A Dinner

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It had taken all afternoon to make Scott a special dinner. When he got home from playing hockey, there I stand before him wearing a short, tight fitting low cut, red dress. I greet him with a kiss. “How are you feeling,” I whisper softly to him.

“Much better, now that I have you in my arms,” Scott whispers back, as the scent of my perfume fills his senses. The warmth of my body against his, makes his cock begin to stir.

“I have a bath all ready for you,” I say, as I take his hand and lead him into the bathroom. I start to undress his slowly. As I remove each article of clothing, my fingertips brush against his bare flesh and feel like little shots of electricity. I was wishing that it was my tongue, but that will come later.

Scott closes his eyes and enjoys the sensations that my touch gives him. When he is naked, I stand back and admires his body, knowing this is one great day. I take his hand and lead him toward the bathtub. Scott steps in and slowly sits down into the warm scented water. He has his eyes closed as he relaxes in the hot tub. My eyes scan his body, as my heart begins to beat faster. He is so handsome just resting in the water, that’s when I realize how lucky I am. I can see he is beginning to get excited, I have to admit I was to. I am really lucky.

“Mmmmmm, this feels great! I’m glad you thought of it , but aren’t you going to join me?”

“Not this time, I took mine earlier.”


“No … I want to serve you right now,” I whisper as I set the towels on the counter and kneel next to the tub. I begin to lather up my hands and start to wash his body. Smiling at Scott, I start with his back, then move my hands up and around, slowly washing his chest and stomach. I tease his nipples until they are hard and I hear a faint moan escape his lips. Then, making my way down to his growing cock, I know he wants me to touch him. But … I completely ignore his prick and begin washing his thighs and calves. I see that the teasing is getting to him and I laugh to myself because I know he will pay me back for this one. By the time I get to his cock I hear another moan. My slippery hand slides up and down his tuzla escort stiff prick, bringing him to full attention.

“Oh, that feels so good,” he moans softly as he sits up and places his hand behind my head and draws me near. Kissing me passionately, moaning as he places his tongue into my mouth, our tongues begin to dance. His kisses make me forget everything, sending shivers up and down my spine, adding fuel to the fire that burns between my legs. Wrapping my arms around his neck I kiss him, wanting him so much. My whole body is a flame with desire and passion. Before I know what happened he has me in the tub. He starts to kiss up and down my neck as he whispers into her ear “Fuck me baby, I want to feel your cunt swallowing my cock. I want your pussy to squeeze my cock.” As he whispers I struggle with my wet dress, finally raising it over my head and tossing it onto the floor.

I slide my body into the water, spreading my hot pussy-lips with my

fingers. Scott guides his cock into my hungry cunt. It was my turn to moan as his stiff prick slides into my tight pussy. I start to move up and down his hard cock, my cunt squeezing hard, my juice flowing freely. Scott’s faces is buried between my tits, his fingers pinching and his teeth are pulling my nipples. I lean back holding onto the sides of the tub, slamming my cunt down over his cock. Water is splashing from the tub onto the floor as we go faster and deeper on each stroke. Scott reaches down and rubs my ass, fingering my hole as he sucks my nipples.

“Oh … I’m cumming,” I scream, drenching his cock, riding faster as I feel his prick throb. My cunt spasms around his cock and he can’t hold back any longer. Scott pulls me down on top of him, my tits crush into his body as he kisses me as his cock explodes deep inside my raging cunt. Holding me tightly, my cunt milks him dry.

“Oh, that was fantastic, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more satisfied,” he moans, as we slowly come down from our sexual high. The water is slowly getting cool as I realize that I forgotten about dinner. Scott has that effect on me when we have sex. I forget everything but the two of us.

“OH NO ….. ,” I say tuzla escort bayan as I jump out of the tub and to run to the kitchen. Opening the oven door I discovers the dinner is burned! Standing there, tears running down my cheeks, Scott comes up and wraps his arms around my waist. Leaning into his body, my head buried in his chest, he softly runs his hands through her hair. I look up into his eyes. “I wanted this to be so special. I ruined it.”

“Hey, it’s not all your fault. I think I had a hand in it … or a cock,” We both laugh and Scott softly kisses my tears. “Lets order in a Pizza. That way we can continue with the special dinner I ruined,” he whispers.

Scott calls Dominos as I prance nude into the other room, returning, wrapped in her silk robe and carrying his. I toss it at him, sit on couch and wiggle my finger at him. He comes to sit next to me and wraps me in his arms, relaxing as wait for the food.

After the pizza arrives and we eat, we were both satisfied … but just with food. The rest of the night was just beginning.

“Lets go to the bedroom,” Scott whispers. He lifts me. I struggle just a little as he carries me into the bedroom, gently laying me down on the bed. “Mmmmmmm, I can’t get enough of you,” he whispers as he lies down and starts to kiss my cheeks, my mouth, down my neck, until he reaches my tits. Slowly he teases my areola with his tongue before biting the tip of the pink center. Circling the nipples until they are hard and erect he slowly takes one into his mouth and sucks it while his thumb and fingers gently tease my cunt. Arching my back, my hand gently holds his head to me.

“My God, your driving me insane,” I whisper. Scott looks up and smiles. “Paybacks are a bitch,” he says, slowly making his way down to my stomach, nibbling my bellybutton and finally sticking his tongue inside my hungry cunt. My stomach begins to quiver as I push his head farther, but he grabbed my hands and holds them at my sides. Looking up Scott says, ” … tease me will you!”

Still holding my hands he places little kisses all around my pussy-lips. Scott drags his tongue slowly down the slit, probing blowing gently escort tuzla over the cum from our previous romp, creating a cool tingle. He’s driving me nuts I want his tongue on my clit so bad. I can feel his cool breath against my cunt as he begins to lick clit, slow at first and then with greater speed. I move my hips wanting more. “Oh, Scott … Don’t Stop.”

Scott sucks hard on my clit, my hips were bucking against his face as I cum continuously. Finally he released my hands and I grab his head and pull

him closer. I felt his fingers move into my wet cunt, spreading my lips so his tongue can sink deeper into my open cunt. I pump hard and fast, riding his tongue like his prick. I felt the third finger and I scream, ” … turn around … I want your cock in my mouth!”

Scott turns so I can take his cock. I wasn’t playing this time. I devour Scott’s cock, taking his stiff prick deep into my throat on the first stroke. I can hear him moan as he feels the back of my throat. He starts pumping my mouth like he was fucking my cunt

I suck deep as I feel Scott’s thumb enter my ass, rubbing his two fingers through the tender membrane. “Oh … I’m cummming,” I yell as my mind screams, my body shakes and his fingers slide on my running cunt. I drenching his fingers, as I suck hard on his cock, lost in the world of ecstasy.

“Oh … please … fuck me now, I moan. I need your cock!”

Scott turns, reaches down to help me guide his hard prick into my dripping cunt. I gasp as his hard throbbing cock enters and he slowly slides deep inside. He places my legs on his shoulders as his cock pounds deeper. As he begins to pump faster and harder I move my hips in rhythm. I can hardly catch my breath.

“I’m cumming,” I shout as he thrusts into me hard and deep. Shaking and trembling, my juices coat his cock as my pussy pulses around his prick, squeezing tightly as waves of pleasure coursing through my body. I feel his cock swelling, knowing he is close. I reach down and massage his balls.

“OHHHHHH, my God, I’m cummming,” he groans, as he pumps faster, spurting his hot thick juice deep inside my cunt. Our cum mixing, our bodies clinging, I feel him cumming. I cum again … and again.

After laying for a few moments of ecstasy, his first words were, ” … what’s for dinner tomorrow?”

“Your next meal will be me,” I whisper, ” … again …”

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