A Delicious Surprise

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Diana, my wife and lover of twenty years, surprised me with the most delicious present this weekend, adding something new to our sexual repertoire just for the two of us at first but later to be shared with our intimate friends.

It was a Friday evening, and as we did every week after a long and tiring week, we were enjoying a hot soak and luxuriating in the delightful pleasure of stimulating each other’s most intimate places. A few years earlier we had added an extension to our home, a place devoted entirely to the uninhibited indulgence in sexual pleasure and orgasmic excess.

There were two adjoining rooms. The larger one was a sexual playground with a large sunken bed in front of a floor to ceiling mirror with low couches on three sides. Next to this was the bathroom, with a large bath sunk in the floor along one side opposite a shower big enough for several people with multiple water jets that could be directed at any part of the body. The outside wall of the bedroom was glazed from floor to ceiling with large sliding doors opening onto a conservatory with a large Japanese style hot tub. Beyond that was the garden — half an acre of lush grass surrounded by trees where we could frolic in the nude with selected friends and guests.

Friday nights were reserved solely for Diana and me, when we would strip off the cares of our professional life with our clothes — me as a tenured professor and Diana as a high powered corporate lawyer — and bring each other to multiple climaxes (with the help of a little chemistry in my case to keep me hard all evening). The sensuousness of slowly bringing each other to the pinnacle of arousal, but just holding back from the brink of orgasm, is something we have learned to enjoy as we approach middle age. When we do finally tip each other over the edge after an hour or more of play the exquisite joy of our climaxes can be truly mind blowing. The special pleasure of watching each other’s facial expressions at the moment of highest bliss only increases the intensity of orgasmic delight bringing mind and body together in a rapturous state beyond the power of artificial stimulants to achieve.

Last Friday I was enjoying the tekirdağ seks hikayeleri special pleasure of intimate exploration of my darlings’s sweet pussy while she sat on the edge of the bath to give me access to the wonderland between her parted thighs. I had been sucking on her engorged inner labia for many delightful minutes, regularly breaking off to lick the soft flesh from the entrance to her vagina up to the swollen bud of her clitoris, no longer hidden within its hood but proudly erect and eager for me to suck. Suddenly she asked me to stop, and standing up, she opened a cabinet set into the wall where we kept our growing selection of sex toys, and took out what appeared to be a most realistic artificial eight inch long penis with a pronounced upward curve. It looked like those pictures of strap-on dildos in the catalogues but without the paraphernalia necessary to keep those objects of delight in place.

“It is known as a feeldoe,” Diana said in response to my questioning look, “see, here at the base is the part that is inserted in my cunt,” indicating a tapering ovoid protuberance nearly two three inches in diameter at its widest and four inches long, “and this bit fits neatly between my inner lips and presses on my anus and clitoris.”

We had talked about what is commonly called pegging and both had a selection of butt plugs which we used regularly, deeply aroused by the supreme naughtiness of inserting them in each other’s well lubricated rectums. The knowledge, however, that I was about to be penetrated and fucked without mercy made my erect cock throb with excitement. A bead of clear precum glistened at the mouth of my urethra as I readied myself to submit to the lubricious experience of female sexual domination for the first time.

Kneeling at the edge of the bath, looking down at me — I should describe it as towering over me if only in the metaphorical sense — Diana gave me the instrument of my coming subjection –and coming ecstasy — and lubricated it and her cunt with liberal quantities of gel before ordering me to insert it deep into her cunt. She moaned as I slid it between her engorged labia, purplish with arousal, and into her cunt, spreading it wider than with even her largest dildo, until it was fully embedded in her hot silky flesh, so that it looked for all the world as if she had grown a cock.

Sliding into the water beside me, she told me to stand leaning forward so that my palms were on the edge of the bath and with my with legs akimbo, so that he puckered entrance to my rectum was presented for her penetration. The sensation of that first entry of the slippery organ past my well lubricated anal sphincter was indescribable, and my cock grew even harder — if that were possible — until it felt as if it wanted to burst out of my skin. Initially Diana found it difficult to maintain a rhythm of thrusting, but after a few minutes she was fucking me like a pro, helped by grasping my shaft with one hand as if it were a handle, and with other on the small of my back. She told me later as we were relaxing in the warm glow of post orgasmic bliss, that every time she thrust deep into my captive body, the reverse pressure in her cunt and on her clitoris and anus was as stimulating as being fucked by the largest penis she knew — a magnificent organ belonging to an elderly friend who with his wife was part of our intimate circle of seekers after the highest pinnacles of debauchery.

After ten minutes of the most exquisite fucking, Diana pulled out and ordered to go into the bedroom and lie back on one of the couches — after throwing a towel across it to capture the aromatic excretions of our coupling — with my legs widespread on either side so that my entire perineal region and anus were ready for a renewed assault, and with my cock pointing skyward.

“I want to enjoy the delicious sight of you helpless and subordinate to my lascivious desires as I fuck you long and deep, “”she said, her voice thick and husky with arousal, “and the thrill of watching your cum spurting out of your cock as I masturbate you past the point of no return, but most of all the look on your face as you abandon yourself to the divine ecstasy of our carnal depravity.”

“”Oh, and I forgot to mention, I want to take a few pictures with my mobile to send to Emma.”

(Emma was another of our circle who had been a student of mine several years earlier, and was now married to a tall and athletic Jamaican man with a beautiful cock like polished ebony).

“She was with me when I bought the feeldoe and she is dying to fuck you with it when we have our next cum lovers group meeting on Sunday evening.”

Pausing only to smear copious amounts of fresh lubricant on her artificial cock and inside my rectum, she knelt between my thighs and with one smooth thrust impaled me on its glistening beauty. Holy Zeus, it was stimulating beyond anything we had done before and I could feel my orgasm churning in my belly. After only a few hard thrusts I pulled my knees up to allow Diana even deeper penetration, and in my growing ecstasy I began groaning in time with my ravishment. I could sense that Diana was also close to her climax by the look of abandoned lust on her face and the shaking of her thighs.

I came like an erupting volcano, ejaculating so hard at least six times that my hot semen coated Diana’s breasts and tummy mixing with the sweat of her exertions in a glaze of glistening white, gooey clumps of cum slithering down her body. My first spurt triggered her orgasm and she literally shrieked with the intensity of her release, her head thrown back in a paroxysm of lust and her whole body shaking like a leaf in a gale. When she returned to her senses she picked up her mobile from where it had fallen and took several more selfies of her semen anointed body.

There is little more to tell. After showering to wash away the sweat and cum from our bodies, we collapsed on the bed in a heap of tangled limbs. Much later, during a long, slow and loving fuck, we talked about our individual feelings about our new venture into carnal pleasure. We both agreed that the intensity of our climaxes had been off the scale, the excitement of our mutual reminiscences sending us spiralling skywards in another tornado of erotic rapture.

Sometimes during the week I have had to concentrate hard to ignore the lustful anticipation of what Emma plans for me. She responded almost immediately when Diana messaged her the pictures, “Oh god Diana, those are so hot, and I’m so wet that I have an urgent need to go to the ladies room and finger fuck my hot cunt! Sunday can’t come quickly enough!”

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