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A cockhold familey 2The land lord just shot my sister full of cum. He told me if my father was here he would clean us both he said. But you clean your sister good boy. NO mother yelled stop he will not if you don’t like are deal will stop. Fine cunt but my friend and me will be fucking you hard tonight understand . Mother looked at us and said yes .Around 6 the landlord called and said they would be there the next night something came up. my sister went for a ran around the high school track. About 2 hours later she came in and went to shower I pushed her on the coach. I removed each shoe 1 by 1 each sock she just laughed at me as a sucked her toe’s clean. The next day no crazy stuff. I got dressed went to school mom and my sister did there thing’s and dad went to work. I got home around 4:30 and seen mom and s*s sitting on the coach. I did my home work and mom told me go change I was ready to clean them nylon in leather high hell sweaty toes & soles. I changed really fast I ran to her knelt down and right when I went to remove her right heel she said hold on take the rash out. AAA I got up ran to the trash ran it out side. I came back in and tried kneeling again no she said put a bag in the empty can and wash your hands.Mom let me get her toes after 5 more minutes of teasing me. Sitting on my butt legs spread I lifted her left foot removed the high heel slowly. My cock was hard right off the bat when the smell of leather , nylon and sweat hit my nose. I kissed her sole right above her toe’s and toke a need smell from toe to heel. I brought my nose to her toes she spread them and I inhaled it was so good. I sucked licked and cleaned each foot like this for 20 to 30 minutes. My sister told me hey b*o lay edremit escort on your back with head at my feet I did. She removed her socks and shoes and put them over my face. rubbing them all over my face I was in heaven I feel asleep with her doing this I was so happy.my sister got me up and told me to kneel at her feet and jackoff on her toes. As I was shutting my cum on her toe’s she said o my that’s a lot of cum the put her socks and shoes back on fast just smiling. The door bust open the landlord and 2 older men walk in . one was really wrinkled up , had I big pot belly and bald. The other man was fat and so old looking . Mom just whimpred at the sight of these men. she was stood up and stripped naked and told get on your knees cunt. the men were naked in a flash and mom was sucking one jacking off the others . this went on for a good 15 minutes. The wrinkled up man look at my sister hey little cunt come help your mom suck some cock. I am 18 sir he pop his cock in her mouth grabbed her ponytail and went to face fucking her. She was gagging , and gasping for air at the same time.My dad walks in will look here said the landlord. He jerked my dad to his knee’s and popped his cock in his mouth face fucking him holding the back of his head. Dad was taking his cock all the way down his throat until the landlord balls with slapping his chin. You could see the landlord cock in his throat it looked so cool. Mom was now being fucked hard by the fat man. The wrinkled man called me over said lay on your back. my sister 69 my but a low 69 her pussy was right in my face. suck his cock the wrinkled man demanded. he got on his knee’s behind my sister his beykoz escort ball’s dragging on my face. spit on your sister pussy he said I did. He went to fucking her so hard and his damn hanging balls all in my face .The fat man went to grunting and shot my mom full of his cum. the landlord get between moms legs and went to fucking as the fat guy popped his cock in dads mouth .The wrinkled man grunted and yelled and grunted some more. He shot I big load of cum in my sisters pussy and then just sit there until his cock went soft and feel out on my face . His nuts were on my for head his cock on my eyes he pulled my sister up until her pussy was touching my mouth. Eat boy eat my cum out of her pussy understand. mom looked wide eyed the landlord slapped her but not to hard this is my fuck family cunt don’t you ever tell me no again . This went on for 3-4 hour’s. we all just feel asleep nude in a ball all to-gather. They fucked us as a family all the time. 1 year from the first group fucking the landlord came in I am leaving this man here will be running my apt buildings for me in front of us was a 6’2 280 pound pure black ,black man. The land lord stripped my mom her you go the new black landlord dropped his sweatpants. He mounted my mom he had a 10 1/2 cock it was hard and now in my moms shaved married white pussy. O fuck its to big its to big mom cryed he just pushed deeper. O you tight cunt bam bam bam he started hitting that pussy hard. mom got used to his cock and got into the fucking talk dirty to me bitch. your mine I owen your white ass and your white family . o god daddy you fuck me so good. ooooo this is your white married pussy baby aa. 20 min esenyurt escort later he filled her pussy so full of cum. he got up bitch your will call me your pussy daddy ever were here, on the street , if I meet your mother you will say mom the is my pussy daddy, understand me yes pussy daddy good suck my cock again . 6 weeks later he was bring his friends and ( brothers) in to fuck mom and my sister. dad was a cock sucker and I cleaned the cum in pussy’s . My grand partens came in over the weekend one time . we were talking injoying the company and the black basterd walks in. Who are this people cunt. mom and dad meet my pussy daddy he then jerked her up bent her over and fucked her in front of us. Get your married white pussy ooo fuck me pussy daddy aaaaa he grunted and shot cum in her pussy. Grandma was streeing at his cock . He pulled out of my mom and grabbed my grandmother pushed her to her knee’s suck and clean it bitch . What she said he slapped my grandfather hard you hard me. she went to sucking and cleaning but got him hard keep sucking cunt.He lifted his leg on the coach lick and kiss my balls she did. He had her by the hair now lick my asshole bitch what she said bam anther slap to my grandfather. Grandma Removed her dentchers put her teeth in her purse and went to lick ass, his balls and sucking his cock. ooo its like velvet he said o shit. oldman you have fake teeth to ? yes he said take them out get next to your wife What bam he slapped grandma. he removed his teeth knelt down . he had each of them take truns on his cock. Little boy eat my cum from your moms pussy now I got on my knee’s and eat ever drop of cum but I keep on eating her pussy mom said I think its clean hun. I just looked up and keep on munching that sweet shaved pussy. I pulled my cock out and jerked off as I eat that pussy. He was ready to cum he pushed there heads togather pulled his cock out grandfather mouth and shot cum on his and grandma’s face . a lot of cum lick off each other face he said they did.more to cum…………… part 3 soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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