A Cure for the Winter Blues

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It was 12:30 on a dreary midweek day in December 2014 and I was a horny. Like usual. I was sitting in the second story café of the Barnes and Nobles book store reviewing some work correspondence and sipping a cappuccino. I was waiting for Jessica. She was a 35-year-old 7th grade teacher who I had met on line at a site for cheaters. Yeah we were both cheaters looking for some thrills. Her photos showed an attractive, dirty blond in crisis. A real beauty that seemed trapped in a mundane world. We had flirted on line for about a month when she finally agreed to meet in person. I hoped!

So there I was waiting and hoping and trying to get some work done when I saw her walk into the sparsely populated café, pause … and search the room. She was relatively petite and her legs were made even shapelier by the heels she was wearing. She had on those tight, form-fitting pants that were commonly seen on attractive women in those days and I could get a good look at her shapely thighs and calves. I waived to her and stood as she approached.

“Hi” she said.

“Hi, I’m Sam. I am glad you decided to come.”

We shook hands sort of formally, both a little nervous to be there. She had deep chocolate brown eyes and soft pink lips and gave me a little smile. So I smiled back and offered her a seat.

She turned to remove her winter coat and drape it on the back of her chair and I got my first look at the curve of her hips and ass. She was wearing a black, billowing blouse that both hid and accentuated the mounds of her breasts and she gave me another flash of a smile as she sat down.

The glowing apple winked out as I closed the top of my MacBook.

I asked, “Would you like a coffee or Danish?”

To return to the street, we had to walk through the book stacks, a vain attempt at getting us to purchase some. But I took the opportunity to turn to Jessica and give her a gentle kiss. Our first!

On the escalator down to the first floor I stood on a lower step and gazed up to her. If I could read her expression, I would say that there was a mix of fear, excitement and a slight downturn of her lips expressing a hint of sadness. I hoped I would bring her some joy in the next few hours!

Outdoors there was a biting wind blowing across Rittenhouse square and a grey overcast sky frowning down at us. I reached for her hand and we walked a few blocks, like new lovers: our destination, a historic downtown hotel nearby.

As I walked away from the front desk, Jessica rose from the waiting area to join me at the ornate brass grilled elevator. She was carrying her winter coat and her blouse waved in the subtle breeze of her passing. Although I thought my mind was deceiving me, it seemed as though, I caught the briefest glimpse of her left nipple as it brushed gently against the silky fabric of her blouse.

The doors rang open and we stepped in together and turned rubbing shoulders. With the shush of the closed doors, we were alone together for the first time and so I turned to her and gently kissed her on the lips for the second time. She responded by wrapping her arms around me and we pulled together. Her lips were soft and warm. She opened her mouth and so I probed with my tongue into her soft insides. She responded in kind and we played at thrust and parry. My hands stroked the hollow of her back and the soft round of her ass as she ran her hands along my flanks. My hands glided along her sides to the soft domes of her tits and I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was bra-less. I gently stroked the softness of her breasts and was rewarded by a stiffening of her nipples that now poked at the surface of her blouse.

The elevator slowed to a stop at the 8th floor and we stepped out into the uninhabited, dimly lit hallway. Our room was off to the left and we wandered down the hall hand in hand. We stopped outside the door and kissed again, a deep, wet, probing kiss that had my heart fluttering.

I stepped back and reached for the top button of her blouse and loosened it. Her eyes widened … She turned and looked down the empty corridor, turned back to me and then gave me a brilliant smile. So I continued to loosened button after button and with each release, I got an increasingly fine view of the milky mounds of her tits. Her pink nipples were crinkled erect with the cold and the excitement. I gazed over her chest and neck and face. Her oval face and perky breasts were beautifully accented by the smooth arch of her neck encased in a silver torc.

She said: “Do you like what you see?”


I keyed the door open and drew her into the room. She responded by unbuttoning my shirt and caressing my chest, sides and back. I reached my hands inside her shirt and drew her to me for another kiss. Her soft breasts and pointe nipples poked against my chest as my tongue explored her mouth yet again. My erect cock pressed against the softness of her belly through my trousers. I stroked her back and reached bursa escort my hand into the waist of her slacks to explore the firm softness of her ass.

We pulled apart and simultaneously fumbled with the buttons and zippers of each other’s pants. Mine fell to the floor and I carefully drew Jessica’s clinging slacks down to her ankles. She stepped out of the pool of her pants and I drew her to the wing chair that ornamented the room.

“Sit here and no touching!” I instructed her. “Lay back and relax while I touch you.”

So she sat and leaned back into the softness of the chair. I looked down on her, my blond goddess and sucked in the beauty of her, a cloud of sandy blond hair, rosy cheeks, pale column of her neck with its sliver torc, breasts forming soft mounds with dark nipples, smooth narrow waist blending into curved hips and shapely legs.

I kneeled before her and drew her legs apart praying to her hidden altar of delight. She had simple, practical white cotton panties that clung to her ass and there was a tiny, wet, oval stain in soft white expanse of the crotch.

I gently stroked the surface of her neck and chest gliding along the domes of her breasts. I gently rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and then my hands caressed her flanks and hips. She held very still and quiet and seemed to anticipate each stroke. Her thighs were smooth and firm to the touch and I gently played along the fronts, sides and finally inner surfaces, gliding closer and closer to the soft mound of her pussy. I gently brushed over the crotch of her panties and was rewarded by a sharp intake of her breath and then a small sigh. My fingers played along the panties edge, stroking the soft skin of her inner thighs. Then I probed just under the surface of the crotch to gently touch the warm wetness of her pussy and received a small moan.

I stood and drew down my underwear to give Jessica her first look at my erect cock. I stood there between her thighs and said:

“Give Sammie a kiss.”

And so she leaned forward and gave me a gentle peck on the tip.

“Go ahead, suck him.”

So she took him gently in her hands and began to stroke up and down, sending shocks of pleasure through me. She then began to lick up and down the shaft and took the head deep into her mouth and I almost saw stars!

But I drew my throbbing cock from her mouth and kneeled before her once again. Women can have many orgasms in a single sitting but I have never had more than three in a single encounter and wanted to savor the moment.

So I leaned forward and stroked her back as we kissed yet again. I gently pushed her back into the cushions of the chair and began to lick her breasts, beginning at the periphery and ending at her nipples. I flicked my tongue across her right nipple and heard her sigh once again. I sucked at the base of her neck and then we kissed again, tongues darting back and forth. Lick along the neck and back to the left nipple. I gently bit the nipple as if holding a grape between my incisors and flicked my tongue back and forth, back and fourth across her nipple. Jessica sighed and arched her back, pushing her head back into the soft recesses of the chair.

I reached to her sides and hooked my fingers under the waistband of her panties. She responded by raising her hips so I could draw them down to her feet. I tossed them and they formed a small white heap in a pool of sunlight. I raised her right foot to my mouth and suck her second toe and probe into the recesses between. I ran my tongue along the insole of her foot and she sharply withdrew the foot, giggling slightly.

My tongue alternately glided along the inner surface of one calf and then the other… crease of the knee and then the other … inner thigh. Jessica’s breathing halted and she sat rigidly still, anticipating, like a deer at the approach of a wolf.

I gazed at Jessica’s pussy. It was an unshaven, soft, golden-brown tangle on a subtle mound. Twists of pink inner lips shined wetly near the center and a single opal drop of pre-cum glistened at the entrance to heaven. The single radial eye of her asshole was closed.

I heard the rumble of the ventilation system and honking from the street below but the room was quiet … waiting. There was an earthy musky aroma wafting from her pussy.

My tongue lazily slid along the creases between her thigh and ass. Jessica lay rigid in anticipation. I flicked my tongue across her inner lips and she gasped! … Deep breath and hold … Flick, flick, flick across the inner lips … Gasp again and she thrusts her pussy forward into my mouth.

Jessica raised her right leg and rested her foot at the edge of the seat, which spread her pussy wider. The hair was matted to the sides from my licking and inner lips had flopped outward to reveal the hood and small cylinder of her rigid clit. With my index finger I slowly circled around probing between the inner and outer lips and into the black wetness of her bursa escort bayan vagina and I heard a low rumble from the back of her throat.

I looked up from the musky mound of her pussy, along the smooth surface of her belly, over the hills of her breasts with their pink, pointed peaks to her face. She had arched her neck and her head was thrust backward. Her eyes had a glazed look, starring off into the distance and her mouth was slightly opened to form a small “O” almost crying out in … pain? … pleasure?

I lowered my head and begin to lick her pussy in earnest. I slowly drew my tongue up and over the hood of her clit. Again and again and again and she moaned and cried out in pleasure … draw the tongue up and over … up and over … up and over… moan … breath … moan … tongue … breath … tongue … moan. Breath, tongue, moan, tongue, breath, tongue, moan, thrust of hips forward, sigh, breath, tongue, mooooaaan.

Jessica became still with concentration: the pause before the storm and so I licked more furiously. She thrust forward with her entire body and cried in ecstasy, her body rigid for a time, only to collapse. Spent.

I leaned back on my heels and smile at her. Jessica has coated my face with her pussy juice and the pungent smell of her twat enveloped me. She smiled back, almost wearily. I leaned forward, placing my hands on her hips and rested my belly on the wetness of her crotch. She drew to me and rested her hands upon my shoulders. We gazed into each other’s eyes and then kissed, a soft, chaste kiss and drew back.

She said, “Now its your turn.”

We rose and wrapped our arms around each other. I can still feel the silky softness of her skin. My rigid cock rubbed against the pillow of her belly and I felt an electric tingle run from deep in my pelvis to the base of my skull. Her hands gently played along the small of my back and ran over the rounds of my ass. More shocks. She stretched on her tip toes to kisses me. But she was the aggressor now; her tongue thrusts at me and I parried as best I could. Thrust, defend, thrust, defend.

With her hands on my hips, she turned me and guided me to the chair. I looked at her and she was no longer the doe but the lioness with her golden main. The torc on her neck suggested a time in captivity, but she had broken the chains of civility and was now a wild animal, once again.

Jessica stood over me hands on hips, smiling, eyes glittering. She straddled my right leg and thrust her left tit toward my open mouth. I suckled happily at teat for a moment or two as she touseled my hair and gently massaged my neck and shoulders. Her hands played along my chest as she lowered her moist pussy onto my thigh. She kissed me again, more tongue play, and then nuzzled my neck. I gently stroked her sides and haunches.

She lowered her head to my left nipple and began to flick her tongue back and forth, sending shocks through my torso. I mirrored her activity by cupping her left breast and rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. My dick pulsed with each shock and my body strained involuntarily toward her. Her tongue danced down my chest and torso as her knees slid to the ground between my legs. She paused and stared at my erect cock and smiled up at me and I found myself holding my breath in anticipation. My pelvis was thrust forward to the edge of the cushion in the hope of relief.

Jessica lowered her head and lightly licked along my inner thighs. As she did so her hair played over my cock causing me to gasp. She lightly stroked the surface of my shaft as her tongue flicked along my balls and along the skin surrounding my ass hole. Gasp! I breathed deeply as she looked up at me and smiled.

She licked up along my rigid staff that spasmodically pulsed from the attention and then flicked her tongue across the tip. She took the head of my cock into her mouth and rolled her tongue around the surface of the head and shaft. I moaned and involuntarily thrust forward into her mouth. She sucked the head of my cock and slid her hands up and down the lubricated shaft. Gasp, breath, gasp, moan.

“Too much”, I said and gently pushed her head away from my crotch. “I don’t want to cum yet. I want to feel my cock in that sweet pussy of yours.

She smiled and said, “So its pussy you want!” and she drew me forward, to sit on the edge of the cushion and then straddled me, pressing her wet pussy against my aching cock. She ground the slippery wetness and we groaned together. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue across first one and then the other nipple, while my hands stroked along her flanks and back. Her hands played with my hair and stroked the back of my neck and shoulders. She raised slightly, angled forward and thrust down, sinking my shaft deep in her pussy. We both moaned with pleasure as she rhythmically raised and lowered her pelvis.

She rose up and stepped away from me and my rigid cock. Smiling, she beckoned me, turned, placing her hands escort bursa on the foot of the bed and presenting her ass to me. So I rose from the chair and stroked the velvet surface of her back and ass. My hands played between her thighs and gently brushed along her pussy and then guided my dick into the warm wetness. Ahhh! In and out, in an out, in and out. Thrust, thrust thrust. We alternately moaned and breathed, moaned and breathed.

She turned and smiled back at me with glassy, pleasure crazed eyes. I returned the smile and lean forward, cupped her right breast and gently tweaked the nipple. Thrust, thrust, thrust, moan, thrust. My fingers danced across her smooth flanks and rounded ass and my right thumb and forefinger played along the edge of her pussy as my cock thrust in and out. My thumb smeared the slippery wetness of her pussy juices across her puckered asshole, drawing concentric circles. I probe her asshole with the pad of my thumb, with circular motions, which causes her pussy to contract and send shocks through my body. Slowly, her asshole loosened and my thumb probed progressively deeper, but her pussy contracted tighter and tighter. We moaned and gasped. My world had shrunk into the soft wet cocoon of her pussy. In, out, in, out moan thrust, in, out moan, in, out, thrust, thrust thrust.

She cried out, arching backward, staring as if to the heavens and her pussy spasmodically tightened around my cock. Holding her hips firmly with each hand, I thrust forward and spurt into her as my brain exploded…

The world disappeared. I was surrounded by a soft muffled silence, a wan permeating peace…

Then I returned to the world. Was it a few seconds or an eternity? Jessica exhaled deeply and collapsed onto the waiting bed and I fell beside her. We crawled up and lay side by side…

Gone again. As always, I dosed for 10 minutes or so in the pearly glow of post coital oblivion, but I gradually woke, turned to the slender blond to my right and smiled. She smiled back at me and said:

“Back from the dead?”

“Yes.” I replied, “Thank you. You were awesome!”

She turned on her side and said: “Yeah, I am still tingling!”

With my left hand, I reach for the swell of her hip and begin to stroke her side and buttock.

I asked, “Have you done this before?”

“No. I have been a good wife until now.”

“So, what’s changed?”

“Nothing, really, just the slow creeping boredom of life. Same job, same house, same food, same friends, just the same.

“Yeah, I know.”

“I was married at 21, just after college and very much in love. And the sex! Wow, we couldn’t get enough of each other, it seems as though I walked around in a constant state of arousal. Touch me on the elbow and my nipples would poke through shirt and my pussy would start squishing. Work was good too. I was going to save the world one child at a time. The pre-teen girls all adored me and the boys, well lets just say I think they had fantasies! Not that I encouraged them!”

“But slowly, the sameness just muffled all the joy and excitement in the world. My husband… Well he’s a good guy and I love him, but it’s all just the same. He spends the weekend with his buddies and all they want to talk about is sports. The Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, Phillies, we spend hours watching them. Sex. Well sex sometimes seems like an afterthought, Jim gives my nipples a lick and my pussy a cursory rub and then rolls on top of me and bangs away. He spends more time looking at girls on the internet than at me!”

“So I started looking around too. There seemed to be all these people having incredible fun with sex. Doing things I had never imagined! You know, I didn’t have many sexual experiences prior to my marriage. I was taught that good girls didn’t sleep around.”

I replied, “I had a similar experience to you. Married at a young age. Didn’t really have much sexual experiences prior to meeting my wife. Then marriage, kids, work. It wasn’t until I was middle aged that I realized that I might have missed out on some fun experiences and so I am trying to make up for that. And you have really helped with that!

I said: “You are really beautiful!” and she both smiled and blushed at the compliment. “I am really glad you showed up today! It’s been really special!”

“You know, I wasn’t certain about coming. I wasn’t sure I wanted to break my marriage vows. Also, your age was an issue. I thought an older man is more likely to be steady and less likely to do something stupid, but I also wanted a young stud with a big dick! But I am glad I came. Your better looking than I expected and your dick was plenty big and stiff!”

I was glad of the compliment, gently brushed against her arm and torso and leaned forward to give her a soft kiss on the lips.

We chatted together about things in life. She told me about teaching in the 7th grade. How the kids were basically good but there were always troublemakers and that the prepubescent interpersonal and sexual tensions of the environment could be exhausting.

As we talked, we began to stroke each other, light touches on the arms, neck and torso and our eyes passed from face to trunk and back again.

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