4 Hour Sybian Ride

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4 Hour Sybian RideSo recently my girlfriend and I decided to buy a sybian for fun off of ebay. We bought one where you can change the cock shape to any size or shape of the ones that it came with, including one that was practically flat with a slighting bulge for not penetrating vibrating fun. This is my story of how I decided to ride the sybian for a couple hours non-stop. So the other day I went out and bought some rope and wiches, and an extension cord from the local hardware store. I used the extension cord to allow the sybian to be all the way up on our bed (the only place that I could be tied to). Then with the rest of the rope that was bought a had my girlfriend strap my legs over the sybian and stuck to the bed. So that I was the normal way most people ride a sybian except that I was not only 100% not able to move my legs, I also was pressed very hard onto the sybian’s dildo. My girlfriend then also tied my arms behind my back as tightly as she could so that I couldn’t get off until she decided to let me off. I chose to ride a dildo that was about 7 inches long and was a little bit thicker than a large curling broom shaft. I also put the sybian on the highest setting that it could go for maximum pleasure. After slowly easing myself onto this b**st of a toy/machine. My girlfriend tied my arms behind me and turned on the sybian. Before I start this whole story exists cause I thought that I could handle 2 ish hours of sybian riding. My past record having been 45 min:P So what my girlfriend did was she made plans to go out with friends for the night in advance. After strapping me up and turning it on she simply put on her boots and just left, having told me that they were just atakum escort going out for dinner and then she would come home. So she leaves and I’m left there on a sybian running faster than it was when I set my first record and also with a much larger dildo. The first thing I noticed was that thing was already destroying the back of my vigina. At first I sorta just sat there breathing hard as it rocked my pussy and slowly brought me towards an orgasm. When I started to climax, I tried to remove myself like normal to allow myself to start again. In doing this I realized that there was no chance of even coming a centimeter off of this thing. Then I tried my kegal muscles to try to force myself not to orgasm, but they only held it off for just under a minute. Then for the first time of my long evening, I orgasmed hard onto the sybian by shaking uncontrolably while keeping my noise level to a small groan, in spite of our soundproof walls. After the first orgasm I tried to move around a little bit to adjust the cock but in doing so accomplished nothing. I’ve gotten used to 2 orgasms without stopping so this wasn’t too bad for me. It started to bring me to pleasure for the second time a little bit slower than the first. This time though, I was starting to moan more as my pussy was getting sore and I had no chance of slowing down any time soon. For this next orgasm I allowed myself to lean backwards, letting the dildo smash and rub my G-Spot. This gave way to a much louder and harder orgasm than the first. As I looked down I was also able to notice that I had cum all over the base of the dildo. Oh how I wished I could taste it. After moaning hard I came to realize something…This escort atakum machine was just getting started and I knew that it wouldn’t slow down even a little until I got off it. All of the ropes on me were starting to leave me in a bit of pain and were causing me mild discomfort. As the sybian continued to vibrate I felt a tear drop for one eye as the pain involved was starting to borderline with the pleasure it created. This climb to an orgasm took longer than the first two cause I was already losing the sensitivity in my pussy. The orgasm this time was much longer as it was slow and relativily painfull. I started to moan cries of anguish and pain as the orgasm struck. As I looked up at the clock I saw that the time was 7:55 and I had only been on the sybian for 55 minutes, not even an hour!As the painful third orgasm came to an end I started to actually cry as the sybian continued to wreck my pussy without break or rest. I spent about 35 min sitting there crying as it destroyed me and then eventually brought me to a 4th orgasm, this one being much less pleasurable than the past ones. After the fourth plus a lot of crying afterwards I looked up at the clock to notice it was 9:15. Filled with large amounts of hope that my girlfriend would be home soon I tried to focus myself on the pleasure that I was riding a 7 inch dildo on sybian. That didn’t get me very far as all I achieved was getting through the next 20 min without crying too hard. Then I slowly came to realize that my girlfriend was probably not just going to dinner anymore and that she would be home later than I thought. The next couple hours were a mix of 2-3 more orgasms (I couldn’t keep track, I was atakum escort bayan out of it) and a lot more crying, thank god for soundproof walls. Around 10:30 my girlfriend got home and walked in the door to see me slouched on the dildo, a crying mess. She slowly walked over to me, her still being horny thinking that it was any other saturday night. As she untied me and hauled me off the sybian I was overwhelmed with calmness and no more full pussy feeling. After asking if I was ok, she let me lay there naked on the bed while she went and prepared a bath for us. She came back in, her perfect little body shinning all bare and naked came over to me. She picked me up in a princess carry and brought me to the bathtub in which I could not move a muscle. She then got in on top of me and got herself all soaped up and wet kneeling over me with her knees at my sides. She then fingered and rubbed herself until she came all over me in my useless unmoving state. After slowly licking the cum of herself, she just lay there with me for until the water started to get cold. As she pulled me out of the bathtub, the tempurature change put me right to sleep and I woke up the following morning feeling 90% of me like last night had never happened. My pussy on the other hand had felt it hard. For the next day, walking was extraordinarily painfull and any sexual endevours didn’t involve my fragile little pussy. It turned out my girlfriend and her friends had decided to go see deadpool together and she thought I could hold out another 2 hours. I can now say I have rode a sybian non-stop for 4.5 hours which sorta something to be proud of. At the end of the day, even through all the pain it was an amazing experience that seems a lot better in retrospeck than it did initially. If any of you have anything else extreme you want me to try, just private message me with it and if it’s a good story like this one I’ll be sure to telll it.Until next time:)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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