A Day’s Frustration

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The day’s frustration was to much to handle, so when Julie, Mandy’s best friend from high school days called and suggested a night out, Mandy quickly accepted her offer. Leaving the husband at home to watch the kids, she climbed into Julie’s car and waved goodbye to the house and the source of her frustrations. “I’m going to stay at Julie’s tonight so don’t wait up for me.”

“So, where are we going?” Mandy asked Julie as she slammed the door of the car.

“I thought we’d just go bar hopping and see what’s out there.” she replied. Julie was an experienced drinker so Mandy wasn’t too worried about her having a drink or two and driving. “I know this place you’ll love.” Julie continued. “They have a band tonight and the place will be crawling with good looking men.” she laughed.

“Yeah, well, I’ve got enough troubles with men.” Mandy retorted.

Julie parked the car in front of the bar she’d selected as the starting point as Mandy quickly noticed the glow of the neon sign, “Slow And Hard” was the name of it.

“Damn, what kind of place is this?” she wondered walking up to the door. Mandy couldn’t help but notice all the men walking in and out of the place. On average, mid-30s, mostly tell taken care of by the shape and size of them.

Mandy followed Julie to a table close to the dance floor and Julie ordered drinks for both of them. “Two Double Jacks and two beers” she said to the waitress, who scurried off to fetch the drinks.

“Damn, are you trying to get me drunk?” Mandy asked quickly.

“Maybe.” was the response you heard as she started laughing. “Just relax and enjoy yourself tonight. No worries!”

Once the drinks arrived Julie proposed a toast “To Fuck With Men!” she said and downed her first shot of Jack, following immediately pouring half of a glass of beer down her throat. Mandy looked a bit shocked as Julie said “C’mon, drink up!”

Mandy grabbed her glass of Jack and started to sip it.

Julie then practically ordered, “Fuck that, drink the damn thing!”

Mandy tipped the glass back up and in one swallow downed the hard liquor. She felt it burning down her throat to her stomach,

“Oh shit.” she thought as she grabbed her beer and started to take a big drink of that as well.

“That’s better.” Julie said with a laugh, reaching for her second shot of Jack. “This one is for all the fun we can handle tonight.” she said, and downed her second shot. Mandy immediately followed her lead and before long was well on her way to getting drunk.

“The good looking men will be soon Mandy, the band starts at 9:00.” Julie said looking around the room. “I hope you like to dance.”

“Yeah,” replied Mandy, “I love to dance.” Two beers later Mandy heard the band start to play their first song. It was a fast one that reminded her that she hadn’t danced in quite a while.

“C’mon Mandy, let’s get this party started.” Julie said, grabbing Mandy’s hand and taking her to the dance floor.

The two of them began dancing with each other on the dance floor and were soon joined by two nice looking men asking if they would mind.

“Hell no, it’s about time!” Julie stated, turning towards the blonde young man.

As they started to dance Mandy noticed that Doug, (Julie’s partner) seemed to know his way around the floor very well. Mandy saw the muscles straining under his shirt sleeves as she forced herself to take her eyes from him and turned towards her new dance partner. She actually felt a bit jealous of her friend because the man who had asked her to dance was good looking enough, but really didn’t know how to dance very well.

Mark, as she found out his name, also was about 6 foot tall, attractive, but without the well-defined features muğla escort that Julie’s new friend had. “Oh well, it’s not like I’m gonna fuck him anyway.” she thought to herself and finished the dance.

Walking back to the table, Doug and Mark followed them. “Mind if we sit with you two beautiful ladies?” Doug asked.

“Not at all, but we’re not planning on staying long.” Mandy told them.

“That’s okay, neither are we.” Doug replied with a slight smile that went right through Mandy.

Mark called the waitress over and ordered drinks for the entire table. Once again Mandy found herself with Jack shooters and beer chasers. Every so often the guys would take the girls back to the dance floor and they would dance one song, then (much to Mandy’s delight) switch partners. On one such switch she found herself dancing with Doug as a slow song started. Doug pulled her close to him gently and started to sway with the music.

Mandy enjoyed the sensation of his body against hers as she unexpectedly pushed her body against his. She could feel his body react to hers as his manhood began to press against her leg.

“Damn, that feels good…and hard.” she thought as she felt her body send a tingle down her spine. She could feel his hands on her waist, then down her hips as he easily pulled her in closer.

“You feel so great!” he said to her just as the song was ending.

Doug followed closely behind Mandy back to the table, which Mandy knew was to hide his swelling erection from her friend. He sat down next to Julie again and started sweet talking her.

Julie’s head was spinning from all the drinks and seemed to hang on to every word. Mandy saw Julie’s hand reach under the table and noticed the look of surprise as Doug straightened up slightly in his chair. She knew what Julie was doing and felt a tingle go through her now wet vagina.

“Shit, I wish he’d sat with me first.” she thought to herself.

Trying not to be to intrusive, Mandy turned back toward Mark and started to talk with him. All the while she kept thinking about how good Doug had felt against her body.

Mandy could tell that Doug was definitely the leader of these two as Mark seemed to have difficulty holding a conversation. None of the four of them at the table was feeling too much pain by this time. Between the alcohol and the closeness of the slow dance Mandy was feeling a bit more than excited.

A few minutes later Doug looked around the table, “Say, why don’t we go to my place and drink. I’ve got a pool table there and we can play without all this noise.”

Within a second Julie sprang up, “Great, let’s go.” she said without consulting Mandy. Mandy knew she was being set up. She knew that Julie was pretty drunk by now and just wanted to finish what she had started with Doug.

Although she didn’t really want to go, she said “Okay. But I’ll drive!”

At that Mark finally spoke up, “I’ll drive, I really haven’t had as much to drink as you three. And I’ll bring you back here in a couple hours.”

The others agreed and with a little assistance, Mandy half-carried Julie to Mark’s car. Doug and Mark had to help Julie walk to the car. They put her in the back seat with Doug. She was tempted to get in the back as well. Mark got in and started the car.

It wasn’t long before Mandy heard a soft moaning coming from the back seat. It was obviously that Julie wasn’t completely out of it from the tone of her oohs and aahs. She very discreetly turned her head back and saw Doug’s hand beneath Julie’s short shirt. Julie had her legs spread wide apart and her panties were in a bunch at her ankles. Mandy could see Doug’s fingers sliding inside Julie’s very wet pussy.

“Shit, rhodope-mugla.org I wish that we me.” Mandy thought to herself feeling her own vagina becoming increasingly wet and ready. She looked over at Doug and noticed a rather impressive bulge in his jeans as he tried to adjust himself due to the tightness of his pants.

“Oh yes!” Mandy thought as an orgasm hit her out of the blue.

Her face became flushed and a wave of pure pleasure shot through her entire body. Without a single touch she had cummed for this man.

Moments later Mark pulled the car into his drive way and announced, “Here we are, home sweet home.”

The four of them got out of the car, Mark led the way while Mandy and Doug assisted Julie into the house. Mandy noticed that Doug’s arm which was wrapped around Julie’s waist would move upwards a little and his hand would gently brush against her own breasts. Her nipples were extremely hard and she couldn’t help but imagine his hands covering her breasts while his manhood was taking her to new heights of enjoyment.

Once inside the house they sat Julie down on the sofa. Julie’s legs were spread apart and Mandy could see up her skirt all the way to her neatly trimmed pussy.

“I guess her panties are still in the car.” she thought as she sat down on the love seat across from the sofa and feeling a bit naughty looking at her girlfriends exposed pussy.

Doug and Mark went into the kitchen and a moment later came back with four shot glasses of Tequila and 4 beers.

“Thought you’d like to try this.” Doug said to Mandy, handing a shot and a beer to her.

“I don’t know, I’m not much of a drinker.” Mandy said, while taking the drink from him.

Doug then sat down next to Julie while Mark sat next to Mandy.

“Here’s to fun.” Mark said as he gulped his shot down, the others following quickly after.

Julie almost choked on hers and took a large drink of her beer to chase it down. The four of them laughed and started talking.

Mandy found herself constantly looking over at Doug while Mark was trying to talk with her. Julie had leaned against Doug and was kissing him while rubbing his chest, then his stomach, then his covered erection. Mandy could see it straining to be released and wanted to be the one to release it.

But by then Doug had his hand on Julie’s breasts and was beginning to remove her blouse. Mandy half-watched Doug undressing her best friend as Mark kept talking, obviously oblivious to what was going on.

Mandy watched as Doug moved his mouth down to Julie’s exposed titties and he begun to suck on her nipples. Mandy was so horny by now, she knew she needed a cock, any cock….

“Damn it Mark, shut the hell up and fuck me.” she almost screamed as she grabbed Mark’s hand and put it on her breast.

She could only imagine it was the alcohol making her so openly greedy for sex.

Mark was taken back for a second and then started to squeeze Mandy’s breasts. Mandy put her hand on Mark’s leg and started to rub it. She moved upwards towards Mark’s now erect penis and soon was unzipping his fly.

As she pulled Marks manhood from his pants, she looked over to see Julie kneeling on the floor now sucking on Doug’s piece of man meat.

“Oh shit! Mandy exclaimed as another orgasm started running through her hot body. “Fuck me now Mark!” she said as she yanked her dress off.

Mark quickly took off his shirt and pants as Mandy grabbed his cock in her hands, leaned over and started to suck him. She could taste his precum on the head, but it just wasn’t want she wanted. What she really wanted was to fuck Doug until he couldn’t walk! She didn’t know why, but there was something about this man that excited her beyond belief.

Mandy looked up and slowly turned her body so she could walk Julie sucking on Doug’s manhood. Then decided she wanted to be closer to it.

She pulled Marks’s cock from her mouth and said “Sit next to Doug.”

Mark quickly moved over and Mandy began to stroke his cock and slowly lick up and down his shaft. All the while she was watching Julie take Doug’s meat into her mouth. She really didn’t understand how Julie could continue since she was very drunk by now.

As it was, Julie was too drunk and started to fall asleep with Doug’s cock still in her mouth. As Julie’s hand dropped to the floor Doug knew she was a goner for the night and eased himself out of her mouth. He gently laid her on the floor, placing a pillow under her head and let her sleep.

“Shit.” he thought, “I’m totally out of luck now.”

Mandy noticed that Julie was down for the count and wanted so badly to feel Doug’s cock inside her.

She watched Doug as he enjoyed the show she was putting on with his best friend. He began to stroke himself in an attempt to release some of his own frustrations.

Mandy got so excited watching Doug that she forgot who she was with and slowly moved her free hand over to Doug’s leg. She felt his muscled thigh as her fingers inched closer to his balls. Upon arrival, she wrapped her fingers around Doug’s nut sac and began to rub them. Then she felt his hand reach for her and place it on his over heated erection.

Mandy was in pure heaven. She finally had a cock in her mouth and was stroking Doug’s cock with her hand. But she really wanted to suck Doug’s cock as well. Her eyes went straight up to Doug’s and she saw that he wanted her as well.

“Fuck me doggy style, Mark.” Mandy ordered, knowing that she could take Doug keep down her throat and not piss Mark off at the same time.

Mark quickly went behind Mandy and started to rub his cock head against her pussy lips. “Wait.” Mandy said as she crawled in front of Doug, leaning in front of Doug’s hard cock. “Now Mark! Fuck me!”

She felt Mark’s erect dick begin to enter her as her tongue enjoyed it’s first taste of Doug’s manhood. “Oh yes, yes” she thought as she realized for the first time she had not one, but two hard cocks in her at the same time.

That realization sent her over the edge as her body tensed up and she began to squeeze Mark’s cock with her vaginal muscles and Doug’s cock with her supple lips. It didn’t take Mark long to begin to erupt into her wet pussy. She felt his cock begin to swell and his body begin to jerk as she reached between her legs and grabbed his balls. Kneading them was all it took for Mark to start slamming hard into her.

She could feel his cum shooting straight to her cervix as body slammed back against him. This natural rocking motion allowed Doug’s cock to slip in and out of her mouth as she literally fucked his rock hard cock with her mouth. She tasted the beginnings of his orgasm as his hands went to her head and tried to hold her steady.

Doug began to push upwards with his hips as his floodgates opened and he started shooting his white hot cum into her mouth. Mandy almost passed out in joy as she felt the sperm of both these men invading her body at the same time.

Her own orgasm rocketing through her body like nothing she had ever felt. She reached up and started stroking Doug’s cock trying to milk every drop of his delicious cum from him and into her mouth. She sucked him literally dry, then started licking the head of his cock, his shaft and balls getting every drop of him that had leaked out.

Mandy felt Mark’s cock getting softer inside her, then heard a quiet plop as it retracted from her pussy. She laid her head on Doug’s thigh and let out a large, satisfied sigh.

“Oh hell guys, I’m done for, wake Julie up and fuck her for awhile.” she said as her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

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