2nd Jerk Session

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2nd Jerk SessionHello all, and thanks for reading. This is a continuation of my first true story, “1st Mutual Jerk”. It is a bit longer than the first, but that is because I wanted to try to capture everything.Again, respectful comments are appreciated.As I lay in bed that night I couldn’t help but think back to what had happened earlier that day, to Steve & I jerking off to the porno mag. In just moments I was hard and started stroking myself as I re-lived it again. I kept thinking about how much I enjoyed watching Steve stroke his cock, how comfortable with himself he was in front of me. How I think I spent more time watching him then I did looking at the fuck pictures. And I admit I was also a little uncomfortable with myself and my feelings of arousal thinking about his cock. But the pleasure I was giving myself over-rode those feelings. I started remembering how his balls bounced as he stroked, how the color of his dick changed from normal to pink to a brighter red head the longer we stroked, how the precum started forming and leaked from his tip, how his breathing got faster and his quiet moans as he got closer. I was stroking harder and faster, remembering watching him stroking himself faster, and again, as I saw him in my mind’s eye begin to cum, I did too. My hips arching up as my cock spasmed, spurting my cum out and onto my chest and stomach. I fell back gasping, laying there with my cum on me as my breathing slowed and my dick softened. I was really surprised at the amount of cum on me, because this was the first time that I had done it twice in one day and only the second time that I had ever just let it go and shot on myself. I cleaned off with my t-shirt from the day and quickly fell asleep.The next day I kept waiting to hear from Steve when he finally called and said he had to run some errands with his mom but he would be done around lunch time. Then he whispered, “I kept thinking about what we did and I had to get myself off again last night,” then in regular voice, “OK Alan, I’ll call you when I get back home,” and he hung up. I smiled to myself now knowing I wasn’t the only one jerking off last night.The morning seemed to drag along, not sure if it was the anticipation building up of looking at more of the fuck pictures, watching Steve, or doing myself, probably all of the above! But I did remember to hide 2 old washrags to take with us, I figured mom wouldn’t realize they were missing. As I was having a sandwich for lunch the phone rang and I immediately answered it, but it was for my mom. A few minutes later it rang, again I jumped for it, but again it was for mom! After hanging up from her conversation she asked me why I was so quick on answering the phone. I just mumbled something about waiting for Steve to get home so we could hang out together. About 10 minutes later the phone rang and I let her get it. And of course, this time it was Steve! We agreed to meet in 15 minutes, he said he had to get a couple things together. I got the rags I had hid and got my bike out of the garage as Steve rode up on his, looking like he had gained weight overnight! He said, “Come on, let’s go before I get caught!” As we rode away he explained he had the magazine tucked under his shirt, but had sneaked out two old towels his dad used to wash & dry the car. He said he wanted to be able to sit on the ground with some space without getting grass stains on anything. These he had wrapped around himself under the shirt also which was why he looked fatter. I told him I had grabbed some rags we can use to clean up with. So off we went.Now I have to explain better about our “place”. As I said previously, we lived near the edge of town. About two city blocks away from our neighborhood was this area of land that was like a small miniature new forest. The year before we had been exploring in it and found an area of big thick leafy bushes that were around some trees. But wiggle your way thru the bushes and there in the middle was a small grass clearing, about 10 feet diameter. This was “our place”. Within this little forest there are paths that people use to cut thru and about a ¼ mile away is an area that people use to ride dirt bikes. We hid the bikes, and were fairly sure we were far enough away from any of bursa escort the paths, but to be sure we each took turns, one inside, the other outside of the bushes, trying to see if we could see in, just in case someone else happened to come walking along. (I guess we were just too ‘caught up in the moment’ to think about this yesterday.) As I pushed my way into the middle, Steve already had the towels laid down side by side and his shirt off. Steve was a swimmer and had a good swimmer’s build already. I watched as he dropped his shorts, standing there wearing his Speedo suit. I could see he was already getting excited by the bulge he was showing, which made my own dick twitch. Looking at me, he pulled the Speedo down and kicked it off to the side, his cock already half hard. “There, much better,” he said. I could only stand there and stare at his half hard cock for a minute until he said, “What are you looking at, you’ve seen it before? Aren’t you going to get naked too?” I admit I was a little hesitant, it seemed like his dick, even tho only half hard, was bigger today than it was yesterday, which made it bigger than mine. I just mumbled something as I got undressed also. Standing there naked outdoors felt incredible and I began to slowly get hard. We stood there looking at each other’s hardening dicks. Steve finally broke the ice by saying, “You know, if this makes you uncomfortable, you don’t have to do it.” By now we were both “standing at attention” so I laughed and said, “Kind of late for that, don’t you think? I’ve just never seen another hard dick for real before yours yesterday. Only ones I’ve ever seen have been soft in the gym locker room.” I couldn’t take my eyes off of his. Steve agreed he hadn’t seen one either and admitted it was kinda cool looking at another hard one besides his own. He said he liked the way mine stuck out from my pubic hair, with a slight curve to it. I told him I thought his looked better surrounded by the little tuft of blond hair. Then we began to compare them, length, thickness, size of balls….We sat on our towels and began back at the beginning of the porno mag, looking at the pics, slowly stroking ourselves as we made comments about the fuck pics. We both agreed neither of us had done anything like this before and how much we wanted to do the things that we were looking at. All the time, stealing looks at each other. I saw how Steve changed his rhythm and his hold several different times and asked him why, I always just jerked away til I came. He said he would slow it down when it started feeling too good to make it last longer and that by changing his hold or stroking style he could pretend it was somebody else doing it to him. I started watching him more than looking at the pics again and started copying what he was doing. When I would change hand position and stroke, it did feel like somebody else doing it since I wasn’t used to it. By this time we were at the end of the first “picture story” and the girl was stroking the guy waiting for his cum when Steve said, “Let’s take a break, I don’t want to cum so fast.” “WHAT?” I gasped, I was ready to just keep going. Steve explained how he would jerk til he knew he was getting near, then take a break, “To make the pleasure last longer.” I had never done that, always just stroked away til I came. He leaned back against the tree and lit a cigarette. As I lit one I laughed and said, “I usually have one after, not during.” We talked a bit about how often we did it and where. Turns out pretty much the same, almost always at night, either in bed or in shower. After a few minutes we were both more relaxed and barely excited anymore. Then he surprised me by saying that this was not his first time jerking off in front of somebody. I kind of just stared at him open mouthed, “HUH?” He went on to explain that it wasn’t really in front of someone. That a few weeks ago at swim practice, Sarah, (who already had a great body and I kinda had a crush on) had finished her practice laps and when she pulled herself out of the water, she didn’t realize her top had slipped and she was standing there with her bare tits poking out. It only lasted about 10 seconds before one of the other girls stepped between mersin escort and covered her. Sarah turned bright red and ran into the locker room. Steve told me how her nipples were always hard and poking thru her top and how horny he always got seeing her. And now that he had finally seen her tits in all their glory he quickly realized he was getting hard, which you can’t hide in a Speedo. So he went into the locker room and couldn’t get soft so he took a shower and was stroking himself with his back turned to the entrance. The locker room at the swim club wasn’t much different than school, all open. Another guy came into the shower, surprising him but with his back turned he didn’t think the other guy knew what he was doing. Then the other guy said, “Damn, did you see Sarah’s titties? I’ve always wanted to see them. I’ll be dreaming about them tonight!” Steve said he looked over his shoulder and could tell the other guy was stroking himself also, so he just kept doing himself. He said it was obvious by the noise they were both jerking, but they stayed faced away from each other. Knowing that another guy was near him and stroking also turned him on more and in a minute he was cumming. “I must have made some noise when I came because the other guy said “Oh Yes, me too” and I heard him grunt. I finished rinsing off, grabbed my towel and walked past the other guy who never looked at me. It was pretty cool.” By this time Steve and I were both getting hard again when Steve said, “Because it was a turn on jerking off when another guy was there, since you & I are best friends, I figured I could trust you, to keep my secret. Yesterday you didn’t have to join me, I would have enjoyed it even if you didn’t, just having you watch me was a turn on.” So there we are, sitting side by side, legs practically touching, stroking our hard cocks, watching each other, the porno mag forgotten. I thought his cock was beautiful and without thinking I blurted out, “Can I touch yours?” He stopped in mid stroke and I thought he was gonna freak on me. He closed his eyes for a second, took a breath and then said, “Yes, if I can touch your also?” I really didn’t care if he touched me or not, I just knew that I needed to feel his hardness in my hand. I reached over and slowly wrapped my hand around his hard dick, feeling it twitch. It seemed to feel hotter than my own. I ran my hand all over it and even cupped his balls before I lightly started stroking his meat. I loved the way he felt in my hand, and he must have enjoyed it too because he spread his legs wider as he closed his eyes and leaned back against the tree. I was so engrossed with caressing him, I really didn’t care if he did me or not. I stroked him for a couple minutes, trying different speeds and pressure. I loved the feel when his cock would twitch and jerk in my hand. He made little murmurs about how good it felt having my hands stroking him, which turned me on even more. After a couple more minutes he opened his eyes and sat up and said, “Now I want to feel yours.” Reluctantly I let go of him as he reached over and started to caress my dick. I couldn’t believe how good his hands felt wrapped around my dick as he slowly stroked me. I said something about hoping it felt as good to him when I did touched as it felt to me now and he agreed it felt great. Then it felt really good as his palm rubbed over my swollen cockhead and my cock jerked. I looked down to see what he did and saw he was rubbing my leaking precum over my head, something I had never done to myself and told him so. He said he does it to himself a lot. “Let me try it,” I asked.We moved a little so we could each stroke the other. I rubbed his precum over his hot pink head, hearing him moan as my own cock twitched. We just stared at each other’s dicks as we stroked each other faster. I really wanted to make him cum first but his hands felt sooooo good stroking me. I knew I was getting close and told him so. He stopped and said, “Remember, I get to watch you cum first this time.” “OK,” I gasped, “but can I make you cum after?” There was a mischevious twinkle in his eyes when he said yes. He told me to lay back on the towel so he could watch me cum. I was ready to do almost sakarya escort anything at that point. As I laid down and started jerking my rock hard cock, he sat beside me, slowly stroking himself as he watched me. “That’s right Alan, stroke your cock for me. I want to see you cum. Shoot your cum for me!” Laying there jerking myself, knowing he was watching me, hearing him talk to me like that, pushed me over the edge. My eyes were closed and I was gasping as the shudders went thru my body. I felt myself tighten up, my hips arched up and I lost control. My cock started jerking and I came with a load moan as my cum spurted out, feeling the first hit my chest, then twice, 3, 4 more globs of cum on my chest and stomach. After only a couple breaths I heard Steve say, “Oh my God that was so fucking hot, watching you cum on yourself like that. God I am sooo close myself now.” I opened my eyes to see him on his knees, his red, rock hard cock pointing towards me, precum dripping. With my own cum still on me I sat up and took his gorgeous cock in my hands and started stroking him. I wanted to make him cum, I wanted to feel his cock jerking in my hands as he cums, I wanted to watch and see it shooting out. I looked up and his eyes are closed too and he moans, “Ohhh fuucckk yesss” as he thrusts his hips forward and his first load of hot cum spews out and lands on me. I was almost in a trance as I kept stroking, feeling his cock jerking in my hands as he kept cumming, more cum on my arms and hands until he pushed my hands away and fell over sideways panting. I lay back myself, basking in the feeling of the most intense cum of my life. After a couple minutes of us both catching our breath, Steve mumbled, “That was the best cum EVER!” I could only agree. He rolled over and sat up and looked at me and started giggling. I said, “What?” “You should be thankful we have the towels because those two little rags aren’t enough to get all of that cum off of you!” I looked down and was surprised at the amount of cum I had on me, but it didn’t bother me for some reason. I got the rags and calmly cleaned myself off. We sat there naked and each had another smoke in silence, probably both re-living the experience. We both started talking at the same time, saying something like how much we enjoyed it. We both laughed. We both agreed that it had been the best cum we had experienced and agreed it was because we did it together. But then we started questioning ourselves, “were we gay?” After a couple minutes we decided we weren’t because we both wanted to have sex with a girl. We made a pact that we were just experimenting and that we would never tell a soul what happened. But quickly also agreed that we both wanted to experiment more.We each decided to say the two most favorite things we enjoyed about this time together. Turns out they were almost the same. I said I enjoyed him watching me cum and he agreed but added that he liked watching me cum on myself. Then he said it felt so damn good to have someone else jerk him off, that he was able to just enjoy the feel of cumming without doing it to himself. And I agreed that I enjoyed making him cum, feeling his cock jerking in my hands felt totally different than when I did myself. Of course this talk started to get to us and we both started to aroused again. But unfortunately we saw that it was getting late and that we needed to be heading back home. So we cleaned up, got dressed and stashed the magazine under one of the bushes. We figured it would be safe there for the time being and there wasn’t any rain in the forecast.On the way back home Steve asked, “Do you think you can go for two days without jerking off and cumming? Well, you can jerk a little but don’t cum.” “Yeah, I guess so,” I replied, “why?” “Because tomorrow I have to go with mom & dad to look at another house and we won’t get home ‘til late. And the longer you go without cumming the more cum you have, and the more intense it is when you do finally cum, especially if you do play some before and don’t cum.” I hadn’t ever really thought about it or measured it so I didn’t know if what he was saying was true or not, but figured what could it hurt. So we agreed to not cum for 2 days until we could meet again, for more “experimenting”!Again my fellow readers, this is a true story that I have tried to repeat in as much exact detail as I can remember. Your respectful comments/suggestions/critiques are greatly appreciated. Please check back as I add more about our “experimenting” that summer. Thank you, ‘Alan’

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