A Dance to Remember

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*I want to thank Karmasoft for editing my story and I hope you guys like it*

Standing naked in her bedroom, Lily admired her reflection in the full-length mirror. The overhead light cast a flattering glow around the room and highlighted her young and shapely form.

She turns right and then left before cupping her supple breasts in her hands. She pushes them higher up her chest and then tugs down the hem of her gold V-neck top few inches.

Lily knows from experience that if she wants hot guys to buy her drinks all night, displaying as much cleavage as possible is critical. That, as well as dancing, flirting and caressing their ego and body at opportune moments.

Not only does her rack look great, but her black skirt, that swishes when she walks, clings snugly to the soft slope of her tight, firm ass. It also rides up her thighs, exposing a lot of her toned, athletic leg.

After twisting her wheat-colored hair into a messy-yet-stylish bun, Lily dusts her cheeks with blush. She adds a bit of shimmery, eye-shadow to her lids and then paints her full lips with lip stick, the color of just-ripe cherries.

Lily is looking forward to an evening of dancing at a new nightclub; sure to be filled with wealthy, beautiful people and she wants to look like the hot, little temptress she is. She also hopes that it will take her mind off her douche-bag, ex-boyfriend.

After checking her appearance one last time in the mirror, her lithe firm body and perfectly made-up face reflecting nicely, she licks her lips and grabs her small clutch purse. Turning off her bedroom light, she saunters down the narrow hallway and stops outside her brother’s bedroom door.

Lily is a bit nervous, hoping that her older brother won’t be bored partying with his finally-old-enough-to-drink baby sister. She knows that he isn’t a fan of the nightclub scene and, in his opinion, the music is too loud, the drinks are too weak and the bartenders are gold-digging whores. It is opening night and she wanted to check out the club before any of her friends. However, the thought of going alone made her feel uneasy. Thankfully, her older brother said he’d go with her but only after she’d threatened to paint his dirt bike pink.

Knocking on his door, she has to roughly force it open just to step inside his room. Once she manages to squeeze past the doorframe she glances around. It’s like a war zone. It’s littered with piles of clothes, camping gear, college textbooks and dirt bike paraphernalia.

“Hey, sis. Sorry I’m takin’ so long. I’m looking for my cell phone.” Her brother Evan remarks as he lies down on the floor and stretches his arm underneath the bed.

Lily kicks aside an empty bottle of aftershave and tries to navigate her way toward the center of his room.

“Ya know, for a 26 year old man, your bedroom looks a lot like a teenager’s dungeon.”

“You’re wrong. If a teenager slept in here, comic books, video games and porno mags would be scattered all over the place.” Evan chuckles, crawling out from under the bed with his iPhone in hand.

Standing up, he casually flexes his tan, muscular arms before crossing them over his surprisingly broad and muscular chest.

A wide grin spreads across Lily’s face as he leans back against his messy desk.

Her big brother looks hot! Lily thinks to herself as she admires his toned body.

“Mmm, Evan. Look at you!” Lily whistles, fanning herself dramatically. His hair is a few shades darker than hers and has grown to a strapping 6’2. He has stunning blue eyes and a charming face, but it is his boyish, bright smile that not only melts women’s hearts but also encourages them to easily drop their wet panties to their ankles for him.

Lily is surprised to see him so dressed up. He’s wearing a cobalt blue button-up shirt and dark designer jeans that look like they’ve been tailored especially for him, highlighting his muscular ass and strong legs.

She had no idea that her big brother looked so good when he dressed up. Except for his school clothes, he usually wears old T-shirts and gym shorts around the house. Weekends are the worst, when he comes home covered in sweat and grime after going camping or riding his dirt bike with his friends.

“I cut my hair and shaved off my beard. Whatever.” He responds, trying not to blush.

“You still have a five o’clock shadow, little guy.” Lily teases.

“Well, I don’t want to look like a cross between a pretty boy and a metrosexual man. You know I’m not that kind of guy.”

“I know but you still look like a beautiful angel. Ahh… So dreamy.” She teases, falling back on her brother’s bed as if she’s fainted. Her hand lands across her forehead and she closes her eyes, trying to keep a straight face while her body lies prone on his bed, exposing more flesh than many sisters would feel comfortable showing to their own brothers.

Evan is quiet for several seconds before drawing in a deep breath and sharply clearing his throat.

“What?” She asks, cracking open one eye to look at him.

“Oh, um, it’s just ensest sikiş hikayeleri that you might want to sit up.”

“What? Why?”

She lifts her head.

“Because I can see your black panties.” He is breathing heavily as he speaks and his voice comes out in a low tremor. His bright eyes darken and for a moment an unreadable expression crosses his face.

Lily didn’t realize that her short skirt had ridden up her slender legs when she plopped down on his bed. With one knee bent and the other stretched out on the mattress, her brother has a clear view of her puffy pussy lips. Her bare thighs are slightly parted and the thin material has nicely conformed to her pretty cunt. She intentionally chose a small g-string for tonight, which leaves little to the imagination.

Squealing theatrically, Lily scrambled off the bed and tripped over his backpack. Flying forward she almost lands on the floor but Evan quickly intervenes. He reaches out and grabs her upper arm with one hand while catching her around her waist with the other. Roughly yanking her over the backpack, she stumbles into his muscular arms, her body pressing against his chest. In his haste to catch her, his hand slides from around her waist to her ass and he firmly clutches it in his palm, holding her close so that she can regain her balance.

His hand is like a hot iron, branding her butt and Lily gasps, quickly stepping away.

Sensing the enormity of what he has just done, her brother quickly removes his hands and holds them up like a thief who’s surrendering.

“Sorry!” He whispers, his cheeks turning red. His eyes say that he wasn’t trying to cop a feel. It was an accident. The mere thought of touching his baby sis in a sexual manner makes him nauseous.

Lily immediately adjusts her black skirt, tugging down the hem and covering herself up. She’s mortified. She isn’t sure which part of her body is burning hotter, the handprint on her ass or her fiery crimson cheeks.

“Oh my God. I’m sorry. Evan I–Oh my god.” Lily can’t believe this is happening and she tries to run out his room. She feels like she would run across the country to spare herself from further embarrassment. She’d practically forced him to grab her ass and only a few minutes before that she flashed him her panty-clad pussy.

“No, no. Wait.” Evan blocks the door and gently embraces her in his arms again. He doesn’t want her to feel shy and uncomfortable around him, even though it was clearly an awkward situation.

“It’s okay, Lily. I didn’t look or anything and I didn’t mean to grab you.” He says, quickly offering her reassurance.

“Yeah right!” She manages to murmur in annoyance, playfully punching him in the arm. If his stupid room wasn’t a wreck, none of this would have happened, she thinks to herself.

“Oh come on have I ever lied to you, kiddo?” Trying to distract her, Evan tugs her hair tie out of her hair and ruffles her silky locks.

“Hey! Stop that!” She hisses, pushing her brother away. “Do you know how long it took me to do my hair!?”

“No, but judging by your reaction, I’m guessing longer than five minutes? Not that I could tell.” He steps back, with a playful grin on his face waiting for his lil’ sis to take a swing at him again.

“Evan!” She huffs, placing her hands on her slim hips and shaking her head. The movement causes her wavy hair frame her beautiful, sculpted face, making her look even more radiant.

“Forget your hair and let’s go. The stupid club is probably already packed.” Before she can respond, Evan grabs his wallet, phone, and keys and walks out the bedroom door.

The ride to the night club is quiet, an unspoken tension still lingering between the siblings. She’s still embarrassed that her older brother groped her ass and caught her in such a compromising position. As much as he tried to spare her dignity, she knows that he got a good look. It’s a good thing that she decided to slip on a pair of underwear tonight.

Besides the occasional headlights of passing vehicles, the inside of the car is dimly lit. So Lily steals glances at him out of the corner of her eye.

Objectively, she’s always known that he’s cute, but now that he’s cleaned up like Cinderella she can see him for the attractive man that he is. He definitely has sex appeal. Warmth slithers through her body and settles between her legs. She tightly clenches them together and her pussy starts to tingle. What brought that on? Lily wonders to herself.

“I can’t believe Kelly broke up with you,” Lily suddenly blurts out.

“How do you know about that?” Evan asks incredulously. He glances over at her, his blue eyes narrowing. He doesn’t like gossip, especially concerning his love life.

“Duh. Mom, told me.”

“Well, she needs to get her facts straight. Kelly didn’t break up with me, I dumped the bitch after I caught her fucking my dead-beat roommate.”

“Oh, sorry…” Lily replies quietly, turning away and staring out the window.

Evan sighs and reaches across the seat to hold her soft hand. For some unknown reason, that simple touch makes his fingers tingle and he can’t help but notice how perfectly they fit together. Maybe it’s just because they are siblings. “It’s okay, and I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I’m just pissed off…” and pent up, he thinks to himself, as he let’s her go and grips the steering wheel a little tighter than necessary.

Evan laments the fact that he hasn’t gotten laid in two months. That’s a long time for him to go without pussy. He’s had a terrible case of blue balls for a while now and jacking off to internet porn isn’t doing it for him. His cock needs a warm, wet hole to call home and he is aching inside his pants. He notices somewhat guiltily that even his own sister is starting to look pretty hot.

“Mom told me that you recently broke up with someone, too.”

Lily’s doesn’t speak for several minutes and they sit again in silence. The thought of her ex makes her angry, but also sad. They broke up a week ago, only because she wasn’t ready to have sex with him. He was a total dick about it and laughed at her because she was a 21 year-old virgin. He called her a prude and told her that he wasn’t into nuns.

Then he stopped calling.

“I got dumped.” The words sting and she fiddles with her necklace, trying not to cry.

“What? Why?”

“I dunno.”

She doesn’t want to tell her big brother that she’s a virgin and if he found out she was pressured into having sex, he’d kick the guy’s ass.

“Maybe he wanted to be with someone prettier.” Lily speculates out loud.

Lily knows that could have contributed to the break up. Who knows with her stupid horn-dog ex? Her tone of voice is shaky and she slumps her shoulders, sinking down into her seat.

“That’s impossible.” Evan states firmly.

The image of her laid out on his bed comes unbidden to his mind and Evan swallows, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. Catching a glimpse of her cute little panties was a surreal experience and her tight little ass felt so smooth and firm against his fingers. He had noticed that it had a perfect sloping curve and fit perfectly in his strong hand. His little baby sis isn’t a kid anymore, Evan thought to himself. She’s blossomed into an incredibly sexy young woman. Her ex is a fucking idiot for dumping her.

As they pull up to Blaze, the night club, Evan jumps out of the car and hands his keys to the valet. Another valet holds the door open for Lily, no doubt hoping for a quick up-skirt shot of a beautiful woman. Lily does not oblige him, stepping primly out of the car with her legs pressed close together.

Just as her big brother predicted, there’s an extremely long line of people waiting to get into the swanky joint. They could be stuck outside for over an hour, Lily realizes.

Groaning inwardly, Lily trails behind her brother but instead of walking towards the end of the line, he confidently strolls up to the bouncer, cutting his way through the crowd.

A few people shout at him for skipping the line but he doesn’t appear to care. Cheering up his baby sister is the only thing on his mind.

“Hey man. Can we go in?” Evan asks, smoothly slipping a fifty-dollar bill out of his wallet and into the doorman’s hand.

The monsterous bouncer with huge muscles rippling down his arms sizes him up and down before his attention focuses on Lily. He blatantly stares at her. His dark green eyes roam over every inch of her body and she blushes as his eyes linger on her luscious curves. His penetrating gaze is pinned on her large, partially exposed breasts and from the hungry look in his eyes Lily can see clearly that he wants to fuck her.

“Fine. Go ahead,” the intimidating man says, taking the cash and nodding his head towards the entrance.

Lily watches in astonishment as the bouncer un-hooks the velvet rope and let’s them pass.

“Mmm, I’ll see you later big tits.” He grins, licking his lips mischievously.

Lily doesn’t know how to respond so she hurries through the door, following her brother inside.

“Wow, Evan! I can’t believe you got us in! That was awesome.” She shouts, clutching his arm excitedly. She even jumps up and down.

The music inside the club is loud and the place is packed. The majority of the crowd is young like Lily and Evan but there are quite a few handsome and well-dressed men roaming around—the kind of men that are made of money and looking for a young hottie to sugar.

Glancing around the room, Lily takes in different colored strobe lights streaking across the walls and illuminating the dance floor in short bursts. Professional, scantily-clad female dancers saunter by tables while twirling batons with fiery tips at the ends.

She watches in fascination as the young women extinguish the flames with their pretty open mouths, as if giving the baton a sensual blowjob.

A few of the male bartenders line up rows of shot glasses and ignite the alcohol before handing them out to thirsty, rambunctious patrons. Without a doubt, this place is the coolest club she’s ever been to.

“Come on let’s find a table. You take the lead and I’ll walk behind you.” Evan yells, leaning down and hooking his arm around Lily’s slim waist. Staying close behind, he guides her in front of him.

“Why do I have to lead? I’m shorter than you.” She shouts, trying to speak over the blaring music.

“Because, we haven’t even been here five minutes and guys are already checking out your ass.”

Lily laughs and scans the room. “There’s a spot to sit back there, by the dance floor,” she calls out, pointing ahead.

Maneuvering their way around the herd of drunken dancers, they claim an empty booth and sit down together. Evan scoots across the seat beside her and, seemingly without meaning to, his fingertips brush against her bare leg.

“Sorry,” he mutters, snatching his hand away from the heat of her thigh and placing it securely on the table.

Evan realizes that again a simple touch of his sister’s skin has caused his cock to begin pulsing and growing in his tightening jeans, and he runs his hands through his hair in frustration. What the fuck is wrong with him? His little sister can’t be turning him on; it’s a crime in the sibling playbook, not to mention the Bible. Both of them were raised under a strict Christian value system and his years of upbringing suddenly feel at odds with the way he is starting to notice his gorgeous sister.

Luckily Lily doesn’t seem to notice the predicament he’s in. She’s too busy flagging down a server.

Thank God.

As their buxom waitress approaches, Evan’s lips part and his eyes dilate.

The server places a drink menu on the table but he’s drinking in the sight of her. She’s extremely hot, with beautiful long legs and full, light pink lips. She has a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder and curly red hair. As she leans down, Evan catches a glimpse of the soft valley between her succulent breasts and he can tell that she isn’t wearing a bra underneath her tight spandex halter top.

Lily roughly elbows him in the side and he blinks, lifting his eyes from their waitress’ cleavage and back to his sister’s beautiful face.

“Hi. My name is Sarah and I’m going to be all yours, all night!” she sounds upbeat and enthusiastic as if she genuinely likes her job.

Evan’s sister jumps in to fill her brother’s awkward silence. “Okay, awesome. I’m Lily and this is Evan and we’d like to order one bottle of Rolling Rock and a shot of Fireball.”

“Good choice, I’ll be right back with your order.” She gives Evan a flirtatious smile before quickly walking back up to the bar, her firm ass swishing away from them.

Suddenly Lily bursts out laughing in a fit of giggles.

“Oh my god! Stare much? You so need to get laid!” She teases, playfully squeezing his leg and bumping her shoulder with his.


“You were totally checking out the waitress. It’s okay, though. She’s into you, too.”

Evan frowns. That’s great news, but even if he did decide to nail “Sarah,” he doesn’t want his kid sister hanging around.

After nearly 20 minutes of waiting, she finally returns with their drinks.

“Sorry about that. We’re just so busy! So as an apology, I took the liberty of doubling your order,” she says, carefully setting down four drinks. Placing her hand gently on Evan’s arm, she leans across the table.

Evan notices that their hot waitress smells good, like sun-kissed ripe strawberries, and he can count every cute freckle on her flushed face. Not only that, but he also gets another amazing view of her cleavage.

“Don’t tattle on me, okay sexy? Her tone of voice is playful but hesitant.

All Evan can do is nod mutely. Sarah smiles at him warmly and departs with a quick hip-check against his shoulders.

After she leaves, Lily and Evan down their drinks in record time and when Sarah comes back to flirt with her new favorite customer, they order another round of the same. After loudly slamming her third empty shot glass on the tabletop, Lily crawls across the seat and jumps out of the booth.

“I’m ready to dance!” Lily exclaims to nobody in particular.

She has a very good buzz, and the inside of tummy feels nice and warm from the booze. She doesn’t feel nauseous or dizzy, just surging with energy. She’s ready to explode and the loud hypnotic music does nothing to slow her down.

“Fine, you go ahead and dance. I’ll stay here.” Evan replies, holding up his beer bottle in salute and nodding to the sea of wild dancers. From where he’s sitting they look like hungry piranhas ready to devour anyone who fights their way in. Not to mention that if Sarah comes back while his sister is gone who knows what might happen.

“No, you have to come with me!” Lily begs her brother.

“What? No way. I’m staying here.”

“Oh, come on! Please, Evan! Pretty please! You have to dance. I don’t wanna go out there all alone. They will eat me up!”

Lily tugs on her brother’s hand, pleading with her eyes. As she pulls on him, Evan can see down the front of her dress, his sister’s large firm breasts enticing him toward the dance floor. Guilt and feelings of sin conflict with his intense lust, and sighing heavily, he finally stands up.

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