A Better Understanding Ch. 1

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It was raining steadily and I was soaking wet and cold. I had missed the last bus and still had 15 miles to go when I heard a car approaching from behind. I turned quickly and raised my arm, the driver passed me and then stopped. I ran to the car and a man of around 50 opened the door and said “Get in quickly” which I did and the car gathered speed, ” Where are you heading for” he asked. “I’m on my way back to the Training College but I missed my damned bus and started to walk.”

“What you really need is to dry out and a warm drink inside you, I live on the way and you can come to my place if you wish, or do you have to be back tonight?.”

“No, I have the weekend to myself, the College is empty, and if it’s not too much bother I would like to get out of these wet clothes.”

There was a strange look in his eyes as he spoke

“Great idea, I am alone at home tonight, so full speed ahead and we’ll get those wet clothes off you. By the way, my name is Jim.”

“I’m George and glad to meet you on a night like this.”

“I feel like a Taxi tonight, I’ve just dropped two young girls off a short while ago. You should have seen them , short skirts, stockings and their wet blouses were stuck to the skin, with their nipples standing out like little nuts. I still have a hard on, here, feel it.” I looked down and could see the swollen crotch and knew that just inches from my hand was his hardened cock. I thought of all my fantasies and I nervously placed my hand directly on top of the dome-shaped mound of flesh. It was long and thin. I slowly rubbed my fingers along the length.

“That’s good,” and he placed his hand on top of mine. “there’s a lot I can teach you, but I’m 47, and maybe too old for you.”

“No” , I quickly corrected him. “You’re still a virgin aren’t you? I didn’t want to lie to him, but at the same time I didn’t want him to know how ignorant I was about the strange feelings I had and my desire to find out.

“Yes,” I finally said, very softly, “I’m a virgin.”

“Good!” he replied. “I’m going to give you the chance to let it all hang out.” emphasising his words by moving his hand onto my semi- erect cock . I could feel his warm palm through my trousers and I erected within seconds, God, I almost creamed in my pants there and then and I took his hand away quickly.

It was only a short drive to the large house and he parked the car. We entered the house and he showed me to the bathroom. “All you need is there,” he said as he turned the shower on. ” I’ll be in the lounge when you’ve finished.” and left the room. I stripped off quickly and dived under the shower and soaped myself all over. As my hands moved down my stomach I closed my eyes and visualised what had happened in the car and what still awaited me, my hands found my cock and I started to slowly stroke it until I was erect once again. I stopped just before I could ejaculate, dried myself and put the dressing gown on that he had put out for me.

I returned to the lounge and I now had a real chance to look at him. He was sitting back on the sofa. He was handsome and my eyes took in his muscular build. He wore a shirt and a light coloured pair of trousers. I could see his erect cock outlined against the cloth. “I’ve made a pot of coffee to warm us up.”

He had a book on the sofa next to him. As I picked up the mug he moved the book onto his knees and I sat down on the sofa beside him. After taking a deep mouthful of hot coffee, I turned to him “I feel much better now, what are you reading?.”

“I’m a photographer and these are just a few of my photos.”

He moved the album towards me, and I turned my eyes to them. The pages were full of very good studio photographs of naked men and women. My eyes were glued more to the men with their dangling cocks, but I didn’t miss the nice breasts and hairy mounds of the women. Some of the men had erect cocks and I could feel myself hardening again. As I got to the last page I found an envelope and opened it before he could stop me. I took the 3 photos out and stared.

They showed a couple having sex, and taking a close look I saw that it was him with a slim dark haired woman. They showed him with his cock entering her from the back, one of her with his cock in her mouth and one with her sitting on top of him. I quickly turned bahis firmaları to him to hide my embarrassment and as I put my hand on the back of the sofa it touched his shoulder. He turned to me and whispered in my ear. “I’ve got another hard on just looking at the photos,” and taking my hand he pressed it onto his cock, which seemed bigger than before. He held my hand tight as he started to push himself against it.

He then turned to me and I felt his hands at the belt of the gown, and then a hand searching for my hard shaft. Finding it he parted the gown and smiled. “My God, you’ve got a big cock for your age. I’m going to enjoy this.” He then lowered his head. Before I realised what he was going to do, his tongue was licking around the head of my cock.

I lay back, closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling that his mouth was creating. I felt him take the whole shaft into his mouth and he moved his head up and down, wanking me with his lips, while his tongue caressed the nerve behind the head. I could feel myself coming and I took hold of his head and pushed it away.

I paused for a few minutes to regain my breath and looked into his eyes. I knew then that this was my chance to grow from boyhood to manhood and I reached for his trousers. I opened the button and the zip. He wasn’t wearing underwear and as I parted the opening his cock jumped out, the head of it thrusting out of the black curled bush at his crotch, and it bobbed lewdly from side to side. It wasn’t the first time I had seen a hard adult cock, but it was longer than any I had ever seen before, even if it was thin in comparison to mine, My hand moved further down, past his hardened cock, until I had his big balls nestled in my hand.

He leaned back and sighed. “Anyone would think you’ve been doing this for years,” He sighed again as I squeezed his balls.

I moved my fingertips slowly back up his engorged cock to the tip, stroked the nerve behind the head and then encircled the cock with my hand and gently started to wank it. He took hold of my hand and raised it away from his cock.

“God, my cock is about to burst, If we carry on now, we won’t have any fun later.” he said quietly.

He stood up slowly, the trousers slid down his legs and he stepped out of them. Watching him, my heart began pounding in my chest, my cock started to lurch, rapidly pumping into its fullest state of erection. With a hint of laughter in his voice, he said: “You’ve got the age of a lad, but I’ll be damned if you haven’t got the lustful cock of a man!” and I quickly glanced down at my now fully erect cock standing proudly through the opening of the gown. “All I have to do now is teach you how to keep these tools happy.” He looked back and forth, first at his cock, then at mine. “Come, we can be more comfortable next door.” he said, as he turned and walked towards the bedroom. I quickly slipped the gown off, and followed him. I felt very excited and pleased that he liked my cock.

He was tanned and his muscled buttocks fascinated me. I longed to reach out and take them in my hands. As he reached the bed he turned around, sat down on the edge and leaned back, his erect cock reaching into the air. Looking down at it I now knew that the time had come to return the favour. I moved onto the bed and leaning over him I took hold of the erect shaft. I lowered my head and licked nervously around the head of his cock.

I moved my head down, licked around the head and with my hand I started to pull the foreskin back and forth over the slimy head. With my other hand I gripped his big balls. I then took the head of his cock into my open mouth, It was all I had ever dreamed of, THE total sensual experience, but nothing so good could last for ever.

I felt the hard shaft in my mouth begin to swell. I guessed that he was ready to come, but I backed off, not knowing what else to do.

He laughed and turning, he hugged me and our cocks touched. He moved his body and rubbed his cock against mine. Reaching into a drawer of the small cabinet next to the bed, he took out a jar. Opening it he took out some cream and offered the jar to me to do the same.

He spread the cream onto the fingers of both hands and I followed his example, not knowing why. He then reached over, took hold of my cock and greased it thoroughly, kaçak iddaa making me tremble with the good feeling.

I quickly grabbed his cock in both hands and ran my fingers up and down the erect stem. We played around for quite a while, pausing only when we felt that we were going to spunk. He turned around and facing me he laid his legs on top of mine until our cocks were standing together. He then took both our cocks into his hands and caressed them. I was going wild and also placed my hands around both cocks and he leaned back giving me room to work them together.

He then moved away and taking more cream he turned me over onto my stomach.

Moving my legs, he ran his fingers between my buttocks, finding the crinkled entrance to my anal passage. I could feel him spread cream around the entrance and he then slipped a finger in and I stiffened. His mouth lay against my ear, “Relax, it will feel good, I promise.” I relaxed the muscles and felt his finger working into the hole. He paused whenever he felt that it was hurting me. I pushed out and felt his finger going further in. He took his finger out and quickly entered me again, this time with two fingers. He moved them around a bit, stretching my hole. The feeling was strange to me but exciting.

“Is it good?”

“Yes, it still hurts a bit but it feels good.”

He took the fingers out, moved behind me and I felt something else nudge at the entrance. “I will be gentle, but you must press out.” I did as he asked and I felt his cock slowly enter me.

There was a little pain as the head entered and I felt my sphincter gripping him tight until it got used to the size. Slowly he pushed it further in and then stopped as he felt me stiffen with the pain. I felt him moving out of me, and I was suddenly desperate for him to stay in, but he moved until just the head was in and then slid slowly back in again, He moved in and out and the pain turned into a feeling of lust, and after a further half dozen times, he took his cock out of me and lay on his back.

I turned around and lowered my face to his . I was lost in a strange feeling of loving. He took my head gently in his hands and pressed his lips onto mine. It didn’t feel any different from the girls I had kissed. His tongue worked his way between my lips until it found mine and he started to play a game which I eagerly took up. Our tongues danced a gentle dance together. I moved my head away and looked into his eyes. “What you did was nice but why didn’t you come inside me?

“I wanted to but I also wanted to carry on with our games for a while.”

Suddenly we heard the slamming of a door and footsteps. We only had time to pull apart before the bedroom door opened and a woman appeared in the doorway. She looked at both of us before turning to Jim “I’m sorry, Jim, I thought you were alone.” and moved to turn away.

Jim stood up and went to her. “Hey, that’s OK. This is George, a new friend of mine, and George, this is Alice, my sister.” and led her back into the room. As he spoke I looked at her and suddenly recognised her as the woman he was fucking in the photos!

I knew from the photos that she had a good figure and I now noticed her erect nipples underneath the silk blouse, and knew that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She was looking intently at my erect cock and smiled.

I was embarrassed and tried unsuccessfully to cover my nakedness.

Jim sat her on the bed next to me. “If you want to join in the fun, you can. I’m sure that George won’t mind” and he looked at me for confirmation.

I was speechless. Here I was, sitting naked on the edge of the bed next to his sister and he was standing in front of her with his long erect cock pointing directly at her face, and he was inviting her to join in our sex games.

During the ensuing silence Jim kneeled and moved his hands up her long legs. My cock started to erect as I saw that the skirt had a wrapover front and the tops of her stockings appeared when the skirt moved apart as his hands slid past her knees. Something he did with his hand up her skirt made her moan and she lay back on the bed. With both hands he worked his way beneath her skirt. She raised her hips and his hands reappeared from under the skirt with her panties. I could now see her mound as her skirt opened wider when kaçak bahis she parted her legs. I moved slowly to lie next to her and turning on my side, lowered my lips to hers and kissed her. Her tongue parted my lips searching for mine and I joined in this game of tongues as very slowly I nervously opened the buttons of her blouse and slid my hand under the soft material, finding a small, soft, naked breast with its erect nipple. I caressed the nipple with my thumb.

Her hand reached down and took hold of my cock and I was in heaven! This was so much different than the fumblings with the girls in the back seat of the cinema. Since I was 18 years old I had fantasied about a situation like this and I wasn’t going to walk away from it now. I opened more buttons and parted the blouse, lowering my head to a naked breast. Taking the nipple into my mouth I caressed it with my tongue and chewed on it with my teeth. I moved to the other breast and licked the nipple as she slowly caressed my cock.

I looked down our bodies and saw that Jim had his mouth on her mound. What he did to her made her grip me tighter and she trembled.

Suddenly she moved and got off the bed. Moving to a chair she took her skirt and blouse off. She had a fantastic tanned body with high breasts, a slim waist and looked so erotic dressed only in stockings.

As she turned I could see that her mound was covered in a blanket of hair. She then got back on the bed and kneeling next to my shoulders, she lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth.

Her tongue played around the head whilst her hand wanked me slowly. Jim stood up and moving next to us on the bed, took hold of her hips and moved her around so that she could raise one knee and straddle my head. She lowered her mound down towards my mouth and I was lost in a feeling of immense desire and sexual madness.

Jim moved his mouth close to my ear, “you have to lick along the crease,” which I did willingly. He then moved his hands to her and parted the love lips. “now you have to lick from the little button up through the channel to the entrance and back.” I did as he said and was surprised at the reaction from Alice. She pushed her mound closer to my lips and her juices tasted sharp and bitter.

My hands took over from his to keep the lips open whilst my tongue continued with it’s game. I was enjoying myself, I took the small bud between my lips and sucked on it before sliding my tongue along the narrow channel to the entrance. I then entered her vaginal passage with my tongue. The opening was slick and ready, and I felt Alice’s vaginal sphincter twitch as the tongue slid past the membrane and into the waiting cave. The taste of her on my tongue made it that more exciting.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Jim had his hand on his cock and was kneading it into full erection. I moved my tongue to the small bud allowing him to guide the hard cock to her entrance and I could see the head slowly enter her.

I doubled my efforts with my tongue, Alice moaned and stiffened her thighs as I watched Jim move in and out of her with increasing speed.

It was so exciting and I could feel my juices working up my cock and quickly tried to move my hips away. She held me tight, the movements of her hand on my cock increased and I suddenly came into her mouth!!.

Jim’s movements became quicker and with a cry he thrust into her one last time and then remained frozen in her for a while. I guessed that he had come into her. As he withdrew slowly I saw that his cock had slackened and that it was slick with both their juices.

I raised my head and licked him clean. Alice moved up my body kissing my stomach and my nipples before planting her mouth onto mine. She used her tongue again and I could taste my own sperm!!.

Her lips then left mine and she got up from the bed and blew us a kiss before moving towards the door.

We got up from the bed and followed her to the bathroom. I stared as she bent down with her back to us to remove the stockings. I could see her beautiful buttocks and between them, her mound, gleaming with Jim’s semen. She stepped into the shower, turned the water on and started to soap her body. Jim pulled me into the shower and we all took turns in caressing each other with our soapy hands before we dried ourselves off and went back to the bed.

I held her very close, pressed up against her back and I remember that I reached over with one hand to take possession of a beautiful round breast before falling asleep.

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