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Subject: a cumdumps journey part 2 (gay, interracial, authoritarian) Disclaimer: The following story contains graphic sexual language and actions between adult gay males. If material of this nature offends you, PLEASE do not read any further. Note that you must be of legal age, where you live, to read this story. Prologue: As the hottest stories I’ve read here are the true stories, I decided I would put into words my own experience – with some names changed, where appropriate, to protect identities. WOW, thank you all for your feedback! Nice to know there are other guys who identify with this story. I would love to hear from some top guys, if this kind of thing turns you on too. Enjoy the new chapter 🙂 Feedback is more than welcome: ail Please don’t forget to donate, as we all get so much pleasure fty/donate.html Chapter 2: My calling My legs were trembling and I could feel the cold air all over my body, despite being well wrapped up. There was a light mist surrounding the woods and it had an eerie air. It was certainly not a time to be out in an unfamiliar place. I walked slowly but purposefully back towards the opening I had left only a few minutes before. I hadn’t been frightened when I was with Bobby, but now being all alone, the scariness of the night was suffocating. The idea that a stranger would brazenly wave his semi-hard cock in my face turned me on though, and drove me forward. I ducked back into the dense bush towards the clearing, nervous about what I would see there. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could slowly make out the silhouette of the stranger who had leered at me on the path. “LEAVE! WALK AWAY!” I could hear the voice in my head screaming; alarms ringing like sirens in my mind. I was frozen to the spot and didn’t dare move a muscle. The stranger wasn’t moving either, he was standing silently beside the tree with a large jacket on and a hood covering his features. I was petrified that he would lurch forward at any moment with a knife, or his fists and hurt me, demand money or steal my phone. I pushed my phone closer to my body in my pocket for reassurance. Slowly, his hand came round in front of him and I realised in the dark that the crotch on his trousers was wide open. He was jerking his dick slowly with anticipation. I inched forward trying to be as calm as possible until I was standing right beside him. A few inches separated us, yet neither of us said a word. We were both frozen for over a minute like this, except for his hand moving back and forth jerking off his meat. I still couldn’t make out his face at all. Although with a brief glance on the path, I knew he was an older black guy. I hadn’t time to gauge any more information than that. I looked down towards his ample boner. It filled his hand easily and then some. Without a word, I knelt down in the same position I’d been in leaning against the tree less than 10 minutes before. We both knew why I was there. He allowed me to get comfortable and then he stepped forward guiding his fat bell-end into my mouth. He was already fully erect from jerking his cock while obviously waiting for me to come back. I guess he had seen the desire in my shocked face when he jumped out at me on the path. He got right into a rhythm with his cock going the full length of my mouth straight away. He didn’t push past my mouth just yet, and I had a moment to smell and to taste the very faint aroma of hand soap on his cock, balls and crotch. A thousand thoughts were running through my mind as his rhythmic mouth fuck allowed my mind to drift away and left the feeling of cock send pleasure through my body. In that moment, I realised that he had prepared to come here specifically with the aim of getting his big balls drained by a cocksucker like me. He can’t have cared who I was; he just needed a release and my mouth was the one that happened to be walking in the woods at the same time. His cock was not like Bobby’s, this guy had an oversized mushroom head that seemed to swell every time he thrust forward, then the shaft was thinner, but grew thick towards the base. Although it was easier on my jaw, it still gave my mouth the feeling of fullness I longed for. When, finally, it slipped into my throat, I felt the urge to gag. I could feel pressure building in my head as I suppressed the need to cough and retch. My head felt like it would explode. The tensing of my throat muscles around his swollen cockhead clearly had an impact, as the stranger started to groan. “Mmmhmmm,…yeah that’s it girl…squeeze that meatpole,” he moaned. I was taken aback. It startled me to be called a girl, as I had always done my best to present as quite masculine. I was handsome with soft features, but I had an athletic body and worse a light stubble on my face. “Daddy’s gonna fuck that pussy tonight baby,” he groaned in a low baritone voice. I felt a little degraded, but could feel my cock perking up in my pants which had been flaccid since I’d blown my load prematurely after sucking off Bobby. His fat cockhead kept a steady rhythm for what felt like an eternity, and he didn’t seem to be changing pace. I got used to exhaling as he withdrew from my stretched-out throat and was relieved at the opportunity to swallow the saliva that was building up in my mouth. I then quickly inhaled as big a breath as I could before he slipped back into my throat for another round of 10 or so pumps. My throat seemed to be used to the stretching of these prolonged strokes and bursa escort it no longer burned red hot; just a dull ache as the pressure made my throat feel like it would tear open. “Ah SHIT!” I yelled and jerked off to the side, “ouuch, shit…sorry….cramp in my leg.” I stood up to massage my calf after the pain that shot through it became too much, and looked towards the stranger. His hood was down around his neck and I gasped seeing his face for the first time. I would never have guessed by his muscular thighs, but he was easily in his fifties, had a large belly and was not at all was handsome. I continued rubbing my leg as he waited for me to kneel again. I felt embarrassed and just wanted to disappear, I couldn’t accept in my head that this is the man’s who’s cock I’d been letting throatfuck me. “It’s late,” I muttered, slowly shifting backwards. “You’re not leaving are you?” He asked softly. I wanted to be gone anywhere else, I felt dirty with myself. “I just want to cum,” he sighed. “I know that’s what you’re here for…” he unknowingly repeated the word that Bobby had whispered in my ears when he too had used me as he cumdump without question or consent. My cock sprang up in my pants. I couldn’t know for sure, but a thought flashed through my mind when I thought of him calling me a girl. He was just here to unload his balls because he couldn’t get a girl – it was like an epiphany – I was here in this moment, and my duty was to be the receptacle for this man’s cumload. I handed him the poppers and he took a hit, I knelt down before him with new purpose as I took the bottle up to my nose and inhaled heavily. He pushed in without hesitation. My mind swirled as his manbeef overflowed my mouth and filled me to the brim; I was high and in my mind, my teeth melted away; I could feel my mouth and throat transform into a pussy for this ugly man’s large cock. He held my head close to his body as his meat dove ever deeper with every rhythmic thrust. The voice in my head was chanting, “this is why you’re here” over and over, until eventually I felt his penis melt in my mouth and I tasted a sweet goopiness at the back of my mouth. I swallowed hard and squeezed my lips around his raw meat in order to get every drop as he pulled out for the last time. I knelt there silently – waiting for my mind to float back down to earth. After a moment or two, I stumbled to my feet and felt dazed. He was busy putting his deflated dick back into his pants. As I wiped the slime away my sloppy face and chin. “Thank you, babygirl,” he said and we started walking back to the path. I was speechless with myself and still a little hazed out. “Give me your number, baby,” he said and threw me a smile, “What’s your name?” – “Joe,” I replied by reflex, immediately wishing I hadn’t given my real name, “Mhhhhmmm my Joey,” he replied, feminizing my name ever so slightly. “Give me your number, Joey” he repeated again as we reached the entrance to the wood. I had to think quick: “Errmmm, why don’t know give me yours, I just got my phone and I don’t know the number,” I said – knowing that in my sober state I had no intention of ever seeing this old man again. I typed out his number as he listed it to me and went to put the phone in my pocket, but then with a tug he grabbed it out of my hand and hit call. His phone rang immediately. “So now I got your number too, baby!” he said smiling. “You can call my Charlie or Daddy – whatever you like.” “Shit,” I thought to myself as he walked away not saying another word or looking back. I took a deep breath and tried to gather my thoughts. I couldn’t believe what I had just done in the space of two hours. I had willingly swallowed two anonymous cumloads…well almost willingly. Right then, as I turned I caught the eye of a man sitting in the car at the curb; it was BOBBY XL. I was mortified. He was grinning at me and laughing to himself. He started the car and drove away. I couldn’t believe that he had seen me with Charles – I felt sick to the pit of my stomach. He knew that I had gone back into the woods to suck off the stranger. I turned and scurried home to my apartment, lying awake with worry until I woke up the following morning with an ache in my throat throat. I was groggy and I didn’t immediately remember what I had done the night before. I stumbled to the kitchen to get a painkiller and some water. “Hey buddy! How’s it going? Late night? I heard you come in around 4! Didn’t think you were going out?” my flatmate threw a volley of questions at me. The whole scene from the previous night flooded back to me. I felt my stomach knot up. “Err…uhhum….yeah…I just grabbed a drink…” I said hoarsely while coughing through a sharp pain in my throat. “More than one!” he laughed wondering in to the other room. I closed my eyes to try to shut out the image from the previous night, I felt awful and wanted to forget what I’d done. It felt so dangerous, how could I put myself at risk like that , I was so stupid. I leapt into my room and picked up my phone. I deleted both Charles’ and BOBBY XL’s numbers from my phone. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t do anything like that again. I grabbed my sports bag and ran out of the apartment towards the gym. When I got there – I could only manage a short workout, feeling too distracted to focus properly. I decided I would jog home to make up for it. I ran and ran to clear my head, until without thinking I found myself on the path leading up to the entrance bursa escort bayan to the woods close to the apartment. I went in and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. The sun was finally out, and it was a Saturday with families walking and riding bikes. I ran past the clearing and further into the wood, feeling relieved that it looked safe and not at all sleazy. A weight lifted off my mind and I felt the tension in my body lift. I decided to jog here for a while and ran circuits round and round, close to the entrance I had come in. Later, I spent the day in the apartment, setting up my room with a few things I had bought to make it homely, and in the evening I went for dinner with my roommate – he casually informed me that he was going to visit his mother in Bordeaux for two weeks the following morning. “I’m all alone,” I thought to myself, a little depressed at the idea that I wouldn’t have anyone to spend time with over the next few weeks. When he got back home, he excused himself to get an early night, as he was travelling first thing in the morning. I was bored, I didn’t want to put on the TV; it hung on the wall against my flatmates bedroom. So I lay down on my bed and listened to some music. After an hour I was getting agitated. If I was in London, I would be out with friends having fun on a Saturday night. I was feeling low, as I reached over and clicked on Grindr on my phone. The trill notification of a message rang out a few times, and I hid the phone under the pillow to try to muffle the sound. My heart skipped a beat, as I looked through the messages. Only a handful, and none from anyone I knew. As a scrolled, I glimpsed the familiar photo of BOBBY XL’s profile and saw that he was online. I threw the phone down on the bed and looked out the window. It was dark, but a nice mild evening. I was lost in a daydream until the trill Grindr notification shook me to my senses. I mustn’t have closed the app. I picked up the phone and turned it over. “Outside 10 mins – I need draining now”, the message said. My hand shook as I dropped the phone again. I felt sick. For years, I had jerked off to fantasies of exactly this – but I had never acted on any of them, and had kind of looked down on anybody I thought to be slutty out on the scene. I took a moment to compose myself and checked the phone again. He was offline and it said he was 2 miles away. I felt nervous. I knew he must be driving on his way to the woods. I looked at myself in the mirror, breathed deeply and out of nowhere whispered quietly to myself, “This is what you’re here for.” I grabbed a sweater and took the poppers from the table, pulling the apartment door closed behind me. Bobby was waiting for me when I got to the entrance to the woods. The previous night he had a friendly air about him; tonight he didn’t even wait for me to come up to him, he turned and started walking into the woods as soon as he saw me coming towards him. I skipped a little to pick up the pace and try to catch up with him. “Hey, it’s nice to see you,” I ventured. Silence. We were walking towards the same spot, but when we got close he continued on. “Hey, where you going?” I called, “It’s better further on,” he said without slowing the pace. We arrived after a few minutes’ walk in a darkened area with several trees and lots of mid-height bushes. He stopped beside a tree, which felt exposed to the nothingness. “It’s a bit open here.” I reasoned, looking around. “It’s dark,” he said as a way of justification and to firmly shut down negotiation. We both stood still until he shrugged at me; “What are you waiting for?”. “This isn’t really me, I’m nervous…can’t we go to your place?” I stuttered. He sniggered, and looked me up and down, “This isn’t you?” he said, raising an eyebrow. “I SAW you” he hissed forcefully. I shone bright red, I was so embarrassed and felt so ashamed. I felt resigned to it. Without another word, I walked towards him and knelt down lifting my hands to open his jeans and release his heaving manhood. I pulled on his boxers and it all tumbled out like a large slab of meat slapping me on the face. It was as big, if not bigger, than I recalled and the smell was overpowering. I inhaled, and was brought right back to the night before. He rubbed his whole crotch all over my face. “Suck my balls, I want you to make me hard slowly, you know how I like it baby,” he said as he closed his eyes and let me pleasure him with my mouth and tongue. I took one of his balls into my mouth, and sucked a little “Ahh, gently baby, gently,” he groaned, rubbing my face with his rough hands. I sucked on his ball gently as I could, then moved on to the next one. I could feel his fat meat-rod resting on my face. The heat and smoothness felt heavy right from my chin to the top of my forehead. I sensed he had a semi. Finally, he pulled back and leant down to me, “I want you to take me all, and then use your tongue to lick my balls,” he whispered in my ear without giving me a chance to respond. His cock forced itself into my mouth and filled me up. My mouth was open as wide as it could go. When he hit the back I heard him moan, “lick my balls, baby!”. I extended my tongue as far as I could realising that it left the opening to my throat totally exposed. His cock was fully erect and without warning he grabbed the back of my head and forced himself balls deep. His abs smashed against my nose and I felt the pain across the whole front of my face. I was winded and escort bursa needed to gag. He held me firm, deeper than he had even been the night before. “OH FUCK! That cunt is TIGHT!” He yelled and held me tight. “Mhhhhmmm yeah, squeeze me tightly baby, you want that batter!”. He didn’t thrust or move, he just held himself inside my esophagus as my throat muscles spasmed out of control around his meat. I hit him as hard as I could on the legs and stomach until finally he pulled out. I collapsed forward. The blood vessels around my eyes felt like they had all exploded, my eyes bulged and my face was glowing red. I gasped for oxygen. “OOOHHH fuck” he groaned again, “That’s a good pussy!”. Suddenly I was aware that the noise around us had attracted some attention. There was a slim, middle-aged, white guy standing close by watching us sheepishly as he touched himself. Bobby grinned wide. “Hey man”, and gestured to him to come forward. Without any words, the man stopped forward undoing his pants, and pulling out his hard dick. His pubes were trimmed and his cock was short, but stubby. Bobby grabbed him by the shoulder and led him towards me until his cock was directly in front of my face. I didn’t want to look at the white guy, after what he had seen me do. I keep my eyes locked on Bobby who glared at me and made me understand that I should suck this man’s cock now too. I sat up and took it into my mouth. It had a sweet fragrance and felt soft in my mouth; the ideal size to suckle and so I started suckling with my tongue as I massaged his balls. The warmth and gentleness felt nice in my mouth and I appreciated the chance to catch my breath. We started to pick up the pace in unison, and after no time at all I felt his balls tense up in my hand as his dick spurted 3-4 generous spurts right onto my tongue. The taste was acrid and powerful and I was tempted to spit it out, but I caught the glare of Bobby’s face in the corner of my eye. I swallowed it down; it coated the back of my throat and every time I breathed in I got a hit of its overpowering taste. Bobby smiled and rubbed my face gently. It felt good to have him appreciate me and show tenderness for a job well done. The guy walked away without so much as a second glance. “You got those poppers, boy?” Bobby asked without missing a beat. “Mhmm hmm,” I nodded and pulled them out of my pocket. “Take a hit,” he demanded. I slowly lifted them up to my nostril. I knew what this signified and I wasn’t ready. I still hadn’t really caught my breath from when his cock had choked me moments before. I took a large sniff and felt the cock head part my lips before I had even lowered the bottle. Just as the poppers haze took hold, Bobby’s thick salami rammed inside. “That throat-cunt is slimy now!” he groaned and began pumped faster and more aggressively than I could handle. I pushed him back with my hands, but he grabbed onto my hair as tightly as he could. He ploughed and shouted at me with the rhythm. “DON”T…” thrust “FUCKING…” thrust “DARE…” thrust “GO…” thrust “ANYWHERE…” as he thrust I felt an uncontrollable gag take over my whole body. My mouth filled with warm slime and it began spraying out of the corners of my mouth. Bobby pulled out. I spat out the contents of my mouth that I had heaved up on to the ground. Bobby laughed and lifted my chin with his hand. He slapped his slippery cock around my face and rubbed it intentionally all over my eyes and forehead. My whole face was dripping with his cock slime. “Take another hit!” He ordered. My hand was trembling. He didn’t care that I was in pieces on the ground before him. “Come on, I’m close!” He yelled as he grabbed the poppers and took a hit. ” He held them against my nostril and told me to inhale, “Go on a big one!” then on to the other nostril. He threw the bottle down. He picked me up and with my mouth a sloppy mess, he slid right inside my throat without any resistance from my gag reflex muscles. I couldn’t even swallow. He began pumping. “Fuck boy, this throat pussy used to my cock now.” he pumped harder and deeper. “This pussy was made for my cock.” I couldn’t breathe anymore but was lost in a haze of poppers as I felt the beautiful slipping and sliding of his smooth slippery black cock 3 inches into my throat. It was heavenly. I moaned loudly as my cock was spewing pre-cum. “You’re ready for that black baby batter…YEAH!” He jerked and I could feel his pulses shooting into my throat. My body went limp as I leant against him and he pushed inside of me, until the last drops entered my throat. I was spent. This time though, I didn’t want his cock to leave my mouth. I loved the feeling of fullness it gave me. I sucked like a baby sucking for milk, until it grew soft and eventually dropped out dragging more slime across my chin. I didn’t even bother to wipe it away. We didn’t speak as we walked back toward the road. I had no words. I had been fucked and I felt like my throat would never be the same again. When we got to the car Bobby just nodded, got in and drove away. I felt dirty and thought he was disgusted with me that I had swallowed the white guy’s sperm without even protesting. I had tears in my eyes, and started walking home. I needed to wash myself off and get home. As I walked my phone vibrated, I looked at the screen. I didn’t know the number and besides, no one had my new French one. I ignored it, but it rang again and again. Eventually, I decided to pick up, ‘Hello?” I asked curiously. “Hey, babygirl,” I knew the baritone voice, “You free for Daddy Charlie?” asked my older black fackfucker. So much passed through my head. But one singular thought kept coming back to me, “This is why you’re here.” To be continued…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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