A Brother In Law’s Baby

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It all started when my husband, Dan decided to cancel going on our trip to see Lucy and her family. It turns out he would rather go on a hiking/fishing/drinking trip than accompany me to see my sister when she needed me.

Actually, it started before that. Three months earlier, in March, she had complications with her pregnancy. The doctors did what they could, but it was clear she was going to need a Caesarian, and would need weeks if not months to recover from it.

We agreed to come visit and help her out during the first couple weeks, when she would need it the most. And when I say we, I mean both of us agreed to go. He canceled just two weeks before we were set to go. We fought over it, but he held his ground. His friend was about to be deployed to a hot zone, and might not come back. He thought it was more important to see his buddy. I was still pissed. She is my sister.

But really, it all started years before when Lucy first brought Steve home for Christmas. She was twenty at the time, and in her Sophomore year. Bringing him home was a big deal, especially for me. It meant that they were serious. He was husband material. I paid a lot of attention to that.

Naturally, Lucy had dated when she was in middle and high school, and like all little sisters, I was very curious about what it was all about. It seemed like they did fun things like roller skating or watching movies. By the time Steve came to visit, I was sixteen, and I understood it better. Still, I was fundamentally aware that the dating I was doing was a fun diversion, more like going out with a friend than planning for a future. This was something different.

I ended up with a huge girlish crush on Steve. To me, he seemed like the most perfect man in the world. Why else would my sister have chosen him? He was tall and handsome with curly chocolate-brown hair, and dark smoldering eyes. He had a smooth baritone voice, and was quick to tell a joke. He had a quiet confidence about him that was captivating.

Oh, I envied Lucy for having him, but I was also supremely happy for her. I love her so much. She was the perfect big sister, always helping me with homework, or teaching me to ride a bike. It was Lucy who taught me how to dress nicely and put on make-up, “enough to show, but not enough to show off.” Of course we would fight sometimes, but I loved her dearly. She was my hero.

Nevertheless, it was instilled in my brain that he was the most perfect possible man. Consciously or not, all of my boyfriends have ended up looking a little like Steve in one way or another. Dan looked like he could be Steve’s kid brother.

Lucy and Steve were married shortly after they graduated, while I was still a Freshman in college. They moved to a big house outside of Akron, Ohio. In a little over a year, they had their first daughter, Gillian.

Dan and I met at a Christmas ball during our Senior year. We were both coming out of relationships, and looking for something serious. He seemed so perfect. He was handsome, respectful, and studious, but had a cheerful, playful side too. We had a whirlwind romance and were married just 8 months later.

Now Lucy and Steve were going to have their second daughter, and they needed our help. Of course, I would do anything for Lucy. Like I said, she was my hero, and I owed so much to her. The timing was even good. I was a teacher, and she was due at the beginning of summer break.

It was shocking to me when Dan refused to go. His excuse seemed poor to me. I understood that he wanted to see his friend, but I thought I would need his help. And anyway, I was his WIFE for Christ’s sake. He should pick me over his buddy. It was the first really big fight we ever had, and I felt like my heart was breaking.

So I put on my best face and flew off to Akron for two weeks without him. It was the first flight on Tuesday morning. Steve, ever the gentleman, offered to pick me up at the Airport, but I declined. Lucy had just been released from the hospital, and she would need him to be there. I could take the shuttle.

When I got there, they were both pretty out of it. Steve had been up for like 30 hours straight looking after one thing or another. Lucy was still recovering from her operation, and was on meds. They weren’t the really good stuff, so she was still in a lot of pain, but they still made her sort of foggy and sleepy. The poor couple were like zombies.

I felt bad for Lucy. Besides her obvious pain, everything about her seemed messed up. Normally, Lucy and I look a lot alike. You can tell instantly that we’re sisters. We both have long honey brown hair, light brown eyes and straight perfect noses. She’s a couple inches taller than me, and normally thin and athletic with long legs and trim little a-cup breasts. In high school she was a borderline jock. She did cross country running and basketball. I have a bit more womanly shape, with a bit bigger hips and more up top. The only sports I did were tennis and debate.

The pregnancy and operation had done a number on her, though. She looked like almanbahis a different person. Her hair was cut off in a short “mommy cut”, which made sense, but it was also greasy and unkempt looking. With a bunch of extra weight, she no longer looked like an athlete. Her little boobs now bulged out of her nursing bra. Worst of all, she hunched over while walking, which made her look shorter than me.

That, of course, was the whole point of me being there. I straight away sent them both to bed and got to work. My goal was to take everything possible off of Lucy’s plate. It turned out that the most important thing was to keep their daughter, Gillian busy. If she wasn’t constantly entertained, she would go and wake up Lucy or, worse still, disturb baby Grace.

Pretty quickly, I realized that if I told her what I was doing, she always wanted to help. Her “help” normally made things take twice as long, but that was OK. It was keeping her busy. We managed to clean the house and dishes, do laundry, and cook. I even got her to take a nap. Gillian was pretty well potty trained, but you had to keep reminding her. Of course everything we did would be interrupted frequently by Grace needing a diaper changed or to get milk, or just to be with her mommy. Overall, I think I did a good job.

After the first day, Steve was looking more like himself, and even Lucy seemed a bit less frazzled. We all had dinner together. Gillian showed off how she had helped make the lasagna, and Lucy beamed at her. After dinner, Steve put Gillian to bed, a process that takes well over an hour, and which she told me only daddy can do correctly. Lucy and I finally get a chance to catch up.

“Thank you so much for being here, you’ve been such a life saver.”

“Is it that bad? I don’t feel like I’m doing that much,” I lied.

“You know, it’s a lot harder with Grace. Not only am I practically an invalid, but Jill didn’t just go away when Grace was born. If anything, she’s more demanding now than she was before. It would be OK, but Grace likes to wake up at night.” She took a long breath and let it out, then added, “well, this is the last one.”

It took a moment for me to realize she meant the last child. She had always wanted several children, and I knew that Steve was hoping to have a boy. “Oh, once you recover, you’ll want to do it again, I’m sure.”

“After all the complications this time, it wouldn’t be safe to have another one. It could kill me,” she sighed, “I had them tie my tubes while they had me cut open.”

“Oh my god!” I was shocked, “I had no idea. Are you OK? How is Steve taking it? Does mom know?”

She smiled at my reaction, “So many questions! Am I OK? Not really. It will take months for me to fully recover from the operation. Am I OK with not having any more kids? I don’t know. I just have to love the ones I got. We can look into adoption some day. For now, we have all we can handle. As for Steve, he’ll be fine once he gets over not getting any sex for a couple of months.”

“A couple of months? Poor Steve!”

“Poor Steve? He didn’t have to carry an extra thirty pounds for months. He doesn’t have to turn into a milking machine. No one cut him open took away what made him a man.” She had gone from a Zen master to almost on the point of tears in a matter of seconds.

“Oh! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. You’re right it’s much worse for you. Oh Lucy!” I leaned in and hugged her, carefully so as not to press on her tummy.

“I will be OK,” she insisted, “But let’s not hear any more about poor Steve. Once I’m feeling a little better, I’ll be giving him some nice oral until my wounds have healed.”

I was a little shocked to hear her talk that way. “Lucy!”

“Oh come off it. You’re not a little girl any more.” She cracked a smile. “You know where babies come from, right?”

I laughed, “Of course. You just never talked like this before.”

“Well, I was trying to be a good big sister. Now you’re all grown up, and I’m sure you’ve given your share of blow-jobs. We can’t have our men being unsatisfied” She chuckled dismissively. “Did you ask about something else?”


She gave a hand wave gesture that I took to mean it didn’t matter. “Yeah we haven’t told Mom yet. Anyway, we gave her two grandkids already. If she wants any more, you’ll have to supply them. When are you getting started on that anyway? You just said you know where they come from.” She smiled evilly.

I laughed, “we enjoy our sex life too much to want to have kids right now, thanks. Of course, after blowing off this trip, he might not be getting any any time soon.”

“Pfff,” she blew out air, “Don’t use sex denial as a weapon if you want you marriage to last. I’m serious about keeping your man happy. Men cheat. It’s in their nature.”

Just about then, Grace started crying. I went to get her. Her diaper was wet, so I changed that. She went on crying, a little more softly, so I took her to Lucy. Lucy whipped out her boob and started sticking the nipple in her face like I wasn’t there.

“It’s almanbahis giriş nice she’s drinking now. The first couple of days, she couldn’t figure it out.”

I couldn’t help but stare as she nursed. “I can’t believe how unselfconscious you are about feeding her.”

“Oh you get used to it after a while. When she wants milk, she wants it. With Jill, I always had to remind myself to be discrete in public. I was so used to just whipping it out,” she laughed, “I pump too. If she wakes up at night, the milk you feed her were be mine, but the pump is awful. I feel like a cow attached to a milking machine. When she’s sucking, it feels natural.”

We sat there quietly together while Grace drank. Lucy switched her from one side to the other.

“Your boobs are so big now,” I commented.

“I know! Imagine ME with big boobs,” she laughed, “I always wanted them when I was younger. Now they seem sort of ridiculous.” After she was done she sat there a while longer and then said, “uh oh!”


She handed the baby back over to me, “She pooped.”

“How can you tell? I don’t smell anything.” She seemed to know instantly every time Grace peed or pooped.

“You will,” she chirped.

They had several changing tables in the house, including one right there in the living room. Sure enough, as soon as I opened the diaper, I smelled it. I cleaned her up, put on a new diaper, and handed her back to Lucy so I could go wash my hands.

When I got back Steve was there. He handed me the baby and said, “I’m going to help Lucy get to bed and then be right back.” A few minutes later, he returned. I gave Grace back to him, and he played with her. That basically meant that he lay on his back and let her get tummy time on him. She only put up with it for a few minutes at a time before she would start crying, but Steve and Lucy both insisted that it was really important for her development.

After that he sat in a rocking chair with her in his lap, and we chatted for a while about nothing in particular. I don’t really remember what we were talking about. I was distracted by how sexy he was.

On a cursory inspection, Steve looked a lot like Dan, but everything about him was a little better. He was an inch taller. His eyes were just the perfect distance apart. His chin was a little stronger. And his voice, oh his voice was so warm and smooth and nice. Despite all his foolishness, Dan really is a great guy, but Steve was just a tiny bit better than him in every way.

And no matter how I tried, I kept thinking about what Lucy said. She sucked his cock. I kept picturing it. First she was sucking it, then I was sucking it. I didn’t even like giving head all that much, but for whatever reason, in my imagination I was loving it.

I cleared my head of the image, but it got worse. I was watching him rocking the baby, and I kept thinking how they made it. He was rocking his chair but I was seeing him pumping his hips. He had fucked my sister and made her pregnant. They had gone to bed and she had spread her legs and he just went right in with no protection. I pictured him doing it to her. I pictured him doing it to me. It was hot.

“Are you even listening to me?” he asked suddenly.

“What? No, I’m sorry,” I was flustered. I didn’t know what to say, so I rambled, “I was just thinking of Dan.”

“Are you still mad at him?”

“Yeah. I am. I still wish he was here, though. What were you talking about?”

“I think you’d better go to bed. You sound tired, and don’t forget you’re on night duty tonight.”

When they bought the house they planned to have a big family. Housing is a lot cheaper in Akron than out on the coast, so they got a huge place. They still had empty rooms left. I was staying in a guest room on the opposite side of the house as the master bedroom. Right next to me was a room for the baby. So when I was on night duty, if she woke up crying it wouldn’t bother Lucy and Steve. She could scream, and they wouldn’t hear her. I would do everything I could to calm her down and get her to go back to sleep without bothering her exhausted parents. They had a second nursery next to their room for when Steve was on night duty. Lucy didn’t have night duty. She was supposed to sleep as much as possible.

I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and crawled into bed. I couldn’t sleep. I kept picturing Steve. I was sucking his cock. He was fucking my sister. He was fucking me. It was driving me crazy. I wanted to masturbate, but I couldn’t. I was still on my period, and I didn’t want to make a mess of their bed. God, what was wrong with me? I never got this horny during my period.

Next thing I knew, it was three in the morning and Grace was crying. I spent an hour and a half changing her, warming a bottle, feeding her, changing her again, and rocking her to sleep. After that, I had no trouble falling asleep.

For the next week, we built up a pattern. Lucy was still pretty weak, but Steve seemed to recover now that I was there and he could get a little sleep. almanbahis yeni giriş The two of us would take care of Gillian and keep the house running. Lucy doted on Grace and healed. Of course she had to spare some time for Gillian too. “Jill time” was important to avoid sibling jealousy. Everything worked out well. No one was too exhausted.

On the tenth day, while I was making dinner, Dan called and asked me to come home. He had broken his leg and wanted me to come back and take care of him. I went through a range of emotions. Mostly, I was angry, and I gave him an ear full. I told him my sister needed me too. Why hadn’t he thought of that before doing whatever stupid shit he was doing to break his leg? How dare he demand that I help him out? He hadn’t helped me when I needed it. Etc. After I had screamed at him for a bit, I broke down crying. I told him I’d be back in a few days, and we’d work it out.

I tried to keep it together while I finished making dinner, but it was hard. I’m sure I got some tears in the casserole, but no one else seemed to notice. Of course they had heard some of what I said to Dan, but didn’t seem to know what to say to me. Even Lucy, who was always able to make me feel good, fell flat this time. It just seemed like she was quoting empty platitudes. I tried to smile and make jokes, at Dan’s expense. Eventually she went to bed.

I sat up chatting to Steve for a while. At first I just vented about Dan. Steve just listened for a long time, occasionally making helpful comments, but not trying to give any advice.

“He broke his leg trying to catch fish. How do you even do that?” I asked.

“Oh, if you get a bunch of drunk guys together, anything can be dangerous,” he chuckled. He looked like he wanted to say something, but was holding back. Eventually I got him talking and he me a fishing story. The story went on and on, and lots of things happened. I think the man point was to keep me from thinking about Dan. I didn’t follow all of it, but it ended with a rope looped through his belt loop getting pulled over a crossbar over his head. Something pulled the rope, and next then he knew, he was hanging upside down by his feet with his shorts around his ankles. He hung their upside down and naked not knowing what had even happened. Worst of all, when his friends realized that he was OK, they were in no hurry to help him down. Instead they took pictures, posing as if he was a trophy fish they had caught.

His story did its job too well. By the time he was done, I wasn’t thinking of Dan any more. However, I couldn’t help picturing Steve hanging there naked. That got me right back into thinking about Steve naked again.

“You’ll have to show me those pictures some day,” I said, without thinking about it.

He laughed, “They never gave them to me.”

We sat there for a few minutes silent except for Steve’s rocking chair. I was picturing him fucking again. This wasn’t going to do. I said, “I think I had better turn in. I’m on night duty again.”

“Good idea. Grace is almost out anyway. Good night.”

After I brushed my teeth and washed up, I went back into my room and stripped off all my clothes. I lay on my back and started playing with myself. I pinched my nipples and then dragged two fingers across my pussy lips. I was really wet. I used the lube to run my finger over my clit. I had needed this. I was imagining Steve’s naked body. At first he was hanging upside down. Soon he was skinny dipping. Then he was climbing out of the water, dripping wet and looking right at me. He reached out and started pinching my nipples just the way I was doing it to myself.

I heard a knocking at the door. I yanked a sheet over myself just as Steve opened the door. Oh my god, what was he doing here?

“Are you ok. I thought I heard you crying.” I realized with chagrin that I must have been moaning.

“I’m OK.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” he asked.

I heard my voice say, “You could give me a hug,” but I don’t remember ever thinking it or consciously saying it. It was almost like an out of body experience.

He came over to the bed. I think he expected me to get up, or at least sit up, but seeing as I didn’t, he lay down next to me and wrapped his arms around me. He felt so GOOD next to me like that. Without even thinking about it, I slid my right hand up his back under his pajama shirt. His skin was warm and soft, but with firm muscles just below.

“Sara?” he said. I could tell he had just realized that I was naked under the sheet, and was trying to process it. I hadn’t planned for this, but I realized that we were at some sort of tipping point. Either of us could stop this right now, but if we kept going, it was going to be impossible.

I ran both my hands up under his pajamas until my palms were against his shoulders. This started pulling his shirt up, while also letting the sheet slide down off my breasts. I felt them mashing up against his naked chest, and it felt dirty and primal and wonderful.

“Sara,” he made one last attempt. I raised my lips up to his, and he was gone. Our tongues were in each other’s mouths. He had a fist full of my hair. His other hand was pinching my nipples, just the way his fantasy had been a few minutes ago. He let go only long enough for me to pull his shirt off.

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