A Christmas Twinning

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*Beep Beep Beep*

The alarm clock goes off on “my” nightstand and I quickly turn the alarm off. Taking a look at “my” phone, I rejoice as it’s Christmas Day! I head off towards the master bathroom to conduct “my” morning routine. I look into the mirror and admire “my” body, the waist length butterscotch blonde hair, blue eyes, cute nose, wide hips, small waist, and these beautiful ample D cups that are just the perfect size. I give “my” tits a quick squeeze as I finish up and I grab a red satin robe from the closet. The sensation from the interaction between the robe and “my” skin is blissful and an aroma hits “my” nostrils, I smile knowing that “he’s” making us breakfast. I walk out to the kitchen and I see “him” preparing avocado toast, bacon, and espresso.

“Good morning beautiful, I hope you’re not too sore from last night!” “He” says with a smile and a noticeable bulge in “his” green underwear.

“Oh don’t worry, I loved how rough you were last night. You just know “my” body so well “Dave”!” I say with a sing song voice while playing with “my” hair.

“That’s great to hear “Meg”! I especially loved fucking you in front of the mirror, it was so hot watching your reactions during sex.” “Dave” says placing the plates and coffee down on the table

“Yes “Dave” it was so hot watching “my” breasts move along with “my” shaking body during sex.” I say playing footsie with “Dave”

As I have breakfast with “Dave”, I start van seks hikayeleri to reflect on the past six months. Megan and I were loners looking to explore the obscure world of body swapping. We started out with just one day swaps on the weekend, but gradually built up to swapping bodies for entire days at a time. I even assumed her role as a dental hygienist at her work flawlessly. There were times during the swaps where I genuinely believed I was Megan Collins my entire life only to swap back into my unfulfilling life as a salesman. Recently Meg and I have recently added a friends with benefits competent to our swapping agreement and it’s been heavenly so far. We know each other’s bodies so well which leads to mind blowing sex.

After we finish I offer to wash the dishes since “Dave” made a wonderful breakfast. “Dave” goes back to the living room and I hear some rustling and I’m curious to what’s going on. I come into the living room where “Dave” is holding a white box with a red bow on it. Curious I sit down on the couch and scratch my head.

“Whatcha got there “Dave”?” I say with interest and slight blushing

“Well “Meg” I have been thinking about us and I think we have reached a point of no return in our agreement. Trust me you’re going to love this!”

“Dave”/Megan begins to pull out a vial from the box and without hesitation “he” downs the strange liquid. I watch as Megan in my body starts to slightly convulse. A loud moan escapes from “his” mouth as Megan’s cock ejaculates a large amount of cum all over the green underwear. My body falls back onto the other side of the sectional and convulses violently. Fat and skin move around at a rapid pace into new regions. Bones crack and shift at a violent pace, “Dave”/Megan’s body is completely unrecognizable at this point. After five minutes the screams shift from masculine to feminine. The bulge retracts into “his” abdomen and two mounds form, the hair shifts from red to blonde and becomes much longer. I am in utter shock as now the room is occupied not by “Megan” and “Dave” but by “Megan” and Megan.

Megan now pants in my body turned copy of her original body that I am still inhabiting. I grab a glass of water and bring to her.

“Thank you so much “Meg”! My god it always feels great when I’m back in my body.” Megan says feeling up her breasts.

I am completely shocked that Megan would turn my original body into a copy of her original body. The cum soaked underwear even transforms into a satin robe of the same style as the one I’m wearing but with the green color of the underwear.

“Wait I’m confused Meg, why and how did you change my original body into clone of “my”… your body?”

“Don’t worry “Meg” you can still say that it’s your body because it is now. We are technically both Megan Collins now.”

“Okay, but you’ll transform back so that we can swap into our original bodies later right?”

“No, when I mean we are both Megan Collins, I mean that in the most literal sense, you and I are now legally Megan Collins. I saw how sad you were every time we would swap back, and to be honest, you are so good at being me that at times I would forgot I was actually Megan. I ordered a potion from the TF forums that can alter reality to a point where there have always been two Megans. Now we don’t have to worry about swapping back and forth between bodies we can just be Megan!” Megan says with the upmost joy

I stand there for a second and I begin to cry. Megan comes and hugs me, I then whisper “thank you” to her. She replies “I know Megan”. Although I have been called “Megan” numerous times during our swapping escapades, this time a sense of pure lust and love over take me as now I am Megan Collins and I have another beautiful Megan to express my selflove with.

I kiss myself on the lips with authority and lust enjoying the clashing of our identical tongues. The kisses move from the mouth to the neck then to the breasts. We begin to worship our perfect perky pillowy breasts, smacking and squeezing in between sucking. We continue to moan our names with our high-pitched feminine voices. After a while of breast play, we begin to shift around on the couch until we are in a 69 position. The aroma of my pussy is amazing and gets me even wetter. I stick my tongue into my double’s probing around as we both moan loudly. In a matter of no time we both have mutual orgasms, panting while cuddle in the afterglow.

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