A Christmas Story

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Authors Note: I’m so sorry that this took me a long time to write part two of Zane’s Birthday Present! I had cleaned out my computer and my story I had originally wrote got deleted and well I didn’t feel like starting over. Without Further in due, here’s A Christmas Story (Zane’s Birthday Surprise…part 2 of 2)

Four Months Later:

Christmas was nearing and I had no idea on what to get Zane for Christmas. Zane was going to get me some thongs along with an engagement ring. We had to also shop for our dear friend Lisa who we didn’t do anything with for a month because she found a guy. We were happy that she had found a man, but sad also because we missed her presence. I’d be outside shovling snow in the cold Michigan weather when her and her fancy pants boyfriend would just drive by in his Mercede’s Benz (he’s a doctor) and not even honk or wave at me. Zane would run into Lisa at the store she worked at in the mall and she’d just ignore him as well. We wondered if Lisa is ashamed to be around us.

It was December 1st when we had to pick a name out of the grab bag. We decided back in November we wouldn’t get Lisa naything just because of her ignoring us so we’ll just put her in the grab bag. Zane drew a name out and got my sister Jessica and her husband Paul while I drew Lisa and her boyfriend, Tom out. I never met Tom so I had no clue what to get him and the only thing I could think of for Lisa was this work out bra she’d so want and what I think would look so good on her.

Zane and I decided to go to Victoria’s Secret and pick out some massage oil and scented candles for Lisa and Tom. But for Jessica and Paul, we just got them a $50 gift certificate to The Disney Store and some hot wheels (Paul collects Hot Wheels). While we were at Victoria’s Secret, bahis firmaları Zane was getting a hard on from the lingerie and I noticed his call for some satisfaction.
“What ya thinkin’?” I asked Zane.
“Oh nothing, just how hot you’d look in this.” Zane said as he was looking at a red teddy with white sparkles on it that had a lacey part to it. It kind of looked like a mini-dress with the lace on it, but it was a teddy.
“Well I think we need to go into the dressing room…” I said and smirked.
Zane agreed. I took his hand and led him into the dressing room where we closed the door. Zane started kissing all over my neck and had me pinned against the wall. I was grinding my pussy into his dick the more he kept sucking on my neck. Then he took off my shirt and was rubbing my purple silk bra I had on.
“Star, you have the nicest breasts…” Zane said as he continued to slide my bra off. He was then taking my left tit in his mouth and sucking on my nipple, swirling his tongue around it while his free hand was squeezing my breast. I started to get even more wet and craved for his mouth on my pussy. This had always been a fantasy of mine and I couldn’t believe we were having sex in a dressing room. Zane then licked his way down to my pants and pulled them off and took off my purple silk panties and began sucking on my clit. I was in pure ecstasy.
“Ohhhh Zane…goddddd yesssss…..ohhhh right there…yessss…..” I moaned over and over again. I believe I was so loud that a cashier unlocked the door which got me and Zane startled.
“Ok you two lovebirds, get out of the store or I’m calling the cops for indecent exposure…” She said.
Zane appologized to the cashier while I put my clothes back on. The minute we got out of Victoria’s kaçak iddaa Secret, we bursted out laughing.
“I think she was turned on and she was jealous that I was getting ate out and she wasn’t.” I said to Zane as I laughed.
“Yeah, I think she was pretty jealous as well…she was ugly anyways.” Zane said. This experience made us decide we would never again try having sex in public places as such. When we were walking out, the whole store looked at us. Two old ladies shook their heads and whispered “Tramp” and “Stupid kids”.

It was Christmas Eve when we were wrapping presents. We were also in a hurry to go out to my Uncle Dave’s house for Christmas with my family then we had to go to Zane’s mom’s house for a Christmas party there as well. The telephone rang and I went to answer it.
“Hello?” I said.
It turned out to be Lisa. Lisa was inviting me and Zane over to her house for some Christmas Dinner with her and Tom.

We decided that we’d go over to Lisa and Tom’s house that evening for dinner. We didn’t plan on staying for as long as we were staying. We had drank a couple of glasses of wine when all of us started to get horny. Tom was a pretty handsome man. He was 28, short brown hair, brown eyes, and pretty tall. Nice smile…a looker. Zane mentioned to Tom about what Lisa and I did before they met. Tom didn’t sound too grossed out…matter of fact, I think he was jealous that Zane got to watch all of this action and he didn’t.
“Starla, could you cum here?” Lisa said with a wink as she was standing in the kitchen.
“Sure!” I yelled.
I went into the kitchen and Lisa whispered to me that me and her should start making out in front of Zane and Tom. I agreed to it so we were sitting on the table when kaçak bahis we hollered for Zane and Tom. Lisa and I started making out.
“Holy shit!!” Tom yelled and his eyes widened.
Zane laughed and began unzipping his pants and stroking himself. Tom didn’t know what to think or do. He was just standing there with his mouth wide opened. I guess you could say he couldn’t believe that his fantasy was coming true. Zane then started to undress me while Tom decided to pull Lisa away and kiss her and feel her body. Zane and Tom then traded us. Zane was touching Lisa’s pussy and rubbing her while Tom was kissing me and feeling me up. Tom then undressed me and started to lick my pussy. I didn’t really watch Zane and Lisa because I had my eyes closed and was moaning my head off from Tom’s wet tongue.

Zane then suggested that we all go into the bedroom. Zane carried me and Tom carried Lisa. Tom then just rammed his cock deep into Lisa’s pussy as I started to eat Lisa out from behind and Zane was fucking my ass. Lisa then came and Tom shot his load all over her chest. I then started to lick up Tom’s cum off of Lisa’s chest. I didn’t care too much for Tom’s cum. So I went to go suck Zane off when Lisa was sucking Zane off…and jerking Tom off. I was mad. I got up and left. Lisa saw me leaving and let go of Tom and motioned me to come over there so I did. Tom then rammed his cock into my mouth and fucked my mouth. He had an 8 in a half inch cock. I couldn’t deep throat it because it was too big. Everytime I did try to deep throat him, I’d gag. He then eventually came but i made him cum on my breasts and not in my mouth. Lisa then licked my tits and the cum off of me while I started sucking on Zane. He blew his load in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

We then looked at the time and it was already 9:00 at night! We had to get a move on to my Uncle Dave’s and Zane’s mom. So off we went and kissed Tom and Lisa goodbye and said thank you for the Christmas refreshments.

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