure.” She dropped the bag and grabbed the bottom of her shirt before stopping. “Close your eyes, Bread Boy.”

“I want to watch!”

“It’ll ruin the reveal if you see me putting it on. Now close them.”

I sighed. “Fine.” I heard her ruffling around for a minute or two, opening my eyes again when she told me to. She had a dark green bikini on with a halter top. The middle of the top had a gap that forced the rest the material to cup around her boobs. The bottom was tied by a string and I could see how tight it was on her. “Yes.”

She laughed. “That’s all you can say?”


“I look good then?”

“You look great.” I was still looking at the gap that was in her top.

“Time for the next one.”

I shut my eyes after getting another look at her whole body. When I got to open them again, I was floored. She was wearing what was probably classified as a one piece. Except the black material only covered her chest, her right side, her waist, and her crotch. It had triangle holes patterned around it. Her pale midriff, however, was on full display. “This one. Go with this one.”

“Really?” She cocked her head to the side. “I actually thought you’d like this one less.”

“It looks great on you. Better than great. I like how it conforms to your body.” I pulled her close. “You don’t have to change back yet.” Like a moth to a flame, my lips were drawn to her belly. Soft and cool from the air conditioning, it tensed when I bit it.

“What do you have in mind?” She said, innocently.

“Get on the bed and find out.”

“Hmm…” She let me kiss her stomach for a little longer before pulling away. “I’d love to. But I don’t want to deal with the clean up.”

“We’ll put a towel down and I’ll cum outside.”

“Or I could just suck your dick.” She got on her knees. “I haven’t gotten to do that yet.” She kissed the bulge that had already formed. “Practicing on a dildo is boring. I want the real thing.” She continued to kiss along the shaft of my bulge until I was completely hard. “God you’re hot.” She looked up at me, eyes hungry. “Take it out.”

I wasn’t about to say no to a request like that. I pushed my shorts down with my boxers and sat back down, my cock pointing straight at her. “Did you really practice on a dildo?”

“Mhm.” Her eyes were fixated on my cock and she was biting her lower lip. “Can’t be a good cocksucker without practice.” She took my balls into her mouth and ran her tongue over them, moaning like it was causing her pleasure as well. The vibrations felt amazing. Once my balls were completely wet, she stopped. “I think I’ll really like this.”

“Bless you.”

She laughed and kissed the spot where the shaft met the balls. “Maybe I’ll start sucking other dicks since it’s so fun.”

“That’s not funny.”

“Awww.” She laughed harder before kissing the head. “You don’t want to share me?”

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