A bizarre walk to school

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A bizarre walk to schoolMy name is Luke, I am a junior in college and am engaged to my highschool sweetheart Ashley. We rent a house a few blocks from campus, nota short walk, but not far enough where we drive. We both are majoring inBusiness, and have 1 night class on Monday nights. Ashley was ingymnastics in high school and always was self conscious about her smallbust size, she is an A cup. If you have seen a female gymnast then youhave a good idea the body Ashley has. She has long beautiful black hairand the cutest nose and smile you can imagine. I like to consider myselfa good looking man, but I am not going to be on the cover of a magazineany day.I awake to the sound of the shower running, I roll over and see Ashleyis gone, with the shower running I assume Ashley is in the shower. I getup and start getting ready for our morning class when Ashley with atowel wrapped around her beautiful body walks out of the bathroom. Iwalk over to her and lean down to give her a deep passionate goodmorning kiss, Ashley is about 5’3″ish while I’m 6’0″. After we both areready we grab our back packs and start walking to class. As we arewalking I notice a black van that’s driving slowly behind us. I don’tconsider myself a detective or anything but something about that vanstood out to me as being very suspicious. As soon as I turn my headaround the van speeds up and turns off the road, I must either beparanoid or alerted the person driving the van of my suspicions when Imade eye contact with the van. The rest of the walk to class and fromclass went by with no sign of that van or any other suspiciousbehaviors.After class me and Ashley both have a few hours to kill before our nightclass so Ashley throws in a movie. As we watch the movie Ashley iscuddled up to me and I slowly slide my hand under her shirt and playwith her small breasts. She hardly notices my actions as she really intothe movie. Then I slide my hand under her pants and slowly start rubbingmy fingers up and down over her pussy lips. She lets out a squeak as Ifind her clitoris, and once I find her clit I don’t leave it. I see herrelax her head back as I’m working her clit, she starts shaking as sheorgasms and I know my work is done, now I am hoping she returns thefavor. She cuddles up with me, resting her head against my shoulder aswe continue to watch the movie, I am starting to realize I am notgetting the BJ I desperately want so bad. There’s not way she can’t seemy erection from my pants, but she’s so into the movie my erectionremains unattended to. Just as the movie is about to end, I feel my cockget sprung from it’s cage. My cock is free, Ashley moves her head downand kisses the head of my penis before my cock slowly enters her mouth.She’s so good at teasing my cock with her tongue. Deeper and deeper mycock goes into her mouth and I just can’t take it anymore, I explodedeep into her throat. She swallows every last drop of my cum.As we leave our house the night air is chilly, so I ask Ashley if shewants me to drive us there, but she’s wearing her favorite hoodedsweatshirt and says she’s fine. We start walking when I hear the soundof a vehicle speeding up, I look back and see what looks like a darkcolored van fly by us then stop a couple feet ahead of us. The sidedoors open and a large man, easily over 6’5″ comes out of the van grabsAshley and throws her in the van. She lets out a scream but it’s cutshort by what, I do canlı bahis not know. I take a swing at the large man, connectright in the chin, but he doesn’t flinch. I see him gear up to unleash acounter punch so I swing again, this time I miss and then everythinggoes black.I awake to the sound of water dripping onto a pipe, open my eyes and I’mlaying on some sort of uncomfortable cot. I get up and look around. Isee 3 grey walls and wall full of bars. This room gives the appearanceof a jail cell. Ashley is no where in this small room. I get as close tothe wall of bars as I can, my head doesn’t fit through the bars so myforehead is pressed against the bars. I yell for Ashley when I hear somesort of movement down the hall, but can’t see anything as it’s pitchblack. The only light is the flickering dim light in my cell. The noiseis slowly getting louder, it’s moving towards me. When I begin to seethe shadow emerge from the hallway. It’s an elderly man, I can’t makeout anything about his looks but he’s about the same height as me. Theman doesn’t say a word, just stares at me, then tells me to give him myarm. Not knowing what else to do, I oblige his request. I feel a slightprick and then I start to feel woozy, once again blackness.This time I awake to the sound of machinery, I look around, my vision isblurry. I’m not what where I am now, but I can tell I’m not in the cellanymore. I try to move, but I’m restrained. my arms and legs can’t move,and something is holding my neck in place. my vision comes back and Isee straight ahead of me is a mirror, where I see myself restrained to atable that’s upright. I look to my right and see Ashley in the sameposition but she’s not awake. Then the same elderly man I seen earlierappears with another shot of something, blackness once again hits me.This time when I awake I feel completely drained, like I just ran amarathon. I look around, and with my blurry vision I see I’m laying downthis time, still strapped to a table of some sort. I try to move mylimbs to wiggle out of my restraints, but I’m stuck. I look over to theright again hoping to see Ashley safe, but she’s not there, but neitheris the table. I look to my left and see Ashley’s beautifully black hair.But something catches my eye, her head looks out of place on her body.I’m not sure what that man did, but he ruined Ashley’s body, somethingis wrong. Then I begin to wonder what that freak did to my body, whattype of bizarre shit is this freak is into. I start to hear some sort ofhydraulic sound, and then my table starts to move. Still restrained tothe table, as the table starts tilting upwards I begin to see the mirroragain. I look to my left to see Ashley, and see her table is tiltingupwards also. As my table sets completely upward I look in the mirrorand I was stunned, there, beneath my head, was Ashley’s small, gymnastbody. All I can do is scream.I wiggle my body ferociously trying to break free of my restraints,again I find no luck. My attempts to break free leave my already tiredbody exhausted and I fall pass out. I wake up in a daze, back in mycell. I try to move my body and for the first time in what seems likedays I’m able to move my arms. I bring my hands to my chest and feel twosmall breasts, then move my hand down my stomach to my groin. Alreadyfearing what I’ll find there I grab for my penis, and whiff completely,there’s not cock in my groin. I cup my groin and feel pussy bets10 lips againstmy fingers. Standing up, I fall right back down on the cot. My body isso tired, every muscle in my body aches. I slowly stand up this time,and walk towards the bars to yell for Ashley. She yells back that she’sokay, but scared. She asked me if there’s anything wrong with my body. Itell her I have a woman’s body (I know I have her body, but I don’t tellher this in an attempt not to freak her out anymore than she alreadyis). She screams back that she has a cock, a cock! a cock! she saysrepeatedly. I tell her to calm down, and I tell her I will get us out ofhere, wherever here is. We check in with each other here and there, butbeyond asking how she’s doing there just is not much to talk about.I awake, I look around, and I’m back home. Utterly confused I look overand see Ashley sound asleep. I pull the covers off of us and look down.There below my neck was Ashley’s body still. I looked over at Ashley andshe still had my body. I frantically shake Ashley awake, this is when Ifirst realize I now longer have the strength I used to. As I’m shakingAshley awake I feel the violate shake of my newly acquired breasts.Ashley wakes up and screams when she seems the tits through my shirt.Ashley gets off the bed and runs towards the bathroom mirror, I quicklyfollow. In the mirror I see Ashley’s head connected to my body, with abarely visible scar around the neck. I look at my neck and see a similarscar. As I’m standing there Ashley runs her hands down her abs to hergroin, where of course, she’ll find my former penis. I look at Ashley inthe mirror, then look at myself again, and realize how short I am now. Ithink to myself, how is this possible and why would anyone do this? Iask Ashley if we should call the authorities? I really don’t know whatto do. I walk back into the bedroom and see my phone is sitting on thenight stand, I pick it up and see we have been captive for over twoweeks. Surely someone had to notice we were gone, I talk Ashley intocalling the authorities. I try my hardest to explain the situation tothe 911 operator the best I can, but I know she thinks I’m crazy, but atthe very least she has to send a police car to check me out for d**gs.I put the phone done and decide to throw some better clothes on, in thebathroom I noticed I was nipping right through my shirt. I went throughAshley’s drawer and found a nice grey sports bra to throw on. I find anice t-shirt to throw on that’s not to tight, but not baggy. I find apair of black thong panties, I then slide them up my newly acquiredsmooth legs. I pull my panties snug against my now flat crotch, andthink to myself the panties feel very nice against my pussy. I find apair of Ashley’s jeans and pull them on, I never realized how tight inthe crotch women jeans were until now. Not that I need any room in myjeans anymore. Ashley comes out of the bathroom with a huge grin on herface. I know immediately that she’s jacked off with my former cock.The police come, at first they think we are trying to prank them, and ittook some convincing to get them to believe we were telling the truth.Once they figured out we were who were said we were and saw the filedmissing reports on us they took us to the police station. We were bothto get examinations, to figure out the extent of the damage from ourcaptor. I learned that not only do I have Ashley’s body, bets10 giriş but I also haveeverything that comes with it, I can get pregnant, and will go throughmenstruation every month. The doctors look at our necks, cluelessly.They have no explanation of how our captor was able to swap our heads.There was no going back, I am now female, Ashley now male. Ashley seemsto be taking it worse than I am somehow, she clearly is not thrilledabout living life on the other side of the fence. Before I proposed toAshley, we had a conversation about how she’s always wanted to be amother, to feel the c***d growing inside of her. Now I am the one who’sgoing to be caring our c***dren. The police tell us we should enter intowitness protection, I look at Ashley who says that’s a good idea and nodmy head in agreement. We are also entered into therapy, me into awomen’s group, Ashley into a men’s group. I have all my facial hairremoved and given a limited amount of estrogen to give my face morefemale features. Ashley is given testosterone in limited doses to helpher develop more male facial features.We are moved to the west coast, and given new identities. My new name isSarah Grossman, Ashley’s new name is Mark Grossman. The sun beams intoour new house onto the bed is the first thing I see when I wake up, thepast week of moving out here, sleeping at the hotel room and moving intothe house has been exhausting. I sit up, feeling the giggle of my titsas I sit up, I’m starting to get used to this feeling. I’m thankful Ionly have A breasts, I can’t imagine these things being any larger. Ihead to the bathroom, sit down, and pee. Another thing I’ve gotten useto, it hardly bothers me anymore. I’m starting to wonder what sex wouldfeel like, but Mark has yet to show a desire to stick his penis insideme, but he’s been so busy facilitating the move he may just be toexhausted for sex (that’s the excuse I make up for him, and frankly Ihaven’t been ready for sex anyways).two weeks later, I look outside, it’s gorgeous outside, I throw on asports bra and pull up my tight jogging shorts that barely cover my ass.I go for a run, even though my breasts are small, I feel them bouncewith every step, but instead of being weirded out like before, I nowenjoy the feeling. When I get home I see Mark is awake. He greets me atthe front door, swoops me up and carries me up to the bedroom. I trytelling him I’m all sweaty but he doesn’t care, he says I’m beautifuland throws me on the bed. He straddles me, aggressively pulls my shortsdown, I purposely keep my hips pinned to the bed to make him work to getmy shorts off. I look up and see mark looking me square in the eyes andgrins. I spread my legs a bit, then feel the tip of his cock tease myclit, he’s rubbing the tip of his cock up and down my pussy lips. SinceI acquired this new body the only time I’ve touched my pussy has beenwhen I was looking for my cock and when I shower, I even try to barelytouch myself when I wipe after pissing. My legs continue to spreadwider, I’m inviting him to fuck me hard, I’m powerless to his cock, it’swhat I want and he knows it. Then it happens, I finally get what I’vebeen craving, I start to feel the head of his cock slowly enter me. Thefeeling was so bizarre at first, but so amazing. I can actually feel hispenis moving inside of me, deeper and deeper he pumps me. My titsbouncing with every thrust. My body starts shaking, I feel an orgasmcoming. As I cum, I feel Mark tense up, grab the back of my shoulders,lower his head and kiss me as I feel the warmth of his cock release hisseed deep within my pussy. This is my life now, I don’t think it will bethat bad.

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