9 – more of the party

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9 – more of the partyPeter’s phone chirped a few minutes later to say that Dave and his wife were running a little late.”Soooooo it looks like we have some time on our hands” he said.Mick and I might have made suggestions. We were both sitting with rock hard erections sticking up. I desperately wanted to cum and the temptation to just bring myself off was very strong. When my hand had drifted to my cock a little while after John left, Peter had told me not to waste it and so I sat uncomfortably, with the biggest hard-on of my life. Neither could Mick touch it, Peter had said. It was agonizing.But, instead of listening for our ideas how to fill the time until Dave arrived, Peter just walked over to us on the sofa and dropped his pants. His cock was already hard. “You two can suck me off while we wait”.We both sat up and our hands went to his penis. I placed my fingers as far around as I could, near the base, and Mick gripped the shaft. At least four more inches of Peter’s magnificent cock were left untouched. We moved our hands up and down the length for a while and then Mick removed his hand, leaned in and took the head into his mouth. I took my hand away and began licking the shaft. Peter made approving noises as he enjoyed the sensation of two teenage mouths on his cock. I moved towards the head of his cock and my lips touched Mick’s. We were half kissing each other and half blowing Peter’s cock. I looked up and saw that Peter was staring down at us, clearly enjoying what he was seeing and feeling. Mick moved away and it was my turn to suck while he did the shaft and we took turns either sucking the head or licking the shaft and Peter’s balls. I was still desperate to cum and my cock was still like steel. My hands needed to be busy elsewhere….I stroked up and down Peter’s thighs as we went at it. Peter stopped us before he came. “That was very nice, boys, but I’m only good for one orgasm today and I want to save it.””You have a wonderful cock, Peter” Mick told him.”I’m glad you like it, sweet boy. Perhaps I’ll let you become even more familiar with it some time.””I think I’d like it in my bum, but it would be difficult.””Then perhaps you could have a smaller one to help get you ready”I was paying attention to the conversation. This might be my chance for a little relief….”Mine is smaller” I reminded them.”Yes, Ben, and I suppose you deserve a treat for making John so pleased. Would you like to fuck Mick?””Now?””Yes now.””Mick?” I looked over to him…He didn’t answer, just stood up, went to the end of the sofa and bent himself dikmen escort over the arm.His smooth white bottom stuck up invitingly.”C’mon Ben. I want your cock.”I stood and got myself behind Mick. Peter came over and rubbed some lube on my cock and into Mick’s crack.”Fuck him, Ben” Peter said. “I want to see your cock going into him.””Yes, Ben. Fuck me. I want it.”I placed my cock at the entrance to Mick’s ass and pushed. Slipped in easily. “Wow!” I said. That was slick.”Peter had his fingers inside me when he sucked me off” Mick explained.I was deep inside Mick and felt Peter’s hand on my ass. Touching the bare skin through the large cut-out in the leotard I was still wearing.With each thrust into Mick’s ass, Peter’s hand pushed me. Helping me penetrate my friend’s bottom.”This feels so good, Ben. I love having your cock inside me” Mick was definitely enjoying being fucked for the second time in his life.I felt liquid on my ass and then Peter was rubbing it in. Into the crack. Pushing a finger into my already-fucked ass.I spread my legs slightly as I continued to pound Mick’s butt and felt Peter’s massive cock sliding between my cheeks. His cockhead reached my opening and he entered me. I pushed forwards and buried my cock in Mick and stayed balls-deep as I felt the entire length and enormous girth of Peter’s cock fill me from behind.He started fucking me with gusto. I stayed still, but his thrusts into me were driving my cock into Mick each time he bottomed out. Mick was loving it.I was loving it.In fact, the whole thing, plus my already extremely aroused state made me cum in only a few minutes.”I’m going to cum, Mick””Yeahhhh. Fill me up.””I’m going to cum, Peter””Good boy” he said and just kept hammering away at my ass.I couldn’t tell what was making me reach orgasm. The sensations on my prick as I fucked Mick, or the sensations in my ass that was Peter grinding his monster into my body cavity.I didn’t care. I came. Deep inside Mick. Dumping desperate sticky cum into my schoolfriend’s rear.I clenched my buttocks as I came.”Sweet boy, sexy boy. Tight ass. Sweet ass.” Peter was enjoying himself. Fucking me harder and harder as I filled Mick with my spurting seed.”Mmmmmmm” was all Mick said.”Hot stuff” said someone else.”Wonderful” said another voice. A female. “We knocked, Pete. But no reply.””No problem, guys. Come in, Come in” Peter had stopped thrusting his cock into my ass, but it was still deep inside me and I was still bent over Mick’s ass with my cock firmly wedged up him.The newcomers eryaman escort moved around from behind us and I was able to see them. A couple stood there. The man looked like a giant. At least 6’6″. He was tanned and fit and ruggedly handsome.The woman was around 25, pretty and fit with big tits. And I knew her. Mrs Evans. She was our English teacher. We all had the hots for her at school. I had jerked off thinking about what it would be like to go to bed with her.And now I was suddenly embarrassed. My teacher was here. My sexy teacher was here. My sexy teacher was here and I had a huge penis in my bottom.”Hello, Ben” she said. “What a nice surprise.””Um, hello Miss.” I stammered.”and who else do we have here? Is that you Michael Parker?”Mick had turned and buried his face in the back of the sofa, but there was no getting out of this undiscovered. Without turning he gave out a muffled “Yes, Miss”.Mick was talking to his teacher naked and with a cock up his bum. Even though I was in the same position, I thought it was funny. “Well boys, don’t let us interrupt. We’ll just go and get a drink while you finish” This was the man. I assumed he was Dave.”You go if you like, sweetie” Mrs Evans said “I’ll just sit here in this chair and enjoy the show. I’m sorry we missed so much already””Don’t worry, Jane” Peter replied “we’ll give you some more to look at this afternoon””And maybe my two new favorite students can give me something for extra credit….”Peter was absently thrusting his big cock in and out of my ass as they chatted. I just looked down at Mick’s back. Mick was still keeping his face to the sofa. They talked some more. It became apparent that we all three were going to be fucking her husband’s ass. “Boys, did either of you ever have sex with a girl?””No Miss” I answered.”Micheal?” “Mo miff” “Michael, turn your head and look at me!”Mick moved his head. I could see his face was very red.She spoke gently to him.”Oh Michael, don’t be embarrassed. I’m not. I should be, but I’m not. We both have our secrets now. I’m enjoying seeing you bent over the arm of that sofa with a cock in your ass. And, until we arrived, you were enjoying the cock, weren’t you?” “I suppose so, Miss””Suppose so? I know so! I could hear you moaning the moment we came in the front door. You like cock, don’t you?”Silence”DON’T YOU??””Yes Jane””That’s right. Wait… JANE??!” she was furious. “You will show me respect. You will call me ‘MISS’. Do you understand?””Yes Miss”Even though this was between her and Mick, I said “yes etimesgut escort miss” as well. When she got into her authoritarian mode she was scary. “Right then, boys. I think since neither of you have fucked a girl before, I might let you lose your virginity to me this afternoon. Would you like that Ben?”.Oh man. Even though I had already cum up Mick’s ass, I was still hard because of the erectile dysfunction d**g. The thought of fucking my teacher aroused me. Without realizing, I again started moving my cock in and out of Mick’s ass.”Yes Miss” I said. Still sandwiched between two males; impaled by one, fucking the other, I was telling this older woman that I wanted her cunt. And I was going to get it.We just needed to give her husband what he wanted first.And then he came back in from the kitchen. “Hi boys, I’m Dave. And you’re going to fuck me this afternoon”.He’d gotten undressed in the kitchen. Or partially, at least. He was wearing ladies sexy underclothes. He had on a black lace-trimmed vest that stretched over his well-defined pecs and ended above his navel. Below that was a suspender belt holding up sheer black stockings on his long, long legs. On his feet were high heel shoes. The extra inches from the heels made him close to seven feet tall.He had no other clothes. His erect penis was there to inspect. It was also clear that there was not a single hair anywhere on his body. Not on his legs, arms, around his cock and balls…. even his armpits were shaved. He had a uniform tan all over. There was no tan line where a swimming costume ought to have left one. He was a beautiful shade of cherrywood and I found it very appealing.As he turned around to show himself to us from all angles I was arrested by the sight of his fantastic ass. Hairless, smooth, well-defined muscles and yet curvy and feminine. Up to now, this ‘sex with males’ had been just for fun and because Mick and I didn’t have girlfriends, but this man was causing a reaction in me. I wanted him. I wanted to scale his giant body and bury my cock in his sexy bum. I wanted to fuck him like a girl. Like he was my girlfriend. He turned me on. Dripped sex-appeal. My cock twitched in Mick’s ass. I wanted this man, right now. I was going to fuck this magnificent body. We all were, but I wanted to be first. I wriggled out of Mick’s ass and put my hand behind me to push Peter away. I felt his cock withdraw. I stepped forward and craned my neck up to look at Dave. “Hello, I’m Ben””Hello Ben. Are you going to give me what you were just giving your friend?'”I’d be glad to, Dave. You’re very attractive in that outfit””See honey?” he wife said “I told you”. “Now, Ben” she said “I hope you’re ready to give my husband a good long fucking”And I was. The anticipation of fucking him… and then his wife… his wife, my schoolteacher…. was plenty to get this boy ready.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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