A First Kiss

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Ava Sparxxx

I was over at my best friend’s house the night after Halloween. Both being broke, we decided to have a late party, just the two of us. Vanessa was sitting on her couch, watching some drab comedy on the television while I mixed us up another round of pineapple juice and vodkas, our fourth round already.

“So, where’s Paul at tonight?” I called to her from the kitchen, referring to her husband.

“He’s out with his friends, again.” She muttered, obviously displeased with the fact.

I sat down next to her, handing her glass over, already half finished with my own. I could feel the alcohol in my system, a little worried about doing something I’d regret.

Vanessa downed her drink in two gulps and set her glass on the floor. “Sometimes I just don’t know about him.” She sighed.

Nodding in agreement, I stared at her back, her long brown hair swaying across it. I finished off my drink and took our glasses to the kitchen. She was starting to feel a little more than buzzed, too, I could hear it in her voice. Gulping down my nerves, I glance over at her on the couch again.

“Come on, let’s go for a walk, it’s so nice out.”

Shrugging, she started to stand but fell back down. Giggling, she tried again, successful this time. I opened door and we both stepped out into the crisp evening air. It was just dusk, and the neighborhood was barren. The only noise was the leaves scuttling across the ground with the light breeze.

We walked about her apartment complex, down the narrow tree studded trails, never seeing another soul. As far as we were concerned, there was no one else on earth. We spoke of our relationships, movies, music, all the mundane things in the world. She knew I was having trouble with my new sexuality, but she didn’t know how much. I had told her that I was more interested in girls than I was in boys, but I couldn’t find anyone to help me make sure it was what I wanted.

“I’m never going to get laid again.” I told her with in an exasperated voice.

“Yes, you are. You just haven’t been looking in the right places.” She assured me with a friendly smile. “You won’t have a problem getting a girl at all.”

Staring down at the green grass, I merely nodded. What she didn’t understand was that I didn’t want just anyone. Since we had started going to clubs together in my search for sex, I’d noticed her more and more. She was prettier than I’d ever noticed before. She was nothing what I was looking for, kaçak iddaa a complete opposite of what I’d thought attractive: a tall 5’7″, long brown hair, with almond shaped eyes and, of course, married.

I stared at the path ahead, and kept walking. Usually, I was able to keep my desires to a minimum, but on nights we were drinking, it was much harder. I glanced over at her again, feeling something inside me beginning to stir.

The sun had set by now, a full moon rising high above. Full moons always made me feel much more sexual. A milky light gave the landscape a soft glow, as if part of a dream. I realized then that we had wandered far from her apartment, into a much less developed part of the complex. It was almost certain that no one was around now. My mind playing over a scenario, I smiled coyly as I felt a warmness between my thighs.

Inhaling sharply, I thought, screw it. I’d decided to go for the gold.

“Vanessa, can I ask you something? It’s important.” I said softly.

Giggling, Vanessa just smiled at me and replied “Of course.”

This is it, I thought. No turning back after this. “Well,” I started, licking my lips “Lately, I can’t help but notice, I’m incredibly attracted to you. I just want to know if you would, um, give me my first kiss.” I could barely hear myself speak by the end of the sentence. My heart was beating like a hummingbird, and the pause in the conversation made me wonder if she even heard what I said. I brought my eyes to look into hers, my cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

Vanessa stared back at me, as though trying to figure out if I was serious of joking. After a few long moments, her tongue ran across her lips, and she opened her mouth to speak.

“I don’t really know what to say” She started “I guess I’d never really thought of you that way.”

For a brief moment, I chastised myself for being such an idiot.

“I’d love to be your first kiss.” She replied breathily.

A relieved grin broke out on my face and I looked around briefly.

Stepping closer to me, I could feel her body heat, smell her sweet perfume. Her breasts heaved up and down against the red corset top she wore. Taking in another deep breath, I slid my hand behind her head and pulled her a little closer. I could nearly taste the vodka and juice left on her lips. Releasing a soft moan, I pulled her lips to mine and kissed her hard. Her tongue slid past my lips and began to explore my mouth. Breathing kaçak bahis hard, I moaned louder. Unable to stop myself, I felt my left hand slide up her side and over her heaving breast. A tremble shook through my insides and I pulled her closer to me. Her hands moved from my back to my front, slowly unbuttoning my black blouse to reveal little bits of pale skin at a time. At the same time, I was unzipping her top, her olive skin soft to the touch.

Suddenly, I was kissing her neck, then her shoulders, taking it all in. She stood before me, her head arched back in pleasure. I reached back and unclasped my bra, and pulled her against me. Feeling her bare breasts against me for the first time stirred something more inside me and my thighs grew warm once more. I kneeled before her and unsnapped her jeans, pulling them and her shoes off her. She merely stood there in her little red panties and awaited my next move. I kicked off my own sandals and traced my fingers over her thighs. She released a breath and gasped softly. Just seeing her there was making me hornier than I could ever remember being. The light of the moon graced her skin with a soft touch. I rubbed her flat stomach, sliding my palms down to her hips and played with the straps of her panties. Moving my hands down, I felt her thighs, then moved them up to her fabric covered mound. I pulled myself to my feet, running my hands from the backs of her legs up the curve of her ass to the small of her back.

Vanessa’s lip trembled as she stared into my eyes and I pulled her close in another deep kiss, nibbling on her bottom lip ever so slightly. I took her hands into mine and pulled her down with me this time, easing her onto her back. A gentle breeze danced across her bare breasts and hardened her nipples. Leaning over her, I took one of her breasts into my mouth, and circled the tight mound with my tongue. She let out a louder moan and set her hand on the back of my head. While I was nibbling her breast, my hand found it’s way down to her legs again, playing over the last bit of fabric she wore. My fingers slipped down between her thighs, finding them wet and slippery.

Raising my mouth from her chest, I positioned myself between her legs, spreading them softly. Even through the clinging fabric, I could see how soaking wet she had become. Suddenly frantic with desire, I ripped her panties from her body, exposing her dripping slit. Kissing her stomach and bikini line, I lowered my head down into illegal bahis her. Vanessa’s legs trembled with desire as I breathed over her clit.

Finally, I slid my tongue into her, the taste driving me wild. Gently licking first, she cried out with satisfaction, hands gripping the grass around her. Softly parting her even more, I began to suck and lick, taking her into my mouth and driving her toward orgasm. Soon, she’s bucking against my mouth, crying out for more. I lick her clit and begin to slide a finger in and out of her pussy. I pump in and out slowly at first, then speeding up with the sounds of her moans. Her juice runs down over my hand as her back arches hard with a sudden orgasm. Pulling my finger out of her, I lay myself on top of her and kiss her once more. Breathless, all she can do is kiss me back and run her hands over my taut nipples and fondle my full breasts.

Then, recovering from her lusty experience, she pushes me off her and rolls on top, her hands sliding up and down my body. By now, the slightest touch is driving me wild. She unclasps my black pants to reveal an also black thong. Pulling my pants and my thong down together she eyes my dripping area. Smiling, she rubs her palm against me, shooting an electric reaction up my body. I’m already breathing hard, and a moan escapes my lips. Rubbing my clit, she slips her thumb inside me and I let out a surprised cry. Grinning at my fulfillment, she begins to rub faster. My hands begin to rub my breasts, down to my thighs and back up, my head arced back. She slides her hand away from my hot, drenched sex, and I begin to whimper in yearning.

Raising my head, I look down between my legs to see Vanessa just before she begins to lick my cunt. Letting out a scream, my body trembles and spasms with delight.

“God, yes!” I finally yell, “Fuck me, Vanessa, fuck me hard!” I can feel my heart pounding in sync with my heard breathing. Finally, heat washes over me, and I cum hard into Vanessa’s mouth. My pussy is throbbing as Vanessa continues to eat me out, sending even more sensation up to my breasts. Feeling something I’d never felt before, my entire body shudders with one jolt.

“Oh, shit! I’m cumming again, oh fuck!” I shout again. With that, I feel the hot liquid shoot out my pussy again before I collapse with a heaving breath. Naked and exhausted, I lay there for a moment, soaking in the tremendous gratification I feel.

Suddenly, Vanessa is lying in front of me, gazing into my eyes. Kissing her softly on the lips, I utter a breathless “Oh, God.” She licks her lips and nods in reply. After a few minutes, I look at her and whisper “That was one hell of a first kiss.”

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