A fantasy that I hope comes true

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A fantasy that I hope comes trueJust a story I decided to write hope u enjoyI walk into the house and hear the shower running so I quietly make my way upstairs slowly stripping off my clothes on the way to the bathroom and just as I’m about to open the door I hear you moan I instantly get hard thinking of bending u over in the shower as I walk in i see u against the door of the shower your ass pressed against it and a set of hands on your ass squeezing it and a finger rubbing your tight asshole slowly sliding in and out of it I see the hands slowly make there way up your back and this other person kissing there way up your chest I hear a woman’s voice tell you to lay in the tub and spread your legs so you lay down and spread your legs the whole time my hand is stroking my cock watching this woman have her way with you and you thoroughly enjoying yourself I watch and her hands slide your chest and her head go between your legs you wrap your legs around her head and the water cascades over both your bodies you moan and I kno u r close to cumming she stops just before you do and you grab her hands and pull anadolu yakası escort her up your chest so you can kiss her and taste your sweet juices on her tongue you tell her to switch spots with I c her stand up so u both can switch places she looks right at me and grins and turns u so u don’t c me she sees me standing there with my hard cock in my hand and lays down in the shower instead of putting your head between her legs you straddle her face putting your tight wet pussy on her face so she can tongue fuck you and so u can tongue fuck her she grabs your ass and pulls your pussy closer to her face shocked at first at how it feels I hear you moan with pleasure which turns me on even more you push your pussy wanting to feel her tongue deeper inside you cum squirting your juices on her chest I see her tongue slide along your pussy she starts to lightly bite your clit like I do to you she screams as she cums you bury your tongue in her pussy tasting her juices you collapse a little as your knees give way as you cum again you both slide up each others ataşehir escort bodies kissing your way up each others bodies meeting in the middle and kissing deeply savoring each others juices you slowly sit up and look and see me standing there my with my hard cock in my hand you open the shower and step out still dripping wet you both step out and u walk over to me wrap your arms around me and passionately kiss my lips u feel my cock pressed against u and you look down and see precum on the head of my cock you get on your knees and teasingly lick the precum and then stand up lightly run a finger along my hard shaft you walk over to the counter and grab the video camera and walk to the bed room and put the camera on the dresser facing the bed you pull a chair close to the bed so I can watch and u sit me down and lay the woman on the bed you straddle her face and you put my hard cock in your mouth sliding your tongue along the shaft tasting my precum you moan as you feel your clit being nibbled on your moaning while sucking my cock drives me wild I grab your head and ümraniye escort push your head down making u take my whole cock in your mouth I slide my hands down your chest and grab your tits and squeeze your nipples you slide your mouth off my cock sliding your tongue along the head one final time before you smile at me and ask you to slide my hard cock deep inside your ass while your pussy gets licked and while u slide your tongue along the pussy that is right in front of your face you slide your tongue deep inside her pussy savoring her taste she moans with pleasure you feel her moaning under u driving u to new heights of pleasure u feel my hard cock slowly slide deep into your ass as I’m thrusting I push your pussy into her face forcing her tongue deep inside you and forcing your tongue deep inside her pussy I feel your ass tighten gripping my cock so tight I can’t pull it out I grab your hips and push my cock in further so it’s all the way in I start thrusting deep inside you I feel you flex your ass and I start to fuck your ass faster and faster and with one final deep hard thrust I cum you feel my cock explode filling your ass with hot cum you lift your face and scream in pleasure as your body spasms with the biggest orgasm you have ever felt I slowly take my cock out of your ass and cum slowly leaks out we all collapse in a pile my arms wrapped around u holding u close and your arms wrapped around the other woman

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