A Brighton Weekend Pt. 02

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The Supervisor.

I slept well following my fallacious yet wonderfully sensuous charade with Cassie, although it had taken me sometime to finally settle and relax following the hours we had spent together. Every time I closed my eyes I saw her in my mind’s eye, every time I inhaled I smelt the perfume of her body, every time I licked my lips I tasted her and relived those wonderful moments of passion over and over. If I slept, would I dream of her and in my dreaming would I relive our incredible scenario?

Suddenly I was awake, I blinked, the room full of morning sunshine and I could hear the seagulls screeching, their morning hunt for food now well underway. Oh fuck and I rolled away from the glare and covering my face with the sheet, but unable to blot out the persistent squawks of those damned gulls. Usually I enjoy watching them ride the wind, but today, all I wanted them to do was shut up!

‘OK Aimie, your wide bloody awake now. What time is it?’

Peering over the sheet I glanced at the alarm clock: 09:17.

‘Hmm, breakfast is served until 10:30, so you better get your sorry arse out of bed, do the things you have to do and get downstairs… Damn I need a pee!”

I got to the Dining Room in record time, probably due to the fact that I dressed for a morning jog, no make up, and no doubt looking like something the cat dragged in. Oh well, what the hell, 09:52 having pee’d, washed, did my hair and dressed was still a good time, and, as they say in all the good ‘Old Bailey’ TV Drama’s: ‘The condemned woman ate a hearty breakfast!’ Yummy, Eggs, Bacon, fried Tomato, toast and marmalade. Why is it everything tastes better at the seaside, or is because I didn’t have to cook it? In retrospect I should not have eaten so much a fact that came to light during my after breakfast jog, a jog which rapidly deteriorated into a walk! No matter, by the time I returned to the hotel I was feeling great and looking forward to a shower, getting dressed, made up and planning the rest of my day.

I already knew where I was going for the evening, a friend had recommended an LGBT Club & Bar called ‘Charles Street’ which apparently offered a great atmosphere, a great group of people, a large dance floor and on certain evenings, hopefully this would be one of them, a Drag Cabaret. Who knows, we shall have to see, but what about this afternoon? Looking through the literature in the Hotel Lobby I found tours for the Royal Pavilion and the Theatre Royal, each within easy reach of the hotel. I was a little unsure as to whether or not the timing would permit me fitting in both tours but if I could, cool, so long as I could be back at the hotel in good time for a leisurely dinner before getting all dolled up for the Club.

Stepping into the Lift I pushed ? 3 and the door started to close; about half closed a hand slipped through the gap, tripping the sensor and when the door re-opened, there stood the ‘Supervisor.’ I felt a small shiver, but seeing me, she stopped. “Oh I am sorry, I’ll get the next one.” I later learnt that Hotel policy was that staff should not ride with the clientele.

“It’s fine, please come on” I blurted, hoping that the sudden excitement in my voice wasn’t to evident!

“Well, if you don’t mind… Thank you”

“Busy day?”

“Yes, but gladly not as rushed as yesterday, that was a long day, should be able to let the girls leave early today though.”

‘Damn it,’ I thought as the Lift came to a stop on my floor. Having no reason to pursue our brief interaction I moved to step out ‘The Supervisor’ held the button to keep the door open, I thanked her, telling her I hoped she had a good day and moved to walk away, but stopped as I heard her speak:

“Excuse me Mam, but will you out after luncheon? I have to come around today to check Fire Alarms and would not wish to be an inconvenience.”

“I am planning a couple of tours later, but if I am still in my room please, you just come right on in, no problem!”

“Thank you, that’s very kind.”

An opportunity? I mused as I walked the corridor returning to my room, chuckling to myself. Why is it I always get the room at the end of the corridor. Damn she is so cute, probably about my age, cant be more than about five feet tall, but she had a figure that believe me; was all very, beautifully proportioned, and knowing she was lesbian, well that I was hoping would increase the possibilities of yet another; how do I phrase this? Shall we say: ‘Opportunity Fuck!’ Memories of yesterday, even though it was only the back of her head in Cassie’s crotch, flooded back to my memory, the sounds of her enjoying the body that I had enjoyed later that day… Oh Aimie, you really do ascribe to the philosophy of ‘while the cat’s away, the mice…’ I laughed, as the alternative idiom came into mind: ‘don’t count your chickens etc., etc.’ Never-the-less, the recent catchphrase of a TV comedian “Oh, what fun!” caused me to chuckle as I slipped into my room.

I jumped in shock as someone grabbed https://www.cfimi.com my waist and I spun around. There stood Cassie, a big smile beaming from her face.

“Fuck Cassie, you scared the crap out of me!” I chuckled as I playfully slapped her thigh.

“Mmm” she murmured pushing my back against the wall and delivered one of her amazing kisses. I melted in her arms as our tongues revived memories of her, dare I mention, ‘seduction!’ Holding me Cassie continued:

“So, can I take it you have no regrets about yesterday, I mean, that kiss was just… Yummy!”

Smiling broadly, teasingly coy, “Oh my..? I am in such a quandary of guilt!’ I laughingly responded whilst grabbing her to me and kissing her deeply with opened mouthed, tongue invested and mutually responsive passion.

Standing back Cassie continued: “Honey I can’t stay now, we’ve been told we can leave early and I have stuff to get done, but what are you doing this evening?”

“I was going to ‘Charles Street’, someone told me it was great place, but I’m open to alternative suggestions!”

“I love ‘Charles Street’ how about I pick you up? Shall we say 8:00 p.m., out front?”

“Works for me!”

Taking my hand and placing it on her breast, she kissed me again, “Great, see you then” and hurried out of the room.

Phew girl, ain’t you glad you picked this place… When I tell Linda about this she is going to be all over me, wanting to know every little detail and wanting to plan the next available chance for us to come back together… I can hear her now: ‘Share a room, or, two singles?’ Ha ha, horny wench lover of mine!

Alone again, noting the time was well into the lunch period, my thoughts returned to the ‘Supervisor.’ I wonder what time she’ll be around to check the alarms? Maybe…? I laughed as I put the thought out of my mind and stripped off for a long awaited shower… Wow, where had the time gone? I rang down for Room Service ordering a light salad lunch and a glass of Chardonnay. I had initially planned to go down for lunch, but with horny thoughts in mind, I pondered that if I went, the ‘Supervisor’ might come when the room was empty and, although seduction was by no means a certainty, that eventuality could lead to an opportunity lost!

Lunch eaten, cleaned, preened and perfumed I dressed commando in a light yellow cotton skirt in company with a frilly fronted, sheer white cotton blouse, carefully leaving the top two buttons undone sufficient to expose just a glimpse of bra-less cleavage. Checking it out for full effect in the bathroom mirror I was happy with the way I looked. In the room I positioned the armchair to not be able to see the tele, but should the opportunity arise, to also be able to flash a little inner thigh.

Three quarters of an hour later I was still sitting there, watching a bit of tele and halfheartedly thumbing through a magazine, a prop which I thought might prove opportunistic if I were to drop it, causing me to uncross my legs to lean down and innocently expose my tits… But it appeared that all my efforts were coming to naught. I was about to reconsider the tour idea when there was a knock at the door and her recognisable voice sang out:


Quickly rearranging my blouse and placing the mag on my thigh I called out: “Come in!”

Peering around the edge of the door the ‘Supervisor’ smilingly inquired: “Hello again, OK if I check the Alarm?”

“Yes, of course, please come on in.”

Entering the room she brought with her a small four teared step ladder, and although careful as she carried it in, one could not miss the way she looked at me, lightly biting her top lip, intermittently looking as she opened the ladder beneath the ceiling alarm. While her concentration was focused to the alarm, her back toward me, I slid the hem of my skirt a fraction higher. Standing on the fourth step, supporting herself with a a hand rest extension, utilising a short metal probe she now tested the alarm. A sharp ear piercing shrill filled the room and she stepped down, turning to explain it would go off as soon as it was registered on the main board at the Front Desk. Momentarily the room fell silent:

“Wow, that sounds better!” she declared.

Moving in my chair I dropped the magazine, and I caught an instant of her glance at my cleavage as I leant forward, unnecessarily straining to reach for the mag. “Oh please, allow me” Moving directly in front of me she bent to pick it up, her eyes once again taking a quick look as she stood to return it to me.

“Thank you, by the way, what is your name?” I knew it from Cassie’s throws of passion yesterday, but perhaps this was my opportunity for continued conversation. It was, but most certainly not the opening of a conversation that I had envisaged…

“Margaret, and your’s?”


“Nice name, actually I have seen you before, you would not remember me, but I remember you!”

Truly taken aback I moved in my chair, not meaning to expose more flesh, which turned out to be the case and it was an exposure that elicited yet another interested glance. However, in this particular moment I was more interested in where we could possibly have met!

“Really, I must admit you have the better of me, where did we meet?

Margaret smiled, it was a smile that filled her face:

“Before I came to Brighton I was a Student Nurse at Canterbury, I did two years of training but then my Mum got ill here at home, so I had to give up training. Took a job here as a Housekeeper and then became a Supervisor. Well the money is good, I like the hours so I have stuck with it, at least until we lose Mum. Then perhaps..? We’ll have to see.”

“So how exactly did we meet, I think I would have remembered you!”

“For a group of us our next assignment was to the Operating Theatre, you came and delivered a presentation, telling us about your work and the kinds of procedures that we could see in the various Theatres within the Group. Actually, I found your enthusiasm quite electric and even gave some thought to Theatre work when I qualified.”

“Margaret, that’s awesome, really, and thank you for the compliment of remembering me!

“Oh, I found you very easy to remember, you were interesting, stimulating and I felt that we shared something!”

There was a hidden tone in her voice as she said “felt that we shared something,” it was a tone which caused me to ponder the question:

“Shared something? What would that be Margaret?”

Stepping toward me, Margaret’s hand very boldly slipped within my top, her fingers gliding to my nipple. Other than closing my eyes, I didn’t move, as she continued:

“Our shared love of women, our mutual joy of being lesbian!”

Opening my eyes, I smiled my acknowledgement, reaching to her waist I pulled her to me. Margaret sat on my lap, her fingers continuously playing excitedly over my available breast and nipple, a gentle kiss gradually became more ardent, more filled with passion, our mouths open, wanton, vigorous; oh yes this woman could kiss and kiss in the way I really liked…

Never taking her hand from my tit Margaret asked: “Can you hold that thought?”

“I have to take my report to the desk, make sure the carts have been stocked and then let the staff go, but I could be back in say, twenty minutes?”

As we stood her hand ran over my back, around my hips finally settling to stroke over my mound…

“Commando, hmm, I like that! If your naked in bed when I return, I’d like that also!!”

“Go do your thing baby, you got twenty minutes… Go!”

In a trice she snatched up the stepladder and was gone.

Exactly eighteen minutes later the door opened and wearing her own clothes she danced into the room.

“OK if I leave this in the bathroom?’ she asked holding up a holdall.

Her face lit up seeing me naked in the bed, my torso uncovered, my tits fully exposed to her view, ready for attention to her every pleasure.

I watched as she very deliberately stripped in front of me, dropping her bra to the floor. She may be only five feet tall but damn she looked good. Her tits looked awesome; her areolar a darkened circle of brown beneath two gorgeous nipples each of whom were awake, ready for more arousal, ready to be sucked. Turning away from me she bent forward, lowering her culottes and exposing a beautifully shaped derriere, the thread of a throng lying in the cleft of her buttocks. Two globes with which I knew I was soon to become well acquainted; oh fuck yes!

Standing there Margaret flaunted her body to me… Staring sexily she began to slowly gyrate her body, her pelvis in a controlled shake, her abdominal muscles rippling as she moved insidiously toward me… Oh fuck me this gorgeous lesbian could ‘Belly Dance.’ Standing her ground for a short while she again began to move forward, her manner of approach sensuous, sexy, evocative and downright fucking amazing to watch. Now, only a foot or so away, as her stomach shimmied and her pelvis shook in the dance, her voice quiet, almost hoarse in sound, she asked:

“You like?”

“Oh yesss, I like!”

“It gets better when I sit on your face and do it!”

My mouth instantly went dry. Licking my lips I somehow released the words “Show me!”

Margaret stood on the bed, standing with her legs astride my hips. I watched mesmerised as this image of divine loveliness slowly danced her way up and over my body until her pussy, her lips shining wet above me, slowly, rhythmically descended to lightly dance above my face, barely touching my nose, teasing me with her pussy lips. Reaching down she took hold of my hair and with devastating slowness dropped her slit to my mouth, her pelvis gyrating as promised on my face as she demanded:

“Lick it baby, lick me, bite me, fuck me with your mouth and your tongue, let me know you’re there!”

Grasping her buttocks I pulled her to me, my tongue taking her cunt in one easy cunt lubricated swipe before fucking her hard, fast and deep.

“Come on bitch, you can do better than that!”

The taunt had its effect! Pushing her body up I told her:

“I’ll give you bitch my honey slut, just you fucking wait!”

Slapping her cunt back to my face, I extended my tongue as far as I could get it, lapping vigorously over her entire crotch. Biting and sucking onto her labia, licking again the gossamer folds of her Minora before changing tactics to suck in and devour this incredible woman’s clit into the confines of my lips… Sucking, licking and biting as I pushed two fingers into her cunt before sucking again onto her ever budding clit… Margaret screamed and in that moment, quite unexpectedly to me, she creamed cum juice as her body writhed in orgasm over my face, almost falling off of me but managed, with my help, to retain her position as spasm after spasm shook her body… In the end, she had to fall to my side… My face, my neck, even my hair was wet from all she had just given me.

Now at my side I fell to her tits. I had admired them during the dance to the point of lust and even if she was fucking knackered, I was going to take my fill of their delights. I suckled and licked these wondrous soft hemispheres and gorged my fill until I was ready to take my pleasure elsewhere.

Rolling her onto her face I lightly, but knowingly scratched my nails down her spine, a prelude to slapping each of her cheeks as I told her to open legs legs… My finger tracing a line down her cleft, sensing the heat from deep between her cheeks as I proceeded to finger the periphery of her butt hole… Leaning forward I dribbled spittle into her crack…

Margaret mewled in anticipation, lifting her butt as my finger stroked circles around the puckering circle of her hole and I watched in delight as I saw the goosebumps envelop her skin… She was mine now, her anticipation becoming more palpable as I encouraged her to open her thighs wider. I knew what she wanted, but not today… Her thighs now wide, in her anticipation she had slightly risen to her knees. From my vantage point at her side her pussy was now fully open to my view, with a light touch at her ring, as she took a deep breath of expectancy I forced two fingers into the very depths of her very, very wet cunt, and proceeded to fuck her, even harder now as she screamed:

“Oh you fucking bitch!”

Just as quick as I violated her cunt, I now pulled them out, grasping her side I stealthily rolled her to her back, forced her legs apart with my own and fell upon all of which I had hitherto craved and once there; trust me, there was going to be no fucking around…

Margaret had already exposed her liking for a ‘bit of rough’ and it is a liking that I share. With Cassie I had been carefully soft, wallowing in the delights of her seduction. Yes, we had moments of hot and demanding passion but I had not exposed my love of taking and being taken as much as was now going to be the case. Next time with Cassie, possibly tonight all may well be different, but at this very moment I had in my bed a woman who likes to fuck just the way I like it! My mouth fell onto her pussy, lips totally encompassing her Labia Majora as my tongue slithered into her slit and then to her cunt.

Margaret gasped as I pushed her legs wide and her knees all the way up, enabling my tongue which could now get as deep as it could go… My head drew back and forth in company with my tongue. Margaret was pulling my hair again and I loved it! Pushing my hands under her pelvis I lifted her arse from the bed and began to lick her tail. A tremour traversed through her body as I got her rear hot and wet, ready for my fingers, two of which now forged their way within her, my thumb simultaneously pushing into her cunt as my tongue lavished its attention to her slit and her lips. She was screaming her lust, totally indifferent as to where we were and I just didn’t care, all I wanted of her was her absolute passion and I let her scream!!

A screamer myself I loved every sound that was penetrating my ears. I relished in her lust, I relished in her cunt and her clit and once again, sucking and licking with every ounce of my being, finger fucking her ass and her cunt whilst I devoured her clit, she suddenly fell totally still, totally quiet… Unashamedly I kept going, hungrily taking my joyous fill of this stunning piece of cunt when, slowly, insidiously her body began to move. Whispering murmurs reached my ears, murmurings which gradually became a rising crescendo of incomprehensible mutterings, rising again to an apical lust created persistent scream as her body shook and shook under my mouth, her second orgasm seemingly endless in its veracity of tenure within her as she flooded my face and my eager mouth with the nectar of her being, until, as it must, her body went limp to my touch, her legs sliding flat to the bed, her elbows to her sides and her hands resting on her abdomenm totally quiet, without movement other than the excursion of her chest as she breathed, her eyes open, looking to my own as she slowly recovered to finally whisper:

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