A Changed Wife

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A Changed WifeIt began to consume me as I lay there in bed at night, next to one of the hottest women I’ve ever known. Ever since we watched that video about six months ago, I had fantasized that I would see my sexy wife Sam with her firm thighs spread wide for a thick black cock that was inching its way deep inside her juicy cunt. And to see those full red lips of hers wrapped tightly around another piece of black cock, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked him into her throat.There! That was my fantasy and it would become my mission. Sam just didn’t know about it yet though! I broke her in on videos that contained maybe one or two interracial scenes until I recently showed her one where one red head (not nearly as good looking as Sam!) was being gang banged by a dozen well hung black men. As she watched, enrapt, I noticed her nipples becoming very hard and I reached out and slowly began to rub, then pinch them, just the way she loves it. Sam has the most sensitive nipples and you have to start out easy, then build until she’s screaming right at the point of her orgasm. And yes, she can orgasm just from playing with those big nipples!I began to kiss her neck as I felt her thick, hard nipples, then, using my other hand, I slid it along her inner thigh until I found her panties. I rubbed her slit through them and found that they were soaked with her juices. She was really turned on and I whispered in her ear “Wouldn’t you like to be her, baby? Wouldn’t you love having those long, thick black cocks stuffed in all of your holes? Filling you deeper than any man ever has before? God baby! It would be so hot! To see you act like their whore would be Heaven on earth! Oh Sam! You know you’d love every stroke, every thrust into the depths of your hot cunt!” Whew!I was so turned on by now, that I felt like I was ready to cum right there in my shorts! Her body buzzed under my hand, she was making some low a****l like groans, coming from deep inside her. As my finger reached under her soaked panties and found her hardened clit, she came. She came loud and long as I took it between my fingers and rolled it hard between them.Sam was hotter now than I could ever remember her being. I kept on urging her on and she stayed in a multi- orgasmic state, my words acting like gasoline on a fire. Suddenly, she began to whisper in a husky voice “Oh yes! Jack, that would be so hot! If they were here right now, I would fuck every one of them as much as they wanted and where ever they wanted!”I knew that meant she’d even let them fuck her asshole, something which she let me do only on special occasions and then only after fighting, then begging her for it! Now she was ready to let those monster cocks ravage her asshole and it was her who was begging! I decided then and there that we would be going out right away and that Sam would be fucking her first black cock shortly. I didn’t need to coax her, on the contrary, she was ready to go in no time! A record for any woman! She had worn a crop top and had changed into a skirt that was even shorter than the one she had on earlier. When she sat, you could easily see her shaven cunt. And if she leaned, her tits were visible to all. She stepped into a pair of black heels and we were off!On the way, Sam began to get cold feet. “Jack, I don’t think I can go through with this! It just seems so wrong, so taboo! I’m also afraid of the possibility that you won’t love me after this. Oh Jack, do we really have to do this?” I told her no, that if she didn’t want to, I would understand. She said she’d think about it as we drove. Just then, I noticed that the truck I was passing was keeping up with me. I looked at Sam and saw why.Her cunt was plainly visible through the window and the driver was watching my wife’s cunt. When I told her about it, she looked up at him and blew him a kiss. He smiled back at her and motioned for us to go into the upcoming rest area. When I asked Sam if she wanted to, she said “Well, let’s go there and see if it works. We can always leave quick!” So, we pulled into the rest area and he followed. After he parked, I couldn’t make out which rig he had, so Sam decided to get out and look. She asked me to stay in the car and let her try it first, with me not there.If she could do it, then she’d let me watch her if she got gang banged that night. So, off she went to find the driver who had paid her a great compliment. Finally, she disappeared in the mass of trucks and I sat there wondering what she was doing right then.After about an hour, I saw her walking out from the truck parking lot and she walked past me and into the restroom. Ten minutes later, she emerged and walked to the car. When she got in, I asked her what had happened.”Well” she said, “I got my first gang bang, sorry you didn’t get to see it.” I burst in “But wait a minute! There was only the one guy in the cab!” “Yes Jack, but there were two asleep in the sleeper cab and they were both black. He woke them up and then he nodded his head towards them and we both joined them in the back. I was on my hands and knees as I crawled in the back and I felt his hands roam under my skirt. I continued to the back as his fingers made their way up my hot pussy. Jack, he moved behind me and I felt his cock as it began to enter me.It parted my soaked outer lips and I felt casino siteleri that he was very big. In a flash, he was fucking me, real hard! I cried out and the other two knelt in front of me with their cocks hanging out. It just seemed natural and right as I began to suck one, then the other until I had them ready to cum. One of them grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth real hard. I kept on sucking the thick, long black cock and I felt it push into my throat.At this point, there was little I could do. I was being ravaged by one huge cock in my pussy as the other made its way down my throat. My head was being pulled onto it as it pushed in and soon he was buried balls deep in my mouth. Jack, I felt his thick heavy balls on my chin. Then he groaned and I felt his sperm blast into my throat. Can you imagine how much of a slut that made me feel? These were the first cocks that came in me since before we got married. He no sooner finished and the other black guy took his place. I felt so stretched out and used, like the biggest slut in the world. Now I know what my girlfriend Candy meant when she told me how exciting her first gang bang was back in our high school days.I felt the only white cock thrust deeper than I’ve ever felt and he groaned out. I felt his cock spasm and then the hot sticky cum blasted into the depths of my cunt!The first black guy then took his place and started fucking me hard.He began to savagely fuck me and then the other one, in my mouth, pulled out. They soon had me on my back with one of them under me, his cock buried deep in my cunt. The other one then got between my legs and I realized, all too late, that he was also going to shove his big black cock up my cunt. It hurt and felt great at the same time, a lot like anal sex feels.Jack, they both fucked my cunt at the same time, telling me what a great whore I was, that no slut had ever been able to take them both on. One would thrust in as the other was pulling back, then he’d slam it in while the other one was pulling out. Baby, those two cocks both fucking my sore and aching cunt at the same time was just too fucking crazy! I’d do it again in a flash, only because I knew the sweetest lust right then that I could ever hope to feel.The one under me was sucking my neck and the one on top alternated sucking my nipples. No, that’s not right, he was gnawing on them and they feel raw. I don’t think I ever stopped cumming the whole time babe. Do you still love me?” Wow! Here was my wife, telling me all about getting fucked by three guys! And my cock was never harder! I told her I felt cheated and asked her if she could still fuck more that night. She told me that she’d fuck as many guys as I wanted her to, that night and any other.So, we continued on to the club we had originally headed for.When we got there, I followed Sam inside and noticed that she had sperm leaking down her leg. I wanted to jump her bones right then, adding my own sperm to what was flowing from her sweet cunt. We got inside and in the light I noticed how abused she looked. The love bites on her neck were beginning to show now and her hair was a mess and her makeup smeared. That and her clothes were totally wrinkled. We went to the bar and soon she had a group of guys hanging around her. One of them asked her to dance with him and she jumped up, ready for action. I think her response would have been the same if he had asked her to lie on the floor and spread her legs like a whore. She told me that she felt like one, that just the thought of fucking other men, especially black men, made her feel so raunchy.I watched as they danced and heard all the comments the other guys were making. It was turning me on listening to them. My dick was aching it was that hard. They were saying ‘Look at that slut.’ And ‘Do you think we could all get to fuck that white slut?’ Little did they realize that if they asked me those questions, I would have told them to take her, to use her as their slut. Watching her as I was and seeing the guy feel her ass was really turning me on. He even flipped up her skirt and showed everyone in the club that she wore no panties. Visible also was the sperm still oozing from her well fucked cunt. When he began to finger her right there in front of everyone, she reached down and began to squeeze his cock. She continued down his leg to about mid thigh. She turned and smiled at me, as if to say “I want to fuck him – NOW!” I smiled and nodded and then I saw him reach under her crop top and begin to squeeze her tit and rub her nipple.I found my cock harder than I could ever remember and soon it began to hurt! God! I wanted to run out there and throw her to the ground and fuck her brains out! Instead, they both headed towards our table and as they passed, she smiled and nodded her head, telling me to follow them. I got up and they went down the hall towards the bathrooms. At the end of the hallway, he stopped her and put her up against the wall as he kissed her smeared lips. His hands were under her top, squeezing her big tits.She had begun to unzip his pants and soon had his cock out. It was huge! He was about f******n inches long and thicker than I could ever imagine a cock to be. Sam couldn’t even close her fingers around it. And he wasn’t even fully erect yet! I knew there was no canlı casino way that she’d ever get much more than the head of it in her mouth. Not for trying, but he was just too big.Sam broke their kiss and said. “I want to suck that big cock! God, do I want to suck it!” He replied “Sure baby, go right ahead. Do you deep throat?” “I’ve been known to on occasion!” she laughed. “Then get down on your whore knees and suck me like a slut!” he commanded. As if to reinforce his words, he put his hands on her head and began to push her down. As she knelt, he grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head as she went down. People using the bathroom couldn’t help but see my wife on her knees in front of a very well hung black man! I felt terribly excited by this thought! By now, the only thing she was wearing was her mini skirt, which was up around her waist and wouldn’t have hid anything even if it wasn’t! Her sponk matted cunt was visible and people began to flock around and watch the ‘slut show’ she was putting on.First, she took his cock in her hand and hefted it up to her lips. She licked and sucked on it from the tip and worked her way downward towards his gargantuan balls. “That’s it! You’re a great little cocksucking whore baby!” He moaned out as she then took each of his plum sized balls into her mouth and sucked on them. After she had sucked each one for several minutes, she began to work her way back to the tip where pre-cum was forming. I watched as her tongue swirled all around the throbbing tip, then her lips stretched wide and it entered her mouth. He grabbed her head and pulled her mouth on him while his hips thrust forward. I heard her gag, but he just kept filling her throat with his huge dick. “Yeah baby! You are one great cocksucker! What a great little whore you have for a wife man!” His last line was directed to me and I could only smile nervously as he fucked her throat. He lasted about ten minutes and he began to fuck her throat savagely. Sam was making these low a****l like growls as he began to empty his sperm down her throat.After he finished, she continued to suck him until he told her. “OK baby! Get back up here and I’ll give you a real treat! No, on second thought, lay back and let me fuck you right there on the floor!” She did as he told her and lay back, spreading those beautiful firm thighs. He neared her cunt and I spoke up saying “You need to use a rubber! That’s the only birth control we practice!” He laughed at me saying “Well, tonight she ain’t practicing nothin’ but getting fucked! I came down her throat, now I’m gonna fill her slut cunt, then I’m gonna fuck her tight little asshole! Ain’t that right babe?”I looked at Sam and saw a lustful gleam in her eyes. She said “Everything BUT my asshole stud! Now fuck me!” He was in her in a flash. Between her juices and the sperm from the guys earlier that night, her cunt was extremely well lubricated. As he slid into her, she gasped and cried out. “Oh my GOD! Jack! He’s bigger than anything I ever had! Oh shit! Oh my God! You’re so fucking big! Oh please! Easy!” He didn’t know the meaning of that word though, to the contrary, he really began to slam his hips hard against my wife’s unprotected cunt!MY WIFE!!! That was the biggest thrill of all time! MY WIFE was on her back, fucking a black stranger who was going to fill her cunt with his sperm. He told me “See, I don’t use rubbers. If a chick gets pregnant, well, that’s not my problem! I’ve probably gotten twenty five white sluts pregnant! Your slut may be next!” I guess my brain accepted that as I dropped it. He began to fuck my wife and she was wailing out her passion, meeting his every thrust with one of her own. I’ve never seen her fuck like that! She was acting like a real pro, like this was something she did all the time as he slammed time after time into her steamy cunt.This time, he lasted about thirty minutes before he bellowed out “Oh yeah! I’m gonna cum you little fucking whore! I’m gonna fill your slut cunt and give you a black baby! Oh yeah! Here it is slut!”He came hard and deep into her well fucked cunt. She came as he did, urging him on. “Yes! Fuck me please! I want your sperm deep in my womb baby! Make me pregnant! Yes! Cum in my cunt NOW!”I really have to say that I’ve never seen Sam act that way and I wanted to check somehow to make sure that this was my wife! He filled her with so much sperm that it began to leak out between his cock and her cunt, a pearly white rivulet of sticky love juice. He then rolled off her and told her to suck him clean. She did and after that, he told her to get on her hands and knees. She told him no, that she wasn’t going to let his cock up her ass. At that point, he basically ****d her with me right there!It wasn’t really ****, though she did beg him to stop. She wanted it, she just didn’t want to admit it! After about fifteen minutes of crying about it, she lay there and took it. Her hand went to her cunt and soon she was rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy while he fucked her hard up the ass. Sam finally began to cum, the most intense and powerful orgasm I’ve ever witnessed! She was writhing all over the floor as he slammed his meat into her. Finally, he, too, began to cum and he filled her once tiny asshole with his sperm. Then he got up and dressed and left, leaving kaçak casino Sam naked and used on the floor.Seeing her lying there with her legs wide open and sponk seeping from her well fucked cunt was just too inviting. Another guy pulled his cock out and got down between her legs and slid his black meat into her cunt. He fucked her hard and fast and was cumming in less than five minutes.By then, most everyone was back out on the floor or at the bar and I helped her up and got her top on. On the way, a guy asked her to dance with him and she took his hand and he led her away. Soon, I lost track of them and one by one, the guys around the bar also began to disappear. I saw one of them as he entered a door near the office. I headed that way and stood outside looking through the partially opened door. There was Sam, naked and on a table with her legs spread wide. One of the guys was between her legs and another at her mouth. They fucked her, hard and fast and soon began to unload their sperm in her. As soon as they finished, two others were ready to take their places. This continued on for quite some time and as they all finished up, they headed back out into the bar.I went into the room and helped her to dress, or at least put on the rags that used to be her clothes. We headed out a back door and to our car. She wouldn’t say a word while we drove and I feared that I had fucked up big time. When we got in the house however, things changed drastically. We made our way to the bedroom somehow and we fell together on the bed. I was naked in a flash and she told me to fuck her like the others had, like a whore with her skirt on and pulled to her waist. I was amazed how big she had become. Those cocks had stretched her once tight cunt out so that it felt like I was fucking a cave! I came in no time, though Sam was still very horny. I rolled on my back and she straddled my face, begging me.’Please eat my filthy cunt’.There was no way I could refuse such an angelic slut and I ate her, tasting the sperm that leaked, or rather flowed out of her cunt. She ground her nasty cunt into my mouth and soon she was cumming her brains out. I kept up sucking her clit though, making her very horny again real soon. I sucked her until she came again, and again.Afterwards, we fell asleep in each other’s arms and awoke the next morning, her cunt still leaking sperm into my mouth. I decided that I wanted to fuck her asshole and I made her get into position. My cock was twitching, knowing the sensation it would soon be feeling. I pushed into her once tight asshole, filling that gaping hole with my cock. I noticed that her neck was purple, along with her tits, a reminder of the night before. That was our first experience, though there have been many others since then. Once a month, she goes out by herself for the weekend and fucks as many guys as she can. When she comes home, she’s usually caked in dried sperm and the first thing she does is kiss me, then make me eat her skanky cunt while she tells me everything that happened to her over the weekend.The most recent was a guy who picked her up right in front of me at a bar and took her outside to the alley behind the bar. I followed discreetly and hid in a pile of trash watching them. He wasted no time at all. He began to undress my wife and she started fumbling with his pants, eventually freeing a cock that was about ten inches long and only a little thicker than mine. She dropped to her knees, engulfing him in one long swoop. She took him right into her throat and he held her head while he fucked his hips towards her face. Sam treated me to a show like no other as she sucked him. He was quivering as he fucked her throat and soon pulled out saying “Baby, I want to fuck you, but if I leave my cock in your mouth for a second longer, I’m gonna cum my brains out deep in your little whore mouth! Your cunt is what I want now slut!” Sam then lay back on the ground and slipped her panties off under her skirt. “Go ahead and fuck me, please! I need to fuck so badly baby! I’m so fucking horny, I feel like such a fucking whore! Yeah! Fuck me, fuck me like you never have before!” He kept telling her what a nasty whore she was and it was getting her off as he moved between her legs and began to rub his cock in her swollen cunt lips. Then he moved forward and slid his cock right in all the way to his balls. Sam screamed out now, hitting an instant winner in the lottery of orgasms. He rammed his cock into her, hard and furious for about thirty minutes. Sam was in a state of constant orgasm as he fucked her. When he came, he thrust hard into her and she raised her hips to take his load as deeply as possible. After he finished, he dressed and left. Sam got up and straightened herself out and then headed for our car. She had enough that night and was ready to give me a powerful orgasm.In my excited state though, I came almost as soon as she wrapped her lips around the base of my cock. She kept on sucking me though and soon I was hard once again. She straddled my cock and began to fuck me like a woman possessed. This time, I lasted about twenty minutes before I added my sperm to the sticky juice which already had been blasted deep inside her, and now was leaking out. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and woke up the next morning with dried cum all over us.This is, without a doubt, the sexiest woman I could ever remotely hope for. Now that I share her with others, I realize that all my fantasies now had the potential to be fulfilled! More of that another time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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