A Day With Daniel…4

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A Day With Daniel…4When Daniel had emptied his enormous load of sperm into me I could feel the excess drain from my anal canal and stream down my butt crack and over my spine. I caressed Daniel’s head and nestled our faces together like a sex starved whore.My butt hole was stretched around the base of Daniel’s ten to twelve inch long five to six inch round phallus. My hips ached but I did not want Daniel to pull out of me, I only wanted him to fuck me more.Daniel eased up and lowered my aching legs, I gasped and moaned as Daniel lowered my legs. My hips ached so much I almost forgot that Daniel’s gigantic penis was still lodged deep in my bung hole.As Daniel lowered my legs I looked down and saw Daniels sperm covered penis still stuck in my rectum. Little white bubbles exploding around his enormously huge penile shaft, as my legs were lowered all the trapped air was escaping.Daniel saw me looking at his huge shaft and smiled at me saying ‘…you like seeing my dick in your boi pussy, don’t you…’ Transfixed illegal bahis I mumbled ‘…uh huh…’Daniel held my legs just high enough to keep my bung up and started to slide his huge tool out of my clinching bung hole. Daniel stopped after pulling three to four inches from my anal cavity.His penis strongly throbbed and my whole body trembled violently, Daniel said ‘…pussy so tight I like the way it holds my dick, just like a glove…’ I was both trembling and shaking as Daniel pulled his massive meat tube back and forth.Daniel stopped and started again to pull his penis from my rectum, he pulled back till only his huge head was still lodged in my butt hole. I could see his penile ridge just below my clinging anal muscle ring.Daniel suddenly pulled his penile head from my anus, my outer anal muscle ring cling to his penis milking his huge head as he pulled from my anus. Daniel placed his hands under my butt and lifted it till I could see my anus.It was gap open about two inches and youwin güvenilir mi I could see the copious amounts of his baby making sperm begin to flow from deep down inside my rectum. My penis and testicles were hanging limply from my crotch as his sperm drained out of my rectum and around my gentiles.Daniel laughed and stood up he pulled me from the bed and told me ‘…get on your knees, I want you sucking my dick with your hands behind your back…’I could barely get up on my knees, Daniel’s massive phallus was right in my face dripping with our commingled body fluids. I looked up at Daniel as he slowly pushed his crotch out to my face.Tears of shame flowed from my eyes as I opened my mouth and stretched my mouth as wide as I could to accepted his penile head. As soon as his massive head was in my mouth it twitched and firmed up till it filled my entire mouth.I could barely breath as Daniel slowly rotated his hips, from my stretched anus his baby making fluid was perabet dripping beneath me puddling in a gooey pool. I tried to suck greedily at the enormous phallus stuck in my mouth.Daniel moaned in pleasure as he laid his left hand on top of my head. Daniel lowered his right hand and twink my left nipple causing me to grimace in pain. Daniel pulled his penis from my mouth, he reached down and lifted and turned me around and pushed me down to the bed.Daniel spread my butt cheeks with one hand and guided his gigantic fuck tool into my well lubed anus. I reached out and gripped the sheets in to my fists as Daniel pushed his rock hard phallus deep into my spread open butt hole.Daniel slid his tool back and forth as fast as he could, with each thrust of his penis my feet was raised from the floor, my head pushed into the mattress.Soon Daniel was panting and grunting as he unloaded another huge load of his sperm deep into my well ravished bung hole. Daniel collapsed down on my back and humped into me till he had emptied his testicles of his fluid.Daniel pulled from my anus and said to me ‘…I’ve got to go, it’s almost four o’clock. Your folks might get home soon, meet me tomorrow morning in the gym before school and lube this pussy up for me. A Day With Daniel…4

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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