A Breath of Forever Ch. 2

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Rebecca was walking up the stairs with a bag full of groceries when she saw Jim running down in his jeans and a white tee shirt that hugged all his muscles in his torso. She smiled when she saw him and offered him her cheek to kiss. He bent down and placed his hand on her hip as he kissed her lips. Tonight was her night with the girls.

They got together once a month to discuss whatever they wanted. It started out as a Book Club, but then it progressed into Psychic Nights, B Movies and then progressed sometimes into making fun of Porn films that Jim brought home.

Jim would hang out with his friends. Some of them were married to Rebecca’s so Rebecca knew that they didn’t always play pool, watch football, play cards or shoot some hoops. There were those times when they got a little restless and headed out to the strip club. Rebecca didn’t mind that much because he still came home to her – ready and more than willing. One day she’d surprise him, just like he had her the other night while she had been fast asleep.

Once Rebecca reached her floor she heard the front door of their building shut. The bag full of groceries started to slip out of Rebecca’s hands as she fumbled for her apartment key. She then felt a hand on her rear and her heart started to skip a beat.

“Here let me help.” A female voice spoke and once the bag disappeared she saw Stacy’s smirk behind it.

“Hi, Stacy. How are you?”

“Good. Kinda glad I ran into you. Jim and I bumped into one another at lunch this afternoon. He mentioned your party and said I should come over güvenilir bahis to see if I could join in.” Rebecca smiled while her heart beats sped to what felt like one giant constant beat.

“You want to join in on our discussion?”

“Becca, it’s ok. I won’t let a word slip about the other night. What happened in that bedroom is between the three of us and will always be. I just would like to have a friend in this building.”

“Sure, Stacy. You can join in. It usually starts at seven-thirty, which is about an hour away.”

“Should I bring anything? I’m an awesome cook.” Rebecca smiled as she opened her door and they both walked in and Stacy shut the door behind herself.

“No. I’ve got everything right here. If you have any wine you can bring feel free. It’s usually BYOD. Bring your own drinks.” Stacy smiled and placed the groceries on the counter. She bite her bottom lip and pushed back Rebecca’s hair. Her lips met Rebecca’s full lips as her right hand moved under Rebecca’s black skirt. She felt Rebecca’s moist lace panties and giggled as she pulled away.

“Will you be able to contain yourself?” Stacy sighed and smiled as she kicked off her high heels.

“You can help me shower if you like. I feel so dirty and I know I need a good bath.” Stacy smiled and started to unbutton Rebecca’s shirt.

“Well I’d love to help, but I need a bath as well.”

“Join me. Jim’s left and I know he won’t mind.” Stacy pulled Rebecca’s shirt out of her skirt and began to massage Rebecca’s breasts while she nibbled on Rebecca’s neck. türkçe bahis

Stacy’s lips trailed down Rebecca’s shoulder and then back to her nipple sucking on it outside of the silky bra. The hook was in back and as Stacy suckled Rebecca arched back to remove her bra. Once the bra was removed Stacy unzipped Rebecca’s skirt and removed it stopping only to kiss her drenched cunt under the black lace panties.

“Let me go start the tub. I’ll be right back.” Stacy smiled and pulled Rebecca closer to her and kissed her deeply as she eased her hand under the panties to feel Rebecca’s firm ass. Her finger slid between her ass cheeks and Stacy’s kisses began to trail downward to her nipples. Stacy’s hands laid firmly on Rebecca’s hips and pulled the panties off.

As soon as the panties fell to the floor Rebecca spread her legs open a bit. Stacy’s tongue slid right between the silky smooth lips of Rebecca’s cunt and she began to clean up the mess that had begun due to her arousal.

Rebecca was holding on to the back of Stacy’s head as she explored into Rebecca’s body. Stacy licked her way back up to Rebecca’s face and began to kiss her passionately backing her up onto the table. Once Rebecca was on the table Stacy smiled and began to finger Rebecca driving her to a quick and loud orgasm.

Rebecca tried to muffle her screams by grabbing the dish towel that was laying by her head. Stacy smiled as she watched Rebecca writhe on the large wooden table. As Rebecca neared another climax Stacy pulled out a small plastic rolling pin that she knew would slid easily güvenilir bahis siteleri into Rebecca’s cunt.
When Rebecca saw what Stacy was reaching for her eyes widened and she shook her head no. Stacy smiled and walked over to her head kissing her lips. Rebecca began to pull Stacy down, but Stacy pulled back and returned to watch her throbbing cunt ache to be filled.

Stacy slid the rolling pin, with the penis rounded edges, easily in as she rubbed Rebecca’s breasts pinching the nipples. It was just then that Rebecca started to buck like a madwoman. Her orgasm getting closer and closer. Stacy moved her mouth down to Rebecca’s clit and began to suck nice and hard until Rebecca gave out one final scream and then letting her legs drop over the table.

The rolling pin slid out of her cunt and Stacy smiled as she licked up Rebecca’s warm juices. When Rebecca was all cleaned up Stacy smiled and stood. She paused over Rebecca’s face and kissed her.

“I’m going to go home and get ready. Hope you need to use that rolling pin. Your friends might like the flavoring.” Rebecca smiled and pulled Stacy’s face back to hers. She gently kissed Rebecca’s lips and whispered.


“Oh it was my pleasure. You taste so sweet, so hot, so lovely. I can’t wait to taste you later.”

“Me neither, but my legs are so weak I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to the door.” Stacy picked up Rebecca’s house keys.

“Should I lock the door behind me?”

“No. I’ll get it.” Rebecca stood up and carefully walked Stacy to the door giving her one last kiss. As they kissed Stacy grabbed Rebecca’s breast firmly and felt her still moist cunt.

“I’m glad I stopped by to ask if I could join your club.” Rebecca gave her one last kiss goodbye and said,

“So am I.”

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