A First For Miya

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It’s not as if I was happy to have spent thousands of dollars on film school only to end up as the assistant of the director of porn movies, but the job market being what it was, I was happy just to have a job. Still, Michael Spunk had proven to be a likeable boss, and, a year out of college, I was in no hurry to go looking for another job.

Part of my fascination with this job is getting to watch people have sex. Growing up in a conservative Japanese family, I was pretty sheltered, and even after I moved to the United States for college, I kept pretty much to myself. That is to say, I’m still a virgin.

It isn’t that I don’t want to have sex or that I’m afraid of it; really, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with it since I started working with Michael. But I’m still very shy, and I don’t know how to get sex, I suppose you could say.

I have become friends recently with one of Michael’s favorite actresses, Sadira Odell (known on-screen as Tiffany Velvet), and it was during pre-production of their latest joint venture (an interesting take on Forster’s “A Room With a View”) that I confessed my innocence to her.

Somewhat shocked, Sadira immediately took it upon herself to help me find a man with whom I could “explore my sexuality,” as she put it. After listing several of her friends and colleagues, she got that inspired gleam about her that seems to accompany all of her brilliant ideas.

“Just leave it to me,” she grinned.


Sadira’s costar in her current production was Reed Black (whose real name was Aubrey Covington, but whom everyone called Brey), an excessively attractive Englishman I had developed a crush on as soon as I saw him. He only stood about 5’9″, and was slim, fair, and freckled. He wasn’t overly well endowed, and yet had somehow found a good deal of success in his chosen field (it must have been the accent).

He had also found success among his coworkers, and his comparatively good manners led the actresses to recommend him to casting directors. He would even take the time to ask how I was, and hardly anyone even notices me. This would be their first time working together, and I knew that Sadira was as excited about working with him as I was.

So when Sadira invited me over to help out with a private rehearsal in her apartment, I was a little nervous. It would just be the three of us, and something told me this was part of her plan to get me laid.

I didn’t bother worrying about what to wear, as I knew that she would insist on a wardrobe change as soon as I got there anyway, so I ran out the door in jeans and a tee shirt and, fifteen minutes later, knocked on Sadira’s door.

She opened the door in a black lace bustier, a matching thong, black thigh-highs, and 5″ black heels.

“Hey, Sadie,” I murmured, waiting for her to let me in.

“That’s what you’re wearing?” she said, rolling her eyes. “Let me get this straight. I set this thing up so that you can get laid, and this is what you wear? No wonder you’re a virgin.”

“Can I come in?” She stood aside, shutting the door behind me. “I knew you’d make me change, so I didn’t worry about it,” I told her.

“Well, let’s see what I have,” she said. “On the other hand, this might be a good thing. You can put your clothes on over what I give you, and he won’t know what’s going on…” I could see her mind ticking as she pulled open the closet in the guest bedroom. “This is my lingerie closet,” she told me, and sure enough, the enormous closet was jammed full of lingerie.

“Wow,” I said, gaping.

“Let’s see, I’m doing black, so we’ll have to pick another color for you.” she began sorting through a rack of corsets, pulling bahis firmaları out a burgundy, a light pink, a lavender, and a bright red one. “Try these on,” she said. “Any will be fine, but I think the red would look best against your skin.”

I pulled my shirt off self consciously, knowing she was scrutinizing my body. Following her advice, I pulled the red satin corset on, fastening it as quickly as I could.

“You’re hot, Miya, you know that?” Sadira said. “Yes, the red will do. Now for accessories…” She pulled out matching crotchless panties, black thigh highs, tall, black leather boots, and a black leather miniskirt.

“He’s going to know something’s up when he sees me in this,” I warned.

“Never mind that,” she grinned. “I can’t let that body go to waste. Besides, when he sees you in that, he won’t be able to think well enough to ask why the change!”


Brey arrived half an hour later, which gave Sadira enough time to do my makeup and hair.

I stood looking at her cd collection while she answered the door. “Go on into the back room while I get us something to drink,” I heard her tell him, and then listened to his approaching footsteps.

“Oh, hello,” he said as he entered the room. I turned nervously. He wore khaki pants, a white shirt, and a brown suede jacket.

“Hello, Brey,” I smiled shyly.

“Miya?” his eyes moved from my face down over the corset, down the skirt, to the boots and back up.

“How are you?” my smile grew a little more confident as I could see that he liked what he saw.

“I’m…wow. I’m stunned. You look…amazing,” he grinned back charmingly. “A bit confused, though. Are you going to be in this picture?”

“Something like that,” Sadira answered, coming into the room with three bottles of beer. “Here you go,” she said, handing one to each of us. “Did you bring your script,” she asked Brey, who held up the rolled-up copy he held in his hand. “Good,” she said, sitting on the chair. “Let’s get started then,” she said, gesturing toward the sofa. Brey tossed his jacket over the arm and lounged across the sofa while I dimmed the lights a bit.

They ran through some lines for a while, and I listened patiently. Finally, Sadira suggested that they move on to the first love scene.

“Do we really need to practice that?” Brey asked jokingly.

“Just to get the chemistry right,” she responded. “I do this with all of my coworkers.”

“How reassuring,” he laughed.

“Miya, would you go set the bed up for me?” she asked. I nodded, and went to remove the comforter from her bed. They followed a moment later.

“Take your shirt off and lie down,” she told Brey, who obliged quite willingly. My eyes followed his hands as they moved from button to button, revealing a freckled chest covered with just enough hair to emphasize his masculinity. The hair came together in a line from his belly button down to his pants. As he pulled the shirt off, he glanced up to notice that I was watching, and smiled, tossing the shirt onto a chair and sitting on the edge on the bed.

“Now, I suppose that Lucy,” which was the name of her character, “Will be wearing a skirt, so let me get one out.” She dug through the closet, pulling out a long skirt, which she quickly put on. “The question is, does she take it off or does he?” She moved to stand in front of him, running her hands through his hair as he gazed up at her. His hands moved to her waist, and she leaned down to kiss him. She stood, turned around, and bent forward as she pushed the skirt down to reveal her finely shaped ass. He promptly ran his hands over it, then pulled her back so that she was sitting in his lap.

I kaçak iddaa watched him slide his hands over her breasts as she turned her face to kiss him, rotating her hips gently to encourage his growing cock. He was breathing heavily as she broke away.

“Ok, so that’s one version,” she said, standing. “Let’s see it the other way. But,” she added, “I really need to visualize this, so Miya, you be me.” I rose from my seat and walked shyly toward him.

Brey gave me a friendly smile as I approached. “It’s all right,” he encouraged me, sliding his hands over my hips and resting at my waist.

“You should start out with a kiss,” Sadira recommended, and I bent down to press my lips to his.

His hands moved up to hold my face to his as he deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue into my mouth. I moaned gently, running my hands over his chest, and he lay back, pulling me on top of him. My legs fell to either side of him, and I straddled him, feeling his cock pressing against my pussy as we kissed.

He moved his hands down my body to my ass, holding me firmly as he pushed his hips up against me, then began searching for the skirt’s zipper. Finding it, he pulled it down and began tugging at the skirt. “Stand up,” he whispered, and I began to climb out of bed, but he grabbed my hand. “No, here,” he said, sitting up and gesturing for me to stand above his lap.

My eyes drifted shut as I stood over him, and his hands slowly peeled the skirt off of me. His hands drifted over every curve and valley from my waist to my ankles, and as I stepped out of the skirt, he leaned forward to kiss my crotch.

“Yes, that’s much hotter,” Sadira said, breaking me out of my reverie. “Thank you Miya,” she said. I nodded, and returned to my seat reluctantly. I could sense Brey’s disappointment, too, as he watched me walk back across the room. Sadira took my place on the bed, encouraging him to pick up where he had left off, and he hesitated, looking at me. I smiled and nodded, and he slid his hands up to her ass. He tugged down her thong, sliding his tongue between her pussylips to massage her clit for a moment before pulling away.

“Are you sure this is necessary?” he asked.

“Do you want to be comfortable when we start shooting or not?” Sadira asked, frustrated that her pleasure had been cut short.

“Of course, but…”


“I’m not comfortable just now.” Brey slid his body back a little bit.

“What do you mean?” Sadira sat facing him on the bed.

“It’s just that you get me worked up, then stop. Then she gets me really worked up, then stops. Is this how it’s going to go all night?” he asked.

“I guess you’re right,” she said, standing up. “Let’s try something different.” She walked over to the nightstand and pulled out a sleeping eye mask. “Take your pants off,” she told him, and he obeyed. She handed him the mask. “Lie down and put this on,” she told him.

When he had, she straddled his chest and leaned over to free his cock from his boxers. I watched as she pumped it in her fist, then slid it into her mouth and began sucking and licking up and down his shaft. He was running his hands up and down her stockinged legs as she performed her ministrations, and I watched his legs tighten up as he struggled to maintain control of himself. When he had reached full staff, she rose, telling him, “Now we’ll fuck.” Silently, she gestured to me to climb atop him.

My pussy was soaked from watching Sadira suck Brey’s cock. I straddled him, holding his cock in one hand as I slid down onto the head. He moaned quietly, putting his hands on my hips. He pushed up gently, and when he hit the resistance, stopped.

“What…” kaçak bahis he said, pulling the eye mask up. “Oh, shit,” he said when he realized it was me. “You’re a virgin?” I nodded in shame. “Well, let’s do this right, then,” he said, lifting me off of his cock and laying me on the bed next to him.

He leaned over to kiss me, running his hands up my legs and sliding two fingers through the hole in my panties. He rubbed them in my wetness, then slid them inside of me, rubbing my clit with his thumb as his fingers fucked me. I moaned into his mouth, moving my hips to match the rhythm of his fingers.

I was surprised to notice my pussy clutching at his fingers as they slid out of me, as if it was trying to pull them back in. I guess that was normal, since Brey seemed to be enjoying it. I tried to pull away when the pleasure became too intense, but he kept going until I thought I vouldn’t take it any more.

He stopped abruptly, pulling away and I cried out, wanting more. He repositioned himself between my legs, sliding the head of his cock in as far as he’d been before. He whispered, “This will hurt for a minute, but it’ll get better after that. Are you ready?” I nodded, biting my lip. “Okay.”

He pulled back, then pushed roughly all the way in. Everything went white for a minute, and I felt like I’d been ripped open. He paused, kissing my face and neck gently as my pussy adjusted to this intrusion.

After a few moments, I was ready to start up again, and I began moving my hips against him, encouraging him to do the same. He kissed my mouth, murmuring, “This is where it gets good,” before beginning to move against me again.

He began a slow rhythm, gently rocking in and out of me until I was writhing under him. I felt the pressure building again, but this time he let me go over. I guess Sadira was feeling left out, because, when she heard me coming, she came over and undid my corset, then bent over to suck on one nipple while caressing my other breast.

Brey began moving faster between my legs as he watched her sucking on my tits, and my moans grew louder as she slid her arm between us to rub my clit furiously. They made me come again, and Brey had still not come yet.

Sadira lay on her back next to me, said something to Brey, who pulled out. I moaned in protest, but felt him lifting me. He turned me over so that I was straddling Sadira’s face, and her pussy was presented to mine. Brey climbed back onto me, leaning onto my back and whispering, “Eat her pussy,” as I felt her tongue exploring me. I bent to suck gently on her clit, and Brey slid back into me.

His pace was more intense now, and he reached around to grip my tits as he humped me. Sadira was slurping loudly as she licked and sucked my cunt, and I ate her out as best as I could with the two of them devoting so much energy to me.

Brey was lifting me into the air with every thrust, and as my arms grew tired, I just lay forward and buried my face in Sadira’s cunt. She moaned, grinding her clit against my chin, and I gripped the backs of her thighs for support. Brey held my hips in place and began thrusting rapidly into me, and I could here the SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! as his hips slammed against me.

I closed my eyes and let the feelings overcome me again, and as my cunt contracted spasmodically around his cock, I felt his muscles tense up, and with a few more firm thrusts, I could feel him spurting into me.

As he disengaged himself, Brey pulled me off of Sadira. We lay together for a moment, then she moved up to kiss me. “Not bad for your first time, huh?” she laughed quietly, lying back on the bed.

“I think I could get used to it,” I said with a grin. I wiggled my ass against Brey and felt his cock already starting to grow hard again. “How about you?” I asked.

“Any time you want” he said.

Sadira laughed. “It’s gonna be a long night…”

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