A Fantasy He Didn’t Want Fulfilled

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A Fantasy He Didn’t Want Fulfilled*******************************************************************************Disclaimer:All credit to Motothis story can be found at www.liteerotica.com.another one of my favourites*******************************************************************************A Fantasy He Didn’t Want Fulfilledby m-o-t-o©I had one steady girlfriend throughout college. I met her my freshman year; she was a sophomore. When we met, she was dating a guy at another school but that did not stop her from pursuing me. She was the most sexual girlfriend I have ever had. She was super kinky and loved to have sex, as much as she could get. Her boyfriend would often call when we were having sex. She would try to get off the phone immediately but sometimes he would insist on talking. I was a real prick; I would fuck her hard to try to make her moan into the phone. I don’t think he ever knew about the phone calls. But it always made me throbbing hard to think what it would be like to be on the other end of that phone and talk to my girlfriend while some other guy was nailing her. My senior year (she had long since broken up with the other guy), she was studying at a grad school a few hours away from my school. When I saw her on weekends, we screwed like rabbits and we had a lot of phone sex. I knew she spent a lot of time with guys, and knowing her, I had plenty of reasons to doubt her faithfulness. Though I should admit that I was hardly faithful myself. I hated having to worry about who she was screwing, but at the same time, the idea turned me on. My fantasies about her with other guys became a regular topic of our phone sex. And eventually she admitted how much it turned her on to think about being with another man. She especially liked the idea of fucking another guy while I watched or listened. After a while, she was getting more turned on about it than I was. The object of much of our discussions was an Italian classmate of hers. He had tried hard to get her into bed and hit on her all the time. The first time they met, he said her tits were so nice guys must stare at them all the time. Normally she would be insulted by something like that, but coming from him she seemed flattered. The way she talked about him I could tell that she was intrigued. I was more than a little jealous. At the end of the year he graduated and was going home. He asked her to dinner to say good-bye. Much to my dismay, she accepted. She assured me it was only friendly and nothing would happen. I knew he was planning this as his last chance to get her into bed, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. I spent the evening of the date trying not to think about it. When I did think about it, my dick would stand straight up and not lay down until I jerked off. When she finally called at midnight, I had already come five times. Our conversation went like this: “Hi dear, I just wanted to -huh…- call and -ahh-… say good…night.” At the same time as her “huh” I heard what sounded a lot like a headboard hitting the wall. “Hold on a second” I said, “let me switch phones.” I got on the phone in my bedroom to talk, it took about half a minute to change phones. My stomach was in my throat due to what I was sure were the sounds of my sweet girlfriend being fucked by that Italian jackass. When I picked up the other phone, I could hear her breathing heavily. “How was dinner?” I said, my heart pounding. “…Mmmmm, it was ok, nothing exciting. I just got back -huh- and I -gasp- really just want to get to …bed.” “Are you ok? Your voice sounds strange.” “Of course, I am … just -umph- tired.” I heard the bed squeak. “I just want … to … get some sleep -mmph-.” “What are you doing? Is he there?” “Don’t be… ridiculous. Alright sweetie I have to -ah- go.” Her voice sounded slightly frantic toward the end and I heard what sounded a lot like a man groaning just as she put the receiver down. I immediately tried to call back but the phone was off the hook. Obviously I assumed she was getting fucked. I had this strange mixed emotion of being absolutely livid with rage, stomach-churning feelings of hurt and betrayal, but at the same time having a painfully hard istanbul escort dick. I contemplated driving up to her school and trying to catch them at it. But it was late, and I had class in the morning. So instead, I lay awake all night, alternatively thinking of ways to get back at her and jerking off as I replayed the conversation in my head and imagined what they had been doing. The next day I drove up to see her. Through considerable use of guilt and pressure, I got the truth out of her about what had happened that night: Whatever her original intentions, she definitely dressed to turn him on. She wore a thin shirt with no bra to make sure he would get his fill of her round perky tits. She wore a skirt that showed just enough leg to peak his interest. And she wore a white cotton thong, my favorite. He picked her up at his house and kissed her hand at the front door. They drove to dinner. Not much happened at dinner other than that he was very charming. There were lots of sexual innuendos and flirting. Whenever he got the chance he would touch her arm or rest his knee up against hers under the table. She thrives on sexual tension; the prick was playing my girlfriend just right. Later when I grilled her on it, she admitted to me that she was dripping wet by the end of dinner. After dinner, they walked across the street to a quiet bar. Over drinks he brought the conversation around to sex. He was feeling her out to find out what turned her on. After the second drink, he mentioned that his last girlfriend and he had another guy in the bed once. He and the other guy had fucked each other and both had fucked his girlfriend. This was my girlfriend’s biggest fantasy (I refused to do it for her). I know my girlfriend: at hearing this, her pussy clenched tight and started flowing. Then he started asking about our sex life. She told him how much she wanted to watch me with another guy and how I had refused. And she told him lots of other stuff that I wish she hadn’t. But the worst was that she told him I was terribly jealous of her friendship with him and that I got a raging erection every time I thought about them together. “In fact,” she said, “he is probably at home jerking off right now wondering if I am going to sleep with you tonight.” She was right. It was probably this part of the conversation that pushed her over the edge. While she was talking about it, her face flushed, she squirmed in her seat, her nipples strained against her thin shirt. Consciously she still thought she was going home to sleep alone, but u*********sly the opposite decision had already been made. The car ride back to her house was full of careless conversation about nothing. They laughed and enjoyed the buzz from the alcohol and sexual tension. But she felt the thrill of the coming decision she would soon have to make. When they arrived at her place, he offered to walk her to the door. At the door, she said “Well, thanks for dinner, I guess this is good bye.” He said “Give me a hug?” They embraced; he put one arm around her shoulders, pressing her breasts to his chest. His other arm went to her waist and he pressed their pelvises together. He pressed his rock hard, huge dick against her lower stomach and held her there. Her breath caught, butterflies swarmed in her stomach, and her teeth clenched. She loved big, hard dicks, and now she was pressed up against the biggest she had ever felt. Her juice was practically running down her legs. She let him hold her for a second, then started to excuse herself. She pushed away from him but he held their pelvises tight together. He said, “You have got to be k**ding, are you really going to send me home like this?” referring to his hard dick which she was so obviously aware of. “I have a boyfriend and he is waiting for me to call.” “But you just said his biggest fantasy is for me to fuck you.” “Yes… but… that is just a fantasy.” “You say he is waiting for you to call,” he said, “I want to be inside you when you make that call.” The idea of living such a fantasy was more than she could resist. She paused for a second. The idea really excited her. She said, “You can come in for a bit, but I absolutely will not beylikdüzü escort have sex with you.” The last part came out in a not-too-convincing tone. Because she was living in a house with a few other students, they went straight to her room and sat on the bed. After a few awkward minutes of small talk, his hand was caressing her thigh. In another minute his tongue was in her mouth and they were settling back on to the bed. His hand quickly found its way up her skirt. He found a sopping wet mess, so wet that he could tell she had been burning for him all night. My girlfriend loves men’s fingers, the more the better. He started slowly, but after she jokingly asked why he was being so shy, he soon had six or seven fingers in her, pushing them as deep as they would go. In between the boughs of finger fucking, her cloths came off one by one, thong panties last. As the dripping panties hit the floor, she said, “Those are my boyfriend’s favorites.” He loved the sound of that and dove for the muff, working her through three or four orgasms before he let go of her hips. His sucking on her pussy only made her hotter. Through his pants, his cock felt and looked huge, but she needed to see it in the flesh to be sure. She pushed him on to his back and pulled off his pants. Six inches from her nose was the biggest cock she had ever seen. She was so surprised at the veined, purple-headed monster that she gasped with joy. She grasped it and was shocked and excited to find that her hand did not nearly wrap around his dick. Soon she was running her tongue up and down the shaft, head, balls, and his ass. My girlfriend gives great head and I am sure he loved every minute of it. After a few minutes, he came in her mouth and she swallowed him. She swallowed six mouthfuls before she gave up and let him shoot the rest all over her face and chest. He did not miss a beat. As soon as he came, he grabbed her by the shoulders and flipped her onto her back. He lined up and slowly, inch by inch, buried his shaft in her. Half way in, she was sure she could not take any more and tried to stop him. He grabbed her wrists and held them down above he head. “Don’t worry,” he said, “you just need to stretch a bit and you will feel fine.” With her arms over her head, her tits stood to attention. He took the opportunity, poised with his cock half way into her, to lick and suck her perfect pink nipples for a while. While he was paying attention to her nipples, she felt her pussy adjusting to the size of this new huge cock. By the time he had worked his way over to the second nipple, she was realizing just how nice this new thing inside her felt. She spread her legs further apart, pulling her knees up to his sides. Her hips tilted back to invite him deeper. He gladly slid the full length in until his balls where resting on her ass. Here he paused again to allow her to adjust. The discomfort for her was almost gone and she was feeling tingling and pressure in place she did not even know existed. Again she moved her hips to invite him deeper. And he obliged. To her total surprise, she began to feel the stirring’s of an orgasm. Before she knew it, she was coming, clamming down on his rock hard shaft as fireworks went off throughout her body. He had brought her to orgasm just by sticking his dick into her. When she had recovered, he started pumping her slowly, gradually increasing speed until he was pounding her into the bed. She had been comfortable with his huge cock when he was still, but nothing had prepared her for this. She thought her stomach was going to come up through her throat. For the next thirty minutes, he fucked her relentlessly in every position she had ever imagined and some she had not. Sweat was streaming off both of them. He was grunting with every thrust. She was screaming so loud, her roommates and even the neighbors knew every detail of her infidelity. “God, are you always so ruff?” she gasped out as best she could over his ramming her into the bed. “Yeh, most girls can’t handle it. But you are doing great. And my god you are gripping my dick like a vice.” And he started fucking her even harder. Through all this, she focused on two things: The esenyurt escort most prominent in her mind was of course the long fat cock ramming her. The other was imagining that I was sitting there watching all this. As she fucked, the idea of calling me and letting me listen made her more and more excited. She came over and over again until it seemed she was having one long endless orgasm. She thought she was going to die from the pain and pure ecstasy. As he fucked her, he talked into her ear. He said things like, “Does your boyfriend fuck you like this?” “Does he last this long?” “Does he make you cum like this?” “Have you ever been fucked by such a big cock?” “Do you wish I had let you just go to bed and remain faithful to your boyfriend?” To all those questions, sadly for me, her answer was “no.” Then he started asking, “Should I fuck you like this forever?” “Do you want your boyfriend to listen to this?” “Do you want to watch me fuck your boyfriend like this?” And all her answers to these questions were a desperate gasping “yes!” After 45 minutes of solid fucking, she could take no more. She told him so, and immediately felt him start to tense and pump her even harder. She felt his dick swell and start pumping his come into her. She loves it when someone cums in her and she was rocked by the most intense orgasm of her young life. When he slowed and finally stopped fucking her, she was pasted to the bed, lying in a pool of sweat and cum, totally exhausted and feeling like some one had driven a truck into her tight little pussy. He collapsed unto her, both of them totally spent. “Damn,” he said, “we forgot to call your boyfriend.” “No, I didn’t forget.” And now it was her turn to grab him and flip him onto his back. She straddled him, grabbed his still hard cock and began rubbing it between her legs. She ran it from her clit, across the opening to her pussy, and back up and down her ass crack. The whole area was completely soaked in the mixed juices flowing out of her stretched pussy and down over his cock. “What are you doing?” he asked, realizing that he might get to fuck my girlfriend in the ass. “You know what really turns me on? And do you know what would really drive my boyfriend crazy? He is the only guy who has ever been in my ass. And that is where I want you when I talk to him on the phone.” She said this with her mischievous smirk that I know all too well, and pressed his head against her ass. It was tight going. The shock of his head passing into her was almost more than she could bear. But there is no way she could have hidden the fact that she was cumin wildly. When I got back to the phone, she was just recovering. But now she could see that he was about to cum. He grabbed her hips and started grinding her on his cock. When she realized that he was about to cum, she panicked. She knew he would be all too happy to let me hear him shooting his load into my girlfriend. As much as this whole thing turned her on, she knew it would be the end of our relationship if I knew what was happening. She had to get off the phone immediately. She slammed the phone down just as he dug deep into her and let out his deep moan of pleasure. The next day, I drove up to confront her. I told her I knew everything. At first she tried to deny it, but I was persistent and eventually she admitted that something had happened. She said that they had only fooled around and that no clothes had come off. I would not relent and continued to insist she tell me the whole truth. In the end, she knew she was caught and she knew I had come to see her in order to break up with her. So she told me the story. She started slowly. But telling me about her unfaithfulness was turning her on, and she could see that it was driving me absolutely mad. She decided to try to get me so turned on that I could not resist her. If she could fuck me, she had a good chance of getting me to forgive her. Toward the end of her story, she leaned over and started rubbing my cock. It was rock hard and slathered with my pre-cum. With her wicked, mischievous smile, she looked me in the eyes and said, “I know you enjoyed it as much as I did.” As she rubbed my dripping cock, my will to punish her withered. I made her promise never to screw another guy, swore that the next time would be the last time, then did my best to fuck her as well as he had. I have never cum so many times in my life in a 24-hour period.

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