A Familiar Affair Pt. 02

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The Morning After

Ring-Ring; Ring-Ring; Ring-Ring!

He was dreaming… and within that dream, a consistent noise. It sounded just like an incoming phone call, ringing, akin to a 1980’s rotary phone bell ringtone; albeit, a far, far away phone. It must’ve been the persistence of the ring that finally caused him to turn his head in the direction of the ringing. He opened his eyes and instinctively knew the ringing was coming from his phone, and that finally did its job, it woke him up.

Jesse sighed, he was having such a wonderful dream. As he rolled over in an attempt to see who was calling him, he managed to get a glimpse of that beautiful brunette reflected on the mirror attached to the bedroom door, Ashley laid on the bed in all her naked splendor, stomach down and her nice round ass facing upwards. The memory of that evening still fresh, suddenly flashed. In it he saw himself grabbing that slim waist as he prone fucked her, hearing her loud moans as watched her ass jiggle with each thrust. He felt like the luckiest son of a bitch alive.

And again, the incessant ringing snapped him back to reality, Jesse unplugged the phone from its charging port and rubbed his eyes as the bright screen slightly blinded him.

It was Jasmine, he stretched before answering.

“Morning Jaz… how’s it going?” He asked in a groggy morning voice.

“Are you guys still asleep?” Jasmine said as Jesse heard a car door suddenly close. “I literally knocked on your front door for a solid three minutes and no one answered.”

“Wait, you’re here?” Jesse said as panic quickly set in. “Like, here- here?”

“Yea, I’m heading back up.” His sister said as she hung up her phone.

“Shit!” Jesse said loudly as he quickly roused his niece awake. “Ash! Ash!, wake up! your mom is walking up the stairs.”

Ashley quickly woke up.

“Hurry, get up, go outside and tidy up the living room, I’ll take care of the bedroom.” And with those words they both sprung into action, Ashley was picking up the small mess in the living room as Jesse quickly took off the sweaty bed sheets, threw them into the hamper and quickly dressed the bed with clean sheets, then he put on his shorts and grabbed the two used condoms, threw them into the toilet and with a quick flush he had gotten rid of all the evidence.

He heard a knock on the front door just as he slipped on a sweater and watched Ashley run past him. He opened the door and gave his sister a smile. “Morning sis.” he said as Jasmine walked in removing her sunglasses.

Despite the rudeness in how she ignored him, he suddenly couldn’t stop looking at her, he watched as her tight ass fit snugly into her tight beige skirt, how it slightly bounced as she walked and he enjoyed watching her hips slightly sway as she walked deeper into his apartment.

“Morning Jesse, where’s Ashley?” she finally asked her brother as he closed the door.

“I’m guessing she’s in the room, sleep…” he started to say but was cut off in mid-sentence when the bedroom door opened and Ash came out with a towel laid on her shoulder.

“Mom!” she said, acting surprised.

“Good morning sleepy head.” Jasmine said to her daughter with a smile as she kissed her forehead. “Are you up for some shopping?”

“Am I ever!” Ashley said with a huge grin. “Let me shower and then we can head out.” and with that she went to the bathroom.

Jasmine crossed her arms as she looked at her brother, she stood there quietly as if observing him, then she went into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

“At least you have food.” she said as she pulled out a bottle of ice coffee from the fridge. She then stopped and looked into the garbage before looking back at her brother. “So, how was your night?”

“It was fine.” he replied, trying not to sound out of the ordinary and yet he wondered why she had just appeared out of the blue at his apartment. If she was here it most likely meant that she was just passing through and there was no reason to think more about it; but what if Ashley had called her, said something that maybe worried her mother and prompted her to abruptly swing by.

Jasmine just stood looking at her brother for a few seconds as he was quietly lost in thought, she looked as if she wanted to say something but didn’t know how to bring it up.

“Is everything okay Jaz?” he asked, trying to not appear nervous. He then quickly assessed the situation, wondered if there was something, anything they had missed when cleaning up, but nothing came to mind.

After a few more seconds Jasmine finally walked towards her brother and sat on the seat. “So, did you have fun fucking my daughter?”

Jesse suddenly turned ghost white, his heart beat so fast that he could physically feel it pounding on his chest, his breathing got shallow.

“I… I… I don’t know what you mean?” he said, his voice slightly lower than before.

“Listen, I am not mad. In honesty, I am just relieved that you used protection.”

“Ummm… Wait, I am…”

“Like güvenilir bahis I said, I am not mad. I do have a bit of a confession to make.” she said, cutting off her brother. “Okay, here goes. First, I need to tell you that Bill and I started the swinging lifestyle a few years ago, and with that, we started to wonder and explore some more, unique experiences. He and I have even done swapping with colleagues and friends. One night, he suddenly mentioned that he always wanted to try incest. However, he doesn’t have any siblings and his other family members are just too far away, so he never really pursued it.”

She paused for a moment as she shifted her sitting and crossed her legs. “So, I agreed to let him try and seduce our Ashley. Now, as seductive as Bill can be he just couldn’t seem to close the deal, he would always shy away. So, I opted to help and that’s how you came into all of this.”

“I don’t understand Jaz, what the fuck are you talking about?” he said confused as hell.

“Let me finish. It was almost ten years ago, it was that winter when you and Tessa had that spiff and you came to stay with us for a few days, remember?”

“Vaguely, I got super drunk one evening and…”

“Yeah, that evening.” she said, again cutting him off. “So, I took you out and we went to a dive bar near our home. I drank two, maybe three beers. You, however, got so drunk. I took you home and sat you on the couch. You went on to say how much you missed Tess and Maddie and how thankful you were that we took you in, when suddenly you kissed me. I was so caught so off guard that I just froze, you didn’t, you started to kiss my neck and touch my tits. This was during a time when me and Bill were in a bit of a dry spell and I must admit, that I let it happen, because I was horny.”

“We had sex?” he said slightly louder than he expected.

“No, Bill was upstairs and Ash was sleeping. I did give you a blowjob, afterwards you passed out. Anyhoo, the next morning you woke up and didn’t remember anything. I felt so guilty for what had happened that I simply didn’t mention it to you and have kept this a secret from my loving husband until just recently.” Jasmine said as the shower sounds came to an end.

“I have no memory of this.” he said as he put his hands into his pockets.

“I came up with the idea, if I could convince Ashley to spend a month here, that maybe you would corrupt her a bit, open up her mind to new sexual experiences. After all, it appeared that you had no hang-ups on incest.” she finally finished speaking as she placed the beverage on the coffee table.

“Jaz… How could you do this?” he asked, his voice now with a tinge of anger.

“Oh please, I know you enjoyed it.” she said.

“Wait, how the fuck did you even know?” he asked, this time with a more even tone.

“Let’s see, first off neither one of you heard me knocking and when I called your phone, you sounded like you had just woken up. It’s literally 11 in the morning. Then as I walked in I noticed that the living room looked a bit out of place. Also, when I went to the kitchen I noticed a used condom in your garbage bin and of course there’s that damn hickey.” She said with a smile.

Jesse quickly covered the hickey with his hand. “Damn Jaz, you should’ve been a fucking detective.”

While they stood there talking, Ashley exited the bathroom and went to the bedroom, Jesse’s eyes followed her.

“Now, I want to propose something to you. I need you to help me corrupt her further.” she said as she motioned him to come closer. Once Jesse was in front of her she grabbed his crotch and with a nice firm squeeze she felt his cock start to get hard, he stood there unwilling to move as his beautiful sister pulled out his now semi erect cock from its prison. She gave it a few tugs and waited for it to get completely hard before putting her experienced hands to work. Jesse watched her skillfully twist her hands around his girth as she slowly went up and down, she sped up slightly as her free hand caressed his balls.

“Ohhhh Jaz.” he moaned as she kept her steady pace, he looked down at her beautiful face with light freckles sprinkled across her nose and cheeks, her lips with a sensual feminine curve was inches from his cockhead, he saw as she put her face right next to his cock and used the index finger on the same hand she was using to jerk him off to motion to him to keep it down before giving his cock a soft kiss.

He was really beginning to enjoy it when suddenly Jasmine stopped stroking and put his cock away. “Well, now that I have your complete attention…”

The Deal

The mall was not as crowded as he would have expected for this time of day, his mind would on occasion wander as they walked and weaved, in and out of stores. Despite the sound of their laughing, he felt slightly out of place, he had chosen to hide the hickey by wearing a patch and it felt a bit uncomfortable.

“…If you help us, we’ll help you, just think about it, you will get to enjoy that tight türkçe bahis teen pussy… well, for now anyways… plus I will milk your cock till you begged me to stop, and all you have to do is be open to it all and help me convince her that her dad would also love it.” Jasmine’s voice echoed in his thoughts.

“Uncle Jesse, are you okay?” Ashley’s voice broke his trance, he looked at her, nodded and smiled. He stared at her big brown eyes and loved how they had a slight sparkle to them. He wanted this morning to go so differently than it had, he wanted to make her breakfast and talk about everything that happened, then, if everything was still good between them, he’d give her orgasm after orgasm, again and again. Now she stood smiling at him, making him wonder what she was thinking about, when suddenly Jasmine approached them both.

“Anyone else hungry?” Jasmine asked as she handed her daughter the store bag.

“Did you buy it?” Ashley asked Jasmine.

“I did!” she replied as she winked at Jesse and grabbed her daughter’s hand. “Let’s eat.”


“Good afternoon, welcome to Rizzio’s, how many people are in your party?” asked the hostess as she saw them enter.

“Just us three.” Said Jasmine.

“Okay, follow me.” said the blonde hostess as she led them to their booth. As the three women walked in front of him, he watched how each one of them swung their hips, Ashley’s nice round ass slightly bounced as she walked in her tight blue jeans, Jasmine’s nice fit ass was perfectly crafted and snuggly fit into her tight skirt and even the blonde hostess had a nicely shaped ass that screamed to be squeezed.

“The waitress will be with you shortly.” the young blonde said as she walked away. As Jesse sat down his jeans started to feel a tad uncomfortable, Jasmine had started something but not finished it and now his balls slightly ached. He wanted release but did not want to jerk off in the bathroom of some random restaurant in the mall. He let out an audible sigh which drew the attention from both the women sitting with him.

“Everything okay uncle Jesse?” Ashley asked him, causing Jesse to lock eyes with her and as inevitable as it was, they ended up sharing a look longer than they should’ve, this caused Jasmine to look at them both. She let a sly smile creep from her lips, Jesse realised this and shifted his look elsewhere.

“Yea, I’m good.” he finally replied to his niece.

While they sat there looking at the menu, a very pretty young latina approached them and introduced herself as the waitress, after they acknowledged her, they all ordered their drinks and said they needed more time before picking their meal.

“I’ll be back with your drinks” said the young latina with a slight latin accent.

“So, I was thinking that I should spend the night, that way we don’t have to rush anything in the morning. We could catch a film, play some games, the sky’s the limit, it’ll be so much fun spending time together.” Jasmine said to them. At that moment Ashley, very stealthy, gave her uncle a look, Jesse noticed it at the edge of his peripheral view but chose to ignore it.

“Sounds like fun.” Jesse said to his sister before standing up and excusing himself. While he walked to the restroom his thoughts became extremely acute, words of his conversation with his sister echoed.

“Bill even gave me permission to persuade you in anyway I can. Moreover, if you help us, we would be willing to help you. We know people, beautiful women that would love that fat dick of yours, and if that’s not to your liking, perhaps we can think of something else…” Jasmine’s voice spoke to him as clearly as if she was standing right next to him. He shook his head and threw some cold water on his face.

The cool air nipped his neck as he exited the restroom, causing him to shiver slightly as he approached the booth, he noticed that Jasmine had switched seats, she was now sitting across Ashley and next to him, they were both laughing as he approached.

“Hope you watched your hands.” Jasmine said in a mocking tone, one that he quickly realised was meant as a joke. He laughed as he sat down, the easiness of how it all transitioned reduced some of the tension he had been feeling.

“I guess it’s my turn. I’ll make sure to wash my hands.” Ashley said laughing.

While she walked away, Jesse kept his attention on her, watching her ass as it slowly disappeared from view.

“She’s got a great ass, huh?” Jasmine said to Jesse as she put her hands on his crotch. He looked down and then all around, there was no one within sight and the restaurant, much like the mall, was emptier than normal for the time of day.

“Jaz…” he said as he felt Jasmine’s fingers slowly lower his zipper, he felt her hands, very skillfully I might add, take his fat cock out of his pants.

“Shhhh…” Jasmine whispered as her hands slowly grabbed his manhood and with a very experienced wrist action made his eyes slowly dart upwards. “There you go, feels good, don’t it?” she said güvenilir bahis siteleri again, whispering into his ear. Jesse nodded in agreement as he looked down, her hands twisted as it went up and down, slowly squeezing, here and there. “Are you giving what we talked about any thought?” she asked and smiled when he nodded yes.

It took a few seconds before he simply stopped looking around and began to just enjoy the moment. He closed his eyes when Jasmine spit into her hand and used it to lubricate his cock, it sent a surge of pure pleasure throughout his body and for a few moments he could hear the wet sounds of a lubricated handjob. But in lowering his guard, he was caught completely by surprise when he heard a slight gasp. He froze as he looked up and noticed the young latina waitress simply looking at them.

“He’s got a pretty nice dick, huh? Decently big, definitely thick. Do you like it, umm… Beatrice, is it?” Jasmine said to the young Latina. “She’s really cute, don’t you think so Jesse?” he nodded. “I want you to keep looking at her while I work this thick dick, I’m sure Beatrice won’t mind sticking around for a few moments.”

“I… I… ummm… here are your drinks.” Beatrice said as she kept looking at Jesse’s erection. She bit her lower lip for a second before looking away. “Are you… umm, ready to order?”

“Not yet, I’m waiting for the other person in our party to return. Wow, you really are a cutie… how old are you?” Jasmine asked, smiling at her and continuing the conversation as if nothing was going on, her hand sped up a little causing Jesse to let out a soft moan.

“I’m twenty-one…” she said softly as her eyes again looked at Jesse’s thickness, she noticed the pre-cum as it glistened on his mushroom head. Without realising it, she felt herself starting to get wet, even though she had never been attracted to older men. Somehow, this guy was turning her on. She stood there and watched as Jasmine continued to stroke Jesse’s cock, she watched as each twist let out more and more precum and despite herself she suddenly wanted to taste it.

Jesse suppressed his moans, trying his hardest not to make any sounds and instead let out an audible panting as Jasmine continued her onslaught. The manliness of his moans, though quiet-like as they were, made Beatrice want to be part of what was causing this attractive man so much pleasure. And with that, she grabbed her breasts, very slyly.

His eyes were now completely trained on Beatrice, he wished he wasn’t in such a public place, that way he would reach out and grab her plump looking breasts. As he watched her, completely full of lust, he felt his cock begin to warn him of his incoming pleasurable release. He could no longer hold back, his moans became slightly louder as Jasmine continued to use that expert wrist action, and within seconds, he let it all out. He shot, stream after stream of cum all over the napkin that Jasmine had strategically placed on his lap.

The young latina watched as Jesse experienced his orgasm right in front of her and loved watching his cock shoot his baby batter, she was amazed at how much cum he had released and smiled at them both before speaking. “Wow, that was hot as fuck, and yes, that’s one hell of a nice dick… I’ll give you guys a few minutes.” she said as she walked away, looking back for a quick second.

As Beatrice walked away, Jesse tried to not look, but he couldn’t help himself. He watched as this small latina beauty walked away, swaying her hips, he watched her nice slim ass until it was out of view, and Ashley suddenly came into view.

“Hey, Ash is coming.” he said as he asserted control and took her hands off his cock. He put it away and fixed his jeans just as his niece approached.

“Have you guys ordered yet?” she asked as she sat down, both of them shook their head and started to pick out what they wanted to eat.

Once they were ready to order they motioned to the waitress, Jasmine smiled as she watched Beatrice attempt to write down their order and also tried to keep her eyes solely on the paper. The young lady failed, quite a few times. Jasmine noticed her eyes would lock on Jesse and on his crotch on more than one occasion. Ashley didn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary and simply kept ordering.

Jesse, however, looked at that beautiful woman and began to desire her, it may have had to do with the fact that she had stood there, watched him getting a handjob and that she seemed to enjoy it.

“Beatrice, I am also going to need a new napkin.” she said as she handed her the napkin full of Jesse’s cum.

“I’ll be back with your order.” Beatrice said with a smile, she grabbed the napkin. “And I’ll get you a new napkin.” Before she turned and walked away, Jesse took a long look at her, she was thin and had a slim waist, long curly brown hair, a small tattoo on her neck, cute dimples on her face. She also had big breasts that fit perfectly with her petite frame.

“I’m glad we are doing this. So, Jesse, me and Bill are going to throw a very special party in September. I think you should come, I promise you’ll love it.” Jasmine said as her hand again sat at his crotch. He moved her hand, trying not to draw attention to himself.

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