A Fishing Day

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A Fishing DayTrue Story… This happened to me on April 19th. 2016. I went fishing in a fairly remote place on a lake near me. I had been fishing for about half an hour when I heard someone coming through the brush in my direction. I looked up an saw a young man with his tackle box and pole. He said hi and came down next to the shore line with me. He told me this was a good place to fish and that he had caught a lot of fish here.I found out his name was Rob and we talked and fished for another hour, catching 3 or four fish a piece. As we were talking, the subject turned to sex. He was telling me about some of the escapades he and his new wife were having.I also found out he was 22 and his wife Jenny was 19 years old. Among many other things he told me, he said his young wife wanted to watch him give another guy a blow job. I asked him if he did it. He told me he just hadn’t found another guy that he was willing to suck.Then he looked at me with a very serious face. “Would you mind showing me your cock?” He asked. “If you don’t want to, I can leave now. You just look like the type I have been looking for tuzla escort to please my wife.” I didn’t really know what to think. Without thinking, I put my pole down, un-did my jeans and dropped my pants. I always wear panties, and today I had on a red pair of nylon bikini’s. Rob stood there, his eyes fixed on my crotch.He then reached out and gently caressed my cock and balls through the thin nylon. “So far, I really like it.” he said. “I really didn’t know how I would react to this, but those panties do something to me. I can’t believe I’m actually excited!” He continued. My tiny penis began to stiffen until it was it’s normal 5 ½.” long. Rob pulled the front of the bikini’s down over my cock and balls and dropped to his knees. “It’s so cute! All shaved and smooth, it’s really not like a man’s cock. I think I can do this.”With that, Rob leaned forward and sucked my dick into his mouth. He sucked for almost a minute then looked up and asked me if I was going to cum. I told him almost. He said he would rather wait to take a load of cum, for the first time, in his mouth, so he could experience it while his tuzla escort bayan wife was watching.I told him that would be fine. He got up and we packed our gear and I followed him to his house. It was only about a 10 minute drive and he led me into his house. We got into the living room and I sat down. Rob said he was going to get his wife.He returned just a few seconds later, followed by his wife. She was an oriental girl from the Philippines‘. Her name was Tina. She was only about 5 feet tall, slim with a nice round bubble butt and small tits. What struck me was she look to be around 12 years old and not 19.I realize, oriental girls look younger than they are, but this was ridicules! Tina was wearing a halter top and very short, shorts. Rob sat down next to me on one side and Tina on the other. I felt like I was with a father and daughter! “I hope you don’t mind, but Tina would like to feed your cock to me. She thinks that would excite her very much.” Rob said. I nodded my head in agreement. Tina already hand her hand on my upper thigh and turned more towards me to use both her hands to un-do my escort tuzla jeans. She then pulled them down and smiled when she noticed the panties I was wearing.“Oh!! I like that!” Tina said admiring my panties. She began softly running her hand over my pantied cock and balls making me hard. Rob leaned over with his head right over my crotch. I felt Tina pull down the front of my panties below my balls, then her hand grabbed my dick and began slowly stroking it.With her other hand, she placed it on her husbands head and slowly pushed it down until I felt his warm, wet lips engulf my cock. She let go of my dick and I could see her massaging her small breasts under her top. She was really excited watching all this and one of her hands dropped behind Robs head and I guess she was rubbing her pussy.I announced I was ready to cum and Tina told Rob to swallow it. He did as he was told and I could hear him gulping as I creamed in his mouth. I watched as Tina shuddered with a violent orgasm from watching us. Rob sat up and leaned back on the couch. Tina still had her hand in her crotch and had a large smile on her face. They both told me they had a wonderful time and invited me back any time I wanted. I pulled up my jeans, thanked them, and left. I went back a few weeks later to find they had moved. Never did see them again.

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