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a foot perv 4It was the morning after I had painted Ann’s toes for her I had woke up and headed to the kitchen to get a drink. Mom was heading out the door for work and Ann was sitting at the table eating a bowl of corn flakes. I made myself some toast and poured a glass of orange juice and sat at the table across from Ann. As we sat eating our breakfast I asked Ann what she had planned for the day. She told me being the weather was going to be nice she and our cousin Kate were going to just lay around the pool and tan.Kate was the same age as Ann and they did everything together. She then asked if I had any plans. I told her I wasn’t sure yet But I was sure I’d find something fun to do. As I told her that I felt her foot work its way up my leg and rest right in my crotch, wiggling her toes as it found its resting place. With a wink she said if I didn’t find something to do I could hang with her and Kate by the pool.I wasn’t sure I wanted to hang with the girls so I told her I was going to call a few of my buddies to see what was up. By this time she had finished eating and she pulled her foot from my crotch and went up to her room. I made a few calls to find out all my buddies were busy so I decicded I would do a few chores around the house that bayraklı escort I had been putting off and mow the lawn to get that out of the way.By the time I got everything done it was almost noon and was getting hot I went in grabbed a drink and decided I would jump in the pool to cool off. I switched into my swim trunks and headed out to the pool where Kate and Ann were laying in the lounge chairs soaking up the sun. I dove in and swam around for a while. During this time the girls had gotten up and came to the side of the pool and sat on the edge hanging their legs into the water. I swam over to them Ann was sitting on the ladder and Kate was to the right of it .They ask what I was going to do the rest of the day as I tryed to get out of the pool. Reaching for the ladder I was haulted as Ann stuck her foot out hitting me in my chest and holding me away.Seeing this Kate joined in holding me away with her feet also.As I tryed to get to ladder my cock began getting hard from wrestling with their feet as I struggled to reach it. The more I struggled the harder I got.I finally got a hold of the ladder and the girls quit trying to keep me away. Hanging to the ladder I stayed in the pool not wanting to climb out infront on the girls with escort bayraklı a tent in my trunks. The girls got up and went back to the lounge chairs and asked if I would rub some lotion on them before I went in. I told them I would in a few minutes ,I wanted to make a lap in the pool before I got out. As I took the lap my hardon subsided and I climbed out of the pool.The girls were laying on their stomachs when I got to them.I asked who wanted it first and Ann told me to go ahead and do Kate first.I rubbed the lotion all over Kate paying special attention to her legs and feet. While I rubbed her feet Kate told me that it felt so good when I worked the lotion in on the soles of her feet that she didn’t want me to stop. Ann giggled and told her not to worry her big brother has a thing for feet and that she was sure I enjoyed it as much as she did. Blushing a bit I turned to Ann and began to do her with the lotion.She bent her legs so they stuck up and told me to give her feet the attention that I did yesterday. Kate asked Ann what she meant by that and my sister went on to tell her how I had painted her toes for her and how I sucked on them after they were dry. She also told her how good it felt.Not knowing what to say I lowered my mouth bayraklı escort bayan to Anns feet and started sucking her toes as I did the day before. This time Ann started moaning how good it felt and Kate turned to see what I was doing.Kate spoke up and said that she wanted to try some of that and rolled over on her back holding a foot up as to offer it to me. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.I moved over sitting at the end of Kates lounge and begun sucking on her suckulant toes. While working on Kates cute little feet Ann sat up and positioned heself so that she could put her feet in my crotch and started rubbing my cock that was again hard as a rock. When I garbbed for Kates other foot to give it some loving Ann told me to pull down my trunks so she could do a better job.Without a second to waste I dropped them and continued to suck Kates toes. Peeking up I seen Kates eyes were glued to all the action going on. Kate then asked if she could try what Ann was doing to me . I told her sure why not. I then layed out on the deck and told the girls to sit at the end of the chairs and they both could play at the same time.Feeling four feet rubbing and stroking my cock it didn’t take very long to blow a load of hot cum all over the girls feet. Ann was giggling and Kate was mesmerized by the site of all the cum I had blown. Turning to Kate, Ann said see I told how much fun this was. Kate nodded and asked if she could come over the next time we did this. Wow ,what a summer this is going to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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