A dream I had about my wife being fucked by anothe

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A dream I had about my wife being fucked by anotheOkay so the dream. I was in my car driving home when I got a text from my wife. “Where are you?”, It read. I responded with “On my way. Are you okay?” She answered back with a picture message that showed a point of view shot of another man’s head buried between my wife’s legs eating her pussy and a caption of “you’d better hurry if you want to see this ;-)” My cock stirred in my pants as I rushed home realizing that one of my fantasies was coming true. My phone went off again, I glanced at it, it just read “you’re missing out ;-)” I pulled into the driveway and went around the back of our house to our bedroom window. I could hear my wife moaning loud. My heart started racing. I peered through the window and everything around her was dark but it was like there was a spotlight on her. She was on our bed on her hands and knees…well on her knees. Her beautiful round ass up in the air, her 36dd chest and face in our mattress. A really fit and ripped guy between her legs, gripping bursa escort her hips, pulling her into him as he was fucking her deep from behind, not fast but steady deep strokes. Her moaning was so hot. Then he grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks and spread them and started to pick up the pace more. Her moaning increased. She picked yourself up on her hands, head still face down, curly blonde hair covering your face. She was getting really vocal, ” yes! Don’t stop! Keep fucking me! You’re going to make me cum!” At this point I was hard as a rock and rubbing my cock through my pants watching this. She yelled “harder harder!”. He picked up the pace. I watched as her sexy tits were swinging under her. Finally she came hard, dropped her face to the mattress and screamed. He slowed down and smacked her ass hard. She moaned as she tried to catch her breath. She pushed her body back up and whipped her hair over her head. There she was, on her hands and knees, back arched, panting, and then she looked to the window and saw me. She smiled, bursa escort bayan pushed herself up and reached her hand around to this guys face making out with him as one of his hands was around her stomach and the other grabbing one of her tits. Then she dropped down, pulled off his cock and spun around. His cock was way bigger than mine. She kept taking peeks to see if I was still watching. Then, she grabbed his cock and took it in herr mouth. Sucking it deep, pumping it with her hand. She would take it out and lick up the shaft and suck it deep again twisting her wrist as she was pumping it in her mouth, moaning on it as she sucked it. Then, she laid back and spread her legs. By now my cock was out and I was jerking off steadily. He positioned himself between her legs and slid his entire length inside her. My wife moaned deep as she stared at me through our window. She wrapped your legs around him and he leaned down sucking her erect sensitive nipples. My wife threw her head back moaning again. I could tell escort bursa she was going to cum again. He was taking deep hard strokes. I could hear their bodies slapping together with each stroke he took. Finally she screamed “I’m cumming!” And he started pounding her wet pussy furiously. She was panting hard. I could see she was cumming again and again. Finally I heard him start to groan. They were drenched in sweat. My wife knew he was going to cum. She looked up at him and said ” I want that cum baby! Give my that big load!” He asked where and she said ” on my tits baby. Cum on my tits!” Then all of a sudden he groaned loud and pulled his massive cock from her drenched pussy which made her scream from a massive orgasm and he straddled her, starting to jerk his cock. Then, my wife took a hold of his gleaming rod and jerked it off. He shot a massive load of cum. The first couple shots landed on her face and the rest covered your tits. She kept moaning “yes yes” while he was cumming. Then she took his cock in her mouth and sucked it clean swallowing the cum in her mouth. Then he got off her and she looked over to me smiling and rubbing all the cum on her tits into her skin. I shot a big load outside the window during all this I smiled back to her. Then I woke up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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