A Day At Home Ch. 02

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Weeks passed. Sarah and I only conversed in a very, very limited manner. The occasional ‘hi’ or a ‘pass the sauce.’ In fact it wasn’t until six weeks later when mum and dad when away for a dirty weekend somewhere that we said more than one sentence to each other. It was Saturday morning, about 8am.

“Look I just…” I started.

“Don’t you even.”

“We have to talk about it at some point Sa…”

“Nothing happened! So there is nothing to discuss!”

“I love you”

Oh shit. What in the world made me say that? I wasn’t thinking! I was running on emotions. I was… well, truth is, I was in love. I was in love with my sister. It wasn’t just lust, though obviously that was there. But that day, she helped me by doing the most vial thing she could probably ever do in her life, and she did it for me. I started thinking of her in a new way. I started thinking of her more than a body, more than a ‘chic’, and more than a sister. I fell in love with her.

“Brother,” she emphasized the word, “you need help.”

“Oh come on and liste..”

“I’m not hearing this,” Sarah said and turned to walk away.

“NO! You will hear this damn it!” I grabbed her from behind and, gently, but with force, threw her onto the couch. I think she was a little taken back at my strength. Honestly, I think I was too.

“You have to listen to this, it’s important. I love you! I’m sorry but I do. Let’s not fuck around with the truth. Yes I lusted, still lust after you. You can be as offended by that as you like and I’m sorry you found out, but that’s a reality. The thing is though, I’ve fallen in love with you. Not just since then, but that’s reinforced it. You know the difference between you and other girls. With other girls I imagine their tits, their ass, their…. well you get the idea. I think about them as objects and I beat off and that’s it. It’s over. “

“With you, I imagine talking to you. I imagine hanging out with you. I imagine not being your brother, but your lover, and going on dates, to the movies, to the beach, hanging out. I enjoy your company, your presence. I need you to know despite all the negative things you may think that at the end of the day I do, truly love you. And it pains me you’re my sister.”

Silence. Long silence. At least a minute went by before I sat down in a recliner and tried to calm down. I had all this weird unrequited love, lust, taboo, morality and embarrassment feelings at once. The odd thing though was there was some relief. Relief that at least, now, she finally knew the truth. Sarah stood, slowly and calmly. She looked at me, reached over and pulled my head up to meet her eyes.

“You don’t love me, brother, you have a crush. A crush on a girl you were sexual erotik hikayeler with. I’m sorry this is my fault, but this is something you’ll have to deal with. And deal with it alone.”

And so ends our story. Wait. No, it doesn’t end there. Well I mean it could have. It could easily have ended there, and truth be told probably should have. Incest plus modern society isn’t exactly peas in a pod. But given that Sarah and I now rent an apartment, go to the same university (Sarah transferred), and all our friends assume we are married (to explain the last name), than clearly something changed. Sarah fell for me as I her. How? Jason Wilkinson.

To continue the timeline, we are now about 5 months after that initial drama with the V10. Jason Wilkinson was Sarah’s new boyfriend. He was a prat. He was a muscular, loud mouth arsehole jock. You know the type, the dumb kid that’s popular because he calls teachers ‘faggots’. The kid that shouts racist slurs such as ‘ching chong chinaman’ to people that probably can’t even understand it (partly because they are Malaysian).

Basically, Jason was a cunt. A real big one. I think Sarah started going out with him because he was so far removed from me. He was black to my white, ying to my yang. Even Sarah’s friends couldn’t understand why she was seeing him. I once heard Rachel, a friend of Sarah’s, comment that “Well I hope he’s got a massive cock.” The thought of the girl I love fucking that bastard used to boil my blood. I became jealous.

Jealousy is a wonderful thing. Well, no it’s probably not, but in this one particular case it was. I started following Jason. Initially I wanted to find him doing something Sarah would dump him for. Cheating, robbing a bank, having sex with a chimpanzee, anything. After a while it became second nature to just watch that stupid git.

Soon I started following them on dates. At first it was again the whole jealousy thing, after a while though, it was mostly to stare at my dolled up sister. Despite Sarah looking incredibly beautiful, the unrequited love and anger over Jason somewhat failed to get me off. So I’d often spend the night sitting 2 rows back from them at the movies, or sitting in my car parked near Jason’s, eating at a private booth near their table in a restaurant. I will admit with the knowledge of hindsight, this was a little creepy. In fact, this was downright psychotic. But fuck hindsight, and if it wasn’t for creepiness, I wouldn’t be in this great position today.

Thursday. I remember it was Thursday because the new movies come out on Thursday. Sarah and Jason went out and afterwards they drove to a little campsite near a creek. They both got out of the car.

“Come on, it won’t be that cold.”

“Jason, I’m not going swimming in the middle of the night in some creek. Who knows what’s in there. Besides I don’t have anything to wear.”

“For what I had in mind you don’t need to wear anything.”

“…You want to go skinny dipping?” She half queried, half panicked.

“Don’t be a bitch, come on.”

Why she agreed I’ll never know, but pretty soon Sarah and Jason were stripping off. Jason stripped like he does everything else, like a jock. He was naked in about 20secs and did a massive ‘bomb’ into the creek, splashing Sarah and his own clothes.

Sarah was ever the lady, calmly removed her clothes, folding each as she took it off. This would be the first time I ever saw Sarah naked and I tried in vain not to blink. Soon she was down to her bra and that ever micro underwear. Than… than…. heaven. Sheer words cannot describe the waxed, perfect form of a good looking girl. As she placed her bra and underwear on top of her pile of clothes she walked to the water as though on autopilot. She took the water with grace, her years of swimming clearly being shown. Whether on habit, or just to piss of Jason, she started swimming labs. Jason started splashing her and asking for attention.

“Stop ya fucking swim met and come here”

“Jason, ever heard of catching more bees with honey?”

“If that’s something from school than fuck no.”

“Tell you what, you think about it and if you can tell me what it means, I’ll swim over to you.”

“Fuck that shit, I’ll catch your ass!”

And with that, Jason started chasing Sarah. He was a fool, he couldn’t catch Sarah in her habitat. She casually swam up and down, and around him. I loved watching her naked form cruising in the water, accentuating every gorgeous curve in her body. She then floated on her back, the water flowing over her breasts, through her cleavage, between her legs, across her perfect abdomen. Even today I think she was perhaps her most beautiful there at that moment. She stopped for a minute near the shore line, stood up, and looked back at Jason.

“So did you think about it?”

“When I catch you I’m going to make you regret these silly games.”

“Ha! You’ll never ca.. ARRRGH!”

She broke off in mid sentence and ran, backwards at first, then turned and ran forwards out of the water. I will admit that, despite her scream, the first thing I noticed was her bouncing breasts as she ran. I had to fight an instinct to run over and find out what was wrong.

“What the fuck you howling about, bouncy tits?” said Jason with all the charm of a tractor.

“I… ehh… I think an eel just brushed up against my thigh,” panted Sarah.

“I think I’ve seen that in a video once, a chick getting off with an eel. Wasn’t you though, maybe a cousin?”

“Oh shut up will you.”

“Aww baby, let me kiss it better.” Jason walked out of the water, and he now had quite an erection forming. It was almost reminiscent of terminator. When they make this into a telemovie, make sure they play the terminator theme at this point.

“Look at this. Your running did this. Think it’s time I caught you after your little keep away”

“Jason, look, I don’t know what you’re thinking but we’re done for tonight I just want to go home.”

“Like fuck we are. You’re naked. I’m naked. Let’s boogy.”


In the next three seconds Jason had dashed over to Sarah. If the water was her playground, the land was his. He’s muscular form had Sarah pinned and bent over the hood of his car in a manner of seconds. Sarah was now clearly struggling to fend him off.

“Look Jason I’m not ready for this. Not now. So fuck off.” She was now pleading with quite clear agitation in her voice.

“You’re ready. You know it. Any girl willing to get naked near a guy is willing to ge” …

I was never the athletic type, so I didn’t want to do a ‘manly’ thing and walk over there and challenge him to a fist fight. I was a nerd. He was a jock. He would have smacked the shit out of me, than probably still raped my sister/crush. This isn’t the 14th century and there are no rules to a duel. Jason didn’t see me, or the large branch that was wacked into the back of his head. He just keeled over and passed out.


Sarah leaped into my arms and started crying. I’m not sure if she thought of the oddity that I was there, but if she did, she didn’t seem to care. Attempted rape can really fuck with your emotions and I think she was just relieved to see me.

“Sarah. It’s ok, my car’s just a little down the road. Get dressed and go there.”

She didn’t say anything, just a slight nod. I turned my attention to Jason. He was breathing, beyond that I didn’t care too much. I dragged his ass near a big tree, took some rope out of his car and tied him to it. I didn’t want him waking up before I was done.

Next I checked his wallet. $175 plus some loose change. That must be ‘my’ money that ‘fell’ into his wallet. I’ll just reclaim that. Next all his clothes took a swim in the river. Then I took a pen and paper out of his car and wrote a note: “Keys to car at end of road. Start walking.” Locked the car, and threw the keys into the river to rescue his clothes. I checked he was still passed out, and then untied the rope.

I made my way back to the car. Sarah was sitting in the front seat with a vague distant look that, hauntingly, reminded me of THE incident way back when. I got in and drove us home, the trip in dead silence, all the way until we pulled up.

“Kyle. Thank you. She said, than kissed me quickly on the cheek.”

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