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a better one i thinkI step out of the shower, my long slender legs wet and freshly shaved, I rub the towel down my leg as my long wet hair hangs forward covering my still naked nipples. I hear the door, you walk in, just finished from a long hard day in the office, your black lace dress creased from a days wear. “hey babe” I call “il be right with you”. I finish drying myself before sliding my tiny thong around my round bubble butt. I then slide on my tight sports bra over my perky little breasts. i walk out of the bathroom as your taking off your strappy red heels as you flash the top part of your black stockings. I wait for you to finish before hugging you tight, “good day?” I ask over your shoulder.”it was ok” you reply “boss is a perve though” I hug you tight as your cheeky little hands travel down my back and onto my round ass, you grasp my cheek making me gasp as I playfully slap your arm “stop it” I giggle “oh yeah!” I remember “it came!!” “ahhhhhh!” you scream in excitement jumping up and down “let me see!” I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom to see a medium sized parcel on the bed. red lettering down the side reading juguetes sexuales . “ive waited so long for this” you turn and look at me “its what I need after a long hard day” I blush and shyly look at my feet. “come on” you plead “it’ll be fun!, you did agree to let me when it came”.”I suppose so and I did say i would,” I say still unsure “ok im ready” I decide after a few minutes of chewing my lip. you embrace me while lifting me up, me being somewhat smaller than you, I blush as you start kissing my cheek smearing it with lipstick “thankyou, thankyou,thank you” you say over and over again between kisses. you pull your lacy dress up and over your head in one movement standing before me in your size C bra and smooth bikini style panties. “lets look in this parcel then” you say. you turn around and bend over to start opening the parcel and in doing so your panties get tighter on your ass, it makes it look firmer and more upright. you tear the tape off the box breaking my gaze. i walk around to stand next to you as we both peer into the box in excitement. you turn over the box and a series rus escort of objects wrapped in plastic bags fall out. in the first bag is a plain black rubber dildo that flops as you pick it up “13inches” you say reading the label on the outside. you then place it on the end of the bed. i look at it nervously thinking of the size. the next bag is smaller and rolls as you pick it up. “10 anal beads” you read the label again “looks like their all on string” you say looking at me. i blush knowing their for me. you place them next to the first bag. in the final parcel you pick up contains a dark red strap on with black straps. inside the packet are numerous ends “13, 15, 19 inch, square,circle, blunt” you read to yourself. you place the box on the floor, then turn to face me. you cant stop smiling as you start to kiss me, turning me around so my back is to the bed. my knees buckle as i fall backwards onto the bed, you straddle my waist, as i start to get a little wet. you bend down, your breasts rubbing against mine and you start to kiss my neck, as you pin down my wrists. i moan in pleasure, you sit up on my waist you ass pressed firmly on my slightly wet pussy. you reach behind and undo your bra, sliding it off one arm then the other. you lean above me, your nipples inches from your lips and i begin to suck them, you gasp at the sudden burst of pleasure, you support the bottom of your breasts as i have both your nipples in my mouth. your feet kick a bag making you pause, you sit up and reach behind for one of the three. giving me oppurtunity to pull my bra off over my head. you pick up the anal beads, you place the bag on my stomach as you tear off the top, you grab the end of the string, the knock against each other as you slowly pull them out. “ready?” you ask slowly sliding down to my knees. “lets do it” i reply grabbing the waist band of my thong, your hands go on top of mine as we pull it down to my ankles. i reach above my head to the bedside draw and pull out a full bottle of lube. “might need that” you laugh “turn over then” i roll onto my stomach exposing my tight bubble butt. you rub the beads over the outside of my ass giggling. i hand you the lube, rus escort bayan you unscrew the cap and hover the nozzle over my ass. you squeeze it gently and some pours over down my ass. you use one hand to squeese and the other to slowly rub the lube all over my cheeks and into the entrance for the beads. you rub the first bead over my cheeks, allowing lube to cover it. “you ready?” you ask holding my cheeks apart with the first bead in above its destination. “just do it” i reply holding the sheets as you push the hard plastic ball into my ass, it slides fully in with a bit of encouragement from your fingers. “OWWW” i moan as my ass stretches allowing space for it. “second one going in” you say as you slide it in with the first. my ass swells to allow the two plastic balls. you continue this for the next three before my ass starts to ache. “it hurts” i moan you squeeze more lube over my ass and push in number six. after all ten are fully in my ass with the string hanging out do you allow my cheeks to relax, as much as the balls let them. i kneel up as you say “time to pull them out again”. i brace myself as the first one leaves my ass. i dont feel much of a change, same with the second. after about five have been removed my ass starts to relax. it starts to look normal again. it gets to the last one and i cry in pleasure as its removed. i turn over and you kiss me on the lips as you drop the beads on the floor “you were amazing baby” you say between kisses. i grab your breasts in my hands as you moan into our kiss, my tongue feels around your mouth as yours does the same to mine. my pussy moistens in pleasure of your touch. i start to get hornier so i push you on your back and start to kiss your hips around the edge of your bikini panties. you start to get moist and hold my hair away from my face i pull down the front of your panties exposing your neatly shaved pussy and moist clit. i start to tease you till you get so horny you push my head into your moist lips. i start to lick you deep making you moan, you hold my hair out of the way as i lick you so much you orgasm all over my tongue and into my mouth then you let go of my hair as i sit up. you escort rus sit up too and grab hold of the bag with the 13 inches of dildo inside it. you rip open the bag and pull off my tiny thong. you rub the tip of the dildo on my nipples making me moan and i start to moisten as you pull open my legs ready. you start rub the tip of my clit with you finger while you hold the dildo into my mouth as i start to suck. i start to take it deeper and deeper as you rub faster circles. you rub as fast as you can as i start to deep throat 9 out of the 13inches. i gag but you still force me to take it. after a few minutes of gagging and orgasms you pull it out and line up the tip of my pussy, you start by sliding it in a few inches. i moan in pleasure and and happyness. my juices start to flow down the dildo and onto your hand. you lean forward and start to kiss me while fucking me deeper and deeper with the dildo.i moan and wiggle but you pin my legs down while fucking me and kissing me roughly. after a good few orgasms you pull out the dildo and hold it above my mouth again, i open my mouth and allow you to put it in again, i take the full 9inches gagging but cleaning it with my mouth while you rub my nipple. you pull it out of my mouth and lay it on bed next to the last parcel. you pick it up and rip the packaging, the three diffrent sizes and the odd ends land on the bed. you push away all but the 15 and 19 inch blunt dildo ends. you pick up that straps and slide them on. i help you too tighten them around your thighs. you grab the 15inch and screw it in correctly. you grab a bunch of my hair and pull me forward so my lips are just touching the tip. you push it against my lips as i open them and allow you to fuck my mouth and make me gag. i suck deep and hard for you, eager to impress. i hold your gaze as you watch me suck. you let go of my head and let me up. i stand up and straddle your dildo then slide down onto it slowly till i take a good 13inches impressing you. i moan and gasp as i jump on the hard strapon. your thrust your hips up against mine. i start to orgasm again and again, dripping down onto the straps. you hold my hips as i bounce moaning and cumming everywhere. i stand up off of the dildo as you remove the strapon from your waist. we push the remaining toys off the bed as we pull back the covers and we snuggle into bed together for a night of cute kisses and warm cuddles <3hope you enjoyed

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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