A Day In The Woods_(1)

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Chapter 1

There I was, sauntering through the woods early Saturday morning. I had parked my car in the same parking area I always park. No one was there this early on the weekends which is how I liked it. I had the woods to myself, a chance to relax and unwind from the work week. I hiked along the path I always hike when I felt the feeling of being watched, the fine hairs on the back of my neck standing up. I turned and looked and for just the flash of a moment I thought I saw a set of eyes in the brush. I paid it no mind and thought my mind was playing tricks with me. I continued on and the feeling persisted. Each time I looked I saw nothing.

I was about a mile in when I turned a corner on the path and there was a large wolf in front of me. I stopped as did my heart. In all the times I had hiked these woods I never saw anything more ferocious than a chipmunk. I looked around and saw a couple more wolves to my sides. I cautiously started off the path through the opening that was most readily available. I knew not to run, I couldn’t have out ran them if I tried. As the other two followed I lost track of the large one that was in front of me. I started looking for a tree I could climb to escape them. I was staring to sweat, my heart raced and then out of nowhere the large one was back in front of me. I took notice to the other two on the sides of me and then noticed there wasn’t two but six of them that had me surrounded. That was seven in total. I had no idea what a pack of wolves was doing this far down, but I was mortified I knew this was going to be my fate, that I would be on the news tonight as some dumb blonde that got lost in the woods and was attacked by wolves.

Lost in my thoughts of despair I felt something pressed against my ass. I looked back and saw the nose of one of the larger wolves buried in my ass. Another was in my crotch as the pack had moved much closer surrounding me completely. In a panic I started to run. I didn’t even get one step as one of them grabbed my jeans and unbalanced me, dragging me to the ground. They were on me instantly. All I could hear was growling of them all and the feel of teeth against my flesh. My shoes were ripped off one by one and then my top. I felt them pulling at my jeans as they came off my legs that I was kicking. I started screaming when I felt a paw being pushed into my mouth. My screams now muffled, my panties and bra were torn from me. There I lay, naked except for my socks, a paw in my mouth and two wolves standing on my outstretched arms, holding me there helpless.

The large one I first saw stepped between my legs, obviously the leader of this pack. He licked at my crotch. Instinctively and stupidly I kicked at him and pushed him away. Immediately I felt the grip of a large set of jaws on my throat. Feeling them tighten on me I lay still as the leader pushed his snout into my crotch again. He started licking me, pushing his tongue just inside me, the feeling of his rough tongue on my clit. I was getting wet. Partially from the fear but also from excitement of all of this and also because of the tongue lashing I was getting. As the leader continued I started to grind my hips to him. The jaws on my neck released at that time and the paw was removed from my mouth. I wanted his tongue deeper inside me. If it were a man I would have grabbed his head and shoved him into me. As if the wolf knew what I wanted his tongue went deeper inside of me. I could feel his teeth against my soft but wet pussy as his tongue was inside me.

The two wolves holding my arms down started licking my tits. My nipples were hard and erect and loving being licked. I felt another tongue on my ear and yet another licking at my neck. The feeling was almost euphoric. As the fear left me a wave washed over as I came hard on the tongue in my cunt. When I had finished I noticed the two holding my arms down were females. For some reason I just assumed they were all males. One of them took hold of my wrist with her mouth and pulled my arm back over my body, rolling me onto my stomach. I felt several snouts at my sides nudging me up, there was no way this was going to happen. I knew what they wanted and figured if I just lay on my stomach then nothing would happen. Just as I was about to finish that thought I felt the gnashing of teeth on the back of neck. Harder this time than the first, he was almost to the point of breaking my skin as he pulled me up. I obeyed as I knew what they wanted and was there on all fours. The two females each took my wrists in their mouths and the large leader immediately leaped on my back. I felt his weight come down on me and felt his cock against my sopping wet pussy. He was in me instantly. I had seen dogs mate and seen them take several tries to find the right spot; I was amazed that he was able to get in me so quickly. He growled loudly and the two females pulled my wrists lowering me to my elbows and forcing my ass up. When they did he drove completely into me. It felt like twelve inches of wolf cock pierced my insides. I moaned out loudly as he started to fuck me with the reckless abandon of a dog fucking his bitch. His bitch I thought to myself, there I was bent over with this wolf giving me the best fuck of my life like I was a bitch in heat.

One of the females let loose of my wrist. As I started to place my hand down to raise myself one the males stood on my hand and arm holding me there. The other female took the same position on my other arm as the leader continued pounding away at me. I could feel myself getting ready to cum again when I noticed the one female laying in front of me, on her back with her legs spread. I was in disbelief until I felt the other female on my arm bite the back of my neck and push me towards the other. I started to lick at the females’ pussy and as I did I heard a slight whimper. The leader was pushing against me; I could feel him starting to swell and on his next thrust I pushed back and felt his knot slip into my aching cunt. I ground myself against his knot and came, moaning into the wolf’s pussy that was becoming increasingly wetter.

The leader brought his leg over my ass and we were tied as to ass. I could feel him filling me with his seed. I started to lick the female in front of me harder, feeling her hair against my face as she got wetter. I couldn’t believe when she came, gushing against me and in my mouth. My face was wet from her and the leader was pulling his knot out of me. I felt his cum run down my legs. The one male holding my arm down moved and was replaced by one of the others. The female moved as well and was also replaced by one of the others males. The male that was holding my wrist down mounted me and as the first, immediately pushed himself into me. The other female lay in front of me and this time I didn’t resist or think and started lapping away at her open cunt. I was completely lost, the sun was fully up and there I was, a sex slave to a pack of wolves.

The second male knotted me and filled me with canine sperm as I brought the other female to orgasm, as well as myself. She squirted her juices into my mouth and I greedily lapped them all up. When the second pulled out of me he was immediately replaced by the third. I was steadily becoming exhausted and could feel my knees starting to ache and yet I knew I had two other fuckings to endure when this one finished. As he entered the wolves on my wrists let go and stood back. I didn’t move and stayed in the position they obviously wanted me in. I was being such a good little slut and although I had never really gave animal sex much thought I had succumbed to this and enjoyed it.

The third one finished with me and the fourth was right there. I wanted to give my elbows some relief and hesitantly lifted myself to all fours. The fourth one was different. He stabbed his cock into me and then pulled back out. He kept fucking me with this stabbing motion, completely filling me then back out. It was driving me mad! It was as if a man were fucking me instead of a wolf. The two females started licking at my hard nipples, feeling their tongues on them and the occasional nip and the male stabbing his cock in and out me had me cumming yet again. He knotted me just as the others and filled me with his seed. I wasn’t sure how much more I could hold. My pussy was already sloppy wet and dripping with the others’ sperm. When he finished with me he pulled and left a long trail of cum running from my aching pussy and puddling between my knees.

I looked over at the last wolf. He was obviously the youngest of the pack. He got behind me and I wasn’t sure if my sore, well used hole could take much more. Almost sensing that, I felt the tip of his cock against my ass. As I was trying to get the word no out of my mouth when he shoved his wolf cock into my ass and the no turned into more of a howl. Thank God he was smaller than the rest. He fucked my ass with the youth and vigor of a young gaziantep escort man. The leader had moved in front of me and I could see his fully erect cock from its sheath. He put his front paws on my shoulders and was in front of my face. One of the females nipped at the side of my neck and I took one hand and placed his cock into my mouth. As I did he started to fuck my face the same way he did my cunt.

I felt him pushing against the back of my throat and gagged against him. My saliva ran from mouth and his cock as I coughed. He was relentless just as before and continued fucking my mouth. It was difficult to breathe and I had to time my breaths between thrusts. The smaller male in my ass pushed himself into me and I felt his knot swell in my ass. We were soon ass to ass and he shot his cum deep into my ass. The leader started to knot as well, it was physically impossible for him to get anything that big into my mouth. He pressed it against my lips and started to unload. I could feel it running down my throat. It was quickly filling my mouth and running out and down my chin. I coughed and gagged again, sperm and spit all over the males’ large cock. He pulled his cock out and continued to cum. His hot seed covered my face and my hair; I was being given a wolf facial. When he finished he got off of my shoulders. The young male in my ass finished shortly after that.

I stood there on all fours as I watched the pack trot off. I looked for my clothes and found my jeans partially torn but wearable. My panties and bra and shirt were completely shredded. The females must have ripped them apart somewhere in between my fucks. I walked about ¾ of a mile back to where the parking area was. I was completely spent and a walk that normally wouldn’t be anything was like running a marathon after the hours of fucking I just did. As I got to the edge of the woods I saw five other cars there parked with mine. All the same make and model but different colors. I thought it a little strange and thought maybe it was some kind of club or something. They started their cars and started to leave. There was a couple in the first two cars and single males in the other three. I stumbled across the street and the last car stopped. The window came down and a young man stuck his head out looking back at me. If he wasn’t driving a car I wouldn’t even had placed him at sixteen. The crotch of my torn jeans was soaked with wolf sperm and my tits were still a little erect in the open air. The car in front of him honked its horn and he started to leave, his head hanging out of the window as he drove off.

I got to my car and got the light jacket out of the backseat and put it on. I sat behind the wheel and tried to figure out everything that just happened. It was strange yet arousing. The more I thought the wetter I felt myself becoming. My own juices and wolf cum making my jeans wetter and my car seat as well. I drove home and as I was going up to my apartment my neighbor was coming down. She looked at me and said I looked a little haggard. I almost laughed at the thought – I was way past that! I told her I slipped and went down a small ravine, my shirt caught on a branch and was ripped off and then hit some briars which accounted for my scratches. She believed me I think but did make mention that she wasn’t sure where I was at where there was a small ravine. As I closed my door I told myself I wasn’t aware of a pack of wolves in those woods either.

I tossed my jeans in the trash and headed for the bathroom. I ran a hot bath and climbed in and just soaked. I ran the water twice more to keep it hot as wolf cum flowed from my ass and pussy. I sat there in the tub wondering if would go back again. Would I go back next week and see if the same thing happened again. My pussy was sore as I slid my hand down to it. I started thinking of it all over. Being fucked and licking the females to orgasm. I came one last time feeling the water wash around me. I got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around me. I heard a knock at the door and as I walked over there a piece of paper slid under the door. All it said was hoped you enjoyed the morning. I quickly opened the door and no one was there. I looked out my window and didn’t see a car either. I did hear a howl in the distance though.

Chapter 2

The rest of my weekend went pretty much the same as all my other ones. Sunday I stayed around the apartment and did some cleaning and got laundry done, you know – the normal. Monday came and I found myself back at work and recovered from the events Saturday. I couldn’t think about it at work as I so wanted to rub my clit when I did. I don’t think my work would appreciate that. Each night I came home I would masturbate and come in a huge orgasm thinking about being fucked relentlessly like I was.

Thursday evening when I got home I found a flyer under the door. I just figured someone came through the complex and dropped one off at everyone’s place. I sat it on the table and got out of my work clothes. I was about to get myself off but looked through the mail first. The normal – bills and junk mail. Then I looked at the flyer to see what restaurant was wanting my business now. Instead I found it was for a seminar being held on Friday. The title was “The Lycanthrope in Modern Times”. I thought it was a little odd but got to the bottom of the page and written there was “please attend”. I got the note I had from over the weekend and the writing was the same.

My mind starting thinking, and for the first time this week, I didn’t masturbate. I jumped on my computer and hit the net absorbing every thing I could about the subject. Feeling enlightened and tired as I had spent 5 hours online I headed for bed. I got up Friday and was still undecided. I thought about it all day at work and tried to come up with every reason why I couldn’t or shouldn’t attend, but remained intrigued. Even when a group of the girls asked me if I wanted to go out with them for a few drinks I told them I had previous plans.

I got home and quickly changed clothes; if I didn’t take too long then I should make the class at 7 with no problem. I put on a pair of jeans and a blouse – nothing fancy I thought was needed for this. I put my jogging shoes on, grabbed my purse and keys and headed out the door. As I opened the door there was Anne from across the hall just getting home. We exchanged hellos and she asked me since she missed last weekend would I mind if she ran with me on Saturday. I didn’t say anything at first. What if the same thing happens tomorrow that happened a week ago? My mind raced and I must have been lost in thinking about the possibilities and what would she think? Then she asked me again if it would be ok and what time. I said sure this time, gave her a smile, and said how about we leave at 6? She agreed and off I went.

I got in my car and took off. Anne was a great neighbor and was kind of like myself. She lived alone; she was married but had been recently divorced. She didn’t have any kids and was a few years older than me, 31 I think she said once. I can only guess that she has no desire to get back to dating as I think she is quite attractive. Shoulder length blonde hair, nice figure and all. I figure she must be a 36D. Even with her sports bra on she still bounces quite a bit as we jog. My C cups don’t move nearly as much. The more I thought about everything I wasn’t sure if I was nervous, frightened or what. If Anne came jogging with me and the wolves showed up what would happen? What would she think as she saw me getting fucked by them and liking it? Also would they want her to join as well?

I was getting a little wet as I turned into the parking lot. It wasn’t that big of a building, guess they aren’t counting on a huge turnout. I was curious if I was going to be the only one there and what might happen. Some kind of urban legend you hear about and go how could that girl have been so stupid? I did have a can of pepper spray and a pocket knife my dad had given me so I wasn’t completely defenseless if the occasion came to that. I opened the door and at least the lights were on. There was a sign in the lobby “The Lycanthrope in Modern Times” with an arrow pointing to the auditorium. I opened the doors slowly and peeked in. I had 5 minutes left before the seminar was supposed to start. Class … seminar … well whatever it was supposed to be! My curiosity wouldn’t let me back out now, especially as it was starting to look legit.

I walked in and took a seat. A couple of the people turned their heads and looked to see who came in. There were a couple of people sitting together and a few other scattered around – definitely didn’t come close to filling the small auditorium. A couple of other women were there which made me feel better too. Promptly at 7 a man walked from side of the stage, well more of a platform as it maybe 6 inches high or so. He looked like he was in his early to mid fifties. He announced his name as Dr. Eliot Sebastian Crane, “but please” he said “only my mother calls me by all three names”. He went on to tell about his accomplishments and what his degrees were in; chemistry and medicine were his fields of primary study.

He then started about the class topic or seminar or whatever this was I was attending! He went into great detail about how Hollywood has distorted the image of the lycanthrope. I sat there hearing everything he said thinking this guy must be off his rocker and what a line of bullshit this was. But yet I stayed, intrigued by everything he was saying and what if it was true? I mean he obviously believed everything he was saying and spoke with conviction. I remembered how once I watched a biography on Milli Vanilli cause I caught the first three minutes and ended up watching it all. I kind of put this in the same category. Might come in handy if I ever need a bit of trivia ya know.

The doctor finished up and took a drink of water he had on the podium. He asked if there were any questions or concerns or rebuttals. As I looked around no one raised their hands. I had a couple of things I wanted to ask but I didn’t want to be the only one … or first! I figured he was going to wrap up since no one was asking and dismiss us. When he did speak again he looked at me and said “Surely you have more than a couple of questions Jessica after last Saturday”. I felt a knot in my throat and began to sweat. My ass puckered and I thought I was going to suck the seat cushion in. I put my hand in my purse and felt for the pepper spray. How could this guy know about last Saturday? How does he know my name and what else does he know? Has he been stalking me or something?

I stammered out how do you know my name and everything else. He then explained to me that they had been watching me for some time now. “They” I thought. Then it dawned on me as I looked around the room. There were two women there, both with a date or husband or whatever. There were also three other guys in the auditorium. Seven … just like last week. I looked at the person sitting closest to me, it was the 16 year old kid that turned and looked at me last weekend.

I stood up screaming “What the fuck is going on here”?! The doctor told me everything. His voice was calming and I listened to everything he had to say. I thought he was nuts though when he said that besides me and himself, the other seven could change into a wolf at any given moment. Doesn’t have to be a full moon and it isn’t some blood thirsty creature that goes on a killing spree and it doesn’t take silver to kill them; a regular bullet works just the same. I then asked why they have been watching me. Doctor Crane, Eliot he prefers, told me I was the ideal candidate. I was single, no kids, no boyfriends, my parents were dead and I had no brothers or sisters – I was basically alone in the world.

“You keep to yourself Jessica, just as we do”. “This isn’t a lifestyle for everyone and you may decide to walk out of here and believe what you want. That is your choice and we have no intentions of forcing you or holding here or any where else. Paul is at the age to where he is to take a mate”. I looked over my shoulder as a man stood up – I assumed this was Paul. He wasn’t bad looking, dark hair and eyes, decent build. Maybe about 6’1” and like 190 or so. “So I take it he wants me to be his mate then”? Eliot nodded. “As I said this isn’t for everyone, but you didn’t seem to mind last Saturday did you? Did you think about any of it this week or maybe all the time”? I wondered how he could know, was it obvious or something?

“I have been studying a long time these people. I am trying to help them overcome a couple of issues”. He walked up the aisle and took my hand, leading me to the stage. He introduced everyone as they moved forward. Mike and Jean was one couple and Tommy and Susan were the other couple. Mike was the oldest and the leader of the group. Besides Paul there was Ray and Jake, the youngest. Paul had moved on stage with me. He was standing behind me; I could feel him staring at me. Eliot continued talking; explaining how even if you are a wolf you still retain some of your human conscious. You are more animal yes, but not completely consumed so as you don’t remember anything that happens. “You will remember everything Jessica and won’t do anything that would be against what you would normally do”.

I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders as Paul pressed against me. He whispered into my ear, asking me if I were afraid. I shook my head and said no. Astonished, shocked, hesitant and unsure; but I wasn’t afraid. As I was trying to think of something to say I heard a low growl. As I turned around there was a grey wolf where Paul once was and a pile of clothes that were his. I thought this either a great magic trick or everything I just heard was true. The wolf moved up to me, sniffing my crotch and pushing his nose against my jeans. I reached down and scratched his head, holding him there. I looked around me, Tommy and Mike were gone, but two more wolves were there and again, another pile of clothes. Soon there were five of them; Ray and Jake were no longer there, just the clothes that they had been wearing. Jean and Susan stood there watching me as the pack circled. Then they walked over and took my hands and lead me to some mats on the floor. Jean said they didn’t want it to be as abusive as last week. Susan said if I didn’t enjoy it last Saturday or wanted to leave, then I was free to go. I looked at the pack, Mike and Paul already had a decent erection. I said I wanted to stay, I had been dreaming of this all week.

Susan and Jean smiled. Susan started to unbutton my blouse as Jean did the same to my jeans. My blouse was tossed aside and Susan kissed my neck as she unfastened my bra and put it with my blouse. She kissed her way down and sucked my nipples into her mouth. Jean had me stepping out of my jeans and slid my panties over my legs – throwing both of them with my other clothes. Jean licked her way up my legs and I spread them for her without any prodding. I felt her tongue as she flicked it against me and then asked me if I wanted a wolf’s tongue instead? I was so turned by this point with the two of them; I just shook my head and shouted YES!

They moved me onto my hands and knees and I felt Mike lapping away at my wet slit. I looked at Susan kneeling next to me, kissed her belly as I moaned and licked my way down. I was about to lick her bare cunt when she pulled my head up, “I think someone else needs your attention”. Paul was right in front of me, his red and veiny cock hard and waiting. As I went to move my head under him he put his front paws on my shoulders just as Mike had done. His cock in perfect position for me; I sucked it into the back of my throat. Mike was still licking my dripping box; pushing his tongue farther in and against my clit. I could hear Paul panting as he started to fuck my face.

Mike’s tongue disappeared and was immediately replaced by his huge cock. His weight came down on me and he forced himself into me. As wet as I was there was little resistance to him mounting me and inserting his cock into my waiting vagina. I was moaning hard on Paul’s cock as I came; Mike just kept drilling his cock in and out of me. Jean was jacking Paul off as he fucked my face. When he came it started to run out of my mouth. Jean pulled him out of my mouth and continued jacking him as spurts of wolf cum sprayed onto my face and in my open mouth. I could feel Mike knotting me and I came again.

Paul finished drenching me in his semen. Mike was working on pulling his knot out of me when Susan lay down in front of me. She moved towards me; “I want you to make cum as hard as you did last week Jessica”. Mike’s knot slipped out of me and I could already feel the cum inside me. I moved my head down to what I was going to do before I had to give Paul his blowjob. His seed dripped onto Susan’s pussy, not that it was a problem, I had every intention of licking it up. As my tongue entered her Ray entered me. It was him last week stabbing his cock in and out of me. I knew because he was doing the exact same thing this week. I looked up Susan’s body, between her breasts, and saw Jean straddling her but facing towards me.

Jean spread Susan’s cunt open as she whispered in my ear; “Suck her clit, she loves that”! Jean then licked and sucked my ear as I did what she said. Jean was grinding her cunt into Susan’s mouth, muffling her cries. I knew she was getting closer to cumming. Her juices were flowing as I licked. I could also feel myself getting ready to orgasm on Ray’s cock. He knew it as well and pushed his knot solidly into me. As I felt him streaming into me Susan pushed herself into my mouth and covered my face with her nectar. I came with them both as I was once again being covered in semen, sweat and the fluids from another woman.

Jean moved off of Susan and she crawled from under me. Watching as Paul was ready again and mounting his bitch. “I need a good fucking like that as well” Susan said. She went over to Tommy, presenting herself to her mate. As Paul started fucking me I watched as Tommy did the same to Susan. Jean moved under me and told me to finish what Susan had started. She forced my face into her, moving my head up and down. I knew who the forceful one was last week now. Mike and Jean were definitely the alphas in this group. I licked her up and down – from her clit to her tight ass, pushing my tongue into it.

Paul was giving the fucking of a lover. Varying his speed and making sure I was as satisfied, if not more, than he was. Jean told me you should feel when a man is inside you and then changes into a wolf, oh God it’s unbelievable! Just then she grabbed my hair and pulled it tightly. I moaned a little in pain and then she squirted into my mouth. I had never seen a woman cum so much, it was fantastic! I lapped up as much as I could, the rest covering me and running down my chin. I was lost in Paul’s steady fuck, feeling myself cum twice on him as he fucked my well used pussy. It was then that he pushed himself inside me and filled me with as much cum as he did my mouth.

I felt a tongue cleaning Jean’s juice from my face. As I opened my eyes I noticed Jean had changed as well and was cleaning herself from my face. I looked over at Susan, Tommy’s cum dripping from her as he licked her clean. As he walked in front of her she greedily returned the favor. Paul pulled his knot out of me hard, almost painfully; I think to let me know that I was his. His bitch to fuck and share with the pack. His wolf slut that now willingly gave herself over to them. He licked the cum from me – I so loved the feel of his rough tongue. There was no way he could lick up everything that was pouring out of me. My cunt was flooded with wolf sperm.

I looked over at Jake, “Come on”! I couldn’t believe myself. I had been fucked thoroughly and licked Susan’s and Jean’s pussies until they came and still wanted more. What a slut I had become. I knew what Jake wanted too. I lowered my ass a little and he jumped on my back. Susan helped him and grabbed his cock, pushing it into my tight, and as for now, un-fucked ass!
As soon as she had him into me he took over and knew exactly what to do. He started driving himself deeper and faster into my ass. I found myself pushing back. Then just as last week, Mike was there. His cock hung from him and he climbed on my shoulders. Susan took him and placed him into my mouth. I moved my head up and down his shaft and Susan was under him; licking his cock and balls as well.

Jake managed to get his knot into my ass. God it hurt but also felt so good! He pumped me full of his seed just as the others had. Mike wasted no time this time and filled my mouth, as he did Susan lay under me and what ran from mouth, poured into hers. Mike and Jake finished with me. Jean had changed back and as I knelt on my knees, she did the same in front of me. Licking my face just before. I knew this wasn’t the first time she had tasted her mate’s semen. Susan wiped her face clean and smiled at me, “I hope you decide to stay, one way or the other”.

Eliot appeared. In the heat of everything I had almost completely forgot about him. Where had he gone? He put his hand under my arm and pulled me up. Sperm ran down my legs. “There is a shower behind the stage next to the bathroom”. “If you wish I will show you where and you can clean up”. I liked the way I felt, used, dirty and slutty; but a shower would be good so I didn’t trash my seats again. Eliot showed me the shower and said he would get me a towel and bring my clothes back. As he went to turn I asked him if he wanted help with that. He looked back at me, “Come on! You can’t watch that without becoming aroused. I can see the bulge in your pants”. I dropped to my knees, what was one more cock I thought. Besides it will be nice to suck a man’s cock for a change.

I stuck my arm out and as Eliot neared me I unzipped his pants and slid them down. I pushed his boxers down and as I did his hard as nails cock flopped out. Eliot wasn’t huge, average I guess, maybe 7 inches long, no more than 8. After having Mike fucking my throat and gagging continuously on his cock – this will be no problem I thought. Eliot was a little thick though, I did like that. I sucked his cock into my mouth and worked on giving him the best blowjob he was ever going to have. Between my skills and watching all of us it didn’t take him long until he came. He sank both hands into my hair, pulling my face completely into his crotch. I knew he was trying to get every inch of himself into my mouth. As he held my head there tightly he shot his first load of cum into my throat. He than dumped a second load. He loosened the grip on my hair and worked his cock in and out, sucking the rest out. It tasted different than a wolfs cum. I stood up, making sure to leave some of his sperm on my lips so he could watch as I licked it up and then swallowed.

“Thank you” he said and then went to get my clothes. I got out of the shower and got dressed. As I walked out onto the stage only Eliot, Mike and Jean were there. “Where’s Paul?” I asked. Mike said that he had gone, but gave his number if I wanted to talk to him. The three of them then asked me again what I wanted to do. They said I didn’t have to decide right now and to take time and think about everything and the consequences for both. Once I give myself over to this, there was no going back Jean said. No magic potions or anything else that could make just human again. The only way out is death Mike told me. We talked some more about advantages and disadvantages. I wouldn’t age as fast, I would heal quicker and my sight, smell and hearing would be better. I would be stronger too. Also though they said that when first changed, emotional stress can cause you to change, whether you want to or not. It takes a little time to control it so you must be careful. If I was to get furious, or extremely sad or if Paul was fucking me; I would change.

Another thing; I would also hunt when changed. It is what wolves do. You must eat and you will crave raw meat and the taste of blood. Some of these cravings may carry over slightly when you are human too at first. Again Eliot stressed that it isn’t like Hollywood. You aren’t going to be eating people, but you will hunt animals, even your own if you have any and it was good I didn’t. The security of the pack would be there as well. They wouldn’t let me do anything that would harm me and they do protect their own. As for Paul; he would be my mate. No one besides him or Mike would have me after I commit. Jean and Susan would continue but those would be the only males to have me. Of course I could make the decision to have sex with one of the other members or with an outsider. That is strongly discouraged though. Mating with someone else will have severe consequences, especially if outside of the pack.

I then thought what if I become pregnant?! What will be born? I asked Eliot and he told me that so far that isn’t a concern. Apparently one of the issues he is trying to help them with is infertility. Once changed you can’t become pregnant nor impregnate someone else. Even if I was able to have babies right now, that would change. That was something else to consider as most women look to having a family. Eliot wasn’t sure why but thinks his studies are getting him closer to answer. As it is right now the only way to survive as a species is through conversion. So they are picky about who they choose and research them thoroughly. The incident las Saturday and tonight was very well planned and executed to see my reaction. Eliot watched over everything to make sure no one stumbled upon us.

I said good night and left. I was tired but not as sore as last week. They had given me a lot to think about. I was going to have to take some time with all of this and see what I was going to do. Did I want to change or just keep being the fucktoy for the pack? Eventually Paul would find another mate. I didn’t know if I would be ousted from the pack or worse so I couldn’t reveal what I knew. Even now the information I had was astounding, but who would believe it? I got back to my apartment at midnight. In six hours I was supposed to be jogging with Anne. This is going to be a shorter run than normal. I looked up at her apartment, it was dark and I knew she was asleep. Seeing Susan being mounted by Tommy was great. I knew what I now knew what I looked like as I was getting fucked. For a moment I thought how awesome it would be to have the pack there tomorrow. Watch as they fuck Anne. Those huge tits of hers sway back and forth as Mike pounds his enormous cock into her. I could lick the cum from her as it pours out! I walked up the stairs; I was getting all worked up again and needed sleep before tomorrow. What the hell am I going to do?

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