A Dom/Sub Cultivation Ch. 02

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Mistress J drove, and per her dictate, I was fixing my make-up. I wore a garter and stockings, then thong panties on top, a 34-C bra that contained water-filled balloons as breasts, (I centered the balloon tie-offs in front so they looked somewhat like nipples), a sheer camisole over the bra, high heels, and a pink collar around my neck. I had no other clothes, and was a passenger in Joy’s car. I did not even have my phone. She was petite, maybe 90 pounds, but she carried all the weight; she had all the power.

With (Mistress) Sara, I had obsessively invested 18 months, carefully selecting every word I’d said, to cultivate our Dom/sub relationship. And now, in a matter of moments, Joy was undeniably my Mistress


A long time back, Sara had joked about “loaning” me to Joy, and now it had come to pass. I was about to exit Joy’s car in broad daylight, dressed only in slutty lingerie, including high heels. In all likelihood, I was seen by someone when I exited Sara’s place, but (hopefully) the observer just got a laugh. Once again, I hoped nothing would come of it. Best I knew, no laws were being broken, but certainly, I was being broken.

She instructed me to open the glove, where I found a blond wig. She had planned this! I put on the wig, adjusting the wig in the visor mirror; I made a fairly good looking woman. The risk, and the humiliation! I was beside myself!

She could have parked closer, but purposely parked where we’d need to walk for some 60 seconds before we reached her apartment. I minced along behind her. It was almost certain I was being observed; perhaps giving someone a thrill.

Upon entering, she dropped her pants, (no panties), and top, (no bra), and she was completely naked.

“I need a massage. Sara tells me you’re the best,” as she spread a large towel on the couch, and laid down on her stomach.

“Yes Mistress J,” and I went to my knees. There was already oil on the coffee table.

“You’re going to be here a while, so take your time,” and she laid her head on a pillow.

I thoroughly massaged every inch of her body, including her tiny, sexy little ass, kneading each cheek with loving tenderness, and discretely tracing an oiled finger up and down her crack, purposefully grazing her perfect little anus. This seemed to arouse her, and she got up. “Follow me,” she said, and headed to the bedroom.

“Take off your panties, and the wig,” she commanded, “and lay on your back.” Four scarfs were quickly slip-knotted on my wrists and ankles, (I was still wearing my high heels), then she belted my knees toward the sides of the bed. The belts and scarves were already attached to the bed; she clearly had planned this. In seconds, I found myself bound spread-eagle, with my knees held wide apart. I was inescapably bound, and completely at her mercy.

“Sara told me she wasn’t much into bondage. I find it exciting,” as she crawled across my torso. “Something about seeing you like this, it just gets me going,” as she straddled my face.

Her pussy was already glistening as it met my lips. “Gently,” she instructed. I devotedly kissed, losing myself into her satisfaction, as a good submissive slave. “More,” she said, and I lightly tongued, as she moved forward and back, gradually licking all her pussy, front to rear, and back, her repeatedly uttering, “More,” as she twitched toward orgasm.

She centered her clit over my tongue, and came with a shutter. Her acrid juices filled my mouth, and I stopped my pace. She relaxed, slid up a bit, and allowed her full body weight onto my face and mouth. I breathed through my nose, and made no movement, while my new Mistress enjoyed an orgasmic afterglow.

She soon slid off my face, and sat between my spread legs. I had become rock hard. She squeezed a dollop of precum out of my penis onto and her finger, which was a tiny moment of ecstasy, to (finally) have my penis touched. She brought her finger to my mouth, and I sucked my precum like it was lifeblood.

She squeezed out another dollop, and placed it against my anus, at which I swooned. She commented, “Best lube on the planet, don’t you think?”

“Yes Mistress,” I uttered. She squeezed out more precum, and repeated lubing my anus, and quickly I was moving my hips in concert with her. Out from her nightstand came a butt plug.

“Let’s hope your little pee pee has plenty more lube; you’re going to need it,” as she coated the plug with my precum, and mercifully, a few dollops of massage oil.

She placed the plug to my anus and pushed, “Open up little girl,” she smiled. Again, I swooned, and tried to relax my sphincter. When it was half way in, it felt like I was being ripped apart, and she stopped, giving my body a moment to adjust.

I whispered, “You’re fucking me! Oh God, you’re fucking me!”

Almost imperceptibly, I twitched, and she gave a final push, and it plunged into me. My anus seemed to swallow it. “Ahhhh, Ahhhh, Ahhhh,” I squealed. I’d never felt so “full”. I involuntarily humped my hips in every way possible, trying to adjust to the kıbrıs escort anal invader. The sensation was not quite pain, but abject discomfort. There was no way I could push it out; my sphincter was closed tightly on the narrow end. My eyes bugged out; it felt huge!

In a moment, the discomfort began to ease, but the anal invader still had my full attention. Mistress J wore a smile of satisfaction, sitting between my legs, watching my hips involuntarily rotate. I was not even aware of how I was moving my hips. My mouth was agape, eyes rolled back, I breathed heavily, as Mistress J asked, “How do you like your new toy?” I made no effort to reply, muted in a state of total compliance and surrender.

Mistress J climbed upon me, and began easing my penis into her pussy. “Don’t you dare come,” she admonished, and I knew she meant it. She eased down slowly; her pussy was wonderfully tight. Finally she was all the way in, and it was exquisite torture.

In a moment she began to move, and I uttered, “Mistress, you’re going to make me come!” She eased off, and climbed upon my face, and I licked, working my tongue as she queued. Then she turned around, presenting her ass, and I tongued her anus.

“Deeper,” she said, and I hardened my tongue, plunging into her anus, until my tongue was exhausted. Then she re-mounted my cock, and began fucking me again. Each time as I said she was about to make me come, we repeated the process of licking her pussy and anus. I had no sense of time, she was in control of my every action, including the duration.

The plug in my ass had molded itself to me, as if it was now a physical part of me. Involuntarily, my anus had adapted. The wide part of the plug was comfortably snug, deep inside, and my anal ring was sealed tight around the narrow part. It was inexorably locked into place. It had almost become “comfortable”, in a deliciously revolting way.

Pulling a (rather large) dildo out of her nightstand, she coyly asked, “Is my little girl ready for some real fucking?” My eyes widened. I had only minimal experience with (more narrow) anal toys. Bound as I was, she would be doing whatever she pleased.

She began pulling the plug from my anus. Just when it had begun to feel ok, it was rudely being ripped out! Nothing can describe it! Part of me felt incredible relief, and yet, my ass involuntarily rotated, up and down, as if it now “missed” its new rubber appendage.

The dildo entered my ass. It felt like a real cock must feel! “Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh,” I twitched my ass. Unlike the invasive butt plug, the dildo fit nicely, and felt fantastic!

She smiled, “Is the your first time, my little virgin princess?” Mouth agape, I nodded. “Is your stretched little pussy ready for this cock?” My ass rotating on the rubber cock defied any chance of denial. She pushed it all the way in, and I swooned, and eased it back out. Again, she pushed it all the way in, and almost all the way out, over and over like regular fucking motion, not too hard or fast, but just right.

She was very cognizant of my boi-pussy ultra sensitivity, taking pleasure in inducing my pleasure. She was introducing me to fem-sexuality. I was being seduced.

My ass-pussy twerked. I was a total slut, loving being fucked. After a few moments, she pushed pillows tightly between my legs, holding the cock completely inside me. All (alpha) vanity abandoned, I loved being fucked, gyrating on the dildo.

She lay beside me and lightly stroked my cock, sending me into a sexual stratosphere, “Do you like being fucked like a girl?”

I exclaimed, “Yes Mistress!”

She added, “And you like wearing girly lingerie?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Still lightly stroking my cock, “Are you going to be my good little girl?”

“Yes Mistress!”

Out of her drawer came another dildo. She straddled me, her pussy resting on my cock, and brought the dildo to my mouth. I opened, and sucked and licked as if to make it come, to have it explode in my mouth.

“That’s a good little cock-sucker. You like being my little cock sucking girly slave, don’t you.” I nodded as I sucked, her wet pussy grinding on my cock, as I humped the dildo in my ass. I dared not come!

She observed, “Is saliva collecting in your mouth?”

I nodded.

She continued, “Swallow, but do not let your teeth bite on the cock. You need to practice your cock-sucking; NO teeth!”

It seemed natural, that she train me as a cock-sucker. After all, I willingly wore slutty face make-up, a garter with stockings, high heels, a bra containing water-filled balloons, and a sheer camisole with spaghetti straps, and high heels. I’d minced across a parking lot dressed this way. Clearly a part of me wanted to be a submissive slut, and everyone knows all sluts should be accomplished at cock-sucking.

She let go of the dildo in my mouth, and I voluntarily kept sucking and licking. I continued practicing swallowing my saliva without biting.

She’d been sitting with her pussy on top of my cock. Now she maneuvered konya escort my cock, and started easing it in. I was still hump-fucking the cock/dildo in my ass. I was enthusiastically sucking on the other dildo, and now my cock was entering her beautiful, tight, pussy. It was ecstasy! Not exactly my dom/sub fantasies; this was better! Mistress J had taken me to a new place, where reality and fantasy merged.

Her pussy felt so perfect as it enveloped my cock. I was soooo ready for relief. My cock was preparing to explode. I had no intention of asking for permission; I was going to come, at that was that.

She took the dildo out of my mouth, and presented a nipple for me to suck. Moving that far forward caused her pussy to ease off my cock. My cock head was just out of reach of her pussy. My immanent orgasm was suspended, as my hard cock lay on my belly, receiving zero stimulus. Hump as I might, I was unable to orgasm by humping thin air. Mistress J maintained dominion over my orgasm.

Her nipple was large and hard in my mouth, and she said, “Harder!” I sucked harder, and she repeated, “HARDER!” I sucked hard as I could, focused entirely on sucking, and nothing else, when she pulled away with a “pop”, and presented her other nipple, and the process was repeated.

Finally she pulled back, and eased my cock back into her pussy. She supported herself by leaning forward. Some of her weight was bore by her legs and knees, and her hands were on my chest, allowing her total control of how she fucked me. Her hands cupped my balloon filled breasts, kneading them, digging her fingers in, as her eyes closed, and she worked her pussy on my cock.

I implored, “Please Mistress, may I come?” Finally she made me come inside her. It had been hours of sexual build-up, and my release was tremendous, both physically and emotionally. She lightly rocked on me until I was completely drained. My cock had softened, and I craved a moment of respite, which I would not receive.

She smiled wryly, and her power exuded, as she straddled my waist, looking down at me. “Now be a good girl, and lick your Mistress clean,” as she moved her pussy up to my mouth. I could see her hole and slit were completely slathered with cum. Every fiber of me wanted out of this moment. A part of me started to rebel, but the look in her eyes was serious and real. I surrendered, and began licking my cum. I licked and licked, until every drop was swallowed.

“You will remain tied up until you beg to wear your panties; until I know your are completely and totally back into slave-mode.” Then she headed to the shower. By the time she returned, the post-cum-de-resistance moment had passed, and I was genuinely back into “slave-mode”.

Naked, hands on hips, she stood at the side of the bed, on which I lay. I was still tightly and inescapably bound. My limbs were stretched and sore. Amazingly, I was already becoming sexually excited again. My cock was limp and soft, but my mind was ready to go. I was anxious to delve deeper as her slave. “Mistress, please let me put on my panties like a good little slave-girl. You own me Mistress. Please train me.” I meant every word.

She released one wrist, and left me to undo the rest of the bindings. My arms were sore, and it took a few moments. I found my thong panties on the floor, and I slid them over my high heels, and up my legs, and over my garters. They snuggly contained my softened penis.

I walked into the living room, where Mistress J lounged on the couch, and dropped to my knees.

Mere hours ago, Mistress Sara was my total focus, and now my mind spun.

Mistress J:

“Sara has been telling me everything about you since you two met. It was clear to me you wanted to be her sub, but she was tentative from the start. Without my prodding, she would have dumped you early on. She’s not particularly excited by bdsm, but lucky for you, I have a taste for it.”

“She has tried to take advantage the opportunity you presented, but Sara is just not that interested in having a slave. So, I convinced her to “loan” you to me. She has first right to you, whenever she wants, but I doubt she’ll act on it too often.”

“So here is the deal, obviously you can walk; any time. I’ll never want to hurt you, but in this lifestyle, there are inherent risks. For example, if we are (discretely), playing in public, you could be unintentionally “exposed”. Someone from your “straight-world” could see you in some sort of Sub situation. The risk is part of the fun, and I can promise you, we’ll be tasteful and discrete, but that’s a risk you’ll be made to take. If you want to continue, say so.”

I thought to myself, “Watch out what you pray for,” but I was in, 100%. Still on my knees, I smiled, and kissed her hand, and said, “I am yours.”


“Because Sara and I have discussed you for 18 months, I know way more about you, than you know about me. Is there anything you have kept from her, that I should know about?”

“I don’t think so,” I replied.


“Good. kuşadası escort I feel safer with you. I have been guarded in my Dom/Sub relations. A female Dom is just as vulnerable as any other female. It seems, at least for now, you are my solution to that problem.”

“Glad to be of service,” I joked.


“I am a member of a local BDSM community. We’ll be going to a munch on Saturday evening. Be advised, both males and females, both Doms and Subs hit on me constantly. You’ll have nothing to say about how I behave. On the other hand, you need to promise me now, until further notice, you will have zero relations with anyone else. You will be mine exclusively. One of your missions, will be to convey to everyone, that you are my totally devoted slave.”

“Yes Mistress, I said. “In fact, one of my turn-ons is cuckoldry.” “I know,” she smiled.

“You need a shower. Shave everything,” she said.

My body had never been so shorn. My skin was silky smooth. When I exited the shower, my lingerie was gone; she had put it in the wash.

“Lets get you dressed,” Mistress said. I modeled various outfits, and she settled on a skin tone thong. Mercifully, the matching bra was too small, and couldn’t be clasped, so I did not wear a bra. Over that was cream colored sheer pants, which were loose in the legs, but tight in the waist. Any panties, except thongs, might have been visible through the slacks; plus, the thongs contained my genitals’ nicely. For a top, Mistress decided on a loose maroon-ish top with femmy short sleeves. Finally, she had some flats I squeezed into. I was somewhere between Metro-sexual, and simply a guy in drag.

“Now for a touch of make-up,” she said. The make-up was barely perceptible. In a crowd of strangers, I might be seen as her gay friend. If I saw someone I knew, I’d be busted, but we were not near my neighborhood, so it felt safe. I’d fantasized this theme, but this was my first foray into reality as a feminized slave.

We went to a Goodwill store, and she unabashedly perused women’s skirts, slacks, tops, and lingerie, and made no effort to hide that they were for me. Over and over I tried on various outfits, and modeled them for her. We spent two hours, and the amused employees glanced often, enjoying the show. My humiliation was palpable, but soon my vanity melted, and I quickly stopped trying to disguise what we were doing. I acted like what I was, her submissive slave, in the process of being feminized. We left with a female wardrobe, shoes, bras, panties, the works, plus a few bikinis and one-piece swim suits.

As we drove back to Joy’s apartment, she commented, “I want you to grow your hair out, and then we’re going to dye it blond. In the meantime, you can wear the wig. I like your balloon “breasts”, especially how you fashioned nipples. They seem so real. I planned on getting you mold-ons, but we’ll stick with these for now.”

When we returned to her apartment she said, “Lets get you into your new bikini.” I began to harden as I put on the white bikini bottom, maneuvering my semi-hard cock to one side. She smiled, “You like that?” I was blushing as I put on the top. I tied the string around my neck, and then she tied the back. It took some adjusting, and then my nipples were centered in the triangular bra cups. It was a perfect fit.

“Now, she said, Let’s see how your little boobies fit,” retrieving my water-balloon breasts. The bra cups were easily adjustable, and the balloons were nestled snug and secure. I could move naturally, and they’d stay put. I looked at myself in the mirror, panting as I saw myself. Now I was fully hard.

“That won’t do,” she smiled. “It’s a cold shower for you!” Wearing my bikini, I entered the shower, and she watched me squirm as the freezing water hit my body, goose bumps rising. In seconds, my raging hard-on was gone, but she made me stay in the cold water till it was a shrunken nub, and my balls were all but retracted. The wet bra accentuated the balloon “nipples” which we adjusted to be even more realistic.

I stepped out of the shower, and she dried my hair with a blow drier, and put my wig on, but she would not allow me a towel to dry my body. Grabbing a beach towel, she said, “Follow me.” We headed to the deck. The sun was shining bright. She spread the beach towel on a lounge chair, and said, “You need to work on your tan.”

I was in shock! I tanned easily, and darkly. I would have a bikini tan! A bra tan! Her neighbors would easily be able to see me! Smiling, Mistress simply walked back inside. I heard the lock click on the door. I was locked out on her deck.

I laid down on the lounge chair, face down, hoping the neighbors would not realize I was a guy. Soon, there would a be a white bikini line where the strings crossed my tanned back and neck.

The sun was really hot. In just minutes, I had to turn over. My balloon breasts, snug in my bikini top would soon become tan lines. Soon my front was too hot, and I turned back over. In fifteen minutes or so, Mistress came out with tanning cream. I applied it everywhere, and she put it on my back. Ninety minutes later, I was allowed back inside. My skin was baked. I stood, hands at my side, and she pealed back edges the the bikini, checking out the contrast, smiling at my new bikini lines.

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